Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 13 Mar , 2024

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The recent State of the Union address by the POTUS Joe Biden was a typical pre-election speech, not only because of hishigh-pitched voice denouncing Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and China, but also because the vision of strength he projected is contrary to what his presidency executed.  Highlights of Biden’s address are summarized in succeeding paragraphs.

Trump Bashing. Donald Trump told Putin to do whatever he wants; bowing downdangerously. History saw insurrectionists storming Capitol Hill. Political violence has no place in America. Remember your oath and defend against all foreign/domestic threats.

NATO. The US-led NATO democratic alliance is to prevent war and keep peace. NATO is stronger with Finland and Swedenjoining it.

Denouncing Putin. America must stand up to Putin. Congress should send Biden a bipartisan national security bill. Putin should know we will not walk away, Biden will not bow down.

IVF. Under Trump, the Alabama Court shut down IVF treatment across the state, unleashed by a Supreme Court decision. We must guarantee the right to IVF nationwide. Vice President Kamala Harris defended reproductive freedom and so much more.

America’s Comeback. Under Trump, America saw an economic crisis, spike in crime, murders and over one million dead in Covid-19. Under Biden, America is writing the greatest comeback. The pandemic no longer controls lives and the US economy is the envy of the world. 15 million new jobs were created in three years. Americans are starting small businesses. America will bethe manufacturing capital of the world. Among his achievements, Biden alsomentioned investment in semiconductors, education, affordable healthcare and housing, 46,000 new projects coming up,

Tackling Federal Deficit. Biden will cut another $1 trillion over the next decade and cut $3 trillion plus the federal deficit making big corporations and the very wealthy pay their fair share. Nobody earning less than $400,000 yearly will pay an additional penny in taxes. A minimum tax 25 percent tax will be proposed for billionaires that would raise $500 billion in 10 years.

Gaza War. Last 5-months have been gut-wrenching for Israelis, Palestinians and many Americans here. We will bring every hostage held by Hamas back, as well as Americans held by Russia. The Gaza war has taken a greater toll on innocent civilians than all previous wars in Gaza combined; more than 30,000 Palestinians killed (most not Hamas), thousands of innocent girls and boys orphaned, nearly two million more Palestinians under bombardment or displacement. Biden has been working nonstop to establish an immediate six-week cease-fire. America is leading international efforts to get more humanitarian assistance into Gaza. The US military will establish a temporary pier off the Gaza coast to receive large aid shipments. No US boots will be on the ground. For Israel, humanitarian assistance cannot be a secondary consideration or a bargaining chip.

Red Sea Crisis. To defend international shipping and freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, Biden built a coalition and have ordered strikes to degrade Houthi capabilityand will not hesitate to do more..

Global Partnerships. Biden revitalized America’s partnerships and alliance in the Pacific; India. Australia. Japan. South Korea and Pacific islands; standing up against China’s unfair economic practices as well as peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits. Biden wants competition with China, not conflict.

Biden directly attacked Trump repeatedly, as the presidential race is narrowing between them now, with Nikki Haley out of the race and US Supreme Court ruling Trump can’t be removed from the ballot by individual states. Interestingly, Kamala Harris had met Fani Willis, District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, before she moved to bar Donald Trump and more than a dozen allies in Georgia from elections on charges of subversion.

Expanding NATO to the doorsteps of Russia, opposite to the promise made to Nikita Khrushchev when Soviet Union broke up, replacing the democratic government in Kiev with the Zelensky regime and not respecting the Minsk agreement are major reasons for the war in Ukraine. Moreover, US-backed Boris Johnson (then UK PM) sabotaged the Russia-Ukraine ceasefire agreement within two months of outbreak of hostilities.

America’s war against Russia, using Ukraine as proxy, is in breach of the UN Charter which obligates efforts towards peaceful resolution of conflicts. This has been the case of all NATO operations, previous and ongoing. Moreover, Biden has had no compunctions in admitting that money being sent to Kiev is not being given to Ukraine but is flowing back to American defence manufacturers; in effect a money laundering scheme (

Biden’s claim he would never bow down to Russia is in backdrop of western inability to match Ukraine’s ammunition expenditure,  provisioning one million drones to Kiev within one year and France and Britain supplying long range missiles to Ukraine to escalate the war, in keeping with Biden’s self-professed money laundering scheme.

Earlier, in an interview with MSNBC in his characteristic bumbling-style, Biden had said, “America made a mistake. We hunted bin Laden until we took him out. But at the same time, we should not have gone into Ukraine. That is, we should not have gone into Iraq and Afghanistan. There was no need for that. It only created more new problems.” Biden’s “never bow down” comment is also amusing looking at how US troops fled Afghanistan handing over the country to the Taliban.

Cutting $3 trillion plus federal deficit, including raising $500 billion, in 10 years, as claimed by Biden, looks incongruous.America’s national debt stood at nearly $34.4 trillion on February 28, 2024. Since June 2023, the last two $1 trillion jumps occurred in about 100 days ( But dollars can be printed endlessly, not being linked to gold holdings like other nations. Moreover, the US Congress has no option but to approve raised expenditure, whichever the government, to avoid shutdown.  

Biden’s spoke of Israel with a forked tongue; admitting, most of the 30,000 plus Palestinians killed by Israel are not Hamas and thousands of children orphaned. US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin acknowledges 25,000 plus Palestinian women and children killed. But Biden said nothing about Israel attacking aid trucks, killing hungry Palestinians coming to receive aid, Israel’s planned offensive in Rafah that would cut off all aid and seize an already collapsed health system to 1.5 million Palestinians trapped there, and the two-state solution.

Biden’s dictate for the US military to establish a temporary pier off the Gaza coast means little, since he has done nothing to prevent Israel from attacking aid for Palestinians. It actually may be the first step to take control of the gas field in the region which belongs to Palestinians. Biden is party to the Gaza genocide by approving and delivering more than 100 separate foreign military sales to Israel, at times without notifying Congress. He can easily pressure Israel by linking continued support to stopping the Gaza genocide but will l not do so because this also is part of his money laundering scheme, as is the situation in Red Sea with Houthis only wanting ceasefire in Gaza.  

Behind Biden’s game of revitalizing partnerships and alliances in the Indo-Pacific, India included, is fixing a proxy to fight China, while the US avoids direct conflict. Australia, a common member of Quad and AUKUS, appears to have understood Washington’s intent. That is why the Chinese foreign minister is visiting Australia shortly on invitation, followed by the Chinese prime minister in July. Maybe, President Xi Jinping will also be invited in the not too distant future.

Hundreds of Western mercenaries, including French (, have been fighting for Ukraine. Now isn’t it strange that French President Emmanuel Macron wants to commit French troops on ground in Ukraine, even though hardcore US-supporter Germany is against committing boots on ground. Macron is perhaps under blackmail by the CIA, latter being a state in itself. Witness reports that the CIA and the US Intelligence Communityillegally mobilized foreign intelligenceagencies to target Donald Trump’s 26advisors long before the summer of 2016, to establish the hoax of Trump colluding with Russia (

Americans will get the next president they deserve but it will have global ramifications on the already changing world order.

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