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Weaponizing Refugees
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 04 Jul , 2023

France has been on fire since 17year old Nahel M was shot at point-blank range by the police in Paris. Clashes between civilians and police erupted soon after the video of the incident went public. Some 1,350 vehicles and 234 buildings were either burned down or damaged, and 2,800 people arrested. On the fifth day of rioting, a Mayor’s wife and child were injured while trying to escape when a burning car rammed into their house. French President Emmanuel Macron, who has been facing flak for attending the farewell concert of Elton John in Paris during the rioting and killings, has blamed TikTok, Snapchat and video games for inciting the riots; which appears a diversion. German Chancellor Olof Scholz says Macron will be able to control the situation.

Interestingly, a tweet by Amy Mek (Internet personality) on July 1, 2023, included a video, in which, an Imam says that –“.. just 400 years ago at the time of the Ottoman Empire, the Islamic State had captured Poland and Austria, all countries of the former USSR and the Caucasus were under Islamic rule, China was ruled by Muslim Mongols until 1644 AD, Hungary was conquered in 1526 and India was ruled by Muslims in 1585; which shows Islam is capable to rule the world.”

The tweet by Amy Mek runs as follows:

Responding to a comment, Mek wrote: “Since 2017, my Twitter account has been banned in Germany and France for tirelessly trying to warn people about the consequences of their open borders policies…. Similarly, US media has attempted to keep Americans oblivious to the events unfolding in Europe…. while my Twitter account is banned, journalists and politicians in France and Germany, who voice the same concerns, live under 24/7 police protection…. The chilling reality is obscured from public view.”

Extracts of the tweet are given here because the Twitter link given may or may not open. But Amy Mek should know that the control of Twitter is in the USA (as also Snapchat which Macron mentioned) and why her Twitter accounts are blocked only in France and Germany.

Going back to World War II, the world must know what is behind the so-called Rule-Based Order American stunt; particularly the 75-year old CIA plan leading to the war in Ukraine which has made Europe more dependent on Washington (https://covertactionmagazine.com/2022/09/12/ukraine-the-cias-75-year-old-proxy/?s=03). While the US was busy painting rosy pictures of punishing war criminals,it went ahead to spread the Nazi culture, even appointing war criminals of the Third Reich inside the NATO hierarchy and set up.  The American charade of de-nazification was to make the Jews, Poles and countries like Hungary forget what Nazi Germany had done to them. This sham apparently has been very successful, looking at the European nations falling over each other; eager to support the US-led war on Russia using Ukraine as its proxy.

The above was not considered enough by American policy makers and Think Tanks. With no land borders to defend, the US perceived the biggest threat was from European unity and possibility of an EU defence and security set up. Hence, it was considered essential to emasculate Europe to such an extent that Europe would never question Washington, leave aside raising its head. Having the genes of Hitler, Germany was considered the best partner by America in spreading the Nazi ideology for advancing US national interests – something like choosing Pakistan in its so-called Global War on Terror.

There is much criticism today about the open door policy of France but why do we forget that it was German Chancellor Angela Merkel who championed the cause of opening Europe to millions of Syrian refugees, obviously on behest of the US. These refugees notably were not from Syria alone, which was known to European leaders but shielded from the public. Also, most of the refugees are criminals and not used to working to earn a living.

China’s strategy of ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ doesn’t even mention refugees as a non-military tool but the US came up with its strategy of weaponizing refugees. That is what is being witnessed in France with social media controls abroad. There is also speculation that the unrest is being fanned by the US to ensure Macron’s absolute support and commitment to the war in Ukraine. With Germany in its pocket, the US possibly perceives that France is the only nation that may question further fueling of the war in Ukraine. When Scholz says Macron would be able to control the crisis, he could be acting as America’s emissary for the ‘give and take’, which would benefit Scholz also.After all, the midget Merkel won another term for putting into motion America’s refugee weaponization program.

Recall the EU-Turkey Deal signed in March 2016 under which the EU is paying €6 billion to Turkey to improve the living conditions of refugees.  But this was only after Turkey was used by the US to arm and train the Islamic State in Turkey in 2012-2014 under US and British instructors (private military or regular) and using Turkey as a conduit for jihadis from all over the world to fuel the war in Iraq-Syria.The ongoing violence in France reminds one of the US-induced happening in Iraq, Syria, Libya, the Maidan Massacre in Ukraine in 2014 (in which 108 civilian protesters and 13 police officers were killed)and the attempt in Russia for a similar uprising in June 2023.

By all accounts Europe is headed for trouble and France perhaps is already in deep trouble, irrespective of whether Macron continues as the president or not. The BBC reported more than 200 mass shootings in the US this year until May 26 but many more have happened since then. Why would the US administration, which is hardly concerned about the violence at home, bother about the loss of lives in Europe as long as the EU remains on its leash?

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently spoke about a “sting” of racism he experienced growing, but that was with reference to the second Ashes test. He can hardly be expected to speak against the US weaponizing refugees, even as the British plan to send refugees to Rwanda has been scuttled by the judiciary and Sunak is reportedly negotiatingto send them instead to Italy. 

Amid all the camaraderie and heightened bonhomie nowadays being displayed by the US, our policy makers need to be watchful of attempts to create civil war conditions in India – like France or even worse. America has multiple tentacles in India and unrest may be triggered through multiple simultaneous actions including heightening polarization in the communities, which is not difficult with Manipur already simmering and politicians focused on elections.

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The views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the Indian Defence Review.

About the Author

Lt Gen Prakash Katoch

is Former Director General of Information Systems and A Special Forces Veteran, Indian Army.

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6 thoughts on “Weaponizing Refugees

  1. As per some report French police were instructed not to go in too hard for the fear of another incident, which may inflame tensions even more. Hence, rioters became emboldened and so many cities have been trashed. It was hoped that the rioters will simply run out of steam? But now the heat is spreading to other European countries as well.

    The nations that gives them home and food, when they needed most, is now being attacked. Which liberals or moderate peaceful will even dare to condemn it? That is the problem, that’s why radicals get their strength. Is silence of moderates due to fear or concurrence strengthen them?

  2. We Indians have been dealing with these fellows for centuries and the West mocked us. Now stop mocking others who are dealing with these fellows, protect your citizens and deport them. I hope the US takes a lesson from France.

  3. Welcome Jihadis to France, Sweden, Britain, Germany … Europe will pay for your sins. In general, I would be for humanity, but the ‘fancy placard’ and ‘candle groups’ have to understand the crimes they have indulged in by supporting the Jihadi Movement. All the best France and rest of Europe.

  4. This is the real face of Islam. When Indian cried for Islamic terrorism since long, Europeans laughed and labeled as “Islamophobic”. Now they will understand the pain of Indians.

  5. Sir, very well written article. But France is not alone, the whole Europe, which think it is still the master of whole human race, is going to feel the heat of Good Islam. As mentioned by you also, they already given hint for France, now the turn will be of London and others.

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