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Naval Group presents the surface ship design lab at Euronaval
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 26 Oct , 2018

In order to respond to the needs of modern navies around the world, Naval Group presents the surface ship design lab: a configurator of surface vessel generates a variety of future surface vessels designs, built according to the capabilities proposed by the configurator and selected by the visitor.

The design lab proposed on the booth illustrates the paramount importance of a customer driven process on the design of a solution. It also shows how innovation is the core of Naval Group’s identity and how gradual as well as disruptive innovation is integrated to Naval Group future systems and platform design, benefiting directly the customer navy.

The design lab also shows the proven ability of Naval Group to innovate throughout the years. In the nineties, Lafayette class frigate changed the rules of the surface warfare with its stealth design, making the vessel almost invisible.

Fifteen years later, the FREMM class powerful destroyer is manned by twice less crew people than the former comparable generation vessel, optimizing the operating costs of the French Navy, thanks to automation, integration, innovative architecture.

With the digital native Belh@rra® frigate, Naval Group fully reconsiders the integration of systems to anticipate the IT revolutions that will occur during the life of the vessel, thanks to virtualization and data centers.

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