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Rheinmetall breaking new ground in the world of high-tech simulation
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 16 Nov , 2011

With over 35 years’ experience in providing simulation and training systems to armies, air forces and navies around the globe, Rheinmetall Defence’s Simulation and Training division is well placed to meet the challenges of tomorrow. The Group’s broad spectrum of simulation competencies enables it to create optimum training systems for future joint and combined missions. At I/ITSEC 2011 Rheinmetall Defence is presenting pioneering innovations in the field of flight simulation technology, live training systems for ground forces, serious gaming for high-end training as well as maritime simulation technology.

ANTares – a new dimension in tactical training

On display at I/ITSEC 2011 in Orlando, Florida, is Rheinmetall’s ANTares modular tactical training system. Designed to meet the exacting needs of the military for joint and combined training, ANTares provides fully networked and interoperable air, land and maritime weapon platform simulators in a realistic, high-intensity virtual combat training environment.

Rheinmetall-ANTaresSupported by Rheinmetall Defence’s “Rapid Generation Database”, which generates authentic mission training with up-to-date reconnaissance data, the ANTares’ architecture and design enable rapid deployment to the area of operations for exceptionally effective mission rehearsal. Using commercial off-the-shelf equipment and a common design for all simulated weapon platforms, ANTares’ advanced system design reduces lifecycle costs by minimizing maintenance needs while assuring future technology growth potential.

At the Rheinmetall Defence stand, visitors will find a detailed model of the mobile ANTares training system, an impressive display that brings a whole new dimension to tactical training.

Land simulation: the latest generation of gunnery and combat simulators

As a global leader in live, virtual and constructive simulation, at I/ITSEC 2011, Rheinmetall Defence is showcasing its state-of-the-art live training products, including advanced MOUT training technologies. Orders have recently been placed for two such live training systems, with one going to Russia and another to the Middle East.

Rheinmetall-Land-SimulationThe live training solutions will be presented together with the latest generation of virtual combat and gunnery training systems utilizing gaming technologies for advanced land forces simulation systems.

Visitors can inspect a Leopard 2 tank gunnery trainer demonstrator at the Group’s stand, as well as its constructive war game simulation system, including an advanced 3D viewer and a communication systems simulator designed for higher echelon training exercises from brigade up to army level.

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