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DCI successfully completed major overhaul on Qatar Gazelle helicopters
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 27 Jun , 2011

Since the signature of the contract with the Qatar Ministry of Defense two years ago, DCI was in charge of executing major overhaul on 11 Gazelle helicopters.

Generally speaking, a major overhaul operation is carried out every 12 years or after 4,000 flight hours and consists of complex and demanding preventive maintenance that guarantees flight safety.

In the case of Qatar’s Gazelles, DCI-COFRAS led the project within the QEAF (Qatar Emiri Air Force) with a team of 14 persons. This team had at its disposal all the required logistic means (infrastructure, tools, documentation, special workshops, etc.) and spare parts to provide this service in optimal conditions. Each major overhaul was carried out in 5 months by a team of 4 mechanics, from all specialties.

By the end of April 2011, the 11 aircraft were acceptance tested with no reservations from the customer. Therefore DCI-COFRAS fulfilled its mission regarding the quality of provided services and compliance with schedules. In this respect the customer expressed its wish to continue collaboration with DCI-COFRAS.

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