Developments in Pakistan
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Issue Courtesy: Aakrosh | Date : 01 Jun , 2011

The complex relationship between the Pakistan army and the various Islamist groups the army presently supports has an uncertain future given the growing number of terrorist attacks.There is apprehension in the international circles that continued terrorist attacks on sensitive targets could create unending turmoil that may eventually lead to the total collapse of Pakistan’s economy. The army has little understanding of the economic problems and may not be able to cope with the multiple challenges posed by a collapsing economy. There is no silver bullet—and certainly no American or Saudi silver bullet that can solve the long-term economic problems of Pakistan. Their pouring money into the country to buy support has created more problems than it has solved. In any case, this kind of economic support helps only in a limited way.

Many experts believe that Pakistani economy, which seemed quite robust some time ago, is on the verge of collapse. Power disruptions, which are now widespread and common, are crippling business houses, which are the lifeblood of Pakistan’s large urban centres and smaller townships. Larger and better organised business establishments buy diesel and gas generators and partly manage to overcome the shortages. Some others have curtailed their work to get it done whenever power is available. This situation is creating large scale unemployment, and the country is rapidly losing the race between population growth and jobs.2

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The biggest challenge to Pakistan is, however, from the global jihadi movement; their intervention will spread unrest, which may take the shape of a prolonged civil war and lead to an unending and crippling internal turmoil. There are no easy solutions in sight for the chaotic situation developing in Pakistan as it is evident that the jihadi insurgents will not give up their efforts to convert Pakistan into an Islamic state where strict Sharia laws will be enforced in the foreseeable future.

The question is, will the Pakistan military eventually realise that fostering such tools of destruction has not helped the country in any way to achieve its strategic objectives?

All terrorist organisations in Pakistan are, in any case, military tools and proxies that have been trained and maintained by the military to conduct terrorist attacks. The terrorists who attacked Mumbai could not have planned and executed such a daring operation without help and operational assistance from Pakistan military. The question is, will the Pakistan military eventually realise that fostering such tools of destruction has not helped the country in any way to achieve its strategic objectives?

A Pakistan dominated by a strong religious hierarchy after a violent takeover by a radical group with close links with the Afghan Taliban will pose danger to the entire South Asian region, and an effective global war against countries that are breeding and nurturing terrorist organisations needs to be waged, otherwise, the war against the radical form of Islam propagated by al-Qaeda and the Taliban cannot be won. Unless regimes such as Pakistan, which are allowing the radical Islamist groups to spread their wings unhindered, are persuaded to cut their ties with them and follow the path of peace towards non-Islamic regimes, freedom and democracy and human rights will be in grave danger throughout the world.

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