Western Nuclear Googly
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 07 Mar , 2024

There is perceptible commotion in the West with the leaked audio conversation of German military officers discussing provision of Taurus long-range missiles to Ukraine; the stealth missile with 500-km range that can strike deep inside Russia as well as targeting the Kerch Bridge. Caught in an embarrassing position, the sheepish German Foreign Minister AnnalenaBaerbock said, “If Russia had not brutally attacked this country, Ukraine would not have to defend itself.”  Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has said, “If nothing is done, and the German people do not stop this, then there will be dire consequences first and foremost for Germany itself.”

But this is not surprising at all since many of Hitler’s commanders were accommodated in NATO’s high ranks after World War II coupled with the Nazification of Ukraine post the German occupation. German Chancellor Olof Scholz, Ursula von der Leyen, President of European Commission and the just resigned Victoria Nuland, US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs have all been displaying obedience to the Nazi Cult, with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky playing poodle to Washington.

The satirical comment by the POTUS Joe Biden that the “Gaza Ceasefire is in the hands of Hamas” must be viewed in backdrop of the US-supported Israel firing at hungry Palestinians collecting food aid, firing at aid trucks and relentlessly attacking Gaza and the West Bank. The so-called American food airdrop had some landing in the sea and some free-dropping (faulty parachutes by design?) to kill waiting recipients on ground. Who is getting fooled by the so-called 4-nation air drop of aid – all being part of the genocide in Gaza!

It is also ironic that Patnibin Maxwell, from Kollam, India, killed in a cross-border attack by Hezbollah in Galilee, Israel, was not allowed to move to a safe zone; so much for   safety of educated unemployed Indians going out to earn a living in Israel. Two other Keralites were also injured in the same cross-border attack.

The US is back to the same old tricks in the Red Sea. If the Houthis had cut the undersea communications cables, they would have proudly announced it. But they do not have the capability of diving or salvaging capability to sabotage the lines hundreds of meters undersea. It does not require Seymour Hersh, who exposed American sabotage of the Russian Nord Stream pipelines, to pen another article on how Biden authorized this Red Sea attack, which impacted 25 percent of trafficbetween Asia and Europe, with the US renaming untouched.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently said Western countries sending troops to Ukraine could not be ruled out to ensure “Russia does not win”. After hosting a conference of some 20 European countries last week, Macron acknowledged there was no consensus on sending troops from Western countries to Ukraine, but said the subject could not be ruled out to ensure that “Russia does not win”. In a subsequent visit to the Czech Republic, Macron said, “We are approaching a moment for Europe in which it will be necessary not to be cowards. Is this or is it not our war? Can we look away in the belief that we can let things run their course? We want no escalation; we’ve never been belligerent (sic).” Macron, who has earlier described Russian President Vladimir Putin as very reasonable after meeting him, is perhaps saying this now fearing CIA’s disruptive prowess to unseat him.

Britain sent Storm Shadow missiles having a range of 250 km to Ukraine last year, giving Kiev the capacity to strike well behind the front lines, including in Crimea. Ukraine pledged not to use the missiles to attack Russia itself. France immediately followed suit by sending Scalp missiles to Ukraine that have a range between 250 and400 km. Paris recently announced the delivery of 40 additional Scalp missiles. At the Munich Security Council held in February 2024, the West has promised to supply Ukraine with one million drones within one year.

Michael von der Schulenburg, the former UN Assistant Secretary-General wrote last year that the US-led West is in breach of the UN Charter over its military support of Ukraine at all costs, at the expense of all peace efforts. He elaborates that West’s refusal to accept Russia’s legitimate security concerns over NATO expansion to its borders before the war itself was a breach of the UN Charter because the West didn’t fulfill its obligation to try to resolve the conflict peacefully.

Referring to the US Congressional Research Service, Schulenburg says America conducted 251 military interventions abroad since the end of the Cold War (not counting secret operations), most of which violated the UN Charter and were unsuccessful, resulting in human suffering, destruction, chaos and dysfunctional governments. According to Jeffrey Sachs, American economist and public policy analyst, the US foreign policy, a scam built on corruption, has failed to achieve even a single objective, and if the US military industrial complex collapses, the US will collapse.  

In his annual State of the Nation address, Putin has said he would use nuclear weapons against NATO members that deploy forces to Ukraine. Much is being made of this statement and voices in the West say they are ready for a nuclear exchange – a sick googly. Even Britain, with its only aircraft carrier in sick bay, flexed its muscles with two unsuccessful nuclear-capable Trident missile tests that almost hit the vessel from which these were launched.  

Mark Sleboda, international affairs and security analyst, rubbished Zelensky’s claim of 31,000 Ukrainian troops killed in the war, pointing out that 7,00,000 Ukrainian troops are unaccounted for.   He now writes, “There is sincere panic among Western leaders who are forced to face the inevitable fact that they are losing to Russia. It is shattering both their preconceptions of this conflict and also shattering their belief in their own exceptionalism and seniority. We’ve heard from every Western leader… a Russian victory in Ukraine would be a defeat of NATO…..They are fighting for US hegemony over the world.” He notes that while they failed to defeat Russia, they did manage to deindustrialize Europe and make it more dependent on the US.

America is in the grip of election fever now. In all probability, the final contest will again be between Biden and Donald Trump. Biden wants to continue war mongering in Ukraine, Red Sea, Gaza and wherever else possible. Trump may end America’s war on Russia using Ukraine as the proxy and has threatened NATO members who do not pay their dues. NATO and the EU will be forced to follow the dictates of whoever wins. But America’s arms lobby can be expected to back Biden given the bonanza it is raking in because of the ongoing wars.

Zelensky, as always, is crying hoarse about Western aid not reaching in time. But according to Germany’s Kiel Institute of world economy, the US has directed about $75 billion in assistance to Ukraine, which includes humanitarian, financial, and military support, while dozens of other countries, including most members of NATO and the EU are also providing large aid packages to Ukraine.

Biden appears to be double-minded how the current warmongering could affect his bid for a second presidential term. Therefore, the charade of airdropping aid to Palestinians, overt show of asking Israel to go slow  and the resignation of Victoria Nuland; although the zebra can hardly change its stripes. But the googly of nuclear exchange could become real if some NATO countries deploy forces in Ukraine or escalate the war by supplying longer range weaponry to Kiev.

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is Former Director General of Information Systems and A Special Forces Veteran, Indian Army.

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