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India and Singapore Navies conduct maritime exercise
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 24 Mar , 2011

 The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) and the Indian Navy (IN) are conducting the annual Singapore Indian Maritime Bilateral Exercise (SIMBEX) from 18 to 25 Mar 2011. Hosted by Singapore, this year’s exercise is the 18th in the series of bilateral exercise held since 1994. The exercise comprises a shore phase, already held at the Changi Naval Base and a sea phase currently being carried out in the South China Sea.

SIMBEX 2011 which sees the RSN and IN conducting advanced naval warfare training involving air, surface and sub-surface dimensions, aims to enhance the interoperability and mutual understanding between the two navies. The RSN is participating in SIMBEX 2011 with three frigates, a missile corvette, a submarine and a maritime patrol aircraft, while the Republic of Singapore Air Force is deploying fighter aircraft for the exercise. Joining them are three destroyers, a corvette, a fleet tanker as well as a maritime patrol aircraft from the Indian Navy.

SIMBEX started in 1994 as a training-oriented anti-submarine warfare exercise and has since grown in scale and complexity over the years. The exercise underscores the long-standing defence ties between the RSN and IN. The two navies also interact regularly through a range of activities, including professional exchange programmes, staff talks and courses.

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