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Chinese Air Force way ahead of IAF
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Issue Vol. 26.4 Oct-Dec 2011 | Date : 05 Jul , 2014


The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 proved to be a boon to China and the PLAAF. Apart from a formidable enemy being neutralised, many displaced scientists, engineers and technicians from the erstwhile Soviet Union found employment in the Chinese military industrial complex. The Russian aircraft industry struggling to survive, was more than willing to sell modern aeroplanes and technology to China. And the booming Chinese economy could afford to import the best that was on offer.

PLAAF : An Emerging Aerospace Power

A visionary, long-term and time-bound approach to military modernisation, supported by a strong and innovative military-industrial capability has transformed the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force(PLAAF) of China, from an antiquated, derelict, poorly trained and over-sized force to a modern aerospace power with increasing proficiency to undertake its stated missions in the 21st Century. The Indian establishment, especially the Indian Air Force (IAF), needs to absorb this reality and restructure its modernisation plans. The Indian security environment is being continuously impacted by China’s rise, militarily and economically as a global power.

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The foundations of China’s long term plan for its modernisation programme were laid in 2010 and aims at major progress by 2020. By 2050 China would accomplish its strategic goal of building an ‘informatized’ (net-centric warfare enabled) armed forces capable of winning wars. Perhaps the unstated objective of the plan is to expand China’s ‘comprehensive national power’ beyond the existing regional status. China’s plan to ‘lay a solid foundation by 2010’ appears to have been achieved as demonstrated by the large-scale exercise ‘Stride-2009’ held to coincide with 50 years celebration of communist rule in China. 50,000 troops were moved from regions in the West to the East. The objective of Stride-2009 was to test the ability to move forces on a large-scale from the areas they had trained in to areas they were unfamiliar with. Another aim was to subject the massive rail, road and air infrastructure created over the years to heavy military movement pressure and examine if such pressure adversely affected civilian population. The PLAAF played an important role in this exercise.

China is determined in developing modern military aerospace capabilities. Having generated a certain quantum of expertise in the field, including learning from the designers, technicians and scientists imported from CIS countries where they had been rendered unemployed…

In 1999, PLAAF operated over 3500 combat aircraft comprising mainly the J-6 (MiG-19 equivalent) and the J-7 (based on the MiG-21). A deal with Russia saw the induction of 100 Su-27 fighters. PLAAF also had in its inventory the H-6(Tu-16 based) bombers. China had no precision-guided munitions(PGMs) and only the Su-27 was BVR compatible.

Modernisation of the PLAAF has been propelled by China’s astounding economic growth. The 21st century has witnessed the acquisition of 105 Su-30MKK from 2000 to 2003 and 100 upgraded Su-30MKK2 in 2004. China produced more than 200 J-11s from 2002 onwards. The PLAAF also bought a total of 126 Su-27SK/UBK in three batches. The production of the J-10 combat aircraft began in 2002 and 1200 are on order. The H-6 bombers (Tu-16 Badger) were converted into flight refuelling aircraft. In 2005, the PLAAF unveiled plans to acquire 70 Il-76 transport aircraft and 30 Il-78 tankers to significantly upgrade strategic airlift capability and offer extended range to the fighter force. The US Department of Defense has reported that Su-27 SKs are being upgraded to the multi-role Su-27 SMK status.

The PLAAF is also organising a combat air wing for a future aircraft carrier group, possibly based on the Su-33, which is a carrier capable variant of the Su-27. Many existing fighters are being upgraded, some for night maritime strike role, permitting carriage of Russian weapons, including Kh-31A anti-radiation cruise missile and KAB-500 laser-guided munition. China is also developing special mission aircraft including the KJ-2000 AWACS based on the Il-76 platform. The Y-8 transport planes are being modified to undertake a variety of roles of Airborne Battlefield Command, AEW and intelligence gathering. PLAAF’s aim is to have a primarily fourth generation air force. JH-7/7A will be the backbone of the precision strike force with large numbers of J-10 and J-11 in the air superiority role. The interceptor role will be undertaken by the JF-17 which is under production now in China. The transport force will have Il-76, Il-78 and Y-9 aircraft. China has a variety of helicopters and other aircraft to undertake specialist missions and routine tasks. With a fast developing C4ISR and its shift to joint operations, the Chinese military will be a formidable force to reckon with even by a well prepared adversary. In this process of modernisation the PLAAF has improved exponentially, though it has yet to be tested in actual operations.

The PLAAF classifies its aircraft as J for fighter, Q for ground attack, H for bomber, JH for fighter-bomber, Y for transport and JZ for reconnaissance aircraft and Z for helicopters.

Recently China unveiled its fifth generation fighter, the J-20 which represents a significant step in the evolution of the Chinese aerospace industry. The new aircraft displays stealth features and indicates a determination on China’s part to shape new military capabilities in the period ahead. China is determined in developing modern military aerospace capabilities. Having generated a certain quantum of expertise in the field, including learning from the designers, technicians and scientists imported from CIS countries where they had been rendered unemployed post the break-up of the Soviet Union, China invested significantly in the aerospace sector and the benefits are visible now. The progress has been much faster than predicted by western analysts. The phenomenal growth in its economy permits China increased investments in innovation and the result would be that by 2020 or so China will become the world’s most important centre for innovation, overtaking the US and Japan.

The Chinese Aerospace Industry

A short foray into the history of the growth of China’s aerospace industry would reveal the transformation achieved. Initially, the Soviet Union extended assistance to the fledgling PLAAF in the early 1950s and helped the People’s Republic in setting up its aircraft production facilities. The PLAAF pilots were trained in Soviet tactics and some took part in the Korean War against the USAF. By the late 1950s, Chinese factories were assembling, under licence, aircraft in large numbers. These were MiG-15(J-2), MiG-15bis(J-4), MiG-17(J-5 and the MiG-19(J-6).

Chinese J-11 Multirole Fighter Aircraft

The break in relations with the Soviet Union dealt a double blow to China. The aircraft industry nearly collapsed and a new and powerful enemy appeared on the northern flank, though the PLAAF was not involved in any border skirmishes with the Soviets. The industry, however, began to recover by 1965 and China produced its first indigenous fighter, the J-8, a mix of various Soviet designs. Development of the PLAAF was adversely affected as budget priorities were skewed in favour of missile and nuclear forces of the PLA. Exploiting the rift between the Soviet Union and China, the western nations extended considerable aid to the PLAAF in the late 1980s. Western avionics were incorporated into the J-7(MiG-21 copy), the J-8 and the A-5 ground attack fighter. Western technology also helped in development of the B-6D bomber, the HQ-2J high altitude SAM and the C-601 air-launched anti-ship missile. Support from the West ended abruptly in 1989 with the Chinese crackdown on protestors in the infamous Tianamen Square incident.

The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 proved to be a boon to China and the PLAAF. Apart from a formidable enemy being neutralised, many displaced scientists, engineers and technicians from the erstwhile Soviet Union found employment in the Chinese military industrial complex. The Russian aircraft industry struggling to survive, was more than willing to sell modern aeroplanes and technology to China. And the booming Chinese economy could afford to import the best that was on offer.

IAF_Morning_flightToday, the Aviation Industry Corporation of China has under its umbrella a large number of entities engaged in the production of aircraft and associated equipment. The PLAAF classifies its aircraft as J for fighter, Q for ground attack, H for bomber, JH for fighter-bomber, Y for transport and JZ for reconnaissance aircraft and Z for helicopters.

The Changhe Aircraft Industry Corporation is dedicated to helicopters and produces the WZ-10 Attack, Z-8 Heavy Transport, CA-9 Utility, Z11J and Z-11 Light Utility helicopters. The Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation produces the JJ-5 basic trainer(exported as the FT-5), J-7 lightweight interceptor, FC-1/J-17 Thunder lightweight multi-role fighter, J-10 medium weight multi-role fighter, and the latest J-20 fifth generation fighter with stealth capabilities. The Hongdu Aviation Industry Group specialises in trainers and produces the CJ-5 tandem two-seat military primary trainer, CJ-6 basic and advanced trainer, K-8 basic trainer, JL-8 and the L-15 supersonic trainer.

The Guizhou Aircraft Industry Corporation produces the JL-9 trainer(MiG-21U) and a host of UAVs, The Harbin Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation makes helicopters including the Z-5,Z-9, Z-9W/G, Zhi-15 and HC-120.The Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation is into producing transport aircraft and makes the Y-8 variants(AN-12 based), Y-9 whose capabilities compare with the C-130J, Y-7 and the Y-20 four-engine tactical support aircraft expected to fly in 2012. The Shenyang Aircraft Corporation produces the J-8, J-11(variant of Su-27), J-15 carrier -compatible fighter based on Su-33, J-XX fifth generation fighter under development, co-produces the J-20, H-6 bomber(Tu-16 Badger) and some UAVs. The Xi’an Aircraft Industrial Corporation makes the H-8 strategic heavy bomber and the JH-7 twin-engine fighter bomber.

…there are a large number of factories involved in manufacturing civil commercial aircraft. Many foreign manufacturers like Boeing, Airbus and Eurocopter find it profitable to outsource part or complete production to Chinese factories

Apart from these, there are a large number of factories involved in manufacturing civil commercial aircraft. Many foreign manufacturers like Boeing, Airbus and Eurocopter find it profitable to outsource part or complete production to Chinese factories. This helps the Chinese industry to absorb new technology and much of it is dual-use.

Training in the PLAAF

There has been a qualitative improvement in the training and operational philosophy of the PLAAF. Pilot training lasts for four years as an undergraduate and is divided into two distinct parts. The first part lasts for 20 months at one of two basic flying schools (Changchun and Banding), and consists of military, political, cultural/literary, and physical training, as well as parachute training. The second part lasts 28 months at one of the ten flying academies, each of which has 3-4 flying regiments and consists primarily of special technical training. The first phase is divided into five months of aeronautical theory, political courses, flight theory, navigation, aerodynamics, air-to-air gunnery, aircraft structure, flight dynamics, aircraft engines, instruments, weather, and two practice parachute jumps, as well as command, control, and science training.

Chinese J-10 Fighter aircraft

The next phase of training lasts for one year and consists of 155 hours in the primary trainer CJ-6. Six courses are taught, including aerobatics, navigation, and formation, circuit, and instrument flying. There is a 30 percent dropout rate in this phase.  The last phase (advanced training), lasts for 12 months and consists of 130 flying hours on the F-5. Trainee pilots train in attack, navigation, circuit, formation, aerobatics, and instrument flying, as well as participate in exercises. This portion has a ten percent attrition rate. The total attrition rate during the three phases is 55 percent. Graduates receive a degree in military science and have the status of a Deputy Company Pilot Officer. Outstanding graduates may become Company Grade Officers. Those who fail are given the opportunity to train in the appropriate school as Ground Support Officers.

The PLAAF has also established age limits for the various types of pilots. Once a pilot has reached the mandatory age or fails to meet medical qualifications, his flying is terminated. One of the most common problems cited, however, is that the PLAAF does not have a mechanism to absorb these pilots into a non-flying assignments. The age limits laid down are 43-45 for fighter and ground attack pilots (the average age is 28), 48-50 for bomber pilots, 55 for transport pilots, 47-50 for helicopter pilots and 48 for women pilots.

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Air Marshal Narayan Menon

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58 thoughts on “Chinese Air Force way ahead of IAF

  1. There is only one way the IAF can match the PLAAF quantitatively. (Im sure qualitatively we are as good or better).
    The IAF should give up the turf war of wanting to control all air assets due to its purely selfish reasons .Helicopter assets like Medium,Heavy,Light and Attack helos should all be transferred to the Army and Navy in their respective domains. The IAF should concentrate on building up its Fighter and Strategic assets. The IAF is overstretched and unable to even meet its primary reponsibility of Air Defence of the nation or acheiving Air superiority over the battlefield. Yet it continues to fritter away its capacity and resources due to its purely selfish reasons of wanting to control all types of air assets due to vacancies for higher promotions.
    Transfer all rotary wing assets to Army and Navy. IAF can retain helos for its CSAR needs only. IAF should concentrate on building up its Fighter and Strategic assets.

  2. India is a democratic country with many regional aspirations. After independence in 1947 Nehru was not much interested in Indian armed forces but 1948, 1962, 1965, 1971,1999 wars and also many insurgencies in different parts of India has given importance to armed forces. Problems of armed forces are not of recruitment and training but weapons. India has not developed its own defence industry and importing everything from rifle to jet and now the monster is on the gate who is a manufacturing hub and has just started manufacturing hi-tech weapons and after 10-20 years everyone can imagine China’s power. India should be ready for more problems in the coming years if he is unable to manufacture weapons on a mass scale.

  3. Good article Sir.

    Hope appropriate counter measure shall be taken to neutralize their threat. In this connection, as per recent news , in view of the current tensions with China , new proposal to procure MIG-29, ,Su-30 MKI aircraft are on the table. However, choice of these air crafts instead of the sophisticated Raffle have surprised many critics. While the BVR like Meteor based on Raffle platform can be a game changer in our favour, the Russian platform have been preferred which surprised many critics. The indigenous Astra which is gradually maturing may meet the requirement in future.

  4. They have advanced BVR PL-15 air-to-air missile developed by China’s 607 (Air-to-Air Missile Research Institute), which provided China with a radar-guided range of more than 100 kM and better than R-77 as recognised by US.

    We need such BVR

  5. Sir!
    Chinese had copied & theft modern aircrafts design( Blue print), from U.S. by corrupt practices! For ex. The Stealth aircrafts!
    Also! Russia is helping to strengthen it’s Air Force!

    Whereas! India, involving in R&D, testing prototype & finally production processing with the Centre nod!

  6. There is double threat of China trying to invade India for arunachal and Pakistan will invade India for Kashmir same time. We should increase nuclear arsenal, nuclear submarines as well as better delivery systems for nuclear triad. At the moment there is immediate requirement for 250 advanced fighter jets. We must develop indigenous air power.

  7. Since 1970 , pre 1971 war India has not seen any major shift in modernisations of our Armed Forces. The weapons, ships and Aircrafts acquisitions were the natural progress thereafter. Our National Objectives and Interests took took a back seat or no seat at all over party politics, vote politics and mobocracy. Financial scams like BOFORS and Rafael were highlighted at the cost of modernisations of the Armed Forces and the National Objectives only to dethrone the ruling party. My only appeal to the Political parties are to delink the Financial Scam from acquisition as the scam has nothing to do with the Armed Forces and ask the Govt to advance the acquisitions as two fronts war is a reality today. Once you come to power, you can hang the scamsters, if you are willing. But don’t kill the National interests, by doing this you are definitely playing in the hands of enemies.

  8. India continues to recycle its decade old RFI’s and suffers from analysis paralysis while the dismal state of its armaments keeps falling behind its enemy to the north and west. The make in india program is dying a slow death and a general malaise seems to have invaded the defence department since nirmala sitharaman took over. At the current pace it’s a safe bet to say that prospects for improvement look pretty grim for the next decade as well.

  9. All this fine. INdia needs to get its missiles through their S400 batteries and defense shield and be able to hit every major target in China to DESTROY CHINA. Let us focus on that. especially since it is trying to bottle up India and build CPEC through Indian territory. CPEC must be destroyed by hook or crook.

  10. Hi,

    There is lot of difference between a MI and Apple. Copy wont make you powerful. It makes you less innovative as you are used to copying and always trying to make a less effective variant with same name.

    China just dupes its power. It just has more money like any other country in middle east like soudi who can ourahcse. It can never match any of the europian nation in innovation by ots nature and culture.

    One fine day . USA will bomb chinas biggest aircraft without any reason to kill its confidence morally. Then the true power of china will be just keeping quiet as china knows that they are nothing originally. India is 15% better in self innovatoveness which might have an edge in the next 15 years.

  11. Looking at all the comments from various people it dawns into my mind that India should use a weapon that has not been mentioned by anyone so far.What is it? It is a weapon that will show superiority as it has multiple advantages. Narendra Modi and A.K Doval will know about this. Someone will l inform them about this weapon . I do observe that statistics give superiority of China over India so obviously but the experience of A K Doval will greatly bring good result for India. No need to say one more Mumbai……..Insecurity is India’s greatest enemy. As a medical laboratory scientific officer i did not keep it a secret to help my manager to successfully present his lecture in USA on heart attack.On matters concerning security of motherland one has to keep a secret Use such a weapon with fantastic results.

  12. Nice detail Article. Don’t forget Chinese also build under ground air force base which can also with stand nuclear strike. While ever body know about our cheap air base which easily attack by rooky terrorist with Ak47. Last time you listen same thing happen with Chinese. This problem of this country our govt feel with thugs and dump. Our people are voting for them in name of reservation quota, Chicken and Rum…

  13. I think china is far ahead from Indian air force because Indian air force depend on purchased aircraft but china has own made & similar to Russia & USA.China is a peaceful country never disrespect his weaker neighbor but India do that.In modern world religion is not issue to fight each other.That’s past now but Indian politics still stack there,that’s why still far behind others country like India.

    • China is copying and improving. The still lack of their own turbofan engines. India must rely in the same policy. I understand it took a lot of time to develop the HAL TEJAS and its systems, hence India must copy and improve. You dont need to invent sugared water, you must find the easiest way to do it and in the process give that a better taste.

  14. Very candid and clear article. In addition to the psychological inspiration, one should also back up with building actual capabilities to produce war-fighting equipment like small and large arms, ships, submarines and tanks, fighters and missiles, SAMs as well as supporting electronic systems (radars, AEW, RWR, SONAR, Fire-control radars, Avionics, precision machining, secure communication and spying equipment, night goggles, thermal wear and winter scooters for army). China took license production of Russian fighters, helos & subs and gradually started building their own and today, their equipment is the lowest cost yet competes with Russian and European (if not US) equipment in performance. They built not only advanced jets like copies of Sukhoi-27, helicopters, Apache attack copter, Hercules transport plane but also AEW planes, refueling crafts, Tu-14 maritime planes as well as carrier-based marine fighters. Its remarkable and India should adopt similar route with latest designs and equipment of Russia, France and Germany which it can procure co-production licenses from. India is actually lagging 20 years behind China and the sole culprit in this is HAL-DRDO entity. It is frightening that in event of China-Pakistan joint attack, India has only 10 days of arms to last and what after that? Colonization by China or give away Arunachal & Himachal, Northern UP to them? Its a real shame that India says we are producing lakhs of engineers per year but whats the real capability built for any precision equipment – radars, Electronics, Computer chips, Smart phones, Water & waste Management technologies, Ships/Submarines, jets – Zero. Everyone wants to earn money and get a cushy job, that’s all. India is far, far behind and will need 20 years to catch up.

  15. it was same for us,but sorry to say 80% of population don’t even know the real situation of our defence capability, china is our main enemy but sorry to say their defence is light years ahead of us.and for china they don’t have worry about us because they make pakistan to engaged us with. we always act like a looser from 47 ,62,65,71, 98 .now its upto modi goverment to save india from complete destruction.i still think what would happen if chaina and pakistan attacked us jointly. jago india jago

  16. Reading this article brought pain to me as I happen to be an Indian staring at the muscle China displays across the border. True, China’s economy supported this. And, government of India spruced up ‘Babudom’ to downplay military requirements! It would be good if our political leaders are less visible in TV and engage in listening to men at work.

  17. Excellent, informative work. Thank you sir. I am an ordinary man
    . Have interest our great nations progress. This type of essays
    give inside knowledge of our defense sector to people like me. Thinking
    u sir.

  18. It is a pity and shortsightedness of congress led governments over the last many decades that we have overlooked the development of our industry and defence establishment.

    We had excellent chance to recruit the CIS / Russian scientists or buy out the entire defence industries of Russia. The only duty our foreign ambassadors and consulates performed was to help the politicians convert black money to white or to help their family during their yearly travels abroad.

    Our politicians were happy to allow some small time businessmen to buy out companies like TATRA and take kickbacks on trucks bought from them. Why we could not prop a PPP company to take over defence manufacturing companies.

    China has been buying companies all over the world. from defence, aerospace and oil. where as our congress friends were busy selling out our national assets and companies at throw away prices to foreigners.

    we could have easily imputed the Sukhoi technology by hiring out or buying out the companies producing the engines, frame, and various parts.

    Well it is never too late. Hope the BJP government take action and starts acquiring such technologies and companies.

    We should buy out companies abroad and produce the equipment abroad while slowly transferring the knowledge and technology to our benefit.

  19. The balancing act with modernisation of the Inadian Air Force should be done at lightening speed. Else we shall be again at the mercy of Either Vhina or Pakistan. Remember those who forget the history are condemned to meet. Congress could not equip the force well to fight with even Pakistan. We were humiliated to learn about ourselves as weak and subjugated country. Now , who shall protect us from ISIS/Al Qaeda/SIMI etc. Who will give us the esteem and self respect to an Indian

  20. “The new aircraft displays stealth features and indicates a determination on China’s part to shape new military capabilities in the period ahead. China is determined in developing modern military aerospace capabilities.” ” – “Stealth features” – what does that mean technologically? A layer of “radar absorbing material” , also called RAM – not the memory in computer technology, like paint spread on the body of the aircraft for reducing reflectivity, is a dubious, unsubstantiated procedure since no one knows how much reflectivity can be reduced thereby beyond 5%, but very effective for a sales pitch. In any case the sensitivity of radar warning receivers (RWRs) are improving each year by incremental advances in technology to completely offset such “stealth” factor. Hopefully IAF will not be gullible for swallowing such scientific jargons. The only case which comes in question is the F-16s which have by some strange coincidence of design of the airframe very much reduced radar cross sections compared to other fighter-interceptors. But that is not so-called “stealth”. In any case F-16s are tiny compared to Sukhois as platforms.

      • I have picked only one point (“stealth bombers and such attack air aircrafts” ) where I believe the writer is completely confused in understanding what “stealth” technology is. Hence his assessment of PLAAF in the context of “stealth” capability has gone astray. IAF should not worry about possession of “stealth” technology by PLAAF. For the rest of the article, it makes sense to me as a general evaluation. But no one can make a better point here as the writer has done, since there are so many unknown factors in judging PLAAF by a foreign power. Military capability is always a matter of conjecture by military intelligence. But in my view the author is overestimating Chinese air power vis a vis IAF’s capability.

        • @shankar, I think you are confused about the stealth tech. Have ever heard about F-117 or B-2 spirit. Those are stealth fighter and bomber. F 16 is not stealth who told you ? Chinese wants to achieve that. And India must worry about china’s growing militery power.

          • Could you please explain what is your understanding of “stealth” – is it invisibility to radar receiver system? Just claiming F-117 or B-2 is “stealth” as in glossy brochures for sales purpose does not make the aircraft stealth from technological viewpoint. When you are flying in the sky, even if you switch off your radar sets to make yourself invisible to radar warning receivers, you cannot turn off your engine. Hence the heat of combustion in your engine will generate an infra-red signature for the machine, and hence you are always detectible to the enemy.

          • Further to my response below I should add that I have come across the feature “stealth” in the context of AES technology. But that refers to jamming capability of AES arrays in addition to tracking and target resolutions etc. Such jamming occurs in a very narrow window of (usually) the X band. and cannot be considered as “indefectibility” of the fighter in the wider sense. To my information missile launchers use the K band.

  21. it is unfortunate that we Indians continue to suffer from the inferiority complex and lack of confidence in our own military strength and capability. While the hostile Chnese-Pak combined strategic military threat against India may pose danger on the face value, yet India’s own army, navy and air force strength should not be under-estimated, considering all the plus and minus points. It is not the number of fighter aircraft and other allied infrastructure which may have superiority over the India’s strategic military build up, yet going by the popular saying that it is the man behind the machine which matters in a war.

  22. Stop imagining things which are not even close to truth. Russians scientist were gonner before they could effectively develop anything worthwhile like an engine or electronics. Chinese rely most of their new publicity demos of planes on stolen technology; which is less than proficient. Everything worthwhile which gives the Chinese airforce teeth is a direct copy of Russian original. It’s combat capability is yet to be established, not by Chinese , but by airforces which fell in the trap of cheap stuff from China. One of these days the Chinese built and Pakistani design JF -17 is going to fly against India or if Saudi Arabian buy these copies then fly against the Israelis, then we would know capability of Chinese made planes. I guarantee they would be exactly like 100 Chinese locomotives bought by the Pakistanis only to breakdown shortly after being pressed into service, not one or two but all of them. Diesel / electric locomotives are easier to make than planes.

    This is purely scare tactics.

  23. This jumps the gun somewhat. The question should be whether India is prepared for ANY war or even a light skirmish that turns into a war becuase of India’s lack of readiness. One remembers, with shame, that the IAF withdrew from Kargil after one aircraft and one helicopter were downed for the lack of anti SAM decoys. Not that decoys would have helped when the Indin ovt, acting at US behest, forbade the Air Force from trespassing over Paki air space. China and Pakistan are manufacturing fighters jointly and Pakistan has just inducted 40 of them into its air force while India continues to wait for a Godot called the Light Combat Aircraft. Pakistan exports trainers it makes to Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran while India is still trying to figure out what trainer to import. China has inducted indigenous aircraft onto it Ukrainian carrier while India’s obsolete, carcinogenic, financial black hole, the Admiral Gorshkov can’t even carry a comparable aircraft. Sil vis pacum para bellum. BUT, India’s effete, Netas are there because of corruption and Babus because of their caste certificates. They might be excused for wondering why India needs ammunition or anti SAM flares, or armour on its ships to march up and down Raisina Hill, open and shut doors for them and ferry them on election campaigns.

  24. Sir

    Impression I get from your paper is that bulk of Chinese airforce is still copies of MIG-19 and MIG-21 and few TU bombers. The recently acquired SU -27 are not there in large numbers. The bulk of SU-27 is on order and a few hundreds will join in about 5 years, because it takes time to acquire design and converting them into actual planes. They have about a hundred of SU-30mkk, which is improved SU-27.

    Their stealth fighter are for intimidation. These bear a strong resemblance to American F- 35. Read in between the lines that it is a stolen copy. Americans are yet to solve all the problems with their F-35, hence I am not expecting Chinese solve all the problems in one fell swoop.

    The key question is which is not answered in your paper Sir, that how many of the fighters could be deployed against India from Tibet. That is where threat to India lies. Moreover for Chinese manning everything facing Taiwan, Japan, US Seventh Fleet, Korea Vietnam is a difficult question. Their Airforce is carefully deployed to face these adversaries, hence cannot be withdrawn.

    If I am reading the news items in press in last two or three years, India can deal with all their MIG-19 and 21. India can match their SU- 27 very we’ll. I am not overly concerned with their stealth fighters as it is for publicity and occasional flight to intimidate the American, Taiwanese and Japanese.

  25. I am sukhman bir singh and i am 10 year old now. I studying in England Iam going to be a great engenre Iam going to make figter jet ,aircaraft carrer and lot,s more to help the my indian forces and my great indian county.I have to defend this nation

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    Yous truelly
    my e-mail account may be hacked through this head to head or mind to mind communication tech so trust only the information provided.

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  28. All data In this article are true. Chinese Air force is at least three times stronger than India. Yes , it is a bitter fact. Indian government is still sleeping. Just buying few pieces from foreign country does not make country strong. There are more than ten factories of size of HAL in China and many smalls which India do not have.

  29. Are we good enough to tacel china. purchasinng of new air crafrt is delay.
    i . buying modren weapons are much delay Artriley guns many more . why are they so delay I think production sumki30 must be in speed . number should should be about 300+ till new air craft arrives. what elese we can do.

  30. If there is a 55% possibility, that pilots may not make it, then it is not a good omen for any service, military, in any nation. I mean, that 55% drop out of training. The I. A. F. is the arm, where people are thought to be scientists, as they monitor their aircraft when flying, at difficult situations. It seems, the Air Force personnel have always be seen thus.

  31. I wish the politicians from Indian central govt and top IAF brass reads this article to come to terms with the real status of the so-called superpower airforce. While IAF is adding aircraft piece by piece, it is at best haphazardly added in chunks. The Chinese industry has been able to reverse engineer and improve on Russian planes to the extent that Russia is skeptical of giving them Su-35/Su-33 for fear of being copied. All this while the Indian defence production keeps on failing and failing while running huge, I mean huge defence companies like DRDO, BEL, BDL, HAL etc. These monstrous companies take thousands of crores of precious taxpayer money but not returning value in return to the country. DRDO’s failed projects include Kaveri engine for LCA, LCA project itself (which hasnt replaced 250+ Mig-21s after 30-35 years), LCA being rejected due to being obsolete, Arjun MBT (IA didn’t like it), and various missiles like Akash SAM, Nag ATM and it also has been unable to produce high speed scooters and snow gear for IA in Siachen. HAL is at the best a screw-driver shop which takes russian kits and assembles them piece by piece and tries to look like a Boeing or Northrop Grummman. These giants should be criminally prosecuted and their exec mgmt of last 40 years imprisoned for lying to the people and taking taxpayer salaries. Shamefully our poor IAF people barely fly their planes due to lack of spares and servicing thus lack real flying experience and the migs keep crashing more than new planes are added. Chinese have built their own planes and save foreign exchange also. If India could come up with private companies to build a cheal, lightweight fighter and then go on for multirole planes, it would be a start. The Indian navy has however been very progressive and builds large destroyers of their own unlike the IA and IAF. HAL, DRDO etc should be shut down and their mgmt of last 50 yrs sent to jail forever to teach them lesson how not to cheat poor Indian taxpayers.

  32. Thanks for this eye-opening expose.

    If India or Japan and/or USA do not neutralize China by 2020, there will be no putting the genie back in the bottle. By 2050, China could have the defense equivalent of 100,000 additional fighter aircraft compared to India.

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