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The Vanguard of India’s Defence: High Technology Ground Support Equipment
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 10 May , 2024

TIL Transporter Cum Loader Vehicle

Our nation has taken the global spotlight, and the world is waiting to see the India growth story unfold as it charts the trillion-dollar economy path. However, for this exponential growth to continue unencumbered we must bolster our defence capabilities.

This is where TIL Limited is uniquely positioned to serve the nation in both civilian and uniformed guise. Since 1944, TIL Limited has been partnering India’s infrastructure & defence with its extensive range of high technology equipment. Let us look at some models that are critical to ensure India’s defence forces are agile and combat ready on all fronts.

The AKASH Transporter cum Loader Vehicle (TLV) is designed for transporting six prepared articles and loading/unloading of articles on to the AKASH AIR FORCE LAUNCHER (AAFL) and transporting them from their depot to the technical battery. The vehicle chassis TATRA T815 is manufactured by M/s. BEML, Bengaluru.

The Vehicle is utilized to accommodate different systems/assemblies such as – under frame, floor structure, “A” frames with cross members for holding articles, hydraulic loader, emergency power pack (qualified in accordance with NATO Standard Test Program AEP 5), fire extinguisher, spare wheel mounting frame, foldable footsteps ladder and a weatherproof collapsible canopy system. The TLV system is designed and validated for operation in harsh weather conditions (operating temperature: (-) 300 C to + 55 0 C; storage temperature: (-) 400 C to + 70 0 C; altitude: up to 4000 m above the mean sea level; relative humidity: 100%)

The Auto loader crane, with nominal lifting capacity of 12 Ton Meter, fitted at the rear of the vehicle, is designed for loading/unloading of the articles. All crane operations are done hydraulically. The loader crane can be operated from the ground by operating the control valve levers or through a wired remote-control unit.

TIL Pinaka Loader cum Replenishment Vehicle (LCR)

The Pinaka Loader cum Replenishment Vehicle (LCR) stands as a formidable pillar in the logistics backbone for the Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket System (MBRS). Strategically positioned at the vehicle’s rear, the loader boasts an advanced articulated and folding dipper equipped with telescopic, power-operated boom sections. First forged in 1998, this robust machine has been strategically deployed across the nation’s critical defence locales, underscoring its pivotal role in bolstering India’s military might.

Tested and ready for desert operations the Pinaka LCR, with nominal lifting capacity of 17.5 Ton Meter, is capable of a minimum slewing speed of 10 degree per second, offers a 360-degree continuous slewing angle and has a minimum single line hoist speed of 18 m/min. It comes equipped with an emergency engine which offers an added layer of confidence while operating under sub-zero temperature and harsh weather conditions. Pinaka LCR crane also comes with a special feature of auto opening-closing with the operation of a single lever.

This heavy duty rough terrain mobile crane RT630C-HD is designed and developed exclusively to cater to the requirements of Indian Army. The system is designed for operation in (-) 150 C to 45 0 C of ambient temperature and up to 4500 m above MSL.


The TIL RT630C-HD also boasts of a 22-degree approach angle and 24-degree departure angle making it extremely capable in extreme off-road conditions. With a nominal lifting capacity of 30 T, it can reach a maximum speed of 30 km/h on metaled roads. It’s ability to be started in sub-zero temperatures and its large 220 L tank that offer reliability in remote locations.

While TIL Limited will continue to manufacture the trio for the tri-services, the company also has plans to expand its product portfolio and we will see more TIL machines in active duty safeguarding the interest of the country. Jai hind!

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Pinaki Niyogy

is CTO & COO, TIL Limited

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One thought on “The Vanguard of India’s Defence: High Technology Ground Support Equipment

  1. In one word he is the backbone of TIL, I feel proud to work , devolop under his guidance. His brain is a robot which performs gives new shape to each machine how to perform better to give the best results in practical field. In one word he has a god gifted brain. The machines are just toy to him. The telescopic boom its design and performance is in his finger tips. My full gratitude to him to be my mentor in this MHE business. We expect more and more latest technologies from him.

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