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Sikorsky to Upgrades Royal Saudi Land Forces BLACK HAWK Helicopters
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 16 Nov , 2011

Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) announced the signing of a follow-on contract with the Royal Saudi Land Forces Aviation Command (RSLFAC) to upgrade its fleet of BLACK HAWK UH-60A helicopters to the more modern UH-60L aircraft configuration. SAS is the aftermarket division of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX). The parties anticipate that as a result of this upgrade program the RSLFAC’s fleet of 12 UH-60A BLACK HAWK helicopters will benefit from improved performance, increased mission readiness, extended service life, and reduced maintenance and support costs.

“Our A-to-L conversion program for the UH-60A BLACK HAWK helicopters provides the Saudi Land Forces with a cost-effective option to extend the service life of their fleets while permitting better integration with newer BLACK HAWK helicopter models,” said David Adler, President of Sikorsky Aerospace Services.

Based on the success of the H-60 Helicopter Recapitalization and Upgrade Program for U.S. Army BLACK HAWK aircraft, the H-60 helicopter modernization program offers comprehensive fleet upgrades for Sikorsky’s global customers. The RSLFAC A-to-L conversion plan is the second international modernization program under contract with SAS.

The A-to-L upgrade program incorporates key improvements consisting of a T700 to T701D engine upgrade for increased power and reliability, and upgraded flight controls, avionics and instrument panel modifications. Additionally, each upgraded H-60 helicopter will be equipped with a new Aircraft Flight Control Computer (AFCC) as well as new wiring harnesses, a high speed shaft and a sealed lead acid battery.

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