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Eurocopter inaugurates its new Eurocopter India subsidiary
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 20 Oct , 2010

Eurocopter today inaugurated its new Indian subsidiary, which has been given the goals of expanding the world’s largest helicopter manufacturer’s commercial presence in this highly-promising marketplace, reinforcing its support and services network throughout the country, and further developing the company’s four-decade relationship with Indian industry.


Eurocopter currently has 23 civil and government customers currently operating its helicopter products in India, with these rotary-wing aircraft performing duties that range from the support of offshore oil and gas drilling to VIP, corporate and passenger transportation. In addition to reinforcing these current markets, Eurocopter also is working with Indian institutions, companies and associations to develop new markets such as law enforcement, helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS), disaster management and utility.

Eurocopter’s growing product line is well suited for the full spectrum of operations in India. Its AS365 Dauphin is the country’s preferred helicopter for off-shore, para-public and government transport; while the EC135, EC145 and AS350 Ecureuil family are perfectly tailored to India’s emergency medical services and law enforcement duties. The AS350 and EC130 meet Indian operational needs in passenger transport, VIP service and tourism. Eurocopter’s EC225 Super Puma responds to India’s deepwater offshore mission requirements and for search & rescue operations, which will be reinforced with the company’s new EC175 – which has the range and payload capabilities required in India’s west and east coast basins.

Another priority for the new Eurocopter India subsidiary is the expansion of the company’s industrial cooperation, building on the 40-year relationship with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) – which has produced 600 of the company’s Lama and Alouette III helicopters under license. Today, HAL is manufacturing some 100 shipsets of airframe components per year for the AS550/AS350 helicopters, and is part of the Eurocopter global supply chain. HAL will continue to work with Eurocopter as a major industrial partner.

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