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Al Queda intends to nuke heart of Christianity - The Vatican?
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 10 May , 2011

In the aftermath of operation Geronimo , that killed Osama Bin Laden, leaders around the world are expecting some kind of retaliation from Al Queda.

In the last week on April ‘ 2011, Wikileaks released a cable which revealed that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed had stated under interrogation that Al Queda has a Nuclear weapon hidden in Europe that they will detonate in the event that Osama Bin Laden is captured or killed .


In response to President Obama’s announcement that a SEAL team had taken out Osama Bin Laden , the following message appeared on the Arabic-language Ansar forum. 

The message read :

“God’s revenge on you, you Roman dog, God’s revenge on you crusaders… this is a tragedy brothers, a tragedy.”

A separate message on another Islamic forum read as follows :

“We will take our revenge on behalf of the Islamic Ummah for the death of the Sheikh of Islam … Whoever wishes this to be the end of jihad or a means to weaken the organization, I say to him: Wait a little!”

Analysts were quite surprised to see that Al Queda referred to President Obama and the United States as the“ Roman Dog “.

What has Obama and America got to do with Rome ?

It needs to be understood that Al Queda looks at the world very differently, they are seeing Obama’s and the US’s action through a Cultural and Religious lens. It is a primitive way of looking at things “ As a clash of civilizations “ but that is how it is.

The second message hints that Al Queda plans to take out an equivalent religious target that the West and Christianity looks up to with Reverence so one might think that they may be planning to kill the Pope in retaliation. But they do not a need a nuclear weapon to do that.

Western leaders are worried about an attack in the US and maybe in London … has anybody thought about Rome and the Vatican ? Else why would Al Queda refer to the United States as “ Roman Dog ” in their very first announcement on the 2nd of May?

Western intelligence agencies need to investigate this aspect.

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