Trump's Next Presidency Promises a Significant Shift From The Past
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 20 Feb , 2024

According to all recent polls, Donald Trump is projected to win by a landslide against Joe Biden or any of the Democratic Party candidates. Over the past four years, Biden has created a series of mess-ups both in the United States and worldwide due to his disastrous diplomacy—from Afghanistan to Ukraine and now Gaza. Moreover, Joe Biden has also been attempting to ignite another proxy war in Taiwan, thus pushing America into the rivalry against two powerful nations: Russia and China.

Meanwhile, political pundits in most nations worldwide have begun evaluating the potential consequences of Trump’s presidency or the fate of Biden’s decisions, including the war in Ukraine. Although Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, during the Munich Security Conference, vowed to continue the war indefinitely and sought financial and military assistance from the United States and European nations, everything may dramatically change after November 5, 2024 this year. Donald Trump is not in favor of giving billions of dollars to Ukraine to continue its war against Russia. Trump may also make almost similar decisions regarding Israel’s ongoing war against Gaza. Many analysts suggest that Trump’s next presidency might not be good news for Hamas or its patrons, including Qatar, as he may initiate some extremely tough measures in these cases.

Donald Trump’s next presidency may bring surprises to many nations worldwide, especially Iran, Ukraine, and Palestine. While he might succeed in pressuring Zelensky into reaching a peace deal with Russia, it is still too early to predict if Zelenskywill be able to do so. He would face tremendous pressure from his generals and the top brass of the Neo-Nazi Azov Battalions. Unless he convinces them, it would not be surprising if Volodymyr Zelensky is ousted from power and forced to flee Ukraine. In that case, Ukraine may enter the second phase of war against Russia under the command of its military generals and the Azov Battalions. This could indeed become a real Herculean task for Trump. Similarly, Trump’s hardline approach towards Palestinians and any punitive measures against Hamas and Qatar may generate further complications once pro-Iran forces in Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and other Middle Eastern nations begin direct war against Israel.

As Donald Trump’s victory on November 5,2024 is becoming almost imminent, there is debate on his public perception – which at least until now says – he is arrogant, slanderous, hot-headed and reckless. He also has been cruel – to a certain degree – to illegal immigrants, particularly Muslims. Most importantly, Donald Trump during the previous term had aborted the globalist formula and restricted the US from playing the role of the world cop – America First is his mantra. Trump had mainly focused on America’s domestic issues while he initiated construction of the wall to stop migrant floodgates from South American and other nations. This particular decision had received huge criticism from the Democrats and their loyal media. As a result, when Biden won the election in 2020, he almost opened the borders thus enabling hundreds and thousands of illegal migrants to enter the United States, which now has turned into one of the major headaches for America and Americans.

With all of these track records, one may ask, shall Donald Trump show even more aggressive attitude once he sits in the Oval Office?

According to my own assessment, during the past few years of his facing continuous assault from Biden, US establishment and intelligence agency’s cruel persecution, possibly Trump now realizes, the key issues that he needs to take care are very much within his own country, while none of the foreign nations or races pose threat to America – neither China, nor Russia or even Muslims.

Donald Trump possibly now also understands, unless American politicians, particularly Washington swamps are stopped for good, the country shall ultimately push towards a civil war, where 450 million weapons would come out of households thus turning the US into far-worse chaotic than Libya or Iraq.

For the post-November 5, 2024 new POTUS, the priority should be to address crises, problems, and potential threats within their own country rather than assuming the role of a global cop. Congress President Joe Biden has extended armed conflicts worldwide, aligning with a faction of warmongers whose economic interests converge with him, and it costs lives and diminishes respect for American society. President Biden initiated controversial agendas beginning with Ukraine and concluding with Yemen, facing complete debacles everywhere and opening new war fronts as a fig leaf to conceal his failures.

Both the Republican and Democratic parties in America are suffering from a leadership vacuum. Both parties face the oldest leadership in American history. This is very harmful in the American political context. As a number one superpower, the leader must have strong physical and mental appearance. Moreover, there is a wide gap in public opinion and popularity between Donald Trump and his closest rival, Nikki Haley, in the Republican Party. Similarly, there is no immediate successor to Joe Biden in Congress.

The national intelligence agencies have exhibited unprecedented political bias in American history under the last two presidents. This biased state of affairs in organizations has led to a gradual decline in America’s influence worldwide. The nation is slipping away from its once-held position as the number one superpower. When state institutions display favoritism towards a political party, the governance system of that country tends to weaken, ultimately leading to collapse. Both Trump and Biden have employed similar tactics to target each other, which exhibited the erosion of democratic morality in the American political landscape.

In the context of the Russia-Ukraine war, Trump has pledged to resolve the conflict within 24 hours and would encourage Zelensky to implement the US-proposed deal. Trump’s foreign policy stance is clear that he would prioritize from a globalist to a nationalist approach. Conversely, Biden is accused of destabilizing the Balkans and Europe, hindering their path to prosperity. This is considered one of Donald Trump’s significant manifesto – maintaining peace globally. Indeed, Donald Trump stands out as the only president who actively avoided seeking war in any region. His commitment to maintaining peace and reluctance to engage in conflicts set him apart from his predecessors, making him a unique figure in recent political history. Trump aims to sustain this approach, although he has shown favoritism towards Israel in the past, and this is expected to continue. He plans to exert pressure on Iran, keeping its proxy forces occupied through third parties. It wouldn’t be surprising if Trump opts for a more robust stance against Iran.

Trump’s presidency has been successful in certain areas, as evidenced by the initiatives he set in motion, many of which the Biden administration has continued without minimal alterations. Notably, Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, and the Biden administration, despite promises, has made no progress on that deal. The new trade war strategy of Trump against China, has persisted under the Biden administration. Trump’s one-sided policy for favoring Israel remains unchanged during Biden’s tenure.  And the Biden administration could not bring any paradigm shift towards peace talks. Additionally, Trump’s strict stance on illegal immigrants and political asylum seekers is a focal point in his election campaign.

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