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Kuwait Naval Forces renew partnership with DCI
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 30 Nov , 2011

DCI, a service provider with activities on the entire spectrum of defense and domestic security, has a special partnership with the Kuwait Naval Forces that have entrusted DCI-NAVFCO for many years with the training of its future naval officers.

Once again this year, the Kuwait Naval Forces grant DCI-NAVFCO with their confidence to train 20 young cadets for a 4-year curriculum within CENOE (naval academy training courses for foreign officers).

The objective of this course is to provide foreign officer trainees with military, maritime and scientific instruction enabling them to fulfill the functions of Officer Of the Watch or of Engineering Officer Of the Watch, as well as the functions of Head of Department on small ships.

By integrating the latest 2011 batch, 60 young future officers from Middle Eastern naval forces, essentially Kuwaitis, are under training on three sites, the Naval Academy, Saint-Mandrier Naval Instruction Center and the Marine Corps School in Lorient.

DCI-NAVFCO’s officering and educational support teams work in these establishments in close collaboration with teachers and instructors, thus guaranteeing the French Navy label for training courses taught.

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