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F-35s for Turkey
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Issue Vol. 27.2 Apr-Jun 2012 | Date : 19 Jun , 2012

Turkey is all set to purchase two of Lockheed Martin’s next generation F-35 fighter jets expected to be delivered in 2015. In the long term, Turkey plans to acquire a total of 100 of these machines. The decision paves the way for Turkey’s formal participation in the US-led nine-nation Joint Strike Fighter consortium.

Lockheed Martiin's F-35

Other members of the consortium include the United States, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Norway and Denmark. Japan and Israel have also said they would purchase the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Apart from the fixed wing combat aircraft, Turkey also plans to buy 15 light choppers from Bell Helicopter of the US for use by the Turkish National Police. These machines are to be employed for maintenance of law and order.

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