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Indian Navy and Coast Guard intercept merchant ship
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 23 Nov , 2010

The Coast Guard received a request from the Police for intercepting a merchant ship MV Dynamic Striker which had left Mumbai port. CG Ship Amrit Kaur was sailed and a Dornier aircraft was launched for location the ship. Meanwhile the Coast Guard also intimated the Navy and the Navy in turn diverted one of its ships INS Agray for search and intercepting the ship. Thought the ship was sighted, no action could be initiated since the ship had switched off her communication network.

INS Agray, after trying all means to call the attention of the ship failed, fired one warning shot ahead of the bows of the ship which brought the ship to a halt and open up her communication lines. The merchant ship was then ordered to return to Mumbai under escort of INS Agray which was later handed over to the coast Guard ship for onward passage to Mumbai port.

This operation once again bring up the effectiveness of joint coordinated operations by the Indian Navy and the Coast Guard.

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