Takshashila announces the 'B Raman Fellowship for Geopolitical Analysis'
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 10 Mar , 2011

The Takshashila Institution, an independent, non-partisan, networked think tank, Sunday March 6th 2011, launched the B Raman Fellowship for Geopolitical Analysis—to encourage, recognise and reward exemplary individuals who raise the quality of the discourse on international relations using the internet and new media.

Eligibility and Expectation

The Fellowship will be awarded to Indian nationals, from any discipline, educational background or occupation, who demonstrate the potential to analyse geopolitical events on an ongoing basis and explain them to the the public at large. The Fellow is required to publish articles regularly, online and in the mainstream media.

The Fellowship is awarded for the period of one year and will only be awarded to an extraordinary candidate. Fellows may pursue other full-time or part-time occupations during their tenure. The Fellowship carries a stipend of Rs 100,000.


Nominations can be made on an ongoing basis through Members, Fellows or Councillors of the Takshashila Institution. These will be evaluated by an anonymous evaluation panel and tabled for approval by Takshashila’s Fellowship Committee.

For more information, contact:

Mr Aruna Urs, Programme Manager


Tel: +91-77603 14123

 (The Takshashila Institution—a public charitable trust registered in Chennai—contributes towards building the intellectual foundations of an India that has global interests. It aims to establish itself as one of the most credible voices in India’s public policy discourse, known for its unambiguous pursuit of the national interest, through consistent high-quality policy advisories)

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