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SELEX Galileo foresees strategic opportunities within the Turkish market
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 11 May , 2011

SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica Company, has been working with Turkey for decades, establishing strong industrial links with a number of local industries.

SASS_SelexSELEX Galileo is primarily working with foundation companies to develop joint cooperation programmes and establish a vehicle to transfer its latest technologies, with the main objective to support and promote the domestic growth of Turkish industry. This allows the Company to actively promote capabilities, products and logistic/operational services within Turkey that are modular, scaleable and exportable. The emergence of small and medium-sized companies within the Turkish defence market is providing excellent opportunities for local collaboration, allowing SELEX Galileo to match its strong commercial base in its three domestic markets (Italy, UK and US) with innovative Turkish SMEs in domains such as UAS, electro-optics, radars and electronic warfare technologies.

Currently, SELEX Galileo is engaged in a number of important opportunities in Turkey which include the supply of its naval infrared search and track SASS sensor for the protection of LST ships against current threats, electro-optical solutions for integrated border management and evolving battlefield requirements, best-in-class radar solutions for the upgrade of both fixed and rotary-wing platforms and the provision of target drones to address Turkish Navy/Army advanced missile validation requirements.

SELEX Galileo is a key partner in the Eurofighter Typhoon programme and is responsible, together with other Finmeccanica companies, for over 65% of the avionics and mission sensor suite. SELEX Galileo acts as the Lead company in the EuroRADAR, EuroFIRST and EuroDASS consortia.

In the radar and self-protection domains, SELEX Galileo offers the most advanced technology and performance, at present unmatched worldwide. In the radar domain, SELEX Galileo offers leading m-scan and e-scan solutions for rotary, fixed and unmanned platforms. SELEX Galileo was one of the first companies to provide radar technologies to the Turkish market and is still actively providing logistics and operational support for its products to fulfil customer’s current needs.

SELEX Galileo is also a key partner in the T129 programme, supplying mission and flight-critical avionics. The Company is a world leader in avionic solutions, positioned as a partner of choice for a number of international programmes such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, Alenia Aermacchi M346, AW101 and NH90.

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