Six Wars China is sure to Fight in the Next 50 Years
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 27 Feb , 2022

The article is presenting what the Chinese are writings in their Media

On July 8, 2013, the pro-PRC Chinese-language newspaper, Wenweipo, published an article titled “中國未來50年裡必打的六場戰爭 (Six Wars China Is Sure to Fight In the Next 50 Years)”.

The anticipated six wars are all irredentist in purpose — the reclaiming of what Chinese believe to be national territories lost since Imperial China was defeated by the Brits in the Opium War of 1840-42. That defeat, in the view of Chinese nationalists, began China’s “Hundred Years of Humiliation.” (See Maria Hsia Chang,Return of the Dragon: China’s Wounded Nationalism. Westview, 2001.

Below is the English translation of the article, from a Hong Kong blog, Midnight Express 2046. (The year 2046 is an allusion to what this blog believes will be the last year of Beijing’s “One County, Two Systems” formula for ruling Hong Kong, and “the last year of brilliance of Hong Kong.”)

Midnight Express 2046 (ME2046) believes this article “is quite a good portrait of modern Chinese imperialism.” What ME2046 omits are:

  • the original Chinese-language article identifies the source of the article as 中新網 (
  • The Chinese-language title of the article includes the word bi (), which means “must” or “necessarily” or “surely.” That is why  the word “sure” in the English-language title of the article.


The Six Wars [Sure] To Be Fought By China In the Coming 50 Years

September 16, 2013

China is not yet a unified great power. This is a humiliation to the Chinese people, a shame to the children of the Yellow Emperor. For the sake of national unification and dignity, China has to fight six wars in the coming fifty years. Some are regional wars; the others may be total wars. No matter what is the nature, each one of them is inevitable for Chinese unification.

The 1st War: Unification of Taiwan (Year 2020 to 2025)

Though we are enjoying peace on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, we should not daydream a resolution of peaceful unification from Taiwan administration (no matter it is Chinese Nationalist Party or Democratic Progressive Party). Peaceful unification does not fit their interests while running for elections. Their stance is therefore to keep to status quo (which is favourable to the both parties, each of them can get more bargaining chips) For Taiwan, “independence” is just a mouth talk than a formal declaration, while “unification” is just an issue for negotiation than for real action. The current situation of Taiwan is the source of anxiety to China, since everyone can take the chance to bargain more from China.

China must work out a strategy to unify Taiwan within the next ten years, that is, by 2020.

China must work out a strategy to unify Taiwan within the next ten years, that is, by 2020. By then, China will have to send an ultimatum to Taiwan, demanding the Taiwanese to choose the resolution of peaceful unification (the most preferred epilogue for the Chinese) or war (an option forced to be so) by 2025. For the purpose of unification, China has to make preparation three to five years earlier. So when the time comes, the Chinese government must act on either option, to give a final answer to the problem.

From the analysis of the current situation, Taiwan is expected to be defiant towards unification, so military action will be the only solution. This war of unification will be the first war under the sense of modern warfare since the establishment of the “New China”. This war will be a test to the development of the People’s Liberation Army in modern warfare. China may win this war easily, or it may turn out to be a difficult one. All depend on the level of intervention of the U.S. and Japan. If the U.S. and Japan play active roles in aiding Taiwan, or even make offensives into Chinese mainland, the war must become a difficult and prolonged total war. On the other hand, if the U.S. and Japan just watch and see, the Chinese army can easily defeat the Taiwanese. In this case, Taiwan can be under control within three months. Even if the U.S. and Japan step in in this stage, the war can be finished within six months.

The 2nd War: “Reconquest” of Spratly Islands (Year 2025 to 2030)

After unification of Taiwan, China will take a rest for two years. During the period of recovery, China will send the ultimatum to countries surrounding the Islands with the deadline of 2028. The countries having disputes on the sovereignty of Islands can negotiate with China on preserving their shares of investments in these Islands by giving up their territorial claims. If not, once China declares war on them, their investments and economic benefits will be taken over by China.

At this moment, the South East Asian countries are already shivering with Chinese military unification of Taiwan.

At this moment, the South East Asian countries are already shivering with Chinese military unification of Taiwan. On one hand, they will be sitting by the negotiation table, yet they are reluctant to give up their interests in the Islands. Therefore, they will be taking the wait-and-see attitude and keep delaying to make final decision. They will not decide whether to make peace or go into war until China takes any firm actions. The map below shows the situation of territorial claims over the Spratly Islands. (Map omitted)

Besides, the U.S. will not just sit and watch China “reconquesting” the Islands. In the 1stwar mentioned above, the U.S. may be too late to join the war, or simply unable to stop China from reunifying Taiwan. This should be enough to teach the U.S. a lesson not to confront too openly with China. Still, the U.S. will aid those South East Asian countries, such as Vietnam and the Philippines, under the table. Among the countries surrounding the South China Sea, only Vietnam and the Philippines dare to challenge China’s domination. Still, they will think twice before going into war with China, unless they fail on the negotiation table, and are sure they can gain military support from the U.S.

The best option for China is to attack Vietnam, since Vietnam is the most powerful country in the region. Beating Vietnam can intimidate the rest. While the war with Vietnam goes on, other countries will not move. If Vietnam loses, others will hand their islands back to China. If the opposite, they will declare war on China.

Of course, China will beat Vietnam and take over all the islands. When Vietnam loses the war and its islands, others countries, intimidated by Chinese military power, yet still with greediness to keep their interests, will negotiate with China, returning the islands and declaring allegiance to China. So China can build the ports and place troops on these islands, extending its influence into the Pacific Ocean.

Up till now, China has made a thorough breakthrough of the First Island Chain and infiltrated the Second one, Chinese aircraft carrier can have free access into the Pacific Ocean, safeguarding its own interests.

The 3rd War: “Reconquest” of Southern Tibet (Year 2035 to 2040)

China and India share a long border, but the only sparking point of conflicts between the two countries is only the part of Southern Tibet. China has long been the imaginary enemy of India. The military objective of India is to surpass China. India aims to achieve this by self-development and importing advanced military technologies and weapons from the U.S, Russia and Europe, chasing closely to China in its economic and military development.

In India, the official and media attitude is more friendly towards the U.S, Russia and Europe, and is repellent or even hostile against China. This leads to unresolvable conflicts with China. On the other hand, India values itself highly with the aids from the U.S, Russia and Europe, thinking it can beat China in wars. This is also the reason of long lasting land disputes.

In my opinion, the best strategy for China is to incite the disintegration of India. By dividing into several countries, India will have no power to cope with China.

Twenty years later, although India will lag behind more compared to China in military power, yet it is still one of the few world powers. If China uses military force to conquer Southern Tibet, it has to bear some losses. In my opinion, the best strategy for China is to incite the disintegration of India. By dividing into several countries, India will have no power to cope with China.

Of course, such plan may fail. But China should at least try its best to incite Assam province and once conquered Sikkim to gain independence, in order to weaken the power of India. This is the best strategy.

The second best plan is to export advanced weapons to Pakistan, helping Pakistan to conquer Southern Kashmir region in 2035 and to achieve its unification. While India and Pakistan are busy fighting against each other, China should take a Blitz to conquer Southern Tibet, at the time occupied by India.

India will not be able to fight a two front war, and is deemed to lose both. China can retake Southern Tibet easily, while Pakistan can control the whole Kashmir. If this plan cannot be adopted, the worst case is direct military action to take back Southern Tibet.

After the first two wars, China has rested for around ten years, and has become a world power both in terms of military and economy. There will only be the U.S. and Europe (on the condition that it becomes a united country. If not, this will be replaced by Russia. But from my point of view, European integration is quite probable) able to cope with China in the top three list in world power.

After taking back Taiwan and Spratly Islands, China has great leap forward in its military power in army, navy, air force and space warfare. China will be on the leading role in its military power, may be only second to the U.S. Therefore, India will lose this war.

The 4th War: “Reconquest” of Diaoyu Island [Senkaku] and Ryukyu Islands (Year 2040 to 2045)

In the mid-21st century, China emerges as the real world power, accompanied with the decline of Japan and Russia, stagnant U.S. and India and the rise of Central Europe. That will be the best time for China to take back Diaoyu Island and Ryukyu Islands. The map below is the contrast between ancient and recent Diaoyu Island and Ryukyu Islands (map omitted).

From the historical records of Chinese, Ryukyu and other countries (including Japan), Ryukyu has long been the vassal states of China since ancient times, which means the islands are the lands of China.

Many people may know that Diaoyu Island is the land of China since the ancient times, but have no idea that the Japanese annexed Ryukyu Island (currently named as Okinawa, with U.S. military base). The society and the government of China is misled by the Japanese while they are discussing on the issues of the East China Sea, such as the “middle-line” set by the Japanese or “Okinawa issue” (Ryukyu Islands in Chinese), by coming to think that Ryukyu Islands are the ancient lands of Japan.

What a shame for such ignorance! From the historical records of Chinese, Ryukyu and other countries (including Japan), Ryukyu has long been the vassal states of China since ancient times, which means the islands are the lands of China. In this case, is the “middle line” set by Japan in the East China Sea justified? Does Japan have anything to do with the East China Sea? (Those who have no idea in these details may refer to “Ryukyu: An indispensable part of China since the ancient times” written by me)

The Japanese has robbed our wealth and resources in the East China Sea and unlawfully occupied Diaoyu Island and Ryukyu Islands for many years, the time will come that they have to pay back. At that time, we can expect that the U.S. will be willing to intervene but has weakened; Europe will keep silent; Russia will sit and watch the fight. The war can end within half of a year with overwhelming victory of China. Japan will have no choice but to return Diaoyu Island and Ryukyu Islands to China. East China Sea becomes the inner lake of China. Who dare to put a finger on it?

The 5th War: Unification of Outer Mongolia (Year 2045 to 2050)

Though there are advocates for reunification of Outer Mongolia at the moment, is this idea realistic? Those unrealistic guys in China are just fooling themselves and making a mistake in strategic thinking. This is just no good to the great work of unification of Outer Mongolia.

China should also pick the groups advocating the unification, aiding them to take over key posts in their government, and to proclaim Outer Mongolia as the core interests of China upon the settlement of Southern Tibet issue by 2040.

After taking Taiwan, we should base our territorial claims on the constitution and domain of the Republic of China (some people may raise a question here: why should we base our claims on the constitution and domain of the Republic of China? In such case, isn’t the People’s Republic of China being annexed by the Republic of China? This is a total bullshit. I will say: the People’s Republic of China is China; the Republic of China is China too. As a Chinese, I only believe that unification means power. The way which can protect the Chinese best from foreign aggression is the best way to the Chinese people.

We also need to know that the People’s Republic of China recognizes the independence of Outer Mongolia. Using the constitution and domain of the People’s Republic of China to unify Outer Mongolia is naked aggression. We can only have legitimate cause to military action using the constitution and domain of the Republic of China. What’s more, it is the case after Taiwan being taken over by China. So isn’t it meaningless to argue which entity being unified?). China should raise the issue of unification with Outer Mongolia, and to take propaganda campaigns inside Outer Mongolia. China should also pick the groups advocating the unification, aiding them to take over key posts in their government, and to proclaim Outer Mongolia as the core interests of China upon the settlement of Southern Tibet issue by 2040.

If Outer Mongolia can return to China peacefully, it is the best result of course; but if China meets foreign intervention or resistance, China should be prepared to take military action. Taiwan model can be useful in this case: giving an ultimatum with deadline in the Year 2045. Let Outer Mongolia to consider the case for few years. If they refuse the offer, then military action takes off.

In this moment, the previous four wars have been settles. China has the political, military and diplomatic power to unify Outer Mongolia. The weakened U.S. and Russia dare not to get involved except diplomatic protests; Europe will take a vague role; while India, Africa and Central Asian countries will remain silent. China can dominate Outer Mongolia within three years’ time. After the unification, China will place heavy troops on frontier to monitor Russia. China will take ten years to build up elemental and military infrastructure to prepare for the claim of territorial loss from Russia.

The 6th War: Taking back of lands lost to Russia (Year 2055 to 2060)

The current Sino-Russian relationship seems to be a good one, which is actually a result of no better choice facing the U.S. In reality, the two countries are meticulously monitoring the each other. Russia fears the rise of China threaten its power; while China never forgets the lands lost to Russia. When the chance comes, China will take back the lands lost.

When the Chinese army deprives the Russians’ ability to counter strike, they will come to realize that they can no longer match China in the battlefield.

After the victories of the previous five wars by 2050, China will make territorial claims based on the domain of Qing Dynasty (similar way by making use of the domain of the Republic of China to unify Outer Mongolia) and to make propaganda campaigns favoring such claims. Efforts should also be made to disintegrate Russia again.

In the days of “Old China”, Russia has occupied around one hundred and sixty million square kilometre of lands, equivalent to one-sixth of the landmass of current domain of China. Russia is therefore the bitter enemy of China. After the victories of previous five wars, it is the time to make Russians pay their price.

There must be a war with Russia. Though at that time, China has become an advanced power in navy, army, air and space forces, it is nevertheless the first war against a nuclear power. Therefore, China should be well prepared in nuclear weapons, such as the nuclear power to strike Russia from the front stage to the end. When the Chinese army deprives the Russians’ ability to counter strike, they will come to realize that they can no longer match China in the battlefield. They can do nothing but to hand over their occupied lands and to pay a heavy price to their invasions.

The article first published in Oct 2013.

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301 thoughts on “Six Wars China is sure to Fight in the Next 50 Years

  1. The first war will be their last. Taiwan is a little tiger. Like Israel they are democratic and peaceful however when an existential threat comes knocking they will hit back hard.
    The Chinese will loose a substantial amount in the amphibious phase, further attrition on the beaches and then a long drawn partisan war in the hiterland. By that time the conscripted Chinese canonfodder will be crying for their mothers.

  2. You cannot trust anything that comes from a “pro-anything” newspaper, it is bound to be embellished and consisting of propaganda. China is definitely aggressive and dumb enough to try at least one of these wars, my money is on the war with Taiwan. The US and Europe aren’t going into decline and as for Russia, well according to this “great” article, China will fight a war with Russia in the years 2055 to 2060, if that happens Russia will join sides with the US, South Asia and Europe to counter the ever aggressive China. The CCP will destroy China, it will take some time but it will happen. As an Indian, I take particular offence to the war with India part of this article. When confronted with a 2 front situation, India will appeal to its allies and the UN and the UN sure isn’t going to take the side of a bunch of ultra-nationalist fools who are hellbent on a supposed unification of lands that were once together god knows how long back. India is upping its military and economy again it will take time and apparently we have time till 2035. Whoever has written this article has severely underestimated the Indian people’s willingness to fight for their homeland and has underestimated everybody’s willingness to do the same.

    China might never fall but believe me, the world will make sure that it suffers for its wrongdoings. China will intimidate the rest of the world but if it goes too far, the world will exterminate it.

  3. Wow, what a fairy tale. Just look russia is f**ked conquering ukraine. Taiwan will put a full stop to their dreams. India cannot enter and destroy china but is very able to defend itself. China will unite india by attacking it. Sikkim people are integral to nation and enjoy statehood and democracy. Dream well!!!

  4. Year 2022 now is the opportunity for USA to give India and China 1 week decide to be with US for rid of all deadly nuclear warheads from earth total disarmament if not US declare war on them killing each 1 billions people dead .

  5. Your dates are not correct these wars will come quicker within in the next 20 years including the one with Russia being on the end of it all. 20 not 50 years to completion. China WILL have ALL lands back, and in the end unified of the entire Asian peoples and continent again.

  6. Absolute nonsense ,china moves militarily the destruction of china’s economy is for sure c.china will never play the fool herafter .they can’t control a runaway escaped virus ,imagine starting a war and then winning it rgds

  7. China made Covid and I think the world is foolish to not realize that despite the destroyed evidence. They already waged a world war and won’t even admit it. To not wage war back against the CCP for their genocide right now is un-ethical. If not from the plagues they release on the world, at least from their very real concentration camps they ethically cleanse with. We’re really gonna allow that government to do that? We’ll be having all kinds of —— happen every year that they will just say wasn’t them and the corporations who benefit from mass genocide. Im not necessarily a religious man but something tells me their denial of a God has something to do with the evil that has come out of their labs, at the very least. Before we had camcorders they burned bodies in Times Square. I would say; to know what’s going on and to do nothing to stop it is amoral. You want to keep getting weird Chinese viruses? I don’t.


  9. These US doesn’t even have the spine to clean up the mess they left in Afghanistan, Iraq, Venezuela, Iran and countless other countries they meddled in. They neither have the technological advantage, financial resources, nor political support to go to war with China again. We all know what happened the last time the US faced off with China when they led 23 countries to stamp out North Korea. Today, North Korea not only exists but it is a nuclear power capable of sending the US into oblivion should they ever try anything again.

    India is not even worth mentioning. They don’t even have toilets. The only country worth mentioning in the same sentence as China is the US. And they’re broke and cowardice. Just look at them now and the legacy they they’ve left in the wake of their destruction around the world.

  10. A very interesting and bias report on a hopeful and naive scenario.
    China has Inflamed relationships around the world and if it decides to go through with this type of plan it will be blasted back into the dark ages.
    Even now countries around the world are aligning themselves for the onset of conflict.
    The only course of action for China is to consolidate what it has and become an example to the world on how to be a better nation. Unfortunately, due to the release of Covid from their labs and their undeniable aggression towards the world around them they will not learn until they have an internal uprising and overthrow their current government.
    How I wish war was not inevitable.
    How I wish peace was the easy option.

    • China alone could turn the US into a glassed crater. I’m sure Russia and North Korea aren’t going to sit around if the Americans decided that they would send nukes in their general direction either.

      If these cowardice Americans were capable of acting instead of just talking, they would’ve done so a long time ago. Any one here know anything about what happened to Iraq? Yeah, that’s never going to happen to China or even North Korea. And for very obvious reasons. The Americans don’t even dare to sail their rubbish anywhere near NK anymore.

      • Little bro you just wait and watch. Do not always believe in what you see. In geo-politics anything can happen anytime. May be the disintegration of China in offing. Just tell me one war where little chinese had participated lately and won. The answer is NONE. China just just throw some money to beggar nations like NK or Pakistan and now Taliban. Mind you this strategy of China will surly backfire them in near future.For me the article is just a chimera of author.

  11. They forget 1967 Chola Nathu la conflict in which there ass get burst. From then onwards they had kept there dog eating mouth shut. India has fought 4 wars with Pakistan and all win when US and China Supporting pakistan(1965 and 1971). You can only live in dream small eyes.
    one time provoke us we definitely remove China from the map. We do many piece of China that was countless. There chinky media licks CCP foot.

    They defeated India in 1962 this is remember but they defeated in 1967.
    India is ready for war. If china not stops its expansion policy then the disinteregation of china is inevitable. India have to unified with PAkistan and bangladesh not disinteregation, And that will be done in front of China. And they can’t do anything but seeing India reunification(Pakistan and Bangladesh). Only we want some powerful leader. India have both capability and ambition to this thing.

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  13. As per you india will loose kashmir to pakistan and ladhak and many places to china let’s talk fact it will take only 24 hours to finish pakistan on 3 fronts from sea ,air and land pakistan no match you talk about china on ground reality is their troops were 100 percent replaced twice in 3 months in ladhak this place will be graveyard for chinese yes china has many new technologies but keep in mind wars are won with soilders which Hindustan has each soilder of india can lay their life vis a vis china soilders are little prince due to their one child policy they are cry babies yes it will be a tough war with china and either side will not loose the war will be devastating for both

  14. The most idiotic assumption is that the rest of the world will sit on their hands when China takes Taiwan by force. Once Taiwan starts, I bet within days, the cookie will crumble and CCP won’t exist. There ends the story. The rest will be revisited as primary lessons in schools all over China as bad effects of too much weed.

  15. You are on complete crack and to think all this will happen without a nuclear conflict well before you get to Russia lol. Taiwan is probably a given as nobody really gives a hoot about Taiwan.

    Vietnam is another story as is India, Japan & nuclear conflict is probably much more likely if not guaranteed at this point. Tibet would probably be enough to unite most of the world against China.

    Providing the world hadn’t already been completely destroyed by that point lol. But getting all the way to Russia no chance lol. Russians will not destroy you completely.

    Before you even think of taking them by force. Russia will turn China into a sea of glass for a Thousand Years. Chinese are currently smoking way to much opium clearly. :/

  16. This is result of drug addiction that results in
    Euphoria and many other symptoms that Chinese government and puppet small eyed Chinese goblins feel.

    Chinese poor quality products also weapons no reliable.
    Keep dreaming with drugs????

  17. Are you retarded? China will push its luck just like the nazis did and will get spanked. You little yellow men can’t fight to save your lives. Got smashed by Japan in WW2. Imagine what will happen when the world wakes up and joins together to put you back in your place. Hahahahah, your pathetic.

  18. chinese people are taking the most of the hatred across the world because of their country’s policies. It’s actually sad if any person has to go through racist attacks. But the chiense govt cant keep them at home can they?

  19. your website name is indian defence review and you seems indian but you are behaving here like paid chinese author and let me tell you whole world already knows now india is alone good enough for chinese like you whenever india step up chinese cry like cat.

  20. This article shows a screwed-up attitude, I personally feel, it will be too late for the Chinese to recover from the multifront attacks of Japan, India, Australia, Philipines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and of course the USA. They will be sent at least 50 years backward

  21. Yawn. Deluded little chinese making big noises again about how tough they are and how easily they think they can subjugate the world (just because your own people roll over and take whatever the CCP wants to give them doesn’t mean the rest of the globe is so spineless). Around here we call it ‘small man syndrome’. And as is usually the case with small men who talk big, they end up sitting on their asses. And it’s not the first time for you that that’s happened is it China? Bring it on – the world is bored with your schoolboy posturing. If you think the west and other allies around the globe will sit back while you pick off these targets individually, you forget the lessons we learned in WW2. It will not happen again. So, once more, bring it on. The sooner we put your arrogant, cultureless, wannabe asses back in their place the better so we can stop listening to your pathetic chest beating. Sad little people. If you REALLY want to fight a war, why dont the Chinese people stop being such cowards and living under the yoke of the CCP and overthrow their cruel masters? Thats right – because fundamentally the Chinese people are craven greedy little cowards who would rather trade their freedom for a few dollars in their pockets. So stop talking and sabre rattling and start having ago if that’s the plan. We’re waiting for you.

  22. Rated as a waste of time and effort . The west and other friendly allies and democracies won’t let china get past go. Remember NaziGermany. After commemorating ANZAC DAY recently, we have not forgotten.
    Allied forces wil choke China, economically (controlling the maritime shipping waterways)and ultimately by force . This will usher in another heavenly upheaval of China history.
    Brittain, America ,Canada, Australia New Zealand, Japan, India, European powers will Slay this dragon.. CCP.. But there will be a lot of devastation in the global economy and lives lost.

  23. Good article. It does seem to fit in with the current behaviour patterns. I would be very anxious for Taiwan, especially around the 70th anniversary date of July 1st 2021. Public opinion or sanctions are not going to bother China, only the fact that it can succeed and not fail when it makes its move. I think the Taiwan decision has been made already, because western nations have seen the problem and are starting to rearm ready, though this will take a few years to complete. Taiwan meanwhile has chosen to move more and more away from China, with elected officials being more anti-communist and so there is no way that there can be a genial diplomatic outcome. Therefore it has to be force. Only China is ready right now and the best chance to succeed is therefore as soon as possible. It would have to happen soon if it is to be celebrated during the July 1st celebrations. For all the rhetoric, nobody will interfere with one part of China, taking back another part.
    Japan and the South China Sea islands are another matter though.

  24. The writer is a stupid one. When China is fighting so many wars and winning. The countries involved and world powers will not be eating ice cream. From what I know in this year’s you have mentioned, the Chinese communist party will collapse and China will become a democratic country.

  25. Seriously such a dumbshit. If country ones controlled a land hundreds of year ago even in trades. Then decides to take them back lol. A Indian soldier could easily beat 5-6 1 meter tall bastard chinese soldiers by hand.nAnd if this is the thing then Taiwan the democratic goverment of china who controlled whole china in 1930 should take back mainland China. Vietnam and Phillppines should go back and take Hainan Island. Japan should take the whole coast of china as they ruled it in 1942.India should gain back whole southern China as they too fought with British against those bastards. Russia can take Manchuria. All those European powers will take their lost lands back. And finnally the sacred monk Mongolia who controlled entire Asia and eastern Europe. Now how does that feel elementary school grader mind writer huh.

    • You are a scrxxed up fool like most Indians. You have no understanding of science, technology or modern warfare. Height and muscle power is no longer material. Technology(Automation, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Space, Integrated Command & Control systems), long term planning and investment is. India fails on all counts. India can’t even make basic fighter planes or advanced machine guns. Most politicians spend money and time just campaigning for one election after another and pulling each other down. India lacks coherent, consistent planning. It has dim-witted people at the top, the evidence of which is all over the place- consistent failure over 7 decades in providing basic infrastructure, functioning law and order, health, transport and other services. We look like a impoverished 3rd rate country. Modi has come after a long time. It will take him decades to turn the ship around, that is, if he stays in power. Some of his ministers and chief ministers are nothing better than rascals.

      • well India has far better quality of technology that china has and didn’t you see 2 surgical strikes are already done in Pakistan. Also Indian missile are capable to attack whole chinese mainand. Also we are no like china who play dirty tricks like hacking but once if we start it it will only take a matter of time that chinese missiles will destroy chinese cities. And also in 2020 Galwan most of Indian soldiers weren’t properly equiped but then with hands and sticks they killed up to 60 bastartds. whereas the bastard chinese only claim 2.And chinese party is near it’s final days there are various protests and terror attacks on chinese and their assets are being attacked. They will just collapse like soviet Union and disintegrate rather than unifying.

        • They forget 1967 Chola Nathu la conflict in which there ass get burst. From then onwards they had kept there dog eating mouth shut. India has fought 4 wars with Pakistan and all win when US and China Supporting pakistan. You can only live in dream small eyes.
          one time provoke us we definitely remove China from the map. We do many piece of China that was countless. There chinky media licks CCP foot.

  26. The writer is a genius and a pure imaginary writer or we can say in numbers word he is a complex number because this idiotic gentleman thinks that India will lose two front war India can beat Pakistan with only the special forces and he thinks that by 2035 only china will develop and India will remain same. After 1962 India was always ready for two front war and if India need it then India’s allies will also help (FYI Allies Of India are Israel, Russia, USA, France, Japan, South Korea, Iran, Germany etc.). So you better start researching before writing any bullshit.

  27. I liked this, but your main logic is simply so dumb….. Like simply because a Nation controlled another nation and country for a while. DOES NOT mean that, that controlled country is part of the occupying country. That is literally the exact same thing, as saying that India is part of the U.K, and that the U.K needs to take back India – since the U.K once controlled India for some time.

  28. Yeah, as if India doesn’t have allies of its own lol (USA, France, UK, Japan, S. Korea etc) . China might be able to take back Taiwan but a war with India will be a stalemate. We Indians sit on your trade route through Indian ocean, all we need to do is blockade the ships that provide you guys with essentials and equipment and oil to the PLA dogs and China will suffocate and her economy will crash. In the end, nobody will win.

    P.S. I commend you on your blind patriotism lmao XD

  29. First of all, if this article was written by a Chinese, I believe it’s a propaganda piece. But even if it wasn’t propaganda, China should just have deleted this article as it totally HUMULIATES ITSELF with just naïve concepts of the world. Oh yeh, sure dude, Taiwan may be easy, I agree US should just back off, give all Taiwanese green Visa (EU will be happy do that too) and cut China off on the islands. Need to whipe out Chinese bases on the islands before it’s too late. Don’t forget Japanese suicide kills ready to die unhappy at work and Vietcong will make out of China fried chickens for 100 years in caves of Vietnam. And I want to see how China freezes over to death in Siberia ya good luck. Always funny seeing rich kids Chinese walking in Canada Goose jackets when it’s over zero degree outside. Don’t even need tanks and bombs. Natural disasters will become so unpredictable they will wipe out the best prepared armies. Stupid. At least reread your article. First you say Russia will take over Europe in 15 years and than same year you say it will disintegrate. And I want to see India disintegrate yah. Indians can be totally messy but it doesn’t mean they are a mess. Don’t mess with India and Indonesia.

  30. You are mistaken sir. USA used a .2 kiloton nuke at the Baghdad airport. Another one was used in Afghanistan. Taiwan war could be a flashpoint where entire china mainland will be destroyed by megaton nuclear bombs, by usa of course.
    There will be no other 5 wars.
    As I recall, the vietnam army beat back the chinese army.
    You seriously want to pick on Russia with 6000 nuclear bombs. Good luck.
    India is doing ok as well by matching the china army.
    You are forgetting Europe. A combined airforce will reach China in a one week.
    There will be no 6 wars. There will not be even one war.

  31. There is no such place called southern Tibet you fool. First get the facts and write. Also India is targeting to get back as Akhand Bharat by 2060 these include Tibet, Mynmar, Bangladesh, Pak, Afghanistan etc

  32. And this is why you should not trust China. And any of these Professors in America or Europe or Australia that get caught selling their work that the government is funding but handing over to China on the Back end should be drug out back and shit, or hung from a tree. You might not think you are at war with China but guess what, you are!! And treasonous acts during war time is punishable by death. You might not think you are at war with them, but they think they are at war with you. People keep screwing around and you will pay for it, I lived in China for 20 years speak the language and love the people. But the CCP plays everything as if you are the enemy and through Magic it’s your fault because Of the Opium War with Britain. Well they don’t recognize Japan’s right to be handed back Beijing because they had concurred it during World War Two but want others to recognize the imperial China of 5000bc. Lol, do you know most the land I’d imperial China belonged to Mongolia and Ghangis Khan? Think about these Proud Emperors that so feared these marauding bandits that they built a 2k mile long wall to try keeping them out, paid them to not raid their “empire” and when they still showed up handed over their valuables and women so they would leave. Half of the Imperial pride is made up and the other half cowering. The worst mistake that America and NATO made was accepting China so they could produce cheap goods and turning their backs on Taiwan. Something most Americans hate. Now look at Hong Kong. China will always break their promises because their words are garbage and are another weapon of war used on fat men in comfortable chairs that don’t care that China uses slave labor and harvest Organs from minorities and prisoners to sell to them. It’s disgusting and the fact is, the Day China invades Taiwan the US, Australia, Russia, Japan South Korea and Europe best interfere and crush their military quickly and brutally, because you see their plans here.

  33. Australia to join US in developing hypersonic missiles to deter China, news report published on 3 December 2020 said.
    According to news report published on 3 December , 2020 , Australia and the US will develop hypersonic cruise missiles in a move to counter China and Russia which are building similar advanced weapons.
    “ We will continue to invest in advanced capabilities to give the Australian Defense Force more options to deter aggression against Australia’s interests” , Senator Reynolds is reported to have said.
    In the context of the aforesaid news of 3 December 2020 , it may be apt to share with readers one of predictions in this Vedic astrology writer’s article – “ Reading planetary impacts for Australia in coming year 2021” – published at on 21 October , 2020. In the said article , this writer has covered for Australia last two months of current year 2020 from November to December plus the coming year 2021 in full. In relation to the theme in the news report of 3 December , 2020 brought out here , the prediction reads as follows in the article :-
    “ ( 2 ). During November -December in 2020 ………………………………In short , Australia is likely to invest or take decision to invest in one or more sectors like energy , agriculture , defense related enterprises outside the country during the period of two months”.
    A patient reading of these detail would suggest that the prediction of this writer has been accurate and meaningful as well.
    Link to reach the article : –

  34. Military of not only China, but India’s military might will also be more powerful in coming days. India also understands about the two front war, and already preparing accordingly. If it is China’s game plan to capture Tibet, China is in fantasy world. Today, even without much fire powers as compared to that of China, India has given befitting reply to that country in the Galwan valley. As for Pakistan, before jumping to any war with India, it will have to think twice because it is India’s long desired ambition to take back Pak occupied Kashmir, and India’s sole aim would be to forcibly take its lost territory.

  35. I think the author is insane. Never mind about these wars just for the time being get all your people fed first. Now China faces shortest of food again.

    As a great country that China professes itself to be I would like to know one thing, just one, that China has done something the world remembers as a good deed for the world.

    The Chinese are very selfish people and they love wealth. They are hard working but not in the least creative. They can copy faster than a copy machine. They can use a technology but never to give one.

    There are a lot of Chinese in Thailand and they are all quite wealthy, the richest person in Thailand is Chinese. The Thais dislike them in their hearts and try not to express such disdain. On the whole the Chinese are not particularly popular in this country and we wish they would go somewhere else.

    The several wars mentioned in this article are ridiculous. The Chinese lost a war to the Russian in 1860 and the port Vladivostok plus some land was ceded to Russia. The Chinese called the treaty of Paris an “unequal”treaty. Could the writer give me an example what is an”equal” treaty? We gave three provinces to Cambodia without having to fight a war during the colonial period. Now we are stronger than Cambodia but we never asked those provinces back.

    Go ahead and fight those wars. There will be nothing left of the CCP which are just bandits that hijacked the country and call themselves ” the government”.

    Please do not reply to this message as I shall have no time to communicate.

    Miss Nanthana Sainumperng.
    6-Dec 2020

  36. This article appears to be a strategic one.
    Though the threat of china as seen in Galwan Valley was no coincidence and was intentionally pursued. It seems that China has a Global ambition just to be a snob to its neighbours considering that a large chunk of Global Trade of China is from India
    Saying that the Leaders of China should probably focus in other areas

  37. Chinese child’s fantasy! Full of illogical hypothesis and misleading information. 1. If USA and Japan gets gets involved in Taiwan China war then the story of China will end there and then. 2. China’s economy is already showing signs of slowing down where as India’s growth trajectory is going up (thanks to China’s one child policy China’s average citizen age will be old and burden on itself where as India has the youngest average population age In the world which means more working age). 3. Firstly India is very much united as a nation and not so easy to disintegrate as people enjoy lot of freedom unlike China, secondly for the sake of the argument even if we hypothetically assume that north eastern states disintegrate even then it will not make much difference to overall unity and strength of India as northeast states makes negligible difference to the Indian economy. (Although it’s very dear to Indian people). On the contrary I believe a bully China will make Bhutan and Nepal more anxious and lead to integration with India (just like king of Kashmir did when Pakistan attacked) making India more Morally motivated and military stronger. 3. The writer does not know that India is a nuclear power and things that only china, Russia and USA are nuclear powers. If we can fight for a Galwan valley which is not even inhibited just imagine what India will do protect its mainland where it’s people live?
    4. The writer thinks that China will keep on doing all these things and the world will continue to watch them while eating popcorn and drink soda?
    5. Finally, in most likelihood there will not be any Pakistan by then as it’s already seems to be on the verge of disintegration with Balochistan and Sindhudesh as independent nations and PoK, Gilgit Baltistan will be taken back by India (by 2025 under Modi). Russia already knows China is a black snake and will bite its own masters so don’t you underestimate them and think of them as stupid. They are still a super power.

    • Some reply to the comments below I agree that a US Jap intervention would surely make a Chinese invasion of Taiwan impossible but it would not end with a Chinese defeat as dream as you wish an invasion of the Chinese homeland is a childish dream with their balistic misses and air bases near the sea an absolute defeat for the US and Allies if it was attempted also how much crack is some people inhaling India has no capability to wage war against China also the Himalayas act as an impenetrable fortress how to expect India to win?

  38. we will destroy your whole country into many new countries
    1. Tibet
    2. Xinjiang
    3. Hongkong
    4. Taiwan
    5. Magnolia
    6. East Turkistan
    7. Chengdu
    8. Zhangzhung
    9. Shanghai
    India f**k whole china, Chinese PLA bagging for their life.
    Disintegration of china & Fall of china will establish peace into whole world.
    Only India after USA capable to fuck/ destroy China in this world.

  39. It is more likely that a blackhole will suddenly appear, and swallow the earth whole, than for this article to actually happen. As a matter of fact, the very first part of this article, has already NOT happened.

  40. Imagination of some chinese ch.t.ya. First try to look better to be called superpower. These people even look like chings chowmein. India is more than sufficient for chinese fake power projection. As indian knows, chinese makes only 3rd class materials.

    • This article is more likely to happen than a joke India being a world power. India does not have the personality not ethics nor drive to be anything more than a chamcha for the US. The responses I am reading from Indians are mind boggling how they will take back regions from Pakistan and China . You guys shit in your dirty pants when you think bod Pakistan
      And China . Please focus on your fake it and ass kissing .

      • English sudhar le pehle…
        Phir Terrorist bhi toh banaha tereko… Desh Ka Naam kese uncha karoge tumlog, terrorist bano..
        Jo kaam ata hai woh kar, English ki maa behen kyun chod raha hai..
        Ja tere Aba bul rahe honge Jake Terrorist bann aur 72 horr ko gane ke liye ready rah 🙂
        {{{{{{Btw One Request,Don’t Speak English again we feel ashamed after listening This kind of English from our Sons}}}}}}

  41. It’s one of the lousiest report on China. The author also has very limited knowledge about India or perhaps NO knowledge of India. The Biggest Indian Strength is it’s People . India is no has Buddhist King/ Emperor who has left fighting. Though India is still a very much developing nation and poor but it has great potential to develop itself into a Super Power. By 2030 India will emerge as Super Power of respect with all round development in almost every sector, Food, Military , Economy , Space , Infrastructure development if this current leadership continues. I am very much sure Indian people will vote for NDA again and again as they are still honest to the country and real Nationalists. It’s not going to relax and see Chinese developing themselves as World Power. The way is now DRDO , HAL and Make in India project is working , it’s for sure by 2025 India will start exporting Military Hardware to other nations as well as develop it’s capacity in electronic world by 2030 leaving behind China. Once North Eastern India develops there will be more jobs more employment opportunities for NE People so cutting off Assam and NE is out of question now. Regarding Pakistan taking control of South Kashmir , it will remain a distant dream. By 2025 Indian Defense force will take back POK , Gilgit and Baltistan as well as Aksai Chin as China is not going to spend money and loose human where NOT a BLADE of Grass Grows( Nehru) they are businessmen first and for India it’s a matter of Prestige to take it back from China and Pakistan . There will certainly be a War with China but it will be conventional war only with very limited use of Missile Power, India is equally capable to give them befitting answer. Certainly , China would not enjoy to see their Financial Capital Shanghai in rubbles so goes for Beijing and other cities. Indian soldiers are physically much more taller and stronger than Mongoloids so one can easily imagine who will win ! Jai Hind Jai Bharat !

    • The many contributions of China to the United States And the world I should say Let’s start with the black plague of the middle ages How many insects have entered the United States through China All of these alone have caused severe problems for usbug this year the lantern bug the Chinese carp fish they steal intellectual property other people technology and are never punished for it. They manipulate their currency. In China they are racist towards others they allow almost no immigration. Oh let’s not forget the corana virus because they eat every thing yes even human fetus that are aborted and later terms pay higher this is the way. And yes they eat cats and dogs and.ferrtilize crops with.human feces. They aren’t very clean in the bathroom department. Why do we tolerate them to act like.this. we.need to wake.up. made in.china.may be cheaper but we are.selling our souls to.the.devil

  42. The author is kite flying! He assumes that China will walk all over its neighbours and the rest of the world will sit and watch. However, I’m quite pleased with this kind of thinking; it shows that the enemy is still stoned with all the opium that was shipped to China by the British!

  43. They think they will do so and other countries like India, US, Israel ,Australia, Russia ,Japan, SKorea, France, Germany, UK,Brazil ,UAE and many more will let them do so ???, Listen whomever has written this shit, when it will come to a matter of Security for the Whole World your China will be no more on the map.
    Let me tell you what will happen, Taiwan will be free, Most important Tibbat would be free and China would be free from Communists.??
    So please wake up from your dream coz dreams are as fake as your China.
    And as an Indian, I guarantee you that I will kill at least 10-20 communists if it really going to happen and will die proudly for my Nation.
    Jai Hind Jai Bharat??❤??

  44. Why is this article think so low of India? US intelligence believes Indian forces can defeat china anytime in mountain warfare in the Himalayas. Our power is growing and one can’t blatantly ignore the role of armies’ mindset. The writer should first read about the battle of Saragarhi which is real, unlike this article. In the coming years, China’s one-child policy will create the burden of old people in China and troops of single children an army of cowards. The only thing that can happen is India would free Tibet by 2025.

  45. This is absolutely baseless. It’s rather a dream than anything more. You guys wish that this will happen, but shows clearly a bad intentions. Whoever has written, has no respect for the mankind. I am sure this guy is living in Stone Age. Try India and you will see the result. I say, dare don’t even think about it. Also, why only at the time of Russia war, you are thinking of nuclear war? It’s right here even today with India. One more thing: you think, other countries are foolish, and you will keep doing this, and no one will fight back. Let’s not forget piece is better than anything. Anyway, if you insist, try your luck now with India. You will know soon, how badly you falter.

  46. I think this kind of articles are childishness of Chinese editor or may be to please government and there bosses nothing else.
    This is just a new style of Propaganda and to create a Pressure tactics on world specially in current period where Chinese are ignored world wise as you never know Might be US / NATO will check mate PLA in South China see before the so called first war from PLA .

  47. Guys Indian Army strength and Air force power is much superior than China, Simply China say they have Chandu Dragon fighter plan it is no match for our Rafael and Mig 29. They are think they had a stronger than India Army as they had a face of Victory war during 1961. That time we were new to war and our Cong government backed off. This time we are much prepared for war to roll you down China if you PLA army interfear in our border LAC.
    Look at you scary cat PLA army you ran back leaving all 8 fingers to India Army. We are in better position.

  48. The original article appeared in official and semi official Chinese newspaper. it accurately clearly reflects the thinking and hence the strategy.
    Now in 2020 we see all that is being said being played out.

    China is getting ahead of itself by a great extent. The CCP leadership is bound to collapse within next few years because of its excessive aggressiveness and this sort of schoolboy type fantasises.

    Only time will confirm it but China’s implosion and fragmentation is certain.

  49. Sounds like a 5th grader who has watched the movie “Wolf worriers”, Chinese solders are famous for their cowardliness and you talk about winning 5 wars? Don’t even need to think till India, these cowards and Winnie-the-POO will shit their pants when they come near TAIWAN.

    • DONT forget 1962
      Sino-Indian war (search result in Google)

      Over 4000 Indian soilder DEAD and 3000 captured

      Remember: PLA killed on the border and Sino-Indian war II Made

      We lover peace and hate war, Hope you enjoy your life bro

      • Bro we do remember 1962. I hope Chinese are also allowed to search correct information on Google by your CCP. You are not made to last longer bro. When you share land with 14 countries and having disputes with 17 countries shows your peace loving nature to the world. CCP claim everything in the world except Corona Virus (Wuhan Virus) if you don’t know.

  50. Day dreaming &writer seemed to b suffering from chinese phobia. How he think that only china will increase its power whereas other countries. Will. Not increase their. Power.. China. May disintegrate in coming years and other countries will surpass china. China presently is pursuing frustrated. Policy and destined to ruin in near fiture

  51. Writer is a fool, mentally retarded deaf,dump and blind man. If China is get into a war,it will weajen them and all countries captured by them will be freed within 2-3 years. Xi ping will be out of power by 2023. After that China itself will disintegrate into 6-7 democratic country. Communism will be wiped out from China

  52. China won’t need to disintegrate India it just need to ensure Rahul or Congress or an incompetent leader comes to power so they can mend them to be a part of CPEC. Also, it should be noted that by 2035 Pakistan will have either become a vassal of china (Here they won’t have autonomy but they will be a really strong country like France(military)) or an enemy of china(sounds ridiculous but let me explain The loans and loss of lively hood in Pakistan may start a civil war in Pakistan but still won’t align with India as they hate hindus to the core).

    India would first want to develop its economy in any way it think it can. Then only it can build it’s military might. Strength needs a base otherwise it will crumble like the Soviet Union. Self reliant economy through liberalization and capitalism like the Americans is the only way forward. Socialism won’t take us anywhere. China won’t be sitting around they don’t have any internal struggle to speak of as anything against the state is silenced.

    As for china given their recent policies they are slowly isolating themselves away. But to think they are weak will be big stupidity, the main thing that is preventing a full arm conflict can be their one child policy which they themselves understood removed around 2012. They have close knit families like us in India and won’t just send their children for slaughter which is debatable as they have high sense of nationalism instilled into them.
    Chinese are preparing for a war and India should be more than prepared for it instead of relying on foreign power. Europe Russia won’t help if they get bought out by the Chinese (They have high investments in these country and dictate their policy.).Americans are seat dependent, they might allow China to get a strong foot hold under weak leadership. As PM Modi has said Atmanirbhar Bharat is the best foot forward.

  53. Good to read for entertainment purpose, the author is missing one point, he is assuming that China will fight each country one after the other on one to one basis but missing the scenario where in all the countries unite to fight China. Is China ready to fight a parallel war in north with Russia , India in the south, Japan and US in the east.

  54. China is dreaming in day light, India can easily defeat china even US is powerful than China . writer is idiot in my opinion china is going to break in several countries within 5 to 10 year. china people is fed up from Communist rule .

  55. Let them dream. I can’t say about rest of the nation’s china has disputes with but mark my words they will never be able to realise their dream of conquering ladakh and northeast India. They talk of disintegrating India but they themselves will be disintegrated into many parts as they are not a unified nation as communists china have illegally occupied most parts of mainland China. We Indians may be weak as compared to china in economics and development but never underestimate our determination to safeguard our land. We consider our land as our mother and trust if China dares to take military actions against us then they should be well prepared as we would char them to death and reduce their PLA to ashes. Bring it on you dirty swine son of a bitch Chinese PLA. You mother fcuking dirtiest race on face of the earth, scums on earth Chinese race are only good at giving viruses to world and nothing else. These bastards deserve to be burnt alive and broken into pieces. Mother fucking Chinese bastards rot in hell.

    • That’s the spirit.
      I rather would be more pleased if they have mentioned that India will remain unbeaten afterall indian army is the most perfect and powerful army in my opinion. Those days are not far when the china will be divided into more than 10 parts and that too will be done by our indian army if forced.

  56. As an American this post is stupid as hell we’re the most powerful military there has ever been and we couldn’t even beat rice farmers in Vietnam and religious junkies in Afghanistan doesn’t matter how powerful the other military is if they don’t know how to fight you they lost already

  57. Can China even survive the next 30.years without breaking up?
    Dream on with your fantasies.. We are waiting for your psycho soldiers to come and die and be sent back forgotten where they will not even receive mention because the CPP is afraid to spread the truth that it’s soldiers are useless and it’s army incompetent.

    • If India faces 2 front war …she will have no choice but to nuke whole Pakistan to be able to control Chinese aggression in east . So if Pakistan chooses to be on Chinese side then it will be their last wish .

    • Fighting War thirsty China with words mean very little. Political bosses of India have been repeatedly misled, confused and deceived as a result of which we have lost precious 6 decades. Only during last few years, India started addressing the China problem and sustained preparations are needed – Infrastructure in border area, upgrading defence infrastructure, robust information technology and standing up to electronic warfare plus improving economy that all it’s sub-sectors.

      Also important is not to dissipate energy in internal ethnic conflicts based on caste, religion – need to remember that our adversaries shall keep on adding fuel as well as provide active support to such things.

      The focus for next 2 decades (at the least) is very very important and transform the country.

  58. How much weed would be taken by wtiter while writing this hillarious article. I almost Fall off ftom bed reading & laughing it, take this take that mix tht well and egg curry is ready ! Copy cat chinese should start a war with taiwan nd try to comeup with win first before dreaming again, as the third world powers could unleash upon china and disintegrate it into six more countries say least about its re-unification daydreaming..
    Growup writer growup chinese 5.5 feet soldiers can’t swallow this much

  59. Well that’s a fine plan there! Mike Tyson eloquently said, “Everyone has a plan until they punched in the face…”

    What happens if China jumps Taiwan and the US digs in? What happens when Vietnam sees an opening to make sure that they don’t get the chance to invade? What happens when India decides that they ain’t gonna give them the chance either? Europe? They seen this play out before.. I think the worlds got China pretty well figured.

    If shooting starts, look for the gaps in the iron curtain. Chinese leadership is
    Always born in blood. It takes a long time for the Chinese people to get fed up but when they do, man.. they can take down a dynasty in style!

    Before I bet money on a unified China, I’d bet on 3 or 4 separate Chinese states with a democratic republic.

  60. I understand from the article, especially the paragraph which starts “The 3rd War: “Reconquest” of Southern Tibet” clearly shows the author of this article is overtly biased towards China and is appreciative of Chinese expansionism.

    IDR should not encourage such articles highlighting and supporting China during this period of heightened tensions between India and China. He is simply provocative.

  61. I admire this guy’s arrogance. It’s cute how he thinks in imperialistic terms in a world that is literally falling to pieces. He should worry about his own people who are scared about starvation, than indulging in imperialistic fantasies.

  62. The article is flawed by absence of Mutually Assured Destruction MAD factor factor. The very first war with Taiwan will be beginning of the end of USA as world No 1 if imposed. USA will not allow that at least for next few decades. Other word powers will also join against China at this point fully knowing that they are next on menu. However with India, China will loose all as a world power because it will be a mutually assured destruction with enough technology on both sides to achieve that. Even for limited war in mountains author forgot the factor of offence/ defense with all latest firepower and other technologies. It is in the interest of other world powers also to contain China through India and keep China contained at sea. While India is a believer in coexistence, China will have to mend its ways to settle in 2019 position if it doesn’t want to be as weak as it was in 1940-50.

  63. The author of this ridiculous article is a chinese and has no general knowledge. These idiot think that easily they can kill or destroy USA, RUSSIA,INDIA,AUSTRALIA,CANADA,UK,FRANCE and majority of other countries. But one thing keep in your mind that it is your own only dream and don’t think others are fools. China’s unnecessary aggressive mood will resulting in their own destruction financially and politically. China has no power to fight with all over the world. Destiny has given so many things to them. But now time has come to taken back all these things from them because of misuse of God’s given resources. China can’t change their own or anybody’s else destiny and their own self disintegration or self destruction.

    Don’t publish this kind of foolish one sided articles.

  64. 1 st war chinas done for . It doesn’t have that type of economy it would disrupt trade and millions would die of starvation in China .How would they maintain . You think other country’s will sit around and wacth . The US is China’s biggest threat . Straight cut off . No more moneys . Then straight up conflict . While China’s economy shrinks the Us war machines grows . The more it wars the more it grows . It’s perfected the art and if there is conflict the economy humms like a well oiled machine . It’s in China’s best interest to be a peaceful country and live there neighbors .

  65. The Author is day dreaming. Fight with India will finish India no doubt but it will finish china too. After the fight with India it will be cake walk for Taiwan to capture Shanghai and Beijing. Hong Kong will be separate country Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hunan provinces will be devastated with Indian Missile Agni. Xinxian, Tibet will be separated from china. chinese economy will finish.
    Fight with India will be last fight of china, after that china will never think of any fight.

  66. These above article is the waste of time for both the readers and the writer. He expressed his day dreams in the form of 6 wars that china is never going to try. If they have an courage to attack Taiwan, India, Vietnam and other South East Asian countries They will face heavy economic loss as well as man power. Being a Indian I proud to say that how our army answered the Chinese bafoons in the galwan clash. In future china could only day dream to capture the territory of another nation.

  67. I think you are one of the Chinese propaganda machine.

    Mountain warfare is different from plain land warfare. India and Pakistan are best in that warfare, not China.

    Present geopolitical situation indicates – if China gets into the war with India, China will be attacked by Quad group in the south China sea. So, that war will be shifted from Himalaya to South China Sea. China’s trading route will be chocked by the quad. Don’t forget, Quad is already doing navy drills in South China Sea.
    China has no friend except Pakistan which can not do any thing. If Pakistan attacks India, it’s international money will be stopped, Pakistan knows about it. It is already in “grey list”.

    After the war, China needs to be broken into pieces, so that it never think of it’s attitude of “expansionism, imperialism, fascism” and male it a democratic country.
    It should rather take care of it’s own poor people with apathy, in stead of being tyrant on it’s neighbors and even on it’s own citizens.

  68. Let me say one thing that India will fight with china only 20 days
    And after that Chinese army will be fighting each other that we are not going to fight with india
    There are numbers of reason but just wait and watch
    We have bought our armoury for World peace by Modiji’s speech meaning we are going to free Baluchistan, pok, Tibet and may be some other beneficiary

  69.’s nonsense…China is not a country which is capable of doing the things the writer mentioned…the world will obviously come in unity and teach China a lesson that will begin their 2000 years of utter humiliation

  70. This is obviously a loaded article with an intent to spread disinformation.
    However let me educate you and your readers,
    Let us assure you that in case there is a China-India war, China will be hit badly by India, which is capable to fighting on 2-1/2 fronts. Pakistan will just wild away as its already bleeding and bankrupt that doesn’t even have the money to move 2 divisions of its army.
    China will not be able to gain ground and will slowly have to retrieve under consistent pressure from all fronts. Even its friendly neighbor has today called out to China to stop arming rebels against them. It will face unrest internally and will eventually begin to disintegrate because of this action.
    Disintegration of China is imminent and there might not be a China as we know it by 2030-35 and will be broken into several countries. Tibet, Mongolia, Xinjiang to name a few.
    Would love to have you write an article about the scope of Balkanisation of China at that time . Be safe.

  71. The author is clearly high on weed. As of now, India can fight a multi-front war. China and Pakistan, both are no match for Indian defence. Wait till you see the great Indian attack.

  72. This writer is clearly delusional. According to him the world is going to stand by and watch while china invades and conquers. Don’t forget what happened to the nazi’s. The world will only tolerate so much from china’s terrorist behavior. The world will unite and eradicate china and send the remaining back to the stone ages. But this time china won’t be able to come back and especially not as a communist country.

  73. The writer is such a fool there are many countries uses nuclear technology almost 9 countries , If its a full fledged war when a enemy country starts losing in war , they sure use their Nuclear Bombs as last change.
    If a Nuclear Bomb is dropped above china’s capital then for recovery it take 50 year not 2 or 10 years. Just like what happened to Japan in 2nd World war.
    The author didn’t analyse the entire world,simply expressing what comes to his/her brain regarding china.

    If 2 nuclear powerful countries fight face to face then both economy will get smashed, remaining countries who sold their weapon,raw materials will become super power, like how USA did in 1st world war. only at the end of 2nd world war it entered to battlefield but france , UK didn’t get that rewards.
    [Note – China is unable to win a war to vietnam then how u are dreaming like, may be its just your dream].


      • Shut up woman when it comes to responding patriotically, no one’s gonna hold back be it a writer or his/her mom. you better think before you post nonsense if you don’t want to face the backlash fck outta here

      • Bitch, didn’t you learn after reading the article that the writer is clearly pro China??… And after reading your comment, it seems like you are too. If you reside in India, can you please do us a favour by committing suicide (by setting yourself on fire or something) because people like you are very dangerous for the country.

  74. Keep day dreaming about winning against India. India also a nuclear power. How day you forget that when you mention 6th war against Russia as the the first war against a nuclear power?….
    Its just a matter of time, before China itself is disintegrated due to its bullish attitude and spreading of Covid-19 virus all over the world…Mind it…

  75. Agni V nuke enabled ICBMS missiles loaded with 1000 warheads of payload enough to wipe out China from the map ??
    Brahmos supersonic cruise missiles,
    Remember how well prepared Indian Army mowed the Chinese like grass in 1967.
    India will impose a naval blockade of China in the Indian Ocean to ruin the Chinese economy.

  76. How to plan it, donkey r forget all war after 1962 for ex- 1967. This time India have nuclear weapons & we will use it against any enemy like China & Pakistan, so result is very clear for China & Asia…..

  77. Note it:After 50 years Indians will tell to their kids,There was a Asur(Devil) Country named China which was an unsatisfied ,Used to kill their own citizens ,did not allow freedom to its people its army and president were so arrogant that after soldiers die they even did not bother and used to suppress their citizens.They used to attack neighboring country to show their power but one day it got destroyed by its own citizens and environment disaster .Moral of the story Arragance is Ravana who will be killed by Rama.

      • You may have more nukes but you have no balls can’t even open your slit eyes. You guys keep planning your 6 wars in next 50 years while India is already planning to bulldoze your slimey little shit of a country very very soon and you won’t even see it coming.
        All your nukes will be rendered useless against what India throws at you.
        Eat corona before that and die, that would be better for you cunts. Fucking bat eaters. Fuck you guys eat cockroaches.. that’s something we find in yeah, eat our shit!!
        Entire world is hating china right now and soon you won’t even have a place on the map..all will vanish and there won’t be any country named China or should I say “Piss ant China”?
        You morons keep strategizing while we all will evaporate you in nuclear dust and whatever’s left of it will be nothing but refugees and immigrants.
        Cheers and FUCK OFF!!

      • Donkey, maybe be, u r forget 1967 , India have lots of support as compared to China so please don’t forget “China have more enemy as compared to India “. If China creates lots of problem for India then we seriously say this:- China will face uncountable losses in all expect….
        In future Tibet, Hong Kong’s will free country…..

    • i didnt know china and pakistan was there when kuran was written :P. morons like you will do anything in the name of islam and ok lets just assume that islam says you guys are friends. than what about the attrocities on muslims in china. does islan says to do that also. you guys are the just the rats in china’s debt(rat) trap.

  78. Chinki leadership needs a urgent head check. I think after corona virus they have got unhinged and suffer from delusions. They have forwarned India and India must prepare to take Aksai Chin.

    • 1. Xi Jinping’s roadmap 2035 major power, 2050 only power.
      2. Huge list of “Socialist” insurgent gropus in NE and Central India.
      3. Advanced weapons to Pakistan like fighters, air defence systems delivered.
      4. Bangladesh already made a “pearl” and Doklam crisis was in Chumbi valley, entry point of Chicken’s neck.
      5. And more recently, that terrorist JNU student Sharjeel Imam’s speech about – “Assam ko katna hamari zimedari hai”.

      It appears to me Indians are the ones who have wet dreams of China becoming best friend.

  79. The best way forward for the entire world is to unite together and break China into 4 parts. The most important is independence of Tibet and Taiwan. The military might of US, India, EU, Australia and perhaps Russia can strangle the Chinese economically and militarily. The internal rebellion in China is in the making. China has only 2 friends in this world : North Korea and Pakistan. Both are rogue countries.

  80. How can your army do any harm to us in Laddakh?
    See this :-
    “At present, the world’s largest and experienced country with plateau and mountain troops is neither the US, Russia, nor any European powerhouse, but India,” wrote Huang Guozhi, senior editor of Modern Weaponry magazine.

    Your military is composed of COWARD COMMUNISTS, who, have guns but fight with baseball bats and stones.

    Get ready to see the power of INDIAN ARMY.
    You are soon gonna be realise that writing all this rubbish does no good, it just shows that you all such big fools that you don’t even know about your own country.

    “The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions but by iron and blood.” – Otto Von Bismarck

    • Plus they are saying they will easily disintegrate the Indian states, even when China will break out the first war, India will get lighting ready to face a threat like China. China will have to cross the Himalayas to enter India which is “On Foot” not possible. And by the time even if Pakistan/China will think of attacking India, Israel-Japan-France-Australia-USA will already be with aid both militarily and economically.
      China maybe a stronger enemy, but India does have some nasty allies

      • You hold em’ off in the Himalayas, and we’ll put a boot in their ass from the Pacific ???????????? We’ll carve 20 names into the bombs we drop on Beijing for fucking with our ally.

        1. Col B Santosh Babu
        2. Nb Sub Nuduram Soren
        3. Nb Sub Mandeep Singjh
        4. Nb Sub Satnam Singh
        5. Hav K Palani
        6. Hav Sunil Kuma
        7. Hav Bipul Roy
        8. Nk Deepak Kumar
        9. Sep Rajesh Orang
        10. Sep Kundan Kumar Ojha
        11. Sep Ganesh Ram
        12. Sep Chandrakanta Pradhan
        13. Sep Ankush
        14. Sep Gurbinder
        15. Sep Gurtej Singh
        16. Sep Chandan Kumar
        17. Sep Kundan Kumar
        18. Sep Aman Kumar
        19. Sep Jai Kishore Singh
        20. Sep Ganesh Hansda

  81. After reading this ‘wish list’ of Chinese conquests, it is time for the Anglo-Sphere (which of course includes India), Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and others to get together to contain China. This containment should be considered at every level (military, economic, technological, political). The overturning of the Sino-British agreement (Hong Kong), continued threats against Taiwan, base-building in the South China Sea, and now (16/6/20) incursions beyond the Himalayan line of control into Indian territory all point to a Super-Power taking the road to war. Now is the moment to head China off at the pass.

  82. Best laid plans of men and mice………..! The fact of the matter is; the rise of the brutal Han Supremacist Communist Despotism is not the rise of China or Chinese people as it comes at the cost of genocide of 100 million Chinese to begin with. And that alone, apart from, of course, the continued spiritually subhuman and mentally-physically quasi slave like existence of Chinese people under the jackboots of an inhuman dictatorship run by the corrupt, soulless millionaire mandarins, makes China and Chinese people along with the Tibetan,Turk (Uighur) and Occupied Mongolian Nations – the primary victims of their Commie thug slave- masters. Behind the iron curtains of torturous-murderous censorship imposed by the monstrous totalitarian regime of the so called “People’s Republic” of China – as ironical a nomenclature as the mockingly heartless one given to the decade long genocidal purge of tens of millions of innocent Chinese which the power hungry psychopathic perpetrators and their equally depraved stooges refer to as “Cultural” Revolution- things are as if not more rotten and hollow as they were in case of erstwhile mighty Soviet Union. After all the Commie China is a reversed engineered copycat version of the original European one. And once this human history’s one of the worst, one of the most brutal, bloodthirsty and repressive regimes, a cruel joke played on the Chinese nation by fate, has run its course in next couple of decades, it will collapse under the weight of its own colossal sins, brought down by the people of China themselves. China is the one of the two, the only other surviving “continuous ancient civilization” that has stood the test of times whereas all others were consumed by Time and disappeared almost without a trace. It is bound to be loathe to exist as the runt of humanity, in a manifestly subhuman existence as quasi slaves of disgusting criminal thugs for too long. It is bound to bounce back sooner than later with thousands of Tiananmen Squ

    • There are no gauges to assess the discontentment of a society. Ongoing and continuous fissures can however be monitored. I’m looking forward to a global depression changing mass chinese life considerably in terms what they look forward to in life. Then the regime opens up several fronts and suffers on a couple of them. The fact remains that if you grow 5 times stronger in 30 years you will flex muscles – what does one do with all that power, especially if you are not periodically fighting other wars in faraway lands.

    • The level, quality and content of strategic thought with PRC Strategic planners seems far more substantive and goes far deeper. This purely based on the readings in deeper public domain archives. Therefore, combined with their strength, I would think they have a better ability to calibrate events.

  83. All a nice dream for China and that’s all it will ever be. If India ever went to war with China the India will win with the help of America and Russia and the whole of Tibet will belong to India. All India is waiting for is a good excuse to destroy Pakistan and take it back and end Islam and correct the wrong of Colonialism. India cannot be broken into any small country that can never happen because the people of NE and Assam consider themselves to be the true Indians. My advice to China is to quick while you’re ahead because you cannot and will never defeat the power of India, America and Russia.

    • US and Russia will like to sell arms and if we cant pay, they will give us liberal loans. For the moment, US will help as they need to weaken China. You are prone to hallucination and depression, take care dear

  84. Haha…So u mean the chinkies will rule the world… What a fucking idiot.. Keep dreaming… And by the way.. By the time they win the war with all the Asian countries…. All the chinkies will be dead.. After all they are humans..

    • Modi is a liar and a coward. And you are an idiot to believe that modi’s “jumlebaazi” can save India from the wrath of the dragon. Modi is a scum bag and you are an ‘andh bhakt’. Your eyes will not open in this world. You will have to travel to the next world to see the truth as it is. I dont think you believe in God but that’s okay…you do believe in handmade gods and ancient lies. I think Modi is the false deity of the bhakts now. They need a leviathan.That shall be the tragedy of all the bhakts. And remember that Death shall not be the end. It shall only be the beginning of reality. Killing innocent people in genocides, spreading virulent hatred through barking anchors of the paid media and burning down houses with the help of corrupt policemen during communal riots triggered by hate speeches of hell bound politicians will not be the end. It is only the beginning. A horrible punishment awaits such politicians and criminals in the afterlife. Of course in their blindness and pride they see nothing but the life of this world. It shall be over soon for every soul shall taste death. The real reckoning begins after that. Remember.

      • the very first line indicate that you are a “Muslim” or “Communist” ….u people are equally dangerous to this country….dont worry…if china ever win a war with us and occupied india ….then may be we bhakts can live with our hinduism……but i am sure u katmulla will start peeing in your pant saving beard bulshit books…..i think u should agree with this atleast

  85. In this context , it may be apt to refer readers to this Vedic astrology writer’s one of predictions for India in article – “ Predictions for coming year 2020 by kushal kumar” – published last year 2019 on 10 October at There was an implied but precise predictive alert in the following text of the said article :-
    “ The next three months from April to June 2020 appears to be a period of time testing ‘patience’ and ‘perseverance’ , introducing several parts of the country to worrisome concerns……………………………..In addition , it may be appropriate for some of States/UT in the north of India , against likely earthquake jolts during May-June , 2020 , particularly on the aforesaid dates. Such States as H.P. , J&K , Uttarakhand …….. …can be mentioned for taking precautions. Further , while dealing with or handling ……………fire-sensitive stuff , more care may be exercised”. Now , as regards dates , the text reads as :- “ Such dates of the month of May as 6 , 7 …………..may be watched with care”. Since the row involves territory which is land , alert of quake there could reasonably also imply some violent or worrisome development in the border which has some connectivity or nearness to H.P. , J&K and Uttarakhand.

  86. It may not happen altogether except one odd adventure. if you are a good student of history.You don’t antagonise all your neighbours.At the time of adversity China would not want to be pricked from all sides.
    In fact, why don’t one incite uighyurs in Xinxiang and Tibetans in Tibet, these places are ripe to fuel extremism.China is most worried about these places as people from here don’t associate with China or are anti China

  87. Wasn’t INDIA a nuclear power when u thought of this shit…or taiwan would welcome chinese in their lands…didnt vietnam made america lose the war with just bare shotguns….literally someone needs to have a chinese PVC in their asses to think like you… wont european union return US favors when u will invade american ports in south china sea….they were allies then they are NATO now….. how the fuck u could forget that chinese are no tribals neither they are battle hardened….they will face battle hardened army of india and tribes of vietnam ….u r fucking idiot man…u stand on just economy slave and believe me or not india has the strength to leave u handicapped by blocking the mallaqqa straight in indian ocean… u might be thinking of conquering the world sitting on your pot

  88. It’s because of world imports in large quantities from china. But if the world stops it and it’s companies from entering their markets and rule them. Then china will be forced to go according to the world. And china will ultimately fall that is all I want for those chinky chutiye people.

  89. The author seems to have forgotten that India is a nuclear power as well.And its good to read fantasy like this once in a while.Also , he seems to glide over the fact that the Chinese military and economy will be greatly exhausted even after the first war itself.Well , you have to give points for the shamelessness though.

  90. The one who is writing this column under IDR is a total Motherfucker and Son of a Bitch who under estimates the real power of India,do you know what is the real power of India?It is its our patriotism,we the people of India never ever interfere in any country’s land and internal matters but if any does the same with us we very well know how to treat them,we will fight till our last drop of blood for this country..Don’t you never ever try to give us the threat of war again..

    • Lol fuck your patriotism. Even handful of invaders fucked you for hundreds of years. We Sikhs gona screw you at the right time in alliance with Pakistan and China and disintegrate fake India to several pieces hence getting our Khalistan , Azad Kashmir and many more nations.

      • Khalistan terrorist brain washed and funded by Pakistanis ,did u forget blue star operation it wa just a sample were the fuck are you people located Canada? Hum hindustani har jagha pehalgaye hein tume log kuch nehi behad saktey , madarchod agar gand dum hein Pakistani terrorist mein mil ja aur kashmir mein army se ladna teri gaand mein goliyan gusatey kutey ke bachhe najayis pidayish

        • You don’t seem to remember the operation blue star ????? Mr. #khalistan supporter. We the country India also fucked ur asses so that this was the main reason u ran away all the #khalistani supporters to Canada.

  91. These chinkeys first of all have good amounts of usefull lands, even though they want to aquire other countries lands because they dont know how to control their population which is growing like dogs herd.
    They are masters in coping others products, other than that they themselves dont have brains to develope their own technology, may be their brain doesnt function because of their pre historic food culture which includes cockroaches, roaches, and all yackey insects which make brain dum on consumption.
    They think they are creating a tension of war but a single soldier from other countries is equal to 20chinkey soldiers, who are probably brainless and work like a herd of sheeps.
    If other contries plan to teach them a lesson there will be a east European and noth Indian ocean in place of china, will blow it out of the map. That will lead to an earth without plagiarism and source of new deceases and fucking splash of dung faces.
    As of now its obviois that earth has no gain because of china, its just a landmass causing pollution and nonsense so its better to blow it off the map.

    • They have forgotten the 1967 clashes between Indian and Chinese army where our army killed 400 Chinese idiots. Nd don’t forget that once Tibet was a part of our Ancient nation. If like them we tried to do the same that China doing then whole Indian subcontinent will become India nd India will be the most powerful country.. But we respect sovereignity of our fellow nations.
      Jai hind Jai Bharat.

  92. To whoever has read this article, just know that the author is a complete moron. This is all wishful thinking & absolute fictional rubbish. China will crash & the CCP will reach its demise within the next decade as the world awakens to their disregard for for human life and lack of any dignity or pride. Chinese has reached its absolute lowest point in human history & the world will not allow this cancer to spread in more than one way. We pray that the innocent chinese people make it through the rough future that is sure to come for China.

    • Ok. Good fiction story made by chinese think Tank to boast moral of chinese army
      But this is chinese wish… Now main point is what will chinese loss in these all war…. All these land which china take back have no such economic advantage… China is world factory it is saleman.. does you think they will take other country and world will not but sanction on china….. China will face economic recession… And who those make this dream doctraine think that india will not use its advance nuclear weapon.. And japan who was and is a super power do not use its major weapon… Chine will be finish or divided itself if start a war.
      Does for barn land of ladhak china mess up with strong indian army… China growth is based on economic development… If long term recession comes in China then dictatorship of communist party will end so the war mentality will end….
      Right now chinese dictator communist party is facing huge protest in hong kong… Yes in hong kong only for making small change in law….. Chine government always talk big because they never win a single major war… Do not forget how vietnem like small country defeat chinese army..

  93. Who the hell has written this article…r u a chinese hitler…anything which crosses its limit is destroyed…we have many examples germany soviet union…any wrong action by china is going to attract nuclear confrontation…so china goes boomm obliterated from face of the earth understand?

  94. Yeah good luck with this plan…
    China won’t even survive 1st war with taiwan…
    India and U S will come in between to support Taiwan and everybody will laugh at Chinese cats meowing back to their God awful country??
    Think positive FUCK war be human BITCH

  95. You are an idiot…China hasnt got the guts to take back Arunachal Pradesh. There is nothing called Sothern Tibet. You chinese bastard, we are waiting for the day when China starts a war.. PLA which consisits of single child afraid to die havent fought a war and they want to beat experts and nationalists from Indian Army.
    We are waiting to destroy china

  96. Author is an asshole, who is either dreaming or has taken cocaine before writing. India is a regional as well as a nuclear power. Our armed forces are fully prepared to kick chinese ass if they even dare to start a war. Our weapon system are not meant for Diwali. We will wrec havoc in China if they even try to mess with us or try to disturb the peace in south Asia. As far as south China sea is concerned, the Quad is ready to protect all the south east asian countries. I can’t stop laughing. I have never read such a foolish article ever

  97. China in the next 10 years will split into few pieces.
    What China wanted to happen to India will happen to China.
    Tibet will become free. Later Tibet may like to join with India.
    People of China are watching all around the world. Their thirst for democracy will win. One day CCP leaders will be jailed or killed. These are all possible after Corona. China will reap what it sow.

  98. Its called day dreaming, whole world will strike each other with nuclear weapons. You will not be in position to fight second war for nearly a decade after fighting one war today.russia of today will grow militarily as well with dangerous weapons and so will the other countries.once you strike a small country, whole world will be against will not be allowed to do business with rest of the world and cling dhong dream of world super power will be ching Chong only think of being super power while rest of the world will be sitting ideal and wait to be strike by Chinese Chengdu?.

  99. The only thing I can imagine right now is the entire world fighting a joint war against China due to the covid 19 issue. If hypothetically China launches a attack against any of the following you have mentioned,ntire south Asian countries would form an alliance and fight China. If China launches a 2 frontier war against India us or Russia would definitely intervine if they don’t India is more than capable of fighting on defensive front. I guess you forgot China would have cross Himalayas while India can easily defend lower foothill. All in all this post was nothing but a sham an imagination by CCP member??

  100. Chinese nationalists are fanatical and there self promotion is more based on huge egos fed by there media and each other, than fact. In the age of the Internet we see these Chinese writers on forums, Chinese media sites and blogs lieng, promoting and praising themselves like narcissists and vain fools that they are.

  101. Author imagination is similarly James Bond Movie, each new series has got few years gap. He also given same gap here with expressing, how, with who, war out come and ending. Nothing wrong in imagining things and dreaming big but it should be realistic and should give out come others side. Here trying to tell and show China is super power and for them everything is possible, to do no one can stop them. I can say this is foolishness. This is one way storey and in all wars no where China will lose his position and power. Can you tell me is it possible and is it going to happen practically

  102. The scenario imagined is not counting Chinese neighbours ability to grow and develop their strategies. However, this imagination may be a manoeuvre to gauge others in such scenario. But, it is certain than whatever figment of imagination be there, China will help its own disintegration if goes ahead with such imaginations and dream.

  103. This overall plan has nearly zero likelihood to succeed. To believe that the aggressor , after supposed victory, can take a break for few years then go on to next victim is a fantasy. More likely is that others will use time to arm and form alliances , that they would not have before.
    To assume that only China will rise and rise, while others decline, decline is another falsehood.

    To begin with China will face nuclear armed opponents right from start. A good assumption that both China and opponent will be deterred from using nuclear weapons. In conventional war, China cannot occupy Taiwan.

    Spratly Islands. This one may have better likelyhood of victory for China, but not if its known that Spratley Islands are but a stepping stone to Japan’s Okinawa.

    Okinawa is a Japanese Prefecture, and is considered Japanese through and through. This one China is guaranteed to not succeed. To risk total war, nukes and all, over clear and solid Japanese sovereignty, is foolish.

    Between each ‘break’, China’s opponents and next in line will adapt to the style of warfare to beat China. The cost of occupations will eat Chinese state alive. Instead of stronger, each ‘war’ will weaken Chinese state, and leave it surrounded by enemies. Even in case of unlikely previous successes, each ‘war’ , provides opportunity and means for occupied to rebel and regain their sovereignty from China. Surely Russia will not seat quietly and passively waiting for its Siberian and Manchurian territories to be invaded by Chinese.

    If India + Mongolia form an a NATO style collective defense alliance, then China wil do … What?
    If China provides super advanced weapons to Pakistan, and forms Axislike pact with Pakistan to wage of conquest on India. What would India do in years leading up to initiation of hostilities? They will get advanced weapons from US, Israel, UK, and Europeans. If India joins NATO-like alliance with US, Indochina, Japan, and Australia, then China will do what?

  104. This author is day dreaming about conquering Taiwan, Spratly Island, South Tibet etc. Do other nation will sit idly if China attacks Taiwan? When Hitler first attacked Poland the world power remain silent and the consequences were phenomenal. This time they will not sit idle, as soon as china attacks Taiwan, the Alliance (US, Japan, India, Australia and the ASEAN will strike China with full force. It will be a long drawn war like the World War II and nobody would win the war.


  106. No matter what one thinks, China will cease to exist after 2030.. China has so many enemies throughout the world that it appears any war on any country by China will make them unify and cut China into 100 of pieces…

  107. How will Army move from Gandhi Setu if China attacks India: HC asks Bihar Govt
    Posted By: Reetu Sharma Published: Friday, December 5, 2014, 19:28 [IST]

    Patna, Dec 5: At a time when Bihar government is saying that the Centre will be “squarely responsible” if road connectivity were to snap at any point of time due to dilapidated condition of the Mahatma Gandhi Setu on river Ganga, Patna High Court rapped the Jitan Ram Manjhi government for poor condition of the bridge on river Ganga which is said to be lifeline between north and south Bihar.

    Slamming the Bihar government for poor condition, the court said, “If there is a situation of war between India and China, how will the military movement take place and how will the Army vehicles move?”

    Court said this while hearing the PIL of MP from Patna Sahib Lok Sabha seat, Shatrughan Sinha, on the poor condition of Rajendra Bridge in Mokama. On Wednesday, a senior Bihar minister on Wednesday said that the Centre will be “squarely responsible” if road connectivity were to snap at any point of time due to dilapidated condition of the Mahatma Gandhi Setu on Ganga. “We are really concerned with the condition of Mahatma Gandhi Setu built on the river Ganga due to its ever deteriorating condition… the road connectivity between north and south Bihar may come to a grinding halt if the bridge becomes non-operational at any point of time,” Bihar Road Construction Department (RCD) Minister Rajiv Ranjan Singh alias Lalan Singh told reporters. He said the Centre will be squarely responsible if the road connectivity on the Mahatma Gandhi Setu were to ever stop and disrupt road connectivity between north and south Bihar as the crucial bridge happens to be the sole lifeline between the two regions of Bihar. Slamming Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari for lethargy for not following up to his televised commitment on maintenance of the Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Singh said .

  108. Reading those comments of indie, now I known why most their people with no bathroom in house still making nuclear head. Please save the people first. It just like not wearing a pant before go out. What a shame.

    • Well, you being someone I am almost sure is a troll (seeing your username is indian joker), and someone who has no sense of grammar, it seems like you can only attack with petty jabs at India. It’s not like China allows you to think anyway…

      Now, this article clearly seems to be written by someone who openly worships Chinese propaganda about its prowess. You are underestimating every country except China and over glorifying itself! You should do a bit of research before writing an article like this.

  109. It seems like an essay made to write by a small kid who has just started English by some Chinese school teacher. As far as the contents of this article are concerned, anyone can at a single glance can make out the author’s ignorance. No sensible country wants to go to war for acquiring lands over losing business trading partners and China going to war with any one of those countries mentioned knows very well that it will face economic sanctions and hence total collapse of economy.

  110. China only a Myth….time to retard .the growth has reduced to … now 6.7%..Chinese are considered as most cunning….THE WORLD DO NOT TRUST …….the expanding military bases will crumble with the artificial export economy. and exchange rate MOST COUNTRIES WILL BOYCOTT CHINESE GOODS FOR INFERIOR QUALITY and because of Chinese hegemenostic designs on neighbouring countries..there is no real intrinsic strength neither economy nor military……PLA media is a mouthpiece of PARTY GOONS …..all enterprises are propped by the single state ……the ordinary people do not have any rights of speech, work except in the frame work of PLA….a revolution is expected very soon as that in Russia……all EMPIRE BUILDING FOOLISH PEOPLE HAVE PERISHED TO DATE…..LAST ONE WERE THE BRITISH……OTTOMANS…..GREEKS…..ROMANS…..THE BARBARIC CHENGIZ…….There is no exception to the Chinese….CHINA WILL BE DIVIDED INTO FOUR REGIONS…..SHORTLY……THERE IS NOT A SINGLE COUNTRY WHICH WILL SUPPORT CHINA IN CRISIS ….ITS MAIN ALLIES ARE STATE TERROR PLAYERS…PAKISTAN AND KOREA!!!!!! WHAT A COMBINATION,,,,,CHINA WILL BE SHORTLY BE A HOME FOR THE AGED COMMUNISTS BY 2040…..ITS YOUNG POPULATION MIGRATED TO usa & australia AND OTHER SOUTH COUNTRIES……AND NEGATIVE POPULATION GROWTH,,….What a Comedy the Chinese think of Domination by force…..a war with India Japan & India will leave the country with only females….OFCOURSE THERE WILL BE ENUNCHS AND THESE WILL RULE CHINA AS IN THE PAST CASTRATED REVERBERATED COMMUNISTS(PLA)……..

  111. The author of this post seems to be be fucked daily be bunch of dogs having rabies. China is destined to be doomed. The nation who just wants to capture other nation territories shuld be doomed. It captured innocent tibet. Tibetans will get freedom soon. Moreover chinese people get bread because of we indians buy chinese products.

  112. That’s why you shouldn’t smoke weed everyday, you hope to see a unified Pakistan till 2040? India’s economy is going to take over by that time, I doubt there Will be any Pakistan at all & if China attacks Taiwan , USA will get a reason to default on Chinese debts & unleash their war machine on China, India might try to take out Tibet too. China is not as foolish as the author of this joke.

  113. this is very imageneiary winning every country .what kind of infilict taiwant
    going to give tochina it is nightmare for china ,. if they attack taiwan conqure
    not lsoeing toomuchsoliders . if china thinks small countryie easy tooccupy that
    i where propmblem is heavy casualities on chinese inflicted by taiwan.small country vietnam notwon by china and america . this is imagine story or dream toannex ,dream by HITLER TOANNEX THE WOLRD NOT ACHIEVED .

  114. China s downfall will come from its citizens demanding democracy,once their material wants are met
    The Chinese Communist Party will one day split into the old leaders behaving as dictators and others who want a voice in government policies.
    With China in control of Baluchistan it will be difficult to get Pakistan split only a collapse of the Pakistan economy which has to bear high cost Chinese loans will bring it’s provinces divide.
    In the meantime India must see that China gets entangled in the Afghanistan
    strife by putting the Taliban against China if China can’t tackle the Taliban then it will loose Xinjiang and that can create a domino effect.
    As for AP India s best defence will be missiles aimed at China only that can deter China from attacking India.

  115. This article seems mere an essay of english asked by some chinese teacher. This article presumes that only china will rise in the world and other countries will decline and so they can easily defeat anyone on their way. Mere daydreaming. I am sure this article never considered that India will have a strong govt as BJP and Narender Modi as prime minister of Infia.

  116. By talking directly to Taiwan PM, Trump has already expedited and raised up the ante in Taiwan and China. So, the The 1st War: Unification of Taiwan (Year 2020 to 2025) may become a reality in near future.

  117. Lol even India is a susper power ! And if u think that while u will be fighiting with Russia , we will keep quite then u are wrong ! The way u said u will ask Pakistan for help even we will conquer the Southern Tibet while u will be fighting with Russia! I pray this wont ever happen !

  118. Looking your story of 6 war to be done China on e by one with all nebouring countries between 2020 to 2060 in next 50 years. Is China ready to counter if all above 6 countries hand shake and directly attack on China.China has to face 6 front war and poor quality Chinese will not survive at any front and their dream to expand will not come true.

  119. If China attack Taiwan it will broke the non-aggresion treaty with the U.N and they will interfere,but let’s put that they conquer taiwan and the U.N do nothing,With the ultimátum the Asian nation will make a Anti-China unión that will be:Japán, Philippines, Singapore, Malasya, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,Brunei and Myanmar those are anti-chinesse countries,they unifcated are trouble to China,I don’t think China declare the war to Myanmar beacuse that the strogenst allie India have in the South Asia,India can rival China in number and the technology of China now is 1980s to 1990s they are now getting new stuff for their arsenal so China will be introuble in he send a ultimátum.China’s Plan is to renovate his entire armed forcés for the year 2036.But don’t forget the United States will enter to war if China attack,South Korea,Japán or Philippines.I now this because im in the and i have been serving for the 9 year’s now I travel all thoose countries.

  120. The person who wrote this article must be a affulent writer . Thing is spectacular fiction according to me .More over if the first war occurs mrs Hillary clinton govt is likely to intervene along with other countries as do you guys think that the other nation states would remain silent .I personally dont think so this is rather a herculean task which might be possible to acheived by china as other nations will stand against china.

  121. The problem is the US may not wait to initiate a war with China.A Clinton
    presidency will be more likely to provoke China into war now or the next few years.
    Recall how Johnson con Congress into authorizing war and Bush accusing SH of wmd.
    However in the case of Iraq ,the costs were minimal but against China,the US will have to sacrifice a few carriers to defeat China. Any attack on the Mainland will
    involve the destruction of afew or more than 10 citi es if the US wants regime

  122. I really wonder if there is any truth in the article published in Hong Kong and surprised if military plans would be posted on the article like these for public to read and understand or is there any other thing.

  123. Hey wait a moment, reality will be this after China finished second war, there will be no China and no Pakistan, because both USA, EU and Russia wil support India.
    Cheer up guys come to reality.

  124. I think China is working in line with the above article to damage India.
    (1) First of all China is helping Pakistan with supply of technology and weapon to make Pakistan a strong opponent against India. They know the inherent hostility between the two over Kashmir and enjoying the same.
    (2) Second, Insurgencies in India is well enjoyed by China.
    (3) China have constructed road and Railway along the border with India so that in case of war troops and armaments can be readily mobilised.

    To counter the threat India can do the followings:
    (1) India should make strong military ties with US, Japan, Israel and NATO for getting military help incase of war. US will also consider India as a strong opponent against China. India may think of the non-aligned position and join NATO so that China and Pakistan will think twice before going to a war against India.
    (2) India should modernise their weapon system with the help from west and self development. India should be superior in quality of the weapon system rather than quantity. Also India should develop automated weapon system such as drone fitted with missile, Robotic weapon etc.

    (3) Also Indian millitary should learn Gorilla warfare from Vietnam.

    (4) India should build railway, road and air port near the border at strategic locations for mobilisation of force during war.

  125. This looks like an immature article. Keeping aside this BS article, how ready is India for a direct conflict with China and may be the rogue state Pakistan from other side. What needs to be the done to retaliate any misadventure from China? China is no doubt a bigger power than India is (need to agree that), so whats the game plan and technology which India needs to counter this “Mad” power china? Hope Modi Govt thinks in that direction, 10years of Congress govt has dismantled Indian defense capabilities. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.

  126. A few nuclear bombs on China will stop Chinese daydreams in no time. If China wish to disintegrate a country that’s growing faster than China, there will be nuclear retaliation, after which China will not survive. New China will be much smaller and divided into separate countries like Tibet, and many other territories.
    It’s in China interest to stay with it’s tail between it’s legs and keep making cheap products so that it’s population of slaves do not rise against itself as long as possible.

  127. So some Chinese fool thinks in his fairy tales that china will attack India and they can win a part of land from India by facing small fraction of loss.
    India in its full aggressive form can tear china in front of this world .into so many pieces that you Chinese will start dreaming lord Buddha laughing on your shity faces after world strongest nuclear attack on Beijing.

  128. First the Author is living in Fools Paradise. Second when you openly put your plan for public reading. The Awarness and Counter Measure will ensure that the plan you have put will be a failure. As an Indian we do have respect for the Chinese people as fellow asians.

    However, your draconian law and lust for more land and power will take you to the path of destruction. Remember India is the land of Budha and Bodhidharma, who loved you and came to teach you humanity, kindness and self defence.

    India is still blessed by GOD. Indians suffered because most of them lost their tradition and followed the non vedic life style. But God will never let us down, as we still have humans following the vedic tradition and practices.

    In spite of Islam ruling most of the world and occupying India for 100 s of years. India still remains an HINDU country following the vedic principles. Once we start practising our Vedic trandition, the god themselves will come to fight our war.

    In any case , we are a nuclear state and developing advanced space weapons, in case we need to fight 2 enemies in one go. Please be assured your Idiotic leaders have already shot the bullet in their foot. Now India, US , Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Philipines, etc are alliance partners against chinese brutality.

    Once we help our fellow human beings like Baluchus, Pastunis towards freedom, as we helped bengalis, we will also help Tibetians , Mongolians, and Chinese muslims to restore their freedom from Chinese Brutes.

    Stop your Mind set, and hatred towards Hindustan or it will bring the Curse of God against you. We want to support a peaceful China and safe guard our chinese sisters from rape, sex slavery as they suffered under the british and japanese.

    We are very patient,but when we react it will be your death knell.

    Jai Hind

  129. The writer has been playing computer games too much. He is completely out to lunch. If there’s a change in Chinese territory, it will be Tibet going back to being Tibet. China will get its fat red fanny spanked in the South China Sea, and be forced to return to China. The other things mentioned in the article are pure hogwash. The writer wouldn’t even be a good science fiction writer.

  130. China is in no position to wage war against anyone , leave alone India. A few of the reasons are ”
    1) China is always at war with its own self : Fighting to become an economic superpower with investment lead growth, it has led itself into a Debt trap . All the growth that China presents is based on false figures. Most of the investment lead growth was in unproductive wasteful, inferior quality fixed assets like Ghost Cities, Roads and bridges to no where ,etc. Now it has ruined its stock exchange , its banking system , its environment , over capacity , Much of its resources are being wasted to sustain the wasteful assets it has created over time and china would continue to do so. All the hype is due to its huge foreign exchange reserves. But a careful study would reveal that the huge reserves that china boasts off is not all that ample to sustain the great fall of china when all the bubbles will start bursting.
    Economically China cant afford to wage a war and destroy all that it has built for so long. besides its one child policy has already made its each male citizen to now care for at least 11 people 4 grandparents 4 parents 2 husband and wife and at least 1 child . Can China afford to lose its invaluable male youth in war and destroy its economy ? NO WAY
    2) Talking about China’s Army. Chinese Soldiers spend mot of the time reciting allegiance to communist regime and not to their country and have absolutely no war experience. All they can do is fire on innocent civilians who wont fight back.They can do splendid march past but can they fire against an hardcore enemy on the battlement. LOL hard to believe.
    3) China has brought itself to such a situation where it has no friends in the entire world. All that China banks upon are countries like Russia , Iran and Pakistan , North Korea and there is not a single country who they can think of will side them in case of war. But for Pakistan , the other two russia and Iran will never side against India.

  131. No doubt china has development beyond imagination but they must not forget the truth that india is not alone in the world. But before that i foresee third world war . where china russia and usa with australia and europian union will wage war against isis. There will be fierce battle. Many would not believe it . buttime will prove .

  132. Bullshit dream of chines. India was the powerful airforce by 1962 but Nehru poor policy only resulted such loss hence don’t think as tiwan, Vietnam & Japan. If war start,Tibet will be independent!!!!

  133. The person writing this has completely put on the side political interests of other powers (US, Russia and European Union) within the Asia Pacific region. I am not saying that China is not likely to become a leading military power… it can!

    I’m saying that if China decides to have an open-war strategy such as this one, nations that have satellite countries and bases operating in them in this region will counter the Chinese threat. Wars are fought on ground later, they are first fought on business fronts and the diplomacy’s role comes first. If there is even a hint that China is beginning to expand it’s influence beyond what is in the interests of the US, Russia, India, Australia and the EU, they can easily form an alliance (even though US and Russia don’t get along, they will talk it over). So you don’t have to wait till a 6th war to use nuclear weapons, the threat will start to appear right after the first war.

  134. Chinese have seen Indian bravery till now. Go and ask Pakistan.
    When you came first time in 1962, you backstabbed us telling Hindi-Chini bhai bhai. So we became little uncareful.
    This time if you come we are already waiting for you.We will break China into so many pieces that your coming generation will take their entire lifetime to count.

  135. The author’s day time dream never got success. If China acted like Germany in world war 2, then the conseqence will be the same like the one Germany experienced after the world war. China have learn lesson from this. Further China has to think that it has taken 40 years to raise after indo-china war. Frther more all the other world powers are not tieing their hands and weapons when china assertively making war on other countries. Though india is not balancing its military power on par with china, it having suffient nuclear warheads and other delivery system to deter china in a second strike cababilities which make the china an unimagenary distruction. If the U.S and other world powers helped a little, then the damages will be irreparable to it. China econome is depending upon the world order. If inernatinernational countries boycot china’s market, the entire rise histroy will go to bottom of the pot posiion. The status of the chaines economy has weakened when Greace economy get worsen. In such a position the day time dream never worked out to China as written by the author. Moreover the u.s, russia, france, britain and other Eroupion countries also having much sophyfisticative weapons to severly deter china. It is to the china whether to live peacefully with the world or to have destruction by isolation.

  136. First wars will sink China. It will demoralize and deal a deadly blow to the over confident Communists in Beijing. Imagine consumer products not being sold and that favourable currency valuation of Yuan is suddenly withdrawn. Tons and tons of consumer products are piled up in factory warehouses with no buyer. US can in just give years can manufacture some of the products at home and outsource to countries in Asia and Latin America. That Beijing trade surplus will be history. Unemployment in China will sour. Street riots could very much sink Communist Party for ever.

    All the above without firing a shot. All it needs is a Beijing signal that they are ready to fight the said first war.

  137. the writer this article is idiot and nonsense india .agar China aur Pakistan dono taraf se karege to india ko USA Support karega aur ye mat bhule koi ki 2030 tak india ke khudh sare defence product bna lega aur nuclear weapon uske p[as bhi h agar hm marege to sabko leke marege hmare pas bhi itne nuclear weapon h ki china ur Pakistan jaise 5 countries ko ik sath khatam kar sakte h . To War to sochna bhi mat. Shanti h Jayda Achi h apni apni jagah par raho . Sabhi Countries yahi best h.

  138. The writer this article is simply idiot.China was never a super power & never will be.Do whatever you can. Any fight with any south Asian country will lead to nuclear war. China will suffer very heavy. It’s condition will be like Germany after ww2.China cant be a single country after 2025. It will disintegrate. Only you can not plan the things & war. We can do the same.

  139. This article seems more like the author’s fantasy than what is ought to happen. The mere fact that author mentions the use of nukes is proof enough of the author’s aggression and silliness. China is in conflict with nearly all the countries around it. well, what can you conclude??
    Its almost impossible that any of these wars will ever happen with the international peace keepers around . China is definitely more diplomatic than what is described here. The author is insulting his own country. the recent Crimea annexation by Russia has opened way for so many for so many sanctions on it. Fighting six wars with six different countries? you definitely don’t seem so intelligent to me.
    Don’t spread hatred bro. Bury the hatchet and get on with it. Spread love. we all are homo sapiens after all. Peace

  140. this artical which published in chinees paper is rubish! after 20 or 35 years situation remain the same as today…. time wil tell about power house. china will think twise before striking such a thing.

  141. i think this article author is………….mad dog…because this thing never happen at future…..india kick the china ass surely…………because india is a superb power in future asia …….

  142. India is an atomic power , if china want to commit suicide it can , it only need 10 atom bombs to destroy entire china and 3 to Pakistan, and India has more than 150 atom bombs (only known ) . So if china want to do adventure it can , and one thing I can assure ,all the war which china will fight after the war with India will be by ..stones and sticks coz noting will be left after the war with India.

  143. haha! What a silly Chinese fantasy!

    By 2045, the Chinese will be 60% old people, and they will have hundreds of millions of young men with no wives due to the one child policy.
    They will start their wars and send these angry young men out to loot & plunder. They will rape the local women and infuriate the world, who then quit buying Chinese products. Embargoes begin. China’s export economy has no one to buy its products. The economy falters and social unrest erupts.
    The Chinese naval adventures in the South China Sea do not go as planned. They invade the islands, but cannot re supply them as submarine warfare sends the Chinese fleet to the bottom of the sea. The troops begin to starve and are easily captured from the tiny islands with no place to hide.
    A humiliating prisoner exchange must be negotiated in which china must relinquish its claims of sovereignty.
    This does not go over well in the mainland, which is imploding under the glut of export goods with no overseas markets. Merchant shippers will not risk the blockade, and oil shipments become scarce. The Iranians join china, but suffer a naval catastrophe that leaves the straits of Hormuz clogged with mines and sunken vessels. Gulf oil to china is completely cut off. America has fuel to burn and runs to ground any maritime asset friendly to china.
    In china, things go from bad to worse. Old people are left to wither & die by a desperate regime that is fought in the lurch. They begin to euthanize old people for the purpose of not having to feed them. Many Chinese are outraged, and the country breaks down into civil war.
    Rocked to its core, china is easily overcome by its enemies, and all of its neighbors pick the carcass of every disputed acre. China, having lost a half billion of its people, is broken apart into ethnic regions & absorbed by its neighbors, leaving a broken & divided she’ll of what could have been…

    That, is a more likely version of what might happen, using a similar crystal ball ..,

  144. India has already starting building its strategy and poking China.
    >>$13 billon defense deals got green signal.
    >>India already placed advanced nuclear capable Brahmos missiles in Arunachal Pradesh and there is no defense technology available in this world to counter these missiles.
    >>Tied up with Vietnam in a deal to supply advanced patrolling vehicles. Also a project to extract oil from the waters.
    >>Tied up with US to deal with extrimists in PAK, infact plans to get POK back. So, forget about Pakistan as a front. Whatever China is doing in POK all the projects would come under Indian control. 🙂
    >> India also stepped up into space to get higher details of the borders and aid in communication for the armed forces.
    >>India is now also focusing on the eastern states, in building better forces and crushing the militant groups, including the incursions from Bangladesh.

    Thanks to the current govt under the leadership of Modi.

    So option 1 to break India into smaller states – not possible
    Option 2 Use pak as proxy – pak will be crushed by then.
    Option 3 Use direct military force – Its a lose – lose situation and will not be a win-lose situation at all. China knows this and if it has brain it will not rage into the war.

    If china has to attack India, it can only do it now for a possible victory (again not 100% sure victory). 10yrs down the line, it cannot even think of stepping in into the indian territory. You can see the current border situation with China. It had step back, And Modi gave a direct statement to XI in front of the international media.

    Its better to stay calm and mind own business. Everyone is alert now. Any misadventure can be costly. Will only take you back to stone age.

    • I would like to add on another idea here, though hypothetical.
      Looking at the relationship build between India and Vietnam, if China rages war against Vietnam, India might come to rescue and start poking, if China dares to look at India, Russia may poke on the other end. So, its a 3 sided attack on China which China wouldn’t expect and would not be ready. At this point it will have to step back which is tactically good for China rather than being aggressive.

  145. The writer must be drunk when he wrote this. China has a huge population to take care of. It cannot possibly go to war with any country, not to its advantage. Also, there’s no certainty that the Chinese economy will continue to grow and if so, instability will result within China.

  146. Goog think writer does know anything abot agni range of misiles. After the so called first war the whole world will be united against chini regime. Also writer is missing the disintegretion of pakistan which will happen before the above 1st war.

  147. What if they loose the very first one – the unification of Taiwan. Then there would be no need fight the rest of 2 to 6 wars.

    What is this paper, a scare tactics.

    What if in next twenty years, if others are sitting idle, Chinese build their war machine with second hand stolen technology but could not steal the processes, and economic miracle fizzles out as America and rest of the world stop buying Chinese consumer goods, what will happen then?

    Today as we see, China is made by America with a Trillion dollar imports and $500 billion a year FDI, what if this pipeline dries up? China would be lost. America can distribute consumer goods production to countries elsewhere, then Chinese would be left high and dry.

    No sir, these wars will never take place. China is too afraid to loose in the battle field and still too afraid to loose its market for consumer goods.

  148. The authour seems to be building castles in the air. He thinks only the author has brains to think strategically and other countries are puppets which would react one by one in case of war. Also, he has forgotten the fact that India has its finger on the nuclear button and Japan can anytime build one in case the need arises. Author needs to revisit its geography to understand that china is surrounded by the countries with which it plans to initiate aggression. If attacked simultaneously, it risks losing the land it has already occupied and suffer another 100 years of humiliation. Going by the authors thoughts, WW III can be a reality.

  149. China is kidding itself, it has surrounded itself in all 4 directions with enemies. Many of those enemies have a powerful godfather called the USA (like it or not they are still the world’s superpower), and then there are quasi-superpower Russia and regional superpower India (All three of them nuclear powers). China will be destroyed if all of its neighbors decide to gang up and give it a taste of its own medicine (with additional US support) after more than half a century of aggressive foreign policy and bullying.

  150. I think the real prize for china is taiwan – advanced economy and good american technology, mongolia – land mass and natural resources, and the lands lost to russia – natural resources especially siberian oil and gas. The other claims are pointless and a waste of time. China could almost double its land mass and living space for its people by pursuing these claims and they have good historical and legal regions. It would be great if they could pull it off….

  151. This us what Germany thought in world war 1 and 2 . We all know how it ended. All it takes to bring china to its knees is allied action from Europe Russia Taiwan Japan South East Asia India and the US. I’d like to see them fight surrounded, because I’m pretty sure the workd ain’t gonna watch this happen and get takedown one by one. And what if countries just block the energy supply , china will starve won’t it.

  152. It’s really funny dream. They can’t take back Taiwan. It’s already like another country. Ok,they might win Taiwan. But Vietnam? Vietnam is not some country you can easily win. we have seen this from war between USA and Vietnam. Then Indian and Pakistan…impossible. They are getting stronger and stronger. And with Japan? Japan is really “bully” country. (They always bullied korea and china,not other way around. Never in history) Then Mongolia! I understand,it was always their biggest dream. But after 2000 years ,and after thousands of wars between china and mongolia , Mongolia is still independent country. Funniest is Chinese are more than 1 billion and Mongolia has only 3 million population!! How they can be so weak, i don’t understand. In this situation they don’t have power against Russia. That is reality.

  153. Good Analysis ..nice Article to Future see what is best for Chinese warfare but this article is flavoured with Western ideology so i think Yes China will win these all small warfares ..but nevertheless will do it much in the Chinese style …& all with lots of stability and resilience to the Western powers trying to overthrow China by sitting near its borders all the time ( in western bases on the actual Old China land ) and interfering from outside into Asian issues thinking its going to do some good to the West …i think More than 50 Warfares are yet to be fought by the Nato countries & forces themselves in order to save the ” Western colonisation of the world ” along for the next 50 years …from various Muslim countries which it had took control and set up business to Fool them for the next 100 Years in its attempt of Nato colonisation of world again following the British ancestors as in the last era of colonisation startegies by the Western War-rooms……. They are going to face the music tough this time too …..lets see ..who wins ..the East or the West …. , Love .. Raj

  154. All the Political parties esp. the Left Parties-ie the CPI,CPM etc should read & Ponder deeply on this article !! The Indian Political & Bureaucratic Establishment need to wake up fast & take proper advice from Indian Generals about preparing for China’s demands !! In 1960 or so Late F.M. Sam Maneckshaw as Commandant of the Defence Services Staff college-Wellington openly taught the Officers that China is the No. 1 enemy of India in spite of the Hindi-Chini Bhai Bhai atmosphere in Delhi. For this & other Frivolous matters a Court of Enquiry was instituted against him-To deny him Promotion to Lt.General & prepare the way for his Rival-Lt.Genl. B.M.Kaul [ cousin of Nehru ] to supersede him & subsequently become the future army chief…Fortune favours the brave & truth ultimately manifested in the 1962 war.. Even Sardar Patel had warned Nehru about China after its annexation of Tibet, but the Indian Establishment remained sleeping..

  155. They have got hope in hell
    firstly — they will meet the same fate as USSR see how happy they are now
    secondly — if japan decides china will again become a colony
    thirdly — India extends from Hindu Kush to Bangladesh (like Europe it is not just Hindustan) and are sure to meet its end in Afghanistan

  156. This article clearly publicizes the suspected territorial ambitions of China. However the war with India is likely to happen much earlier and not just for southern tibet (Arunachal Pradesh). China has other terrotorial conflicts with India. Mao, the founding father of Communist China had described Tibet as the palm and Ladakh, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh as it fingers. So China will not just claim Arunachal Pradesh but also the other “4 fingers”. There is regular incursions or transgressions as described by India in Ladhak. Nepal is defacto a Chinese colony now. China is silent on Sikkim for the time being, since they have recognized it as part of India, in exchange of India’s recognition of Tibet. Bhutan is slowly being forced to establish diplomatic relationship. The boundary dispute with Bhutan is still unresolved. It is very clear that China is trying to disintegrate India by supporting Pakistan and terro outfits like ULFA (directly) and Maoist (through Nepal). However the weak political leadership and lack of national security & strategic thinking in the political class, has made the military, paramilitary, state police, central police and intelligence agencies to be left decades behind China and even other neighbouring countries. Further this is also aggregated by Pakistan centric policies and defence spending. Even though this is slowly changing, lot needs to be done. We should not have Pakistan or China centric policies. We should have holistic strategic policy, with focus on securing India’s terrotorial integrity, eliminating internal security threats, rapid economic development, non division of demography based on religion, caste or linguistic basis, water security, energy security and reunification of India. Yes, reunification of India is the only long term solution. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sri Lanka and Maldives should be made part of India over the next few decades. This can be done through overt or covert means.

  157. Looks like the british left but the PRC people are still doing a lot of Psychedelic Drugs, they still blame the british for getting them addicted. It makes them believe that the world is theirs(Chinas) and and will be theirs alone soon and every one else was left behind by the british and had no existance anywhere in place or time.
    It is high time people of PRC get of their addiction and start living life like rest of the world.

  158. The author has done a good job of outlining the geopolitical interests of China. It is likely that there may be other items that can be added to the list. For the non-China world, it is equally important to understand that nearly all wars are fought because the nations involved start a war based on two premises. One, it decides that war is the only option to protect it’s vital interests and second, consider capable and resourceful to win the war. The two go hand in hand. It is up to the non-China nations to deny her the second premise. United States, Japan, India, Australia and other nations of Asia must form a NATO like alliance in the Pacific with urgency. Now is the time to get to work and not when China has transferred it’s trillion dollar surpluses every year from exports to US and Europe into growing a military machine larger than any other nation in the world.

  159. well it’s a bullshit . “china will rise & other countries will lag behind” what a foolish thought , really hats off . from my point of view it’s a day dreaming .chinese equipments are good for nothing . they can’t take arunachal pradesh from us & war with russia is awesome , i think they don’t know about the facts russia has max number of nukes in the whole world & US will be way ahead of them . stealing design & reverse engineering wont give them Superiority in technology .. sure it will help them but not gonna make them master . their fighter jets are good for nothing nobody buys them in the whole world . one day they will claim every country by saying that ” everybody loves chinese food ” noodles n all . IT’S A BULLSHIT .

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