America’s Information War is Self Delusional
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 31 Mar , 2022

It is surprising to read some opinions that Ukraine, or rather the US and the West, is winning the information war. The reverse is actually true with America’s credibility falling along with the dollar having lost ground in its share of international currency reserves as reported by the IMF.US President Joe Biden is getting more and more desperate; talking of regime change in Russia and deploying dark eagle hypersonic missiles in Europe even as Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missiles and sea-launched Kalibr cruise missiles are striking targets in Western Ukraine with pinpoint accuracy.

Biden’s remark of “regime change” in Moscow has now been attributed to a faux pas by the White House. But Biden has publicly called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “butcher” and said he cannot stay in power.Biden said so during a meeting with refugees who have fled Ukraine to the Polish capital, and called the fight against Putin a “new battle for freedom”. This is quite amusing considering Biden has converted democratic America to a Global Autocracy.  

French President Emmanuel Macron called for restraint in both actions and words in dealing with the Russia-Ukraine war after Biden’s “butcher” remark for Putin. Biden has been criticized within the US as well because such a remark coming from the POTUS against the President of another country can hardly be ignored because of senility or dementia, whatever the case, given that the US record of butchery around the world over the last decades is well documented. In Serbia alone, the US-NATO dropped 15 tons of depleted uranium bombs which catapulted Serbia to number one in cancer patients in Europe, which is why despite a population of 84.6 percent Orthodox Christians Serbia vowed not to join NATO.

Interestingly, Biden’s public ratings are 41 percent compared to 71 percent of Putin – so who should stay in power? In Poland, Biden said that the war in Ukraine will not end till every refugee is returned to Ukraine. This implies that the US and the West will continue to fuel the conflict in Ukraine. The type of frequent statements being made by Biden are not very different from Yahya Khan, then President of Pakistan in 1971 including his slurred speech on the evening of December 15, 1971, that Pakistan will continue to fight for 100 years.

Getting back to the US-Ukraine information war, the West doesn’t need state media, it has corporations that own both the state and the media; much more potent and dangerous who together are blowing Biden’s trumpet. However, Scott Ritter, former US Marine Corps Intelligence officer and former UN Chief Weapons Inspector (1991-1998),  tweeted on March 27: “I’ve never seen such a level of self-delusion as what I’m witnessing on CNN this morning. They think Ukraine is winning the war. How are they going to spin Zelensky’s inevitable surrender, which is going to happen sooner rather than later?”

Ritter also wrote, “And then there are the retired Generals. Hertling comes to mind. First it was “Russia doesn’t have enough troops to take Kiev.” Then it was “Russia has failed because it didn’t take Kiev.” Never “Russia conducted a successful strategic fixing operation around Kiev.”Earlier, Ritter had exposed the 13 Pentagon-funded bio-labs in Ukraine plus the CIA and MI6 training neo-Nazis in Azov. Interestingly, on March 12 when Spitter revealed the bio-labs, a bot with over 2,72,546 edits attacked it in 24 hours from the same IP.

But the truth can hardly be hidden. The 2005 agreement between the US Department of Defence and Ukraine’s Ministry of Health came to light with US-funded bio-labs developing and storing dangerous pathogens in multiple centralized bio-labs in Ukraine. This was followed by another revelation that the Pentagon has been funding bio-labs in 25 countries for similarly developing and storing dangerous pathogens. 

Larry C Johnson, veteran CIA and the State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism who trained the US Military’s Special Operations personnel for 24 years, says that the Ukrainian army has been defeated and only mopping up is left. According to him, within the first 24 hours of Russian military operation, all Ukrainian ground radar intercept capabilities were wiped out enabling Russia to create its ‘No Fly Zone’ and despite US-NATO shoulder fired air-to-air missile supplies to Ukraine; Russia did not have to curtail combat air operations.

Johnson writes that Russians have split the Ukrainian Army into fragments and cut their lines of communication, have  consolidated their control of Mariupol and have secured all approaches on the Black Sea, with Ukraine cut off in the South and the North. He grades the Russian advance much faster than Hitler’s Nazis to reach Kiev in Operation Barbarossa and the US invasion of Iraq. According to him, the vast majority of the media (print and electronic) as well as Big Tech are supporting a massive propaganda campaign. Anyone who dares to raise legitimate questions is immediately tarred as a Putin puppet or a Russia stooge. When you cannot argue facts the only recourse is name calling.

Presently, Mariupol is under Russian control though mopping up is continuing of remnants of neo-Nazi groups who remain surrounded. This has established the land corridor from Donetsk to the Crimean peninsula which will continue to be held by Russia. Russian forces seized Slavutychon March 27, with the delivery of humanitarian aid, citizens surrendering the assault rifles given by the Ukrainian government, and Russian troops now patrol the city. Consolidation of the Donbas region by Russian troops is continuing even as Ukraine fired a missile at Donetsk killing nine people. Russia is continuing to strike US-western arms convoys in western Ukraine and working to enforce surrender in Eastern cities like Sumy and Kharkov that have been surrounded though humanitarian corridors have been constituted.  Pressure is being maintained on Kiev as well as the mercenaries. Russia will go for Odessa next though Ukraine has mined the approaches to it from the sea. 

The disinformation campaign by the US has affected media in India including some scholars and authors and the latest fad of YouTube News. An article in The Print titled ‘A nuclear threat hangs over the world until the Russian invasion is rolled back’ obfuscates the point totally that Russia was forced to undertake special operations in Ukraine because of an existential threat to its security. The actual reasons why the US is fuelling the conflict have been missed out in the article. The mention of Russia not being able to achieve a quick victory is in sharp contrast to the admiration of the Russia operations by Larry C Johnson, as mentioned above.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett had told the media after meeting Putin that he is very rational. But if Putin has to resort to nuclear weapons, it all depends on how the US wants to escalate conflict including false flag chemical or biological attack.The US and UK did carryout a false flag chemical attack not only in Syria but many countries. William Blum, US historian who has worked in the US State Department, has been quoted in these columns earlier who wrote, “Since 1945, the US has tried to overthrow more than 50 governments, many of them democratically elected; grossly interfered in 30 countries; bombed the civilian population of 30 countries; interfered in elections in 30 countries; used chemical and biological weapons; and attempted to assassinate foreign leaders. In many cases, Britain has been a collaborator.”

Ukrainian President Zelensky speaks frequently to Biden. He can end the conflict by picking up the phone and speaking directly to Putin. But being a puppet of Biden, he told Associated Press, “We must come to an agreement with the President of the Russian Federation, and in order to reach an agreement, he needs to get out of there on his own feet … and come to meet me.” – from the comedian at the receiving end who loves dancing in high heels.

The US does not want the conflict to end. Biden said, “We will not allow Zelensky to surrender……..So we are going to supply more weapons to Ukraine….Look, Russia is not winning that war either (sic). And we will keep increasing the pain……Till they restart the destroyed power plants….” Biden perhaps does not even know that bulk of the Uranium for the nuclear power plants in America comes from Russia.But this is Biden’s war on Russia using Ukraine as the proxy. Will Biden be able to continue it for 100 years – perhaps Yahya Khan would know the answer.

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About the Author

Lt Gen Prakash Katoch

is Former Director General of Information Systems and A Special Forces Veteran, Indian Army.

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4 thoughts on “America’s Information War is Self Delusional

  1. What is Russia’s end game in this conflict, and how much have they achieved so far? At whatever stage this war ends, the ultimate loser is Mr. Putin. If he had concerns over NATO expansion, this war has aggravated those concerns. Russia’s economy is suffering, and going continue downwards in time to come. It is not only what western media is saying, sir…

  2. Even in ancient times, Psy W was a very imp part of a Nation’s image bldg.

    Visiting dignitaries, traders passing through were given a glimpse of the military drills being practiced and general rumour of an ongoing plg to subjugate a neighbor and this would start much much before, creating unrest and worry in the tgt nation, lowering its morale .

    US has over last ten years invested over $5 bn in Ukraine resulting in the 2014 coup and ascent of Zelensky.

    As now, even then, Russia, without paying heed to perception management, invaded Donbas and Crimea , with the countries controlling the Information domain standing by as mere onlookers.

    And despite the then Western narrative, the world moved on .

    This instance too, Russia isn’t bothered as it knows it doesn’t have the reach and acceptability in a world dominated by the Anglo Saxons , in shaping perception.

    (And Russia Today has been taken off ).

    What Putin has done over last 20 years has made him extremely popular with all Russians, Central Asian and African nations. Even South African Government isn’t buying the western narrative.
    In last UN vote, 5 voted against the motion and 39 abstained, a huge jump in numbers of those who saw through western narrative. S and E Asia( less 3 nations) too are with Russia.

    Zelensky is a media creation. This narrative of being invaded and Ukraine being the David, fighting with his back against the wall has been thought off much before hand by West and I even doubt if Zelensky is in Ukraine as his frequent broadcasts are uninterrupted and ongoing.

    Sir, Russians are possibly one of the most intelligent in the world andare the only one to crack the algorithm of Apple. They are masters in Cyber W, the best.

    But the nation still has deep rooted culture which largely is unaffected by western gung ho influence. This possibly too is preventing Russia to up their Cyber W or Info W .
    Or else they would have destroyed the Kyiv

  3. Fail to understand who is delusional! The author is probably on his own trip! Wake up General! The war may be over and Ukraine may have been overrun in your dreams. Quoting a mad cap like Larry Johnson to buttress your argument is shocking!

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