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Army Statement on Operations in North East
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 10 Jun , 2015

Photo Courtesy: ADGPI - Indian Army

Army statement on operations in North East read out by Major General Ranbir Singh, Additional Director General of Military Operations (A) on 09 Jun 15 is appended below :-

“You are all aware that following the attack on our security personnel on 04 June 2015 in Chandel, Manipur, we have been on a high alert. In the course of the last few days, credible and specific intelligence was received about further attacks that were being planned within our territory. These attacks were to be carried out by some of the groups involved in earlier attacks on our security personnel and their allies.

In view of the imminent threat, an immediate response was necessary. Based on intelligence, we conducted operations to counter these planned assaults. Early this morning, the Indian Army engaged two separate groups of insurgents along the Indo- Myanmar border at two locations, along the Nagaland and Manipur borders. Significant casualties have been inflicted on them. As a consequence, threats to our civilian population and security forces were averted.

We are in communication with the Myanmar authorities on this matter. There is a history of close cooperation between our two militaries. We look forward to working with them to combat such terrorism.

While ensuring peace and tranquility along the border and in the border states, any threat to our security, safety and national integrity will meet a firm response”.

Photo Courtesy: ADGPI - Indian Army

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11 thoughts on “Army Statement on Operations in North East

  1. THE INDIAN ARMY INFANTRY REGIMENTS , RR RIFLES , ASSAM RIFLES , BSF , SSF, ITBP ALL NEED MASSIVE INFUSION OF FUNDS IN ATIME BOUND MANNER TO UPGRADE THE FIGHTING CAPABILTY TO WORLD CLASS LEVELS , ALLHEAVY TRUCKS , 4AND 6 TONNERS OR JEEPS WITHIN 50 KM OF HOSTILE BORDERS NEED TO BE UPGRADED TO RUSSIAN URAL , KAMAZ , HUMVEEAND LTVS STANDARDS WITH ARMOUR TO WITHSTAND HMG FIRE AND IEDS THE NIGHT VISION OF 4TH GEN AND BPJS AND HELMETS OF 5TH GEN MKU ARE URGENTLY REQUIRED . LET BABUS IN FINANCE , MOD FINANCE OR MOD BE ALLOWED TO NOT SIT ON FILES MONITORING OF FILES IN REAL TIME IN MOD IS URGENTLY REQUIRED .mp-5, mp7 rifles , carbines with silencers , 7.62 lmgs with belt feed , kortz machine guns , anti material rifles , barret 107 sniper rifles with scopes , temperaturecontrol clothing , lightweight waterproof jungleshoes till knees , are all required to be replaced with new pistols , multicalibre rifles and digital vhf , uhf , voice communication sets

  2. There is discernible shift in security policy in India from pacifism to realism. This could be possible with better diplomatic relation with some of our neighbouring countries. Therefore, India needs to scale up its hard power as well as soft power to address such types of misadventure by non state actors as happened on 4th June 2015 in Manipur .

  3. “Not revenge but just retribution” m- excellent message finally sent out by India. Congratulations and thank you. But sending one message is not enough – the guard should never be put down. We “informed” the communist terrorists that *THIS is what you will get if you do THAT* but we also need to send a clear cut message *THIS is what you will get even if you think of or attempt THAT*. In short go for preemptive strikes and be at the highest state of alertness and reverse the tide of attack should another one happen. And finally from heart – “Congratulations and thank you for prompt action”.

  4. The talk of peace is all very fine from the safe confines of your home Ms Hechin. Ask the families of the dead & maimed soldiers. Don’t they also have some rights? When the block heads only understand the language of violence-then so be it. No code not even those of a religion condones cowardice in the face of unjust violence. If you feel so strongly, please go out and mobilize people to talk the language of peace and to shun violence. FB posts mean nothing in the real world.

  5. The suspension of operation or SOO is very bad thing. Either this should be cancelled with immediate effect or a complete and final settlement be done. It seems that there are many turncoats in these SOO elements and even in the Govt forces which is a grave risk to our Indian Army. The unguarded border issue is something another issue. This is purely my personal opinion.

  6. “While ensuring peace and tranquility along the border and in the border states, any threat to our security, safety and national integrity will meet a firm response”.

    This is the BEST part. NO Congress government EVER came out as strongly as this (they all parroted ‘Hum kadhi ninda karte hain” and went back to their kebabs).

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