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Chinese are coming…
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Issue Vol. 28.2 Apr-Jun 2013 | Date : 05 May , 2014

After the Mughals and the British, it now appears to be China’s turn to encircle, enslave and make India a surrogate power. Apparently, China firmly believes that two tigers cannot live on the same mountain.

Under the weight of its collective incompetence, New Delhi continues to fiddle while Beijing unleashes a creeping invasion.

Pacifism may be good for the individual’s soul but it is suicidal for a nation’s security. With the advent of Buddhism, Tibet, wallowing in pacifism, lost its freedom. Yet South Block refuses to learn. Nehru was too petrified to come to the rescue of a small nation like Tibet. Nepal realized this and as insurance, opened up communication channels with China. The total collapse of India’s foreign policy saw Kathmandu exit our sphere of influence and become a vassal state of China. Bhutan will soon follow suit as it watches a helpless India unable to protect itself.

Under the weight of its collective incompetence, New Delhi continues to fiddle while Beijing unleashes a creeping invasion. The Chinese grand design envisions India as a surrogate power in Asia led by Beijing. However, the chinks in the Chinese armour are Tibet and Sinkiang. Despite the extraordinary infrastructure developed and the ability to induct multiple military divisions in Tibet, Beijing faces a rebellion, a wound that continues to fester.

Owing to the extraordinary incompetence of the Indian Defence Minister, the modernization of the Indian armed forces unfortunately is stuck in a groove for the last decade. Help of Western technology and India’s belated move to upgrade infrastructure in the North-east are points of major concern for China. Very few may have noticed that every time India moved closer to the United States, Beijing was upset and it successfully unleashed its lobby in India to counter this. Controlled media in Beijing vehemently criticized when the French Rafale was chosen by India for the Indian Air Force, terming France as ‘irresponsible’! Rapid induction of far superior Western technology into the Indian military and denied to the Dragon will upset the balance of power enjoyed by China in Tibet which the former is even today unable to fully integrate with the mainland. This chink in China’s armour needs to be exploited.

India will need robust minds and not pacifists, who lose the battle in their minds even before it begins…

With Japan, Taiwan and others fortified by a commitment by the US for protection against China’s foray in South China Sea disputes, Beijing is likely to make noises but will, for multiple reasons, concentrate militarily on the softest target available, the Indo-Tibet border.

First, Beijing’s assessment that the leadership in New Delhi is extremely weak and will not be able to respond to any developing crises is accurate. Second, the Chinese who minutely monitor all internal developments within India are aware of the deficiencies in manpower and the equipment within the military. They are witness to the veterans returning their medals in disgust to the President. Like Nehru, bereft of pragmatism, the political masters have simply not equipped the military with adequate lethality. Third, and possibly the most important consideration is that with the withdrawal of the American forces from Afghanistan, the strategic vacuum needs to be filled. Therefore, it is intelligent to not only keep India away from Afghanistan but also acquire as much territory as possible without firing a single shot in the Eastern Sector.

The weak-kneed Indian leadership, ill-equipped military, internal turmoil and China’s intention to occupy with the help of Pakistan military, the empty strategic space, aids its grand design.

By hiding hundreds of incursions into the Indian Territory from the people, the government has encouraged China to intrude 19 km inside in the DBO area enlarging its claims in Eastern Ladakh. China insists on changing the ground rules here as it supports Pakistan’s claim on J&K and calls it a disputed territory. This deep intrusion helps it prevent India playing the Gilgit-Baltistan and the POK card where, in connivance with Islamabad, PLA is involved in pacifying the area under the garb of construction activities to the advantage of its proxy.

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India will need robust minds and not pacifists, who lose the battle in their minds even before it begins, to work out a counter plan against China and China-Pakistan combine to foil their attempts to illegally occupy our territory with an aim to dismember India. It will require a strong national leadership and induction of military thinking in the foreign office. The propaganda by the pacifists and the Chinese lobby, that since we are militarily not prepared, we need to concede our territory and self-respect, is not true. Nation’s have won with much less with the backing of firm resolve and strong generals, both political and military.

Despite the temporary reprieve and face-saving provided by withdrawal from DBO by the Chinese to India in view of the visit of their Prime Minister, the incursions and land grabbing will continue.

The Indian game plan, therefore, should be based on the following:

  • The rebellion in Tibet for independence must be provided with ‘moral support’. India also needs to revisit Dalai Lama’s government-in-exile, which is quietly supported by the Western Alliance.
  • Since China and Pakistan have joined forces against India, we should extend ‘moral support’ in Gilgit-Baltistan, POK and Balochistan. If Balochistan becomes independent, the Gwadar port will not be available to China causing a huge setback.

 In the long term, invite technology transfer under joint ventures in private sectors with enhanced FDI of 49 per cent to create modern defence production facilities in the country.

  • India has trivialized the term ‘strategic partnership’ by signing it with all and sundry. It is in India’s interest to invest in strategic partnerships with Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam as also to create decisive political, military and economic relationship with the USA and the Western Alliance. The balance of power should remain in India’s favour.
  • It is important to appreciate that China and Pakistan are the only two countries that lay claim on huge chunks of Indian territory. Both are authoritarian regimes that conflict with our liberal values. Despite every effort at appeasement by New Delhi, they will endeavour to weaken our democratic structure.
  • Our investment in Afghanistan should not be wasted as the Americans withdraw. Alone and with international support (including Russia), India should extend ‘moral support’ to the Afghans and disallow the Taliban to take over with the help of Pakistan’s ISI.
  • Diversify economic interest away from dependence on Chinese goods by creating business-friendly environment for Japan, South Korea and the Western Alliance. The Chinese economy is slowing down and their need for the vast Indian market is huge. This is an interesting card in our arsenal.
  • Sprucing up the military and intelligence capabilities of India on a war-footing is vital since we face two naturally hostile fronts. Initially, quick imports of basic weapon systems are a necessity as it is not possible for a temporary compromise with national security as suggested by many analysts. In the long term, invite technology transfer under joint ventures in private sectors with enhanced FDI of 49 per cent to create modern defence production facilities in the country.

…under the prevailing confusion of demarcation of LAC, our military should intervene and create similar incursions on the Chinese side.

  • For a long time Indians and Chinese have, on the ground, been in possession of areas along LAC and China did not pose major objections. Cleverly after building the infrastructure and the military wherewithal, it started flexing its muscle by enlarging its claim in Eastern Ladakh by the 19 km incursion in the DBO sector. The claim by the Chinese lobby in India that they can induct 30 divisions against us makes them look like a ‘superman’. The truth is that they need acclimatization of these troops for high altitude, which is time consuming and nullifies the element of surprise. On the other hand, India can build troop levels faster as it already has a functional Corps headquarters in place.
  • At the local level, incursions by Chinese troops must be stopped immediately and under the prevailing confusion of demarcation of LAC, our military should intervene and create similar incursions on the Chinese side. This should be the Standard Operating Procedure.

Otherwise New Delhi will lose the plot, territory and enormous self respect.

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About the Author

Bharat Verma

A former Cavalry Officer and former Editor, Indian Defence Review (IDR), and author of the books, India Under Fire: Essays on National Security, Fault Lines and Indian Armed Forces.

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30 thoughts on “Chinese are coming…

  1. Reading this article the suggestions mentioned are fruitfull but India’s only work in BJP regime is HINDU MUSLIM ..MASJID MANDIR …and against muslims .. in kashmir they play there dirty politics of breaking of article 370 and 35 A .. even Pro Indians have now become anti Indians . people in India dance over Mandir masjid issue but for science and technology it is just waste ..Goverenment spends crores to prove that cow urine and cow doing is medicine which is never possible and is a laughing stock for world ..
    India has been behind from China and China is isolating India at every front . To win elections modi just shouting pakistan and nothing else . making fake surgical strikes and killing own soldiers for its benifit.. making a huge number of enemy’s inside his own country .Trying to through out 25 crore muslims which will create a another country inside India and give a huge benifit to pakistan Pakistan and China. . in simple words modi throwing axe on his own foot . trying to impress other countries for investment in India but not providing suitable environment and from 2014 none of the invesinvestors came . in simple words modi has become blessing in disguise for Pakistan and China.. Americans making India to fight there war … and India just beating the drums … putting the country into danger …

  2. What a surprise that I am reading this excellent article, just after writing one called Red Alert – the silent Chinese Invasion. Since Mr. Verma wrote this piece in 2013, many more developments have taken place, demonstrating that the Chinese have advanced in leaps and bounds and have almost already encircled India. I would like to submit my commentary to the IDR, if t he editors so wish. Thank you and congratulations to Mr Verma on his far sightedness

    • ha ha ha you are no doubt a Pakistani, basking in reflected glory of the chinese, thinking they will help you out when you are in trouble.

      chinese care only about themselves. Your mullahs do not understand this. We wont be surprised if the chinese usurp major land areas of your country and your cry baby PM will rush to the US to seek help. If you want you could seek help from us also. ha ha ha

  3. Sir,
    Those at the fronts , must have the decisive role. Atleast, they could confront the opponents.For , instance, Chinese intrusion, it would have been great performance ,if indian soldiers could confront with them and shot them back or vice versa. But the result would have been different, next time before incursion, chines would definitely weigh the conditions and pros and cons of each aspect. No defence minister, stops the soldier to take appropriate action at the befitted time. So first our people should give the befitting harder reply then , politicians/defence secretary/ PM etc will make the actions for peace. This happens almost every instance.

  4. It’s time for India to throw “NON-ALIGNMENT” out of window and start getting aligned with Japan, Taiwan and other like minded including USA + erect an army of Tibetans.The Gandhi family and Congress have messed up the country and the people of India and to some extent the disciplined Indian Army generals, Air Marshals and Admirals are equally to be blamed. They don’t speak against the weak governments when they know what will happen in case of war. It is time to support the BJP government under the leadership of Narendra Modi to correct as much as possible in the shortest possible time the military strength plus increase stock piles of long range of missiles and the Nuke bombs to surpass China. They understand only one language. Increase quality personnel in all wings of forces and give them the best training in shortest possible time. In most countries, I travel, it is compulsory to do military training in high schools for 6 months to one year and they have nationalism to the highest level.

  5. There is a reason why Mr Verma is no longer with the Indian army. The guy is a liability. A rabble-rouser like Mr Verma should not be let anywhere near the Indian diplomatic service. He can have as much fun as he likes while he blogs on about matters that he deems important, but at the end of the day he is no more than the Indian version of the Pakistani clown, Zaid Hamid. Mr Hamid wants a showdown at Panipat, whereas Mr Verma wants to take on Beijing. Let these two loopy loons engage in virtual warfare and see to it that you keep them far away from the political channels that truly matter.

  6. Mchand has the gumption to accept a genetic flaw in Hindu’s of Hindustan or Bharat. The fanatic hordes he abhor made a single country & gave them the taste of being united power so, now Bharat Verma & ilk are dreaming Big. With over a dozen Nationalities waging freedom struggle against Hindu oppression Bharat Verma still qualify Hindustan on “liberal values”. To the to gents I say, a nation needs to be “FANATIC” to exist & conquer .

  7. In hindsight, if China had given the governing of Hong Kong to Britain, for a very long time again, and had made the condition about the welfare of her citizens a priority, perhaps it would have helped Taiwan be more positive in outlook. Also, Hong Kong was more prosperous and in certain ways, governed with more responsibility than Britain, herself.

  8. It really does seem, that China inherited, apart from India, a border situation where there is Taiwan, where the people are Chinese, but are reticent that they will be not free citizens in China. Also, Vietnam was helped by China in the war against the U. S., but Vietnam was also reticent about how China would be relevant in different situations and circumstances. The North Koreans did not engage the Chinese, being a friendly nation in the past. China does not seem to be having any national issues with North Korea. What was commendable to everyone in the region, but I was a bit underwhelmed, is the fact that Hong Kong became a part of China, and Britain was proud and happy to make the transfer.
    About the Indian Navy, the very reason why India didn’t have a navy in the past, is obvious. Any navy can avoid combat in the Indian Ocean, and traverse the ocean, without great effort. And, so can India. The Indian sea lane to the Malacca is pretty advantageous to India. She can go south a distance, and then proceed east. Also, the Middle East has no naval force, which is known. Karachi is needed as both a sea port, and a naval port. The surface to sea cruise missile can be the best anti-warship deterrent. The anti-air missile is the best sea bearing anti-air deterrent. We can have a very relevant navy, with the best relevant training. The fact is, that the navy doesn’t need to be irrelevant to herself, in any perception. The sea south of Tamil Nadu has to be patrolled.

  9. Mr. Verma’s article raises yet again a warning to the Indian administration to act with deliberation and clarity. It is regretful that we Indians have a habit of gross incompetence when it comes to defending the nation. The history is a living proof. Long before the British subjugated Indians, a fanatic horde from the North entered India on horsebacks and inflicted violence of un-parallel proportion. The fragmentation of the Rajput kingdoms into warring states and a lack of united leadership offered open invitation to the foreign invaders. They conquered one state after another and spread Islam with their swords with ease. Today the wolves are at the door again. What is India doing to prevent a repeat of the history? Here are some thoughts. The only way to prevent war is to get ready to win a war should the enemy start one. The invaders will think twice. This is no time to rule by inaction as has been the history of the current government. A mobilization must begin without fanfare, but calculated and well resourced. This process has to begin now. In a parallel move India must engage in a serous dialog with US and NATO for joint projects, information sharing and technology transfer. The threat is regional and Japan faces similar challenges as India. US has global consideration and is seriously concerned that China may use its internal unrest to start a foreign adventure.

  10. my dear indian in 1962 america saved you and we did not touch you otherwise kashmir issue had been solved forever. now again you have tried to come in our backyard but you have failed. your cold start doctrine will never work because you are afraid of our tactical nukes. after our explosions your pm was shivering like hell. shining india is basically under se khokla

    • Shut up shoaib paki mulle, mind your own business. Just worry about your defense. You don’t even have enough toilets for your own paki people and you talk about fighting. Always remember kargil thrashing. You Pakis are like dog tail which can never be straightened but can only be cut off.

  11. Indian are bollywood heros. You ppl chose the media war. But you never considered that finally “human factor will decide the fate of war”. First prepare yourself then go for the media war. but you started from the end.
    Pakistanis are tight lipped. first research then test it enough to bring to media. but you ppl start from media and the ppl say hahahahaha…… Indian most immature and clumsy media in the world………………………………………………….they never heard of “think before you speak”

    • Media doesn’t matter a lot in War. 1st save yourself from bomb blasts when you got for chicken to market.then we can talk about world..
      when pakis talk about international news it sounds, minions talking about lab research equations… LOL

  12. Once again an amazing article by Bharat Verma, but whats sad is the fact that despite these reviews of our Defence Policy, nothing will change. In the years of the Congress Government at the centre, our defence and foreign policy have gone from bad to worse. I sometime feel there is no strategy, just actions and reactions, and reactions too are aimed more at fooling the people than actually doing something about what has happened. Till something is Not in the News or no demonstrations are done, No reaction comes from the Government. We need to change this and take pro-active steps about the situation that we face. We live in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world and its about time we accept that and proactively take measure to protect us and make the neighborhood itself a better place to live in.

  13. Read some of the articles and would just say this one of the best of best defence journals. Never in the past i had read anything like this.
    A hearty thanks to all those who are associated with this journal and a special thanks for Bharat Verma sir ! Jai Hind !

    • Read some of the articles and would just say this one of the best of best defence journals. Never in the past i had read anything like this.
      A hearty thanks to all those who are associated with this journal and a special thanks for Bharat Verma sir ! Jai Hind !

      she is faltering him rather writing something about situation…………..
      she didn’t knew that it is an eye opener from a great analyst……….expert……

  14. barking dogs seldom bites(hinduuos) you want nuclear war? why are you waiting? pakistan has hydrogen bombs.4 type of hydrogen bomb raids can do the job, the first attack involvesconverting operating nuclear power plant on the cost line into makes shift into multi nega tongs H blombs.if bombed 1 average operating nuclear plant station is estimated to spew as much as deadly as fall out as 150- 18-0 h bombs bombing 1 indian nuclear station would render most bahrat uninhabitable, 2nd> pakistan was never part of this filrthy india muslims kings and later british
    by force joint all this land and in pakistan and india not same race live< believe me in next war there will no india and hinduism

    • Yaar apne desh ko toh sambhaal lo pehle fir India ke baare mein baat karo! Khaane ko paise nahin, gaadiyon ke liye petrol nahin, ghar mein electricity nahin, etc. etc. Bharat ko kya destroy karoge! Itni baar haar chuke ho, ek aur baar bhi haar jaaoge! U r still surving in out backyard, you should be happy about that!

  15. Unless Hindus have mindset They should a nation of their own ( Hindu rastra )They will always be slave .Pleasing invaders will make them non existence. Locals Converts to islam and others making Hindus slave and enemy of each other . Letting
    Invaders idealogy and and not promoting age old science and idealogy of sanatan dharma in back burner will destroy our hesitance.

  16. I agree with Mr.Bharat Verma on quick imports to fill the immediate gap and then go for technology transfer through JV production in India. Its imperative that we allow the private sector to play a pivotal role in defence production. Further we should provide “moral support” to Gilgit-Baltistan, POK and Balochistan, just like Pakistan is providing in J&K. However an Independent Balochistan is not feasible for long term security. Remember Bangladesh and the problems we are facing now. We should aim at reunifying Pakistan with India, even at the cost of a nuclear war. With reference to Tibet, we should again provide “moral support” and take the responsibility to protect it post its independence or even merge it with the Indian Union. This will automatically force Nepal & Bhutan to be part of India. Sinkiang or East Turkistan should again be given “moral support” to gain independence. We should ally with Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam along with USA to help each other as and when there is a war with China.

  17. pakistan should also give moral support to :khalistan: and other independent movemenst from barbaric barhman rule and so called india” kaka bali(verma) pakistan handed over to china gawdar port: gawdar port is blood line for china< no power in world can stop china to use gawdar port< come to reall world how many corps? 800 hydrogens and nuclear bombs can make you india like sun< make sure if you want to follow policy of american nato erra in afghanistan means to give wapons and money to crimnals gangs in pakistan to spread terrorism i am not making joke<

  18. Mr. Verma is right on the mark as usual. It is regretful that we Indians have a habit of blundering with gross incompetence when it comes to defending the nation. The history is a living proof. Long before the British subjugated Indians, virtually a handful of invaders from the North entered India on land and ocean to claim the right to rule over Indians by military force. The fragmentation of the Rajput kingdoms into warring states and lack of unified leadership offered open invitation to the foreign invaders. They had a single minded goal to take over the land and spread Islam which they did with ease. They marched over the dead bodies of defending soldiers and royalties with ease primarily because of Rajput’s poor leadership and inability to mobilize against the enemy. We are seeing some aspects of that history repeat in the context of Chinese land incursion today. The leaders in Dehi are more worried about getting kicked out of the office in the next election rather than the security of the nation. There is neither a definitive statement nor a physical action from Delhi to reassure the jittery nation how we will respond to the enormous threat to India if China expands its incursions unchecked . It is time to change the leadership.

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