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Forging Bonds of Strength: The 5th Edition of India-Uzbekistan Joint Military Exercise DUSTLIK
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 16 Apr , 2024

The Indian Army contingent embarked today for the illustrious 5th edition of the India-Uzbekistan joint military Exercise DUSTLIK, marking a significant stride in bilateral cooperation. This prestigious Exercise, slated from 15th to 28th April 2024, unfolds its activities in Termez, within the picturesque landscape of the Republic of Uzbekistan. DUSTLIK, a cornerstone of military collaboration, alternates its venue between India and Uzbekistan, with the previous edition being hosted in the scenic enclave of Pithoragarh (India) in February 2023.

The exercise focuses on cultivating robust military ties by emphasizing rigorous physical conditioning, joint strategizing, and tactical maneuvers, particularly in mountainous and semi-urban landscapes.

Comprising 60 dedicated personnel, the Indian Armed Forces delegation boasts 45 valiant members from the illustrious JAT Regiment, with an additional 15 skilled individuals hailing from the Indian Air Force.

On the other side, the Uzbekistan contingent, encompassing approximately 100 stalwarts from the Uzbekistan Army and Air Force, emanates from the esteemed Southern Operational Command, a vital segment of the South-West Military District.

The overarching goal of Exercise DUSTLIK is to cultivate robust military ties and bolster joint operational capacities, particularly in mountainous and semi-urban landscapes. Emphasizing a rigorous regimen of physical conditioning, joint strategizing, and tactical maneuvers, the exercise delves into the intricacies of specialized combat techniques.

Tactical scenarios abound in this edition, encompassing the establishment of a Joint Command Post, the deployment of an Intelligence & Surveillance Centre, securing critical landing sites, and executing specialized heliborne operations.

Additionally, the agenda features intricate drills such as Small Team Insertion & Extraction, Cordon and Search Operations, Room Intervention Drills, and the controlled demolition of illegal structures.

This year’s Exercise DUSTLIK integrates multi-domain operations, demonstrating synergy between combat support arms and services alongside infantry…

The complexity of this year’s Exercise DUSTLIK is magnified by the integration of multi-domain operations, showcasing the synergy between combat support arms and services alongside the infantry. Notably, the inclusion of two distinguished Women Officers, one from the Regiment of Artillery and the other from the Army Medical Corps, underscores the commitment to gender-inclusive participation.

Through the exchange of best practices in tactics, techniques, and procedures, Exercise DUSTLIK serves as a crucible for refining joint operational capabilities.

Moreover, it nurtures inter-operability, camaraderie, and mutual understanding among soldiers from both nations, thereby fortifying defense cooperation and fostering enduring bonds between India and Uzbekistan.

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