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Irkut to Upgrade India's Su-30
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 14 Nov , 2011

In a deal to upgrade the Su-30MKI fleet of the IAF so as to provide it with capabilities similar to that of fifth-generation combat aircraft, Russia’s Irkut Corporation confirmed that negotiations for the upgrade of the Su-30MKI, of which the IAF will eventually operate 272, are at an advanced stage.

Su-30Alexei Fedorov, the head of Irkut, announced that, in addition to an upgrade in cockpit avionics and enhancements to the aircraft’s radar, the so-called ‘Super Sukhoi’ will also receive modifications aimed at improving stealth capabilities. The ‘Super Sukhoi’ would be enabled to carry a heavier weapons load, including the Indo-Russian developed BrahMos cruise missile. The enhancements to the aircraft’s radar could include upgrading the existing NIIP N011M Bars radar with an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) antenna thereby offering a substantial improvement in performance.

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