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List of Indian Prisoners of War (PoW) in Pakistan
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Issue | Date : 26 Oct , 2013

 Prisoner’s Name, rank & unit

 1. Major SPS Waraich IC-12712 15 Punjab ….Maj. SPS Warraich’s name was reportedly announced on 5/6th December, 1971 (he wrote a letter also to his father in 1975).

2. Major Kanwaljit Singh Sandhu IC-14590 15 Punjab ….SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL

3. Lt SM Sabharwal SS-23957 87 Lt Regiment

4. Capt Ravinder Kaura SS-20095 39 Med Regiment …name was announced on Lahore Radio on 7.12.1971

5. Sq Ldr MK Jain 5327-F(P)

6. Flt Lt Sudhir Kumar Goswami 8956-F(P) …..same day at 11.30 p.m. Radio Lahore announced his capture.

7. Flying Officer Sudhir Tyagi 10871-F(P) …… SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL

8. Flt Lt Vijay Vasant Tambay 7662 -F(P) ……..SEEN IN PAKISTAN JAIL

9. Flt Lt Nagaswami Shanker 9773-F(P)

10. Sq Ldr PN Malhotra

11. Flt Lt SK Chibber

12. Capt GR Singh IC-23283 5 Assam ………SEEN IN PAKISTAN JAIL

13. Capt OP Dalal SS-22536 Grenadiers

14. Maj AK Ghosh IC-18790 15 Rajput ………SEEN IN PAKISTAN JAIL

15. Maj AK Suri SS-19807 5 Assam ……..SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL

16. Capt KS Rathod IC23148 5Assam

17. Flt Lt Ram Metharam Advani 7812-F(P)

18. Flt Lt Manohar Purohit 10249(N) 5 Squadron

19. Flt Lt Tanmaya Singh Dandoss 8160-F(P)

20. Wg Cdr Harsharan Singh Gill 4657-F(P) ….SEEN IN PAKISTAN JAIL & Pakistan Radio gave news of his captured alive the same day.

21. Flt Lt Babul Guha 5105-F(P)

22. Flt Lt Suresh Chander Sandal 8659-F(P)

23. Major JS Malik IC-14457 8 Raj. Rifles

24. Major SC Guleri IC-20230 9 Jat

25. 2nd Lt VK Azad IC-58589 1/9 G R

26. 2nd Lt JalManeckshaw Mistry

27. Capt Kamal Bakshi IC-19294 5 Sikh ….SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL

28. Flt Lt Harvinder Singh 9441-F(P) ….HIS ARREST WAS CONFIRMED BY PAKISTAN RADIO on 5.12.1971

29. Sqn Ldr Jatinder Das Kumar 4896-F(P)

30. Flt Lt LM Sassoon 7419-F(P)

31. Flt Lt Kushal Pal Singh Nanda 781N-F(N)

32. Flying Officer Krishan Lakhimal Malkani 10576-F(P)

33. Flt Lt Ashok Balwant Dhavale 9030-F(P)

34. Flt Lt L Shrikant Chanderkant Mahajan 10239-F(P)

35. 2nd Lt PR Sharma SS-22490 5/8 G R ….SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL

36. Flt Lt Gurudev Singh Rai 9015-F(P)

37. Flt Lt RS Kadam 8404-F(P)

38. Flying Officer KP Murlidharan 10575-F(P)

39. Capt DS Jamwal 81 Field Regiment

40. Capt Washisht Nath Attock

41. Lt H Krishna Lal 13719585 1 JK Rifles

42. Naval Pilot Commanding Officer A Roy

43. Sqn Ldr Devaprasad Chatterjee

44. Subedar Assa Singh JC-41339 5 Sikh ……SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL

45. Subedar Kalidas JC-59 8 JAK

46. L/Nk Jagdish Lal 9208735 Mahar Regiment …SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL

47. Naik Hazoora Singh 682211303

48. Gunner Sujan Singh 1146819 14 FD Regiment

49. Sepoy Daler Singh 2461830 15 Punjab

50. Sepoy Pal Singh 1239603 181 Lt Regiment …SEEN IN PAKISTANI JAIL

51. Sepoy Jagir Singh 2459067 16 Punjab

52. Officer TS Sethi

53. Gunner Madan Mohan 1157419 94 Mountain Regiment

54. Gunner Gyan Chand

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7 thoughts on “List of Indian Prisoners of War (PoW) in Pakistan

  1. Victoria Schofield has narrated in her book, Bhutto : Trial & Execution, the peculiar torture that Z A Bhutto was subjected to while in prison in 1977-78. He was lodged in a cell with high walls but no roof. Every night some 40-50 ‘lunatics’ (as he referred to them) were lodged outside the walls of his cells and their screams through the night were specifically meant to keep him aware and drive terror into his heart. Upon making inquiries through his Lawyers, he learnt that they were ‘Hindu’ (read Indian) Prisoners of War rendered delinquent and mental who were being subjected to inhuman torture to elicit cries of despair and indirectly torment Bhutto.

    Move on to 2008, Sepoy Jaspal Singh of 15 Punjab was discovered by a Sikh Carpenter who had gone to do some work in prison on Masirah Island, off the coast of Oman. He was shocked beyond words when an old Muslim man doing menial jobs in the jail approached him upon seeing his turban and started speaking to him in Punjabi. On the night of 3rd December 1971, officers and men of 15 Punjab were captured in Hussainiwala sector and taken prisoner by Pakistan Army. According to Sepoy Jaspal Singh, up until 1974, he along with 3 others were in Pakistani jails but in 1974 he was packed off to Masirah Island Oman. The whereabouts of the others are not known.

    The Carpenter, Sukhdev Singh, gave a sworn affidavit on his sighting. The Government of the day through the Embassy at Muscat, reached out to Omani Government who promptly denied knowledge. What a miss! How would the Israel Government have reacted? We missed a great opportunity to nail Pakistan for war Crimes. Where did we go wrong? The answer is Government of the day. Do a check. Which political party was ruling both in 1971 and 2008?

    A splendid military victory was squandered on the political tables. Probably the first instance in history, where a victor nation abandoned her men behind enemy lines. The Holocaust lasted 6 years, the agony of Indian PoWs is infinite!

  2. We feel more pity for our leaders who are such a shame that their horror on this country can never be dismissed.

    18. Flt Lt Manohar Purohit 10249(N) 5 Squadron

    The Son of Flt Lt Manohar Purohit – Vipul Purohit was arrested for protesting to release PoW in Pakistan – when Musharraf had come to Agra for a summit.

    Do you think India ever deserve such brave heroes?

  3. it is very shamfull to our country that our hero is in pakistani jail . whereas everyone should be on india .
    this is totaly failure of erstwhile government ( 1971 ) .why they release 93000 pakistani soldiers.whay not they told pakistani that they release entire india POWs with immediate effect.

  4. It is a shame on the entire country that does not want to do with these brave souls any more. One wonders what were the compulsions with Mrs Indira Gandhi to release 90,000 Pakistani POW without ensuring that all of our come back? This is the typical Hippocratic attitude of the Indian democracy.

    • It is very bad, why the government give not take any position to release them.lncompotent government.I avenge myself one day,I love you and salute you my bravy great soilder,I forgive me,,jai hind,,

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