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Gujjar Muslims Leader wants regiment to fight terrorism in J&K
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 23 Jul , 2016

Shamsher Hakla Poonchi a prominent and an intellectual Muslim Gujjar Leader of J&K State has appealed to the Gujjar & Bakarwal community to openly support the Government and security forces in their fight against terrorism which has eaten up vitals of the society over last 27 years.

Mr. Hakla a Muslim Gujjar Leader of J&K  said however an added responsibility lies on the shoulders of Gujjars & Bakerwals  at present too and they should openly take a front against the terrorism and terrorists who are the worst enemies of the society.

In a statement issued here today at Poonch J&K, Mr. Hakla said though Gujjars and Bakerwal have always championed the National cause in the state whether in tribal invasion of 1947 and 1965, 1971 wars by giving supreme sacrifices to defeat the vicious designs of the enemy, their role in taking on terrorists during last 27 years of turmoil was also remarkable.

Mr Hakla also appealed the members of Gujjar & Bakerwal community to cooperate with security forces and work for promotion of communal harmony and patriotism. He said gun culture is very harmful for the Gujjar Bakerwal community in particular and country in general and that the militancy has already done a lot of damage to the state so, it is high time for all the Nationalistic forces to join hands against it.

Shamsher Hakla Muslim Gujjar Leader said, excluding Ladakh and Kargil Districts the Gujjar and Bakarwal community resides in twenty districts of the J&K State mostly resides in far flung hilly mountainous areas near forest and on the LOC of the Indo-Pak. There is a population of Gujjar and Bakerwal community over 34 lakhs in the J&K state.The needs and the problems of Gujjar and Bakerwals are of peculiar nature, that the culture and language of Gujjar and  Bakerwals  Community is different and as such the community has a distinct identity.Gujjar Bakerwal Community of J&K is still economically, Socially, Educationally and Politically lagging behind and backward.Gujjar Bakerwal who constitute 34  Lakh of J&K State Population Mr. Hakla urged the Gujjar Bakerwal  Community of J&K to work abolishing the  terrorism.

A Prominent Muslim Gujjar Leader Shamsheer Hakla Poonchi appeal to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi demanding a Special Gujjar Regiment belonging to J&K Gujjars  be raised in Indian Army for fighting militancy in J&K.

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2 thoughts on “Gujjar Muslims Leader wants regiment to fight terrorism in J&K

  1. Kind attention of J & K Govt. and Centre Govt.{ Lion of India,Modi Ji}
    Gujjar comunity Hindu & Muslim are one without any doubt.Gujjar community is not GADDAR in history.We all are Indians, always ready for our country to protect internal and external Enemies.Govts should support Gujjars in Jammu & Kashmir.In J & K Land Maffia demolishing houses of Gujjars with support of State Govt. So Modi Sahib please look into this urgent matter. There are 34 Lakhs Gujjar Voters in Jammu & Kashmir.


    Ram Shah Banth {GUJJAR}

    Ludhiana Punjab

  2. Will the Indian politicians listen to the above man and his community who areloyal citizens of India and in every war they have helped the Indian troops against the Sunni valley traitors and raise a regiment or two so they can protect our borders in kashmir.

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