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Parliament Delegation Witnesses the Might of Indian Army at Exercise Sudarshan Shakti
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 05 Dec , 2011

A delegation of Parliamentarians of India, visited Rajasthan and witnessed the Southern Army along with South western air command(SWAC) in action as part of one of the largest exercise of Indian Army; EXERCISE SUDARSHAN SHAKTI, coinciding with the SWAC Exercise MAHAGUJRAJ.


The MPs on arrival from Delhi were taken to the exercise location where the Southern Army Commander, Lt Gen AK Singh, provided them an overview of the Southern Theatre. The Strike Corps Commander Lt Gen Sanjeev Langer, apprised the MPs about the various aspects of the exercise. The MPs were than given a tour of the Command and Control set-up of the Sudarshan Chakra Corps, besides a glimpse of the hi-tech equipment on display.

The MPs witnessed manoeuvres by the troops and tanks of Southern Army across a formidable obstacle in conjunction with the air effort. The MPs also gained first-hand experience by visiting the operational tactical level units to understand the nuances of their operational level activities and interact with troops.

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