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Has Uri been Finally Avenged?
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Issue Courtesy: The New Indian Express | Date : 30 Sep , 2016

As tactical military operations, these raids were an outstanding success. But a larger question remains.

India’s forces carried out a se­ries of successful pre-emptive surgical strikes 3-5 km across the Line of Control (LC) on ter­rorist launch pads in the wee hours of the morning of 29th September 2016. The terrorists were planning to infiltrate and conduct Uri like operations in J&K and other metros. The In­dian forces eliminated 38 ter­rorists and two Pakistani soldiers, injured nine, and ex­tricated themselves without suffering any casualties. With­out going into details, it is clear that the paratroopers were in­ducted by aircraft along the LoC, and mounted a surprise raid on the unsuspecting ter­rorists, As tactical military operations these raids were an outstanding success.

…the larger question is: has Uri been avenged? What about the many incidents be­fore Uri? Are those all buried unsung and forgotten and Pa­kistan forgiven?

It is a sign of bold decision making at the highest political and military level, excellent ac­tionable intelligence, meticu­lous planning, inter-service coordination of the highest or­der and finally raw guts and courage of the Indian soldier.

However the larger question is: has Uri been avenged? What about the many incidents be­fore Uri? Are those all buried unsung and forgotten and Pa­kistan forgiven?

This operation was a success because the government had the leadership and political will to face the consequences. The military trains to be ready to execute any task against an enemy provided the govern­ment wants it to do so. Unfor­tunately the earlier dispensa­tions at the Centre were not bold and decisive enough to take the harder option.

Each time India allowed an incident to be analysed for too long there was paralysis in the action. The lesson that Paki­stan drew was that India will make a lot of noise, but there will be no concrete action tak­en. They also concluded that India would seek international help at the UN. So to hedge against that, Pakistan made it­self indispensible to the US in its long drawn war in Afghani­stan and endear itself to Chi­na, a wily practitioner of so­phisticated statecraft. These measures adopted by Pakistan ensured it got away every time and the international commu­nity asked India to exercise re­straint. India thus acquired the stigma of being a soft state.

Pakistan had also concluded that having crafted low yield nuclear weapons with the help of China it had blackmailed India into restraining it for re­acting to terrorist actions in­side India. Of late Pakistani military veterans had been brandishing most glibly and in a cavalier fashion the use of nuclear weapons against India.

India will have to be wary of China too as it now has its mili­tary involvement in POK and may not hesitate in intervening.

These statements were al­ways accompanied with a glint in the eye and a devious smirk. Is Pakistan prepared to use a nuclear weapon when a terror­ist training camp or a launch pad or even a terrorist safe ha­ven is targeted in a surgical strike? Why is the internation­al community not able to re­strain Pakistan? Why is the onus on India?

The reaction to the early morning raids has drawn the expected response from the political setup and Army of Paki­stan. It threatens of suitable retaliation. India is prepared for that. Since India has tar­geted terrorist launch pads and not any military base or even a military post what In­dian objective would Pakistan Army target under the criteria of ‘jus ad bellum’ a ‘just war’? Is it contemplating in despatch­ing armed irregulars to target the Army? Or is it going to un­leash its home grown terror­ists on to the hapless public in a metro to take revenge? Or is it going to mobilise its mili­tary? In undertaking either of the first or second option it will be proved beyond any doubt that Pakistan employs irregulars and terrorists as a subset of its state policy. If Pa­kistan escalates with its mili­tary to another level Indian military would be prepared for it. India will have to be wary of China too as it now has its mili­tary involvement in POK and may not hesitate in intervening.

Here is a situation where the government is activating all the elements of national power. The military is prepared for any misadventure by Pakistani military or terrorist terrorists across the International Bor­der and the LC. The govern­ment has activated the Minis­try of External Affairs to present proof of Pakistan in­volvement in the terrorist ac­tions including the terrorists captured in the hinterland in J&K who have laid bare Paki­stani machinations.

It is high time that the country takes a firm decision to stop treating J&K as a dis­puted territory. POK is the dis­puted part, and India should emphatically state so.

Internally the Home Minis­try is active in strengthening its border management and in­telligence setup. India can also leverage its economic growth to convince nations that India would deal with only those who are sensitive to its con­cerns. The government has reached out to all parties to seek a national consensus. The synergy is palpable.

This incident has brought to fore two important issues gov­ernments at the Centre are wary of talking of – first, break­ing up the state of J&K into three distinct entities of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh; sec­ond, abrogating Article 370.

The situation in the Kashmir Valley has held the Jammu and Ladakh regions hostage for too long and the last three months with no state government func­tional their plight is pathetic. Article 370 is a protective divi­sive legislation which should have no relevance in a free country. It is high time that the country takes a firm decision to stop treating J&K as a dis­puted territory. POK is the dis­puted part, and India should emphatically state so.

This article was originally published on The New Indian Express and has been republished here with permission.

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About the Author

Lt Gen (Dr) JS Bajwa

is Editor Indian Defence Review and former Chief of Staff, Eastern Command and Director General Infantry.  He has authored two books Modernisation of the People's Liberation Army and  Modernisation of the Chinese PLA

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16 thoughts on “Has Uri been Finally Avenged?

  1. Haha cowardly,dirty and rogue politics of modi sarkar by killing their own soliders in URI(if so called there were any indian soliders casualities) and making fool their people.You are failed in this attempt of diverting World attention from ur crimes in Kashmir.
    In the present scenario in which India is blamming Pakistan of their own designed Uri attack it is illogical and out of mind that certain so called infiltrators were preparing to lauch an attack on indian forces in Indian occupied Kashmir from Pakistani soil for which ur brave forces carried out Surgical strike.
    Lt Gen JS Bajwa if u r a true professional solider then shame on u for being part of this dirty political game in which ur own soliders were killed.
    Haha we also have Bajwa(General Asim Saleem Bajwa Sahab)but he is not liar like you.

    • This is the problem with you guys. You can notwithstand truth. Pakistan has been fed a bunch of lies and the same is engrained in your head. Would do well to come out of your shell and see the things from the other end. Deniability wont take you far. Just see around yourself.
      Today Iran has shelled you with mortar bombs.
      Afghanistan is fed up of you.
      Bangladesh has called you a rouge state for ever trying to interfere in their affairs. Sri Lanka has withdrawn from SAARC summit.
      SO think, where will all this take you. See the treatment your people get when they go to Islamic countries. Even Chinese suspect you for supporting terrorists in their country.
      Be sensible and renounce terrorism. That’s the only way forward.

      • Okey let’s talk about terrorism.What u r doing in Kashmir frm last 70 years is not terrorism,forced occupation,killing of innocent civilians and recently world has witnessed blinding of peaceful protestors by pellet guns.Why r u not allowing kashmiri people to decide their future.
        What about ur atrocities in Punjab upon sikhs.They are majority in Punjab and they r demanding their seperate homeland Khalistan.
        Same is the case with Assam,Manipur,7 sister states,Hyderabad and Naxalites.
        What happened with Muslims in Gujrat.What about samjhota express and murder of hemmat karkere.
        Your pm modi was declared terrorist in USA(due to gujrat incidence) until he became pm of India and elected face of India then USA in no vain removed this lable.
        What about india afghanistan sponsored insurgency in FATA and baluchistan.
        America has denied your stance and propoganda upon Baluchistan.
        Today Iran says”Pakistan’s security and prosperity is Iran’s security and prosperity.Iran is joining Pakistan on CPEC.
        Except UAE ur poisinous design on CPEC has not worked on other gulf states.
        And for ur kind information only bangladesh(haseena wajid not bangali people) and Afghanistan have steped bk frm SAARC conference.

        Let’s not get distracted and talk about the subject of this post.Your stupid and illusional claim of surgical strike inside Pakistan.
        Coward and false self Admiration.Self cult and rogue behaviour.

        Poverty in its worst form is present in major part of India worst and worst than Africa.only 10-20 % of ur population is enjoying prosperity.
        In Pakistan no one die with hunger but in ur country 100s daily but ur prostitute media does nt expose this.
        Delhi is the rape capital of World.
        Majority of ur population have no toilet facility.

        And with all these u r dreaming of becoming Super Power or regional Tyrant.LOL

        • These are all loose talks. and does no carry any meaning? If Pakistan rule is good how does the Pakstan lost the present Bangladesh? You people will never tell the truth. In the case of Kargil war, Pakistan refused the involvement. Later on, your stupid Musharraf admitted . he only orchestrated the attack. In this case, also your army will never admit that Pakistan is breeding terrorism. Then who attacked Karachi naval base and Army school in Peshawar?. We have not worried about the nuclear bomb. We use water and people of Pakistan will turn against the Pakistan Army like Bangladesh Muslims.

          • Wow what you,your media and governments says are always facts and figures and what we say is always loose talk.
            It is not 1971 and Pakistan administered Kashmir is not bangladesh thousands of kilometers away from Pakistan surrounded from all sides by India and people of Kashmir are not like bangladeshi who at that time were angry with certain policies of West Pakistani Politicians and your propaganda in its part.
            Remember if Khalistan was located far from india and surrounded by Pakistan,They were freed frm u immediately just like we attacked Kashmir in 1948 and captured Pakistan administered Kashmir then Your Pandit nehru ran to UN for ceasefire.

            Your General assembly had passed many times resolutions that Pakistan administered Kashmir is integral part of india.If ur mighty army is so capable then come and take ur lost part.

            That mighty army which was unable to clear Pathankot Base from 6 insurgents in 5 days,the base they know more than insurgents.

    • The Pakistan Army did not keep quite when the terrorist killed their innocent children in the Army School? The Pakistan hanged four militants involved in the Peshawar massacre,[19]whereas the mastermind of the attack, Omar Khorasani, was killed in a drone strike in eastern Afghanistan on 9 July 2016.[20]
      So Indian Army has the right to hit back the terrorist wherever they are hiding . Whether your Allah said to kill innocent people and innocent children ? Accept the facts and keep quiet or ask your army how are the Indian helicopters penetrated Pakistan air space like the USA helicopter penetrated to kill Osama Bin laden. Now Pakistan Airspace is Vulnerable to Indian attacks . The majority of the Pakistani Army officers are fools. Otherwise, who will do the military exercise with Russia. Russia has got a golden chance to bug your war secrets

      • Americans do conducted operation to kill OBL we admit that.and Americans know better than U that Pakistan was unaware of OBL presence.
        Americans conducted that operation from western border of Pakistan that is safe for decades and is not concentrated with radars and early warning systems for airborne attack all these systems are directed and concentrated at our eastern border with u to thwarts any aggression from ur side.moreover American used stealth helicopters that u only dreams off now.one of their chopper crashed at that compound and they acquired its wreckage afterwards.
        American conducted that operation and they posses evidences of that operation in the form of video and things recovered from that compound they handed over the family of OBL to Pakistani authorities.

        Now U coward indians are claiming surgical strike inside Pakistani terrority with such an impotent army that was unable to clear pathankot frm 6 insurgents in 5 days in their known terrain and in such a circumstances when ur threats after Uri attack Pakistan is alert,offensive and fully prepared to answer any aggression of short scale or full scale from u.
        Place atleast one credible evidence in ur own prostitute media to save ur face. We have credible video clips of ur soliders killed at loc by our security forces circulating in electronic and social media.
        You pimp people pay some respect and honour to ur killed soliders and recover their dead bodies which are lying openly at LOC.

        And dont dream of becoming Super power like US or regional tyrant.You stand nowhere,your poverty is worst than Africa and majority of you use open air toilet.LOL.

        • Your reply clearly shows that there are loopholes in the surveillance system in the Pakistan Army. Do you know how is the radar works? Do you know the reason how was the Gnat fighter plane performed far better than other aircraft? I am sure there are loopholes in the radars provided by Pakistan to prevent entry of enemy aircraft. But the fact is that they cannot admit the mistake openly. So far two countries were experts in surgical strikes. First Israel and second the USA. India is friendly with both the countries. Now India has become the third country. Before this Indian Army conducted a ‘Surgical strike’ inside Myanmar. So instead of questioning India,s credibility. go and ask your Army. Your army could protect their children from terrorist attack. What a shame!

          • Hahahaha Govindan your level of ignorance and type of mentality is clear from ur replies.There r not any loopholes in our intelligence or electronic surveilance systems.
            Time has proved their effectiveness esp againts evil designs by India.
            What happened to ur intensions of attacking our Kahuta research laboratories in 1981 with the aid of Israel who priorly conducted a successful operation of destroying Iraqi nuclear plant Osiraq in 1980.
            For ur self esteem and peace of mind U r repetedly quoting irrelevant example of APS Peshawar attack.Remember these types of soft civilian targets are an easy prey for terrorists in Pakistan,India or any other country of World.Terrorism is a bitter and big truth.
            The point of discussion is how effectively security forces of any country retaliate and prevent these type of attacks.
            By the sacrifice of our security forces Pakistan is now peaceful and safe as compared to 10-15 yrs back when Pakistan was facing brunt of global war on terror and war in neighbouring afghanistan.

          • Lets compare the efficiency and effectiveness of ur and our forces.
            During Mumbai terror attack your brave NSG and MARCOS were unable to kill 10 terrorist for about 4 days(frm 26-29).
            Same was the situation in Indian parliment attack.
            During Pathankot base attack what happened haha the insurgents roam about in the base for 4 days and ur forces were unable to tackle them.
            What about Mao and Naxalite seperatist hunting dozens of ur security personels in a matter of a week and your state controlled media does nt show this.
            Pakistani media is very outspoken and they show every single detail of what is happening in Pakistan.
            ON THE OTHER HAND.
            During Aps Peshawer attack our valiant SSG Lions responded within 15 mins(untill then most of the causualities were happenened) killed all terrorists and limited the damage within a matter of hours and afterward in retaliation most of the preparators were killed.In Zarb E Azb offensive more than 3500 terrorists are killed so far.
            Similar examples were set during Manawan police station attack,Attempt of terrorists to enter GHQ,PNS mehran attack and many others.

  2. Pakistan’s stance on Surgical strike is very clear.If u have courage do a surgical strike in actual(not on paper,or in any movie or on bullshit forum sites like this idr) and our responce will be immediate,effective,forcefull and jaw breaking for u cowards.

    • If the surgical strike is not effective why did the Pakistan Army provides help to relocate terrorist camps near Musaffarbad to Manshera , Jhelum.? India will get the minute to minute details of terrorist moments in Pakistan.

  3. Hahahahahahahaha SURGICAL STRIKE in movie phantom 2.You bloody cowards.Any clear evidence,any proof that your brave army infiltrated Pakistani territority carried out operation at so called terrorist launch pads and went back w/o any harm and our forces were just watching.
    Which type of surgical strike was that in which you carried out offensive in Pakistan and at the same time your DGMO have a conversation with Pakistani counterpart which he(Gen ranbir singh) acknowledge in his yesterday press conference and also he was nervous when he was telling this tale of lies.check this urself.
    There was an incidence of cross border fire at various sectors of LOC initiated by Indian Army in which 2 pakistani soliders were martyred for which our Army’s response was immediate,effective and jaw breaking and U know better than us how badly u were striked.
    There should be a neutral,international investigation of this incidence,show ur evidence of surgical strike and truth will be exposed.
    Otherwise shame on U and be curse upon U on designing false Uri attack and killing ur own soliders for diverting World attention from atrocities in Kashmir and for the dirty politics of modi.

    • We will produce the documentary proof at the appropriate time. You will never admit that there was a surgical strike against terrorist because that will be a further proof to that Pakistan is breeding terrorism. If you feel Pakistan is strong how was Pakistan lost East Pakistan in 1971 war and 1998 Kargil war?. What do you mean by “Which type of surgical strike ?” You do not know the meaning of Surgical strike. If Pakistan is not breeding how was the terrorist attacked your Karachi Naval base and Army school? Do you present there when Indian Army in which 2 Pakistani soldiers were martyred ?

      • Ooohhhh really.Please remember before making documentary take any expert opinion to fill colour in ur fairy tale and not bollywood script like u have done now.

        Hahaha you urself are confused about your owm claim that how you done it.
        Plz before arguing here,first read a article”india s surgical strike across Loc a priliminary assesment by Angshuman choudhry at the bottom of this page of IDR.
        Then go and check statements of your higher military and civilian officials each telling a different story contradictory to one another about action,procedure and timespan of this so called surgical strike.

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