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INS Dweeprakshak Commissioned on Kavaratti in Lakshadweep
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 30 Apr , 2012

INS Dweeprakshak, the latest Naval Base of Indian Navy was commissioned at Kavaratti in the Lakshadweep archipelago today by Vice Admiral KN Sushil, Flag Officer Commanding in Chief Southern Naval Command. The event marks an important mile stone in the Navy’s resolve to incrementally augment the security infrastructure at the strategically important Lakshadweep Islands.

The commissioning ceremony was marked by grandeur and solemnity befitting the occasion. A 50 men Guard was paraded in honour of the Commander in Chief on arrival. The ceremony of naming the establishment was performed by Smt Sunitha Ismail, Chairperson State Social Welfare Board. Thereafter Captain SM Hanchinal, Commanding Officer, read out the Commissioning Warrant and of the Naval Ensign was hoisted as the Southern Naval Command band played the National Anthem.

Saying “Lakshadweep islands form the maritime frontiers of our country on the Western side” Vice Admiral KN Sushil noted that the commissioning of a full fledged Naval Base was another milestone in the commitment of the Indian Navy to maintain effective coastal surveillance and defence capability. The Admiral also complimented the crew of the INS Dweeprakshak and exhorted them to do their utmost in the discharge of their responsibilities. He also informed the gathering that radar stations and other surveillance measures were in place for shipping traffic monitoring and intelligence gathering.

Indian Navy has been operating a detachment at Kavaratti since early eighties. With the commissioning of INS Dweeprakshak, the island territories would see calibrated strengthening of assets in step with their growing relevance to the security calculus of the Nation. A firmer footing in the islands, which are spread out astride some of the busiest shipping lanes of the world would provide the necessary wherewithal to the Indian Navy to discharge its responsibilities suitably. Indian Naval Warships on patrol would now extend their reach farther with base support from INS Dweeprakshak.

Commanding Officer INS Dweeprakshak will also function as Naval Officer in Charge Lakshadweep and Minicoy. Dr N Vasanth Kumar Chairman of Lakshadweep Welfare Board, District Panchayat Member Shri Jallaluddin Koya, Commodore MR Ajaykumar, Naval Officer in Charge Kerala, Commodore Ajay Saxena, Chief Staff Officer Operations of Southern Naval Command, Mr Ajay Kumar Superintendent of Police and a large gathering of local community witnessed the function.

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2 thoughts on “INS Dweeprakshak Commissioned on Kavaratti in Lakshadweep

  1. Best wishes for Navy project Jatayu at lakshadweep. Suggestions which could be useful. As lakshadweep is having multiple islands infrastructure in this remote area is most important. Standby barge mounted desalination plant for emergency cases could be shifted . As there are many islands selecting an island with good elevation size of the largest aircraft carrier. With ground mounted catapult arrangements on a short runway this can be used in hilly areas of our northern border also. Aircraft underground bunkers with controlled atmosphere like humidity, saline atmosphere using sea water 100 mtrs below which is at 18 degC. For air-conditioning, Dehumidifiers can generate sweet water. Using artificial intelligence AI for runway with color of sand. Laser lighting to penetrate clouds, fog with color coding for left & right side,for exact visual touch down approach. ILS laser feedback for a theoretical touch down curve. ATC tower conventional or telescopic with 360* cameras which can go underground in case of emergency. Multiple short runways on different islands. Solar energy, wind mills for renewable energy. The size of islands are small & distance also more when viewed through Google maps. Don’t know the elevation above sea level the project has to withstand harsh weather conditions during monsoon.Turbojet ferry service between islands for quick service.We should have quick slipway for destroyers,gun boats at suitable location to keep these equipment on ground to save fuel with natural camouflaged roof to save from rain & sun .
    As we have a large coastline of 7000km+ on mainland its my view to have navy & coastguard with state of the art satellite, optical cable,microwave link watch towers.Also radar facilities missile launch pads multiple of 150 to 200kms. To make coastline stronger. Also 3 to 5 km stretch of land on coast outside city/town should be made available exclusively for Navy activities. With no fishing activities. It’s only a view there could be better str

  2. Lakshadweep naval base at Minicoy is an important milestone for the oldest civilization. Everyone knows about Somanath temple created thousands of years ago by our powerful ancestors. When modern compass was not available. There is an arrow marked on an stone post showing the direction of center & magnetic point of earth at south pole . Which is 12000 kms away !!! Without any obstruction of any land mass on the way. Probably lords Trishul could move in that direction. In our times what is appropriate is to test missile from Somanath range can be 12000kms or Lakshadweep if the direction is slightly turned to a distance of 1425 kms to Minicoy Island. It’s only a wild suggestion don’t know much about missile launching programs. This could be possible from Balasore also as i have heard the sentence fell in bay of Bengal. We love peace World believes in flexing muscles. like a lion king in animal world !!!

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