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Jet-powered unmanned Predator C Avenger successfully flown
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Issue Vol. 27.2 Apr-Jun 2012 | Date : 01 Jun , 2012

The second prototype of the Predator C Avenger a jet-powered unmanned aircraft system from General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc (GAASI) was successfully flown in California in February this year. As per the company, all performance parameters were met with during the test flight. The first prototype was flown in January and two more are under assembly.

Predator C Avenger

The Predator C Avenger is 44 feet long, has a cruise speed of over 460 miles per hour, an endurance in excess of 16 hours and can climb to a maximum altitude of 60,000 feet. It has a payload capability of up to 3,500lbs internally and can carry bombs on hard points on the wing. Avionics aboard the aircraft are based on those used aboard the Predator B/MQ-9 Reaper. “The Predator C Avenger offers unique advantages in terms of performance, cost, time-scale and adaptability that are unmatched by any other Unmanned Aircraft System in its class,” said Frank Pace, President, Aircraft Systems Group, GAASI.

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