Decline of a Superpower – Trump brings down the US to the Bihar-Bengal-UP Levels
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 22 Jan , 2021

We do not have to be admirers or students of Edward Gibbon when we look at the events across the Atlantic in the last four years, as President Trump and his Republican Party cohorts almost managed to make their country implode. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the meticulous research and studies undertaken by this great scholar on the decline and fall of the once-invincible Roman Empire resonates very strongly in the present situation. More on this later.

The record of the 45th President of the United States of America during his four years in office comes very close to the sordid performances of most of the tinpot dictators in South America, Africa and the Middle East in the last 125 odd years. Donald Trump (DT) has demolished the myth of the cultural and intellectual maturity of the Western world. No longer can we presume that Europe and North America have a natural affinity for democracy and civic society. On both counts, there can be little consolation for humankind.

Trump’s basic egregiousness that marked his entire tenure was evident even in the last few hours of his Presidency. He decided not to attend the swearing-in ceremony of his successor, Joseph Biden, and went off to his private club in Florida. One has to go back to 1869, when another impeached President, Andrew Jackson, did not attend his successor’s accession to the President’s office. Many people throughout the world were quite happy that DT would not be present on an occasion that symbolised the essential values of the American republic.

The Indian nationalist camp in our shores, and some members of the Indian diaspora in the U.S. have somehow been taken in by the Trump disinformation blitz that marked DT’s assumption of power in 2017, followed by four utterly disastrous years. This writer has been totally bewildered by the sheer naivete of the desi nationalists as far as DT is concerned. I have written on this earlier in this journal and will return, occasionally to this phenomenon in this essay. The vast majority of the Indians who are long-term residents in America proved to be much more mature and resilient to DT’s massive agitprop exercise aimed at Indians overseas and back home.

The fact is that DT is a standing tribute to the power of lies and disinformation in politics, aided and abetted by humongous financial resources. It all boils down to the Goebbels doctrine that has been the template for dictators and oligarchs throughout the world, ever since the wily Nazi proclaimed it in the 1920s. This is what the pint-sized sidekick of Adolf Hitler is said to have proclaimed: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and / or military consequences of the lie.  … The truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the state”.

Some scholars have disputed whether Joseph babu actually wrote it. However, there is no doubt that the following were actually his words: “The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.” This is exactly what all crooked despots have been doing in the later decades of the 20th century. The long list includes Stalin, Mao, Pinochet, Indira Gandhi, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Gaddafi and the North Korean father and son buffoons. These are, of course, the culprits at the national levels.

In our shores, we have had the additional misfortune of regional satraps like Mayavati, Mulayam Singh, Lalu Prasad, Jayalalitha and Mamata Banerjee. DT, therefore, had any number of role models to chose when he decided in the late 1980s that the White House would be his abode for a few years. Even a 4-year stint would suffice to imprint his name in America’s text-books for time immemorial. He could not care a fig whether the text-books would say complimentary things about him or not.

For the benefit of my readers (and also to inform some of my compatriots about the feet of clay that their role-model had in real life), here are some of the lies and disinformation that DT spread and propagated in his business and political life. According to credible and scientifically-conducted research by THE WASHINGTON POST, lies and glaring untruths were a major element of DT’s presidential tenure.

He made 29,508 misleading or false claims by Nov. 5, 2020. This, obviously does not take into account the wave of untruths that he unleashed after the latest Presidential elections concluded. They pertained toalleged “election fraud” against him, that has not been proven in any of the enquiries conducted by various authorities. The American courts also unanimously rejected DT’s wild accusations about improprieties in the electoral process. His one-day record of lies peaked on November 2, the day before the 2020 election, when he told 504 falsehoods.

As of Jan. 20, 2020, DT had been credited with telling 16,241 lies during his time in office from January 2017. By the time, his disastrous Presidency ended on January 20, 2021, the estimate is that he would have doubled his ignominious record. Trump’s most ridiculous lie was that it had not rained on the day of his inauguration. It was his first lie as American President and was a precursor of what would follow.

Trump’s “most dangerous lie” was that the COVID-19 pandemic was under control. His “most entertaining lie schtick” involved him claiming “burly” men who’d never cried before were reduced to tears in his presence. And his “most alarming lie” was the “Sharpiegate” saga, when Trump in 2019 was accused of tweaking a map to show Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama. His repeated claim since taking office in January 2017 was that he was building “the greatest economy” in the world.

Even worse were his more than 2400 lies about the coronavirus pandemic, which only began in early 2020. DT persistently downgraded the risk of COVID-19. What takes the cake is that he canvassed unproven medicines and treatments. In one case, he said that injecting disinfectant might treat the disease.

This bring us to the nadir that the man touched during the elections and when the results were being tabulated. His utterly egregious conduct almost led to a civil-war type of scenario, when thousands of his inflamed supporters, primarily comprising delirious white fanatics and supremacists, invaded the American capital on the 6th January and unleashed an orgy of violence and rioting that did not even spare the country’s symbol of governance, the Capitol.

America could not have looked more like one of the bad weeks in Bengal, Bihar and UP in recent times or what the national scenario was under Mrs. Gandhi and the desi First Family. Some readers in our shores will recall the two days of horror that engulfed Delhi and many parts of North India after the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi. The Indian Army was deliberately not called out in Delhi and in the neighbouring areas for at least two days. In Washington too, there was a breakdown of the local law and order machinery and also some machinations in DT’s administration that delayed the induction of the National Guards (the U.S. equivalent of our Territorial Army) to control the riot and mayhem.  

To the great credit of the American military forces, their senior-most echelons resolutely stood by the values of their institution. The thin wall that separated their country from a banana Republic that DT wanted to usher in remained intact on the 6th January. Lots of assessments in the weeks following the nightmarish day point out that DT had brought his country to the brink of disaster.

If the American military had not reaffirmed their loyalty to the Constitution and steadfastly opposed the machinations of a rogue President, one does not know what would have happened. It is too frightening to even contemplate it. A public declaration by the Joint Chiefs of Staff clearly proclaiming their commitment and staunch dedication to the basic principles enunciated in their country’s Constitution, that had stood the test of time for nearly 250 years, put paid to DT’s conspiracy.

Many years ago, in the summer of 1975, the Indian Army, through its Chief of Staff, General T.N. Raina, had done much the same. The great General (Tappy to his friends and close comrades) stood up to a manifestly illegal demand of a fellow Kashmiri Prime Minister, Mrs. Gandhi, and saved the young Indian Republic from crossing the brink, where she had somehow contrived to bring it to. 

The magnificent swearing-in ceremony of the new President Joseph Biden and the first lady Vice President, Kamala Harris on the steps of the Capitol was a dignified and sombre end to the ruinous DT era and its disgraceful legacy. The puerile fringe of Indian admirers and fans of DT should have made a clear note that their egregiousicon had been cast into the dustbins of history. In this journal, I had sounded the warning bell for them a few months ago and urged them to reassess their tinpot model. (

Most of them, I sincerely hope and trust, will have done so, after seeing the shenanigans of DT in the last stages of his reign. We have enough of Indian stigmas with blind followers. To have added a foreign catastrophe to our role models would have created mayhem in our psyche.

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About the Author

Jay Bhattacharjee

is an advisor in corporate laws and finance, based in Delhi. His other areas of interest include socio-political issues and military history. He has been a commentator and columnist from the mid-1990s.

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11 thoughts on “Decline of a Superpower – Trump brings down the US to the Bihar-Bengal-UP Levels

  1. Writer trying to endorse fake media like Washington post that creates a benchmark of lies and propaganda .DT might have a lot of defficiencies ,but he was first POTUS to change the wrong US policies of giving billions of dollar to paki terrorist army in millitary aid and providing 500 $ dollars to chinese criminals yearly as a trade surplus .India is still highly apprehensive of JB policies who can potentially restart millitary aid to pak and make an alliance with chinese criminals in G-2 format .

    • Trump’s Biggest Failure

      [Though this individual is also unaware of the puppet master, as well as of the East Asian Development Model responsible for China’s success, he at least puts it all in a historical perspective.

      We Indians need to wisen up: the future of political freedom on this planet now rests with… us.]

  2. This is a bull shit article written by someone who had no clue about the real situation here. IDR. I am surprised. Here are some facts. I encourage the author to get some education on reality and not sure articles based on liberal media talking points and wikipedia.
    President Trump was the reason there were no wars. He ended the war in Syria. He was the reason pakis were starved of funds. He was the reason that there has peace in the middle east. There were 5 countries who made peace with Israel. Obama said it couldn’t be done. North korea and south korea have a working relationship. The north is not firing any more missiles at Japan or beyond.
    He strengthened the Pacific fleet to counter China and helped India, Japan, Australia to work together. He countered Russia and helped Ukraine. He ended isis. He brought home troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. He punished Iran for their interference in iraq and sanctioned them. And he is rogue President ?
    Do I have to go on ? This is a bull shit article from an ignoramus.

  3. I would like to wholeheartedly compliment the author and the IDR for this landmark article on one of the most troublesome eras in American history, Donald Trump was manifestly unfit to be the President of the world’s most powerful country during one of the most critical periods in human history. He has left behind a shameful and sordid legacy.

    The author has clearly and insightfully analysed the pertinent features of the Trump era and brought up the salient issues that were operational during his tenure in the White House.

    On a connected issue, I urge the editor and his colleagues to ensure that uncivilised and uncouth language is not used in this prestigious journal. At least, one commentator before me has used utterly foul and gutter language in his post.

  4. My heartfelt thanks to the portal and to the author, of course, for a scintillating demolition of the former American President. The Indian diaspora was most worried by the traction that the buffoon had picked up in some Indian circles. Fortunately, the admirers are few, although mange to hog a lot of limelight. Two of them have already managed to disgorge complete drivel on this platform.

    I suppose one has to make allowances for all sorts of deranged people in life.

  5. This is an elegant, detailed and perceptive analysis of the U.S. Presidency under Donald Duck Trump. The author uses a very apt analogy – Trump almost managed to bring down one of the world’s most respected democracies to the pathetic standards of UP and Bihar, under the likes of Mayavati and Lalu Prasad, or the current example of Bengal under Mamata Banerjee.

    His apprehension voiced in the essay about the possible reactions of uncouth Indian nationalist bhakts of Trump proved prophetic. A couple of them have spouted utter trash that amply demonstrates their atavistic instincts. There is no easy remedy for curing imbeciles.

  6. Another one who mentions the puppet and seems to be unaware that there is also a puppet master.

    ‘One has to go back to 1869, when another impeached President, Andrew Jackson’

    At least get your facts right: it was Andrew JOHNSON who was impeached in the 1860s. Andrew JACKSON was altogether different president – best known for his heroic (and successful) struggle against the international money power that sought to maintain a privately-owned and controlled Central Bank in the United States, (hence Jackson’s famous quote ‘I killed the bank’.)

  7. An analysis of US under Trump is rather a shade too late Sir.
    Amazed at your inclusion of Bengal- Bihar- UP in this analysis. To say it’s totally out context is being polite .

    Pathetic arrogance of a high headed .

  8. Only a Leftist moron can write such a pathetically articulated lies despite the fact that Trump has been better for India’s strategic interests than any US president EVER – particularly with respect to China and Pakistan.

    Jay Bhattacharjee’s disgusting Leftist attitude stands exposed as he mocks India’s most populous states by generalizing and dragging them into American politics.

    Giving a platform to such a jerk makes Imdia Defense Review as much of a pro-defense platform as pro-Hindu myth of The Hindu newspaper.

    Time to unfriend and unfollow this garbage?

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