The Chinese View: China’s Long Range Missiles not Threatened by Indian Air Defence Systems
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 06 Jul , 2020


The article is presenting what the Chinese are writings in their Media (The article in Chinese appeared on website on July 4, 2020)


China’s Long Range Missiles not Threatened by Indian Air

— Translation by Hemant Adlakha

As tensions along the border in Ladakh region continue to escalate, the India Defence Ministry carried out two large-scale measures this month, i e, spent large sums of money to purchase 12 S-400 and an unknown number of Mig 29 fighters from Russia. The other significant move was the visit of the Indian Defence Minister to Russia to ask the authorities in Moscow to expedite the delivery to India of the recently ordered S-400 air defence missile system. In response, the Russian officials promised to complete the delivery ahead of schedule.

At the same time, the Indian Air Force continues to pile up deployment of Su-MKI, Mig 29, Mirage-2000 and other indigenously built Indian LCA fighter planes. Knowledgeable sources have revealed, at present the number of fighter aircrafts deployed by the Indian Air Force along the border frontline areas has reached nearly 60% of its total strength. The number is likely to further go up in the coming days. However, many Chinese military affairs specialists have dismissed the move by saying “this is just a ‘feel good’ move” and in reality would not help “India gain initiative at the negotiating table.”   

Because no matter how much weaponry and combat troops are deployed by India, these will be no match when faced with the power of China’s long-range missile firepower. Even without the J-20 Stealth fighters and J-16 fighter planes, Chinese–equipped Guard Rocket Series, Long Sword cruise missile and DF-17 Hypersonic Missile are just enough to keep the Indian Air Force from parrying. The reason is very simple. The above mentioned Chinese weaponry can ignore or need not pay heed to the Indian air defence missile system, even if India acquires the S-400 long-range missile defence system within a month or so. Why?

Because more than the fact that the performance of S-400 long-range air defence missile system has proven to be good, much depends on who is using the system and who is the target enemy. China’s indigenously built Guardian-2 rocket launcher comes equipped with the largest calibre and also has the longest range. According to the official data available, the latest Guardian 2D Model rocket launcher has a maximum range up to 480 kilometres, and its hit-accuracy can be controlled within 500 metres. It is basically the same as the short-range tactical ballistic missile.

According to experts, a hypersonic boost-glide vehicle is a warhead stored in the nose of a missile, and will be released when the rocket-booster sends it fast and high enough into the air.

Furthermore, unlike tactical ballistic missiles, the cost of Guardian-2 rocket launcher is not only lower than the tactical missile but it is also cheaper in the cost of its use. Therefore, it can be easily equipped and used on a large scale. The rocket has a modular design and the launch vehicle has an automatic loading system. Once the launch is completed, it can be quickly loaded to make a second launch and to firmly suppress the enemy with firepower. Because of its multiple advantages , i e, long range, quick reaction time, precision hit and low cost etc., the Guardian-2 Model rocket launcher can effectively carry out accurate cover strikes on enemy high-value targets such as armoured forces, military bases, missile launch positions and airports, and so on. Thus, the combat effect can be fully realized. On being deployed in high plateau area, it is in a predominant position and can achieve all-round control of the border area. Any turbulence and disturbance will attract saturation blows.

If the Guardian-2 rocket launcher enjoys an outright advantage in terms of its long range, high accuracy and low operating cost, then the advantage of DF-17 hypersonic missile can be best described in just one word, i e, “speed.” When the DF-17 hypersonic missile was on display at the National Day military parade in Beijing last year, the US military experts estimated the speed of its combat parts to be above 10 Mach. It can carry both conventional warheads and tactical nuclear warheads. It has remarkable ability to accurately and quickly strike targets within its range. Remember, in theory, active air defence system is basically unable to effectively intercept.

Once deployed in the border area, it will be able to carry out surgical strikes on military bases and airports on the Indian side who cannot effectively respond. With the Gaurdian-2 rocket launcher and DF-17 hypersonic missile, once the enemy air defence positions and interception net support has been knocked off, the CJ-10 cruise missile will then destroy each and every remaining high-value target based on the “door-to-door” pattern.

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The views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the Indian Defence Review.

About the Author

Hemant Adlakha

is professor of Chinese, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. He is also vice chairperson and an Honorary Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS), Delhi.

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24 thoughts on “The Chinese View: China’s Long Range Missiles not Threatened by Indian Air Defence Systems

  1. Prof Hemant Adlakha has done a great job of translating Chinese language military articles for most us who don’t know Chinese. The Chinese writer has tried to over state actual effectiveness of PLARF DF-17 missile and the Guardian multi rocket launch system. While it is true that there is no defence against a hypersonic missile, it is unlikely that China has them in very large numbers. China has officially declared them to be armed with conventional warheads only. But, nevertheless their use will certainly escalate the conflict to an all out war.

  2. Many thanks for your article. We should learn the view of our enemies and prepare ourselves.
    This type of article will help us to formulate appropriate response and safe guard our strategic assets from their aggression.
    We should identify the threat and recovery plan in case of missile attack. Alternative bases at ,unknown location to be considered.Damage control and counter attack to be preplanned. We should Identify there nerve centre at hidden locations to neutralise their capabilities.
    We should not underestimate enemy.

    Our forces are fully capable to defeat any enemy forces with proper planning.

  3. We have full faith on our army. Battle is decided by the bravery and one the go strategies and tactics. Mare use of missile would not decide the result. And beware the Chinese are dealing with Indian Army,not like their amateur ones.

  4. ? ? ? Don’t think India tianmmen square and Indian armed forces as poor Chinese students of 1989.Exapansionist Germany was also equipped with so called super weapons but it was smashed into dust by so called weak opponents. Your propaganda is good for your home audience but not for us.Ego of many expansionist evil regimes smashed into dust. China is going on same path. We don’t need missiles and guns to break the neck odf China. Our hands are capable of breaking the betraying neck of expansionist evil chinese regime.

  5. Professor of Chinese writing article on army positions so confidently is a stupid and nothing else.
    Professor you better teach the language, our army is capable to handle them dont worry !

  6. Do you expect us to sit and wait for Chinese projectiles, you guys don’t

    realise that Indian army is battle hardened, all our soldiers have seen action thanks to j&k,Chinese have only fired in exercises. Don’t underestimate our army.

  7. Missile systems and nuclear war heads are only deterant and not to be used. These are only for show business. Economic might and economic market are real issues. Only foolish leaders cry for war. The lessons learnt from the two great ancient civilization face off is great and WE the people of India has taken firm resolve to reduce our dependence on Imports to essentials only.

  8. Professor, it seems you are on two payrolls with an active vector integration towards RED. I do not see this comment coming from an expert of projectile and the latest technology being used in the defence establishments. Please keep your spread of knowledge limited to language and culture of the REDs. Thanks and Regards

    • Innocent people of below oppressed regions are long waiting for their dues from our two spineless moraless shameless Enemies-Pakistan & China:

      PAKISTAN: Baluchistan, Sindh, Greater Karachi, North West Frontier!

      CHINA:Tibet, East Turkmenistan, South Mangolia, Manchuria, Hong Kong, Macau & Laos!

      Some others are also waiting for their dues-
      WEST-Afghanistan & Iran!

      EAST-Tiwan, Vietnam, Japan Philippines and Australia!

      They all need is just need these two spineless moraless shameless Enemies to start a war with India!!!!!!

  9. You think Agni is for Diwali fireworks? Does Primary School recruited liberation army have guts to fight Indian Army? Your weapons are as good as the toys you export. The animated videos of PLA won’t frightened the world. It will only frightened your people who beleive all that is shown in your silly kungfu movies.

  10. China and America were equally powerful in their shameful defeats in Vietnam war. First China is not in a position to invite war at this moment. In a localised border skirmish, one would use missile power, it is nothing but conjecture especially when so many countries are standing against china. Wars are not always won by firepower. Hitler also realised this. If we feared china’s exaggerated fire power nd lost the war psychologically without even a bullet shot, we should assess ourselves first and decide whether we would love to live under the shadow of incessant chinese threats by reconciling ourselves to their increasing demands or we would get ready to take the berserk bull by the horns. Freedom demands sacrifice.

  11. No worry with this 5ft chinese PLA and with there Made in china Missile.
    Our Indian Air force is more superior than any, this is same Airforce which had down advance F16 fighter with its MIG 29.

  12. Whatever the reasons shown by the Chinese it is best when we show to the world what real unity and democracy means will be the time India will be at its glory. I hope that India sees that no region big or small will be compromised and that everyone reslects it. Economy is the driving factor when we can bring back our best and reminiscence on the ad ” Owner’s pride. NEIGHBOURS ENVY!!! “.

  13. Yes, this is where we are lacking but not highlighted in the media. But surely our military has thought of it,& on how to respond. And hopefully these made in china missiles are more talk than show…

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