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By admin
Date : 23 Feb , 2023

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  1. Very Good. Army Aviation Corps should induct all types of helicopters in quantity as fast as possible.
    A correction. Army did not feel the need for Attack Helicopters in high altitude regions after only 1999 Kargil War. It always knew that it needs aerial platforms capable of performing across a wide spectrum especially at Himalayan Heights. After all our LOC and LAC is along the Himalayas.
    The real problem that has been the bane of Army Aviations growth a has constantly stymied it is in fact the Air Force. The Air Force has worked overtime to symie the growth of Army Aviation not to mention naval Aviation too. This selfish turf war purely based on the fact for vacancies for higher promotions and ranks has been the Air Forces primary focus through the years. More Squadrons equate to more vacancies and vice versa. They are least bothered about combat efficacy . All over the world Attack,Medium lift and Light helicopters belong to and are operated by the Army. Only in India is an ambiguous chain beng followed where Attack helos belong to Air Force and will be “allocated”to Army for operatons. What utter rubbish.
    Everyone knows the ponderous chain of communication between Air Force and Army. It will never work in todays high speed battlefield.
    The Air Force can barely manage its primary responsibility of Air Defenc of the Nation , gaining Air Superiority ,Interdiction but still wants to overextend its hand by retaining control of aerial assests for the Tactical Battle Area.
    To add insult to injury it is a weel known fact that the Air Force has said it wont be able to provide battlefield support to the Army in the first 48 to 72 hours of hostilities.
    The MOD and Defence Minister and our Political hierachy now needs to intervene to sort out this with a iron hand and settle this turf war once and for all. The Inter-Armed Forces despite the CDS office have proved incapable of resolving this decades old dispute.
    Allot all rotary wing to Army.IAF can retain for CSAR needs

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