Zelenskyy’s Mission Washington
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 28 Dec , 2022

The suited-booted US President Joe Biden rushing across the red carpet to hug Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was quite a sight – almost like a papal embrace to a baptized slave returning midway from a crusade.  America’s Time magazine had already anointed Zelenskyy and the spirit of Ukraine the 2022 Person of the Year. Zelenskyy’s appearance in Washington DC was no surprise visit as the US would want the world to believe. It was very much planned in advance between Biden and Zelenskyy’s since both periodically converse telephonically.  A media report citing an unnamed US official says that Zelenskyy’s visit was quietly planned, beginning with a telephone call between Biden and Zelenskyy on December 11, followed by a formal invitation a week ago and subsequent confirmation from the Ukraine end.

The second impression the Biden Administration wanted to create was that Zelenskyy was making a personal visit to get continued support from the US Congress. This again is naïve because Zelenskyy is the Golden Goose for the US economy and having no hesitation in playing proxy to advance US strategic interests is already assured of total US support.  He could have very well addressed the joint session of the US Congress through video, given that the US has been arranging his address through video not only to the US but also, the UN, UNGA, European Parliament, global summits (like NATO, G7 and G20), select allied nations and even the Oscars 2022 ceremony.  

The reason Biden wanted Zelenskyy to come to the US is the fear of waning support within the EU and NATO as some members are getting wise that the US has been taking them for a ride; advancing American interests at the cost of European  economies. Questions are also being raised about accountability of the aid, weaponry financial assistance sent to Ukraine; what reaches the intended destination and what goes missing – sold or recycled back to the US. The rot is the same as was in Afghanistan; describing which American political scientist Christine Fair says that some 70 percent of the money sent to Afghanistan was siphoned back to the US.   

As Zelenskyy arrived, the US announced another $1.85 billion from previously budgeted funds for Ukraine, including for the first time the advanced Patriot air defence system capable of shooting down cruise missiles and short-range ballistic missiles. While Zelensky asked the US for another $45 billion financial aid package, the New York Times released details of this aid, which includes: $4.92 billion in humanitarian aid to the US Department of Health to help Ukrainian refugees; $11.88 billion to replace weapons already supplied to Ukraine; $7 billion to the US European Forces Command, and; $6 million to Inspector General of the US Department of Defence. So, Ukraine will receive only about 52 percent of the additional financial aid.

The script that Zelenskyy read to the joint session of the US Congress (rather than speaking extempore) was typical language of the Biden Administration; perhaps even punctuated with when to pause, smile, frown and raise the pitch – akin to the script carried by Biden at the G20 meet in Bali during November 2020.  Zelenskyy said that Russia has been defeated in the battle for minds of the world and called it an “American Victory”.  He said that Ukraine would never surrender.  He blamed Iran for helping Russia and said that if Russians are not stopped, it is a matter of time when they will strike against other American allies – this more than confirms that the script was prepared by the Biden Administration.

Biden assured Zelenskyy that he will never stand alone, America will strengthen Ukraine’s ability to defend itself, particularly in terms of air defence, and slammed Russian President Vladimir Putin as best as he could. Zelenskky talked of his 10-point peace plan for Ukraine, which he said is “approved” by Biden. The plan essentially demands Russia to vacate Crimea and the Donbas region and placement of international forces in Ukraine – indirectly regularizing NATO presence. It is abundantly clear that the US does not want cessation of hostilities in Ukraine and wants Zelenskyy to keep attacking the Donbas region.  

The American propaganda that Ukraine is winning the war is far from the truth. Kherson was deliberately vacated by Russia to hold defences in depth. Ukraine called it a counter offensive to capture Kherson, which has become a death trap for Ukrainian forces who have run out of ammunition and are being pounded by Russians. As per current reports, only 60 percent of Kherson has been occupied by Ukraine. Moreover, Ukrainian forces have suffered a massive bloodbath in Bakhmut. US media does not mention the genocide by Ukrainian forces, which is on record, nor the casualties suffered by them.

Most interesting were the remarks by Biden at the joint Press Conference with Zelenskyy where he stated words to the effect that Ukraine must be given “everything” because it is critical for the entire Alliance to stay with Ukraine and otherwise there would be prospects of breaking up NATO, EU and the rest of the world. He further said that he has spent several hours face-to-face with European allies and heads of states to overwhelmingly support Ukraine but they are not looking to go to war with Russia or World War 3.  He therefore said that the success of Ukraine in the battlefield must be ensured.

From the above, Biden’s fear is apparent that Europe is not willing to continue to be with Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine (US proxy) War and induction of advanced weaponry in Ukraine could break up NATO and the EU. Russia has said that new weapon deliveries will aggravate conflict in Ukraine while Putin is confident that Russia will be able to destroy the American Patriot missile systems. The conflict in Ukraine is certainly set for escalation. Zelenskyy has said 2023 will be a turning point. His intentions to continue attacking the Donbas region and Crimea are clear. 

It is well known that despite denials Western regulars in disguise plus mercenaries of NATO and the US-led Anglo-Saxon alliance have been in Ukraine much before the Russian special operations began in February 2022. Since the US-engineered coup in Ukraine by America’s Obama Administration in 2014, these forces have been involved in engineering genocide in the Donbas region to instigate Russia and imparting training to Ukrainians. That is why the Ukrainian army’s Azov troops proudly display NATO and Nazi flags.  In addition is America’s private military company (Blackwater – now called Constellis) providing operational and logistics support to Ukraine across the country,

Now it appears that the Biden Administration is desperate to supply the Patriot missile system to Ukraine but has failed to train Ukrainian troops in their use. One Patriot missile battery has over 120 missiles and requires 93 personnel to man it. It would be interesting to watch whether the US troops would be sent to Ukraine in the uniform of the Ukrainian army, as mercenaries or can Biden persuade European allies to send their troops. In any case, with Putin determined to destroy Patriot systems in Ukraine, American casualties are quite likely. Biden may not have any qualms about this but what about the US public?

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Lt Gen Prakash Katoch

is Former Director General of Information Systems and A Special Forces Veteran, Indian Army.

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  1. Sir!
    I always find your articles on #Ukraine in support of AGGRESSOR #Putin Russia:
    #Putin Russia has destroyed & killed millions of innocent citizens but you have no compassion for innocent citizens of #Ukraine!

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