The myths on Pakistan
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 31 Dec , 2014

Indians have been spoon-fed for decades that stable Pakistan alone is necessary for India’s growth. Or that united Pakistan poses less threat than fragmented Pakistan. The myth propagated is that in case Pakistan breaks, the population of Pakistan will migrate to India and become a burden. Another laughable myth is that the armies that came in  from Central Asia over the centuries, merely came to settle but it was the British from the sea who alone invaded India!

First, this is falsehood. Second, these statements are churned out in electronic and print media as if Indians control the destiny of Pakistan. The unity or break-up of Pakistan is entirely dependent on the government and the Army of Pakistan and the policies they follow. Third, as an example, creation of Bangladesh by splitting Pakistan is regularly quoted by Indian experts for the headaches Bangladesh created for India after assassination of Sheikh Mujibhur Rahman.

Indians have been spoon-fed for decades that united Pakistan poses less threat than fragmented Pakistan.

Today with return of Prime Minister Sheikh Haseena, we have resolved mutually most of the issues with Bangladesh. However, East Pakistan population on break-up did not come and sit on our heads as is being visualized by many Indians. It is falsely proposed that if Bangladesh had not split, Pakistan Army would be divided between unrest in Bangladesh (East Pakistan) and on our Western Borders.

In the worst case scenario, Pakistan would have resolved issues with East Pakistan in an internal settlement and continued to pose two-front threats on the western and the eastern borders. In addition, its military pact with China will be another major front to tackle. Thereby most of India’s land borders would be under turmoil.

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Similarly, if Pakistan splinters neither the population will migrate to India nor Pakistan will be able to pose the kind of military threat that it does at present. Their increasing internal contradictions will keep them extremely busy within. However, our mandarins thoughtlessly propose that break-up of Pakistan will create havoc for India, though they neither control the destiny of Pakistan nor have any influence in Islamabad to stop it from committing suicide!

Indians can live with Pakistan without any rancor provided Pakistan gives up its anti-India activity. However, the truth is that it is for Pakistan to learn to live with India.

The fact of the matter is that break-up of Pakistan (though we have no say in such matters), actually benefits the democracies.

This article first published in IDR Net Edition | Date: 13 Jan , 2012.

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About the Author

Bharat Verma

A former Cavalry Officer and former Editor, Indian Defence Review (IDR), and author of the books, India Under Fire: Essays on National Security, Fault Lines and Indian Armed Forces.

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7 thoughts on “The myths on Pakistan

  1. It is unfortunate that majority of the Defense officers have no clear idea about our actual defence requirements and do not know what is happening in the world. The defence policies followed by all the previous Governments were to make this country one of the biggest military powers in the world and not a developed country like Japan, South Korea, Australia and Canada.
    “The Indian Navy is one of the largest in the world, and as of 2014 possesses two aircraft carriers, one amphibious transport dock, 9 Landing ship tanks, 9 destroyers, 15 frigates, one nuclear-powered attack submarine, 14 conventionally-powered attack submarines, 25 corvettes, 7 mine counter-measure vessels, 10 large offshore patrol vessels, 4 fleet tankers and various auxiliary vessels and small patrol boats.” Despite this, the Navy failed to prevent the 2008 terrorist attack.
    Similarly IAF is one of the largest in the world.. We are in 4th position and China in the third position. But we have far superior planes than China. Without a permanent base in the Indian Ocean China cannot attack India. Only USA and Western countries are still spreading rumors against China, so that they can sell their defense equipments to India.

  2. The breaking up of Pakistan is of great benefit to India. As you have highlighted in your article titled “If Pakistan splinters”, a broken Pakistan is detrimental to China. In particular, an independent Balochistan is immensely detrimental to China. I do believe that India can find a strategic partner in the US for this cause. An independent and anti-Pakistan Balochistan will be sympathetic to India. The Baloch people, in general, like India (extreme jihadi elements notwithstanding). The USA has needed Pakistan only because of access-control to Afghanistan. Once an independent Balochistan exists, the need for any alliance with Pakistan will no longer be present.

    The only issue is that you mention India has no say in such matters. That is not true. R&AW has exceptional covert capabilities as has been demonstrated by their work in erstwhile East Pakistan and pre-Gujral Balochistan. I believe India is capable of being a great help in the creation of Balochistan as an independent nation. It will, no doubt, kill multiple birds with one stone:
    (1) weaken Pakistan further, thereby reducing a constant headache for India
    (2) significantly diminish sea-based threat of terrorism from Pakistan
    (3) give Baloch people a much deserved freedom from the Pakistani oppression (legally, Baloch should have been independent, as it was for the 9 month period before the Pakistani army marched in).
    (4) deny China access to the Arabian sea (except through a narrow vulnerable land route through Sindh, pinched between Balochistan and India).
    (5) through Balochistan, enable future covert operations in Sindh.
    (6) through Balochistan, strengthen bilateral relationship with Iran (there are many of doing this, but there’s no point building castles in the air right now).

    Finally, I would like to point out that helping Bangladesh become independent was the right thing to do back in 1971. The problem arose for India because India remained aloof of Bangladesh’s internal matters after 1971.

  3. Indians have been spoon-fed for decades “¦that united Pakistan poses less threat than fragmented Pakistan……

    reckless statement……….this statement proves that indian government also the thinking class of the country only wants to worsen the relations….pakistan on the other hand wants improved relations……and there are many reasons…

    1.pakistan proposed india for a most favorite nation for improved relations.
    2.pakistans government used every step to make good ties at various conferences where prime ministers of both countries met…
    3.even in pakistan most of the government officials always mentioned that many of the conferences and meetings were a victory of india as many extremist parties would not allow the prime minister [of india] to freely talk with pakistan.
    4.extremist parties have never considered pakistani people to be equal to indian.
    5.GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT have changed intelligence agencies tactics to interfere less in other countries matter but
    6.government of india have not changed with world they considered and want to consider pakistan as terrorist…
    7.A GOOD FIRST STEP BY PAKISTAN FOR INDOPAK cricket ties…indian government doesnt wanted to play for more 10 years…[but also thanks for playing with pakistan].
    8.if u take bombay attacks……then what about samjhota express…

    pakistan is necessary for india……………………
    1.if pakistan is conqured by india tommorow then america will put pressure on india to fight……india have not done sufficient against …tamil fighter..etc… can they do their best against taliban and al-qaeda…[the best gurillas and american trained troops]
    2.pakistan is a border between taliban and india….if removed then say u r prayers for many ther 9-11.
    3.pakistan if removed then extremist parties wiil not have anything to agitate people for voting…………..
    4.aggression against pakistan unites much of india if not then there will be broken india..

    pray for good relations..

    • stop ur militancy and terrorism first ..only then trade happens ..dont give a pro pakistani defensive minded answers and explanation ..whole world knows what pakistan does in the region ie spreading terrorism ..end ur shit with ur shit and then talk development .
      we dont want to conquer u .. we dont even want ur ppl back into india … we dont even care of pakistani nationals understand .
      either end ur terrorism , ur army is leading us to a war which is not good for development bt india has to defend itself and it wont back out , it will be the last war

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