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Indian defence private industry should move from fringes to mainstream: Air Chief P V Naik
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 15 Oct , 2010

“Indian private industry should move from fringes to mainstream,” observes Air Chief Marshall, PV Naik, Chief of Air Staff while speaking at the brochure release ceremony of the 5th International Conference on Energizing Indian Aerospace: Achievements and Future Strategies, organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), here today. He further said that Indian Air Force has been recommending private sector’s participation in defence industrial base and indigenisation. However, the progress has been a restrained one. Private sector entrepreneurship and innovation can help augmentation of R&D base and creation of system integration capabilities. The Air Chief further stated that the Defence Production Policy is in the pipeline with the prime objective of creating a level playing field for the private industry.

The Air chief also pointed out divergent views on the FDI limit in the country. He suggested a case-to-case basis on FDI limit may be considered. In response to a query, whether the three key agreements, CISMOA, BECA and LSA would affect Indian Air force Capabilities, the Chief said that it will not make a substantial difference in the operational capability of the Indian Air Force.

Mr Satish K Kaura, Co-Chairman CII National Council on Defence and Chairman Samtel Group observed that, “Aerospace sector has tremendous scope for various industries. In the years to come, Asia is going to be the nerve centre of sale of Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) deliverables. There are enormous opportunities in this field and more are likely to be generated.” IT industry has a great potential in avionics, and construction companies can take up upgradation of airports.

Mr Gurpal Singh, Deputy Director General, CII, stated that CII wish to accelerate the reform process in the defence sector. He said that the effective implementation of the defence offset policy can facilitate the absorption and indigenisation of foreign aeronautic technologies that accrue to the country by way of offset deals.

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