Should India Invade Pakistan?
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 14 Jan , 2013

Map depicting export of terrorism from Pak soil

There is another important reason to invade Pakistan.  As USA plans to withdraw in 2014, a severe vacuum is going to be left in that northwest region.  Thus, to prevent China from filling this vacuum and linking up with Pakistan, it is vitally important for India to interject itself in Gilgit.   Whereas, Chinese forces are already in Baltistan, with speculation that Pakistan may have leased Baltistan to China, it is all the more important for India to physically put itself between China and Pakistan.  In fact, even Baltistan is not out of bounds for Indian forces to enter, notwithstanding that Chinese troops are already there.  Consequently, India has to take the bold steps of invading Pakistan, no matter what the preparation status of its military forces.  Not invading the Gilgit area and interjecting itself between China and Pakistan, not cutting off the Karakoram Highway, and not preventing the transmission of oil from Gwadar to Tibet, simply endangers India.  The threat from this to India is significant.  Hence, India must become physically present in Gilgit, and wake up sooner to this necessity than later.

Pakistan is legitimately scared of an Indian invasion, for it should be.  Only “the guilty are afraid,” as a common saying goes, and Pakistan has accumulated enough guilt over the years.

Further, an invader always has the initial advantage in war.  Note that the British took pre-emptive torpedo action against the Argentinean battleship, General Belgrano, before it could potentially damage British battleships with French Exocet missiles, in the Falklands war of 1982.  Margaret Thatcher herself gave approval for this attack.  This action eliminated the primary threat to British dominance in that war.  Thus, an invader can strike successfully without warning, at day or night, summer of winter, weekday or holiday, at a location of his choosing, with all the planning that needs to go into it.  This can catch the defender off-guard, thus destroying much of the defender in the initial stages, allowing later waves of invasion to roll forward on the advantages gained initially, especially if overwhelming force is used.  Moreover, India may think Pakistan is prepared, much as we think we are unprepared, but both those perspectives are false.  Pakistan is in a cauldron, and the time to strike is now.

Pakistan is legitimately scared of an Indian invasion, for it should be.  Only “the guilty are afraid,” as a common saying goes, and Pakistan has accumulated enough guilt over the years.  So yes, Pakistan should be wary of an Indian invasion for it will come one day.  But, Pakistan should also be aware that nothing it can do could ward it off against a determined India.

The Diplomatic and Polictical Perspective

The political and diplomatic perspectives are altogether a different issue with India.   It often seems that Indian diplomats and politicians live in a world different to the real world that everyone else lives in.  Consequently, politicians engaged in internal corruption are unable to grasp or understand the intricacies of war and technology; they remain lost to the world, exemplified by the fact that India lived in an idealistic and idyllic Nehruvian era that forsook Western technology and economic growth for the sake of stubborn independence that took us into the Soviet orbit and also into frying pan with China in 1962.  The non-alignment policies just made us drift further away from those who enjoyed economic growth and democratic lifestyles of the modern era.  India moved further into isolation in the 1970s by making neither any headway in internal growth nor any significant breakthrough in being accepted into the community of nations, while China was well ahead on its long march in that direction after President Nixon opened China to the world and loosed the dreaded dragon.  And India was held back only by its own retrograde ideology, which, mind you, it has not given up totally even now.  Much of this retrograde thinking is not only in the heads of politicians, but also in the minds of bureaucrats, the common man, the educated intellectual, and the communists of India, among other, from whom the political leaders arise.

The powerful Indian tiger has been enslaved to the lust of the politicians who sacrifice national honor for the sake of raping Mother India of its meager resources and incomes.

The psychology of India’s leaders is probably everything to be ashamed of, and when combined with the advice given to the politicians by foreign policy advisors (recall Pannikar, the former ambassador to China during Nehru’s time who probably encouraged the communist invasion of India rather than to the contrary), ensures that India will not rise, let alone raise its head.  The powerful Indian tiger has been enslaved to the lust of the politicians who sacrifice national honor for the sake of raping Mother India of its meager resources and incomes.  It is surprising why a strong democratic revolution has not yet matured at the ballot box, and why politicians are allowed to loot the treasury in every Indian state, let alone the center.

Politicians have exploited the basic fear that humans possess genetically, and thus have exploited the Indian public to rule over them like the British ruled India.   The “brown sahibs” replaced the “white sahibs”. The poor man is denied honest opportunity, and the bureaucrats aid and abet the concentration of Indian politicians on internal theft rather than external dangers.  The political mind has been mutilated, and the psychology of India’s leaders permanently disabled, such that they behave as mentally deficient people of weak character.

In the immediate aftermath of receiving the mutilated bodies of Indian soldiers in the new year of January 2013, the Indian foreign minister went on record as saying that the government will not be moved by calls of revenge, that Pakistan needs to “explain” why it did what it did.  Rather than follow the mood of the people who elected them, and in wanting to settle the conflict by words rather than bullets, the current government is once again demonstrating that it would rather sell itself to the enemy rather than confront it.  Time and time again over the last 65 years, the Indian government has thought it is more expedient to capitulate to the enemy rather than fight it.  From a perspective of national honor, this is utterly shameful.

With this type of psychology at the highest levels, India can scarcely hope to succeed or defeat the Islamist and terroristic threats.  In fact, this type of psychology further foments internal rebellion, such as is being witnessed by India in virtually every state, in contrast to enabling the Indian public to join to defeat the external threat.  All that the Indian government can ever do is go to war against its own citizens who don’t have the big guns like its enemies do.  Thus, India has easily gone to war in Nagaland, Mizoram, Punjab, and other places and behaved in brutal and cowardly manners there.  But against its real, external enemies, India doesn’t dare enough.  Thus, the Indian governments have consecutively proven that they are tigers against their own citizens, but paper tigers against their real, external enemies.

The white sahibs were replaced by the brown sahibs.  The poor man is denied honest opportunity, and the bureaucrats aid and abet the concentration of Indian politicians on internal theft rather than external dangers.

In this regard, India’s greatest enemy is India itself.  Forget about slaying the Chinese dragon or quelling Islamic forays into Kashmir: India has to arrest its own self before it can march into the Northwest and come into its own in resurrection of the ancient Mauryan empire that reached to the Hindu-koh mountains in Afghanistan, and had its culture permeate the entire Southeast Asia.

At times, hoping to resurrect the past can be seen as a pipedream, much as the Arabs who hope to resurrect their 10th to 12th century peak in world domination.  This is because the Arabs have neither the industrial infrastructure nor the military discipline of the type that India has.  In contrast, India has the necessary potential to overcome its adversaries to the Northwest and project itself as a regional power to contend with, rather than have a small Pakistan check India’s rise to its ultimate destiny.


India has a permanent reason and a great opportunity to invade Pakistan and finish it forever.  History is on India’s side in this regard, since never in history was there a nation called Pakistan.  India needs no excuse to invade Pakistan, since it has an excuse every day, and Pakistan keeps giving India more reasons without interruption.  Thus, India needs to finish Pakistan to allow itself to grow and come into itself to contribute to the world.  But, India is held back by the madness and lust of Indian politicians who rule India like the British did with the connivance of its opportunistic bureaucrats – whether in the IAS or engineering services or any government department.  Therefore, the biggest enemy that India has is India itself, though it has the potential to become a regional and world power if it shows only a little bit of guts for national honor.

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Dr Amarjit Singh

is an independent security analyst.

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57 thoughts on “Should India Invade Pakistan?

  1. Yes India must invade Pakistan if India is so keen for Pakistan to be its graveyard. Dr Amarjit Singh you must be trying to flatter your Hindu brothers at the cost of displeasing even your Sikh brothers.

  2. Absolutely. Pakistan is a comical political unit created just to sow hatred. The British were smart and exploited existing communal rifts in the subcontinent and piled in. 70 years later, the fools on the west have still not understood this. There is only one solution and peace is not it. That being said, things have gone to the point that India cannot and should not reoccupy Pakistan with it’s citizens. Either we split Pakistan or we acquire Punjab and kick the residents out into the other provinces. Pakistan without Punjab is like a snake without it’s head. A two pronged attack across Punjab and Kashmir and dissolving this cancerous neighbour on the left is key to India’s future security.

  3. keep crying about pakistan When it isnt even your business when we divided in 1947 we divide thats it and if your still worried about pakistan go clean your beaches there with people pooing there build toilets go get a life man instead of complaining uh should india invade pakistan who will care you who will listen you like this

  4. The Indian attack on Pakistan should commence at 1:00 AM in the morning and begin with nuclear strikes on 5 major cities of Pakistan which need to be vaporized within 30 minutes of the commencement of operations.

    Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Karachi and Faisalabad need to be hit by multiple nuclear warheads wiping out these cities within 30 minutes.

    Following this 4 million Indian soldiers need burst into Pakistan like Gangsters and wipeout everything in sight.

    Spearheads of Indian armored divisions should encircle Lahore and overrun all areas of Punjab.

    This in the most ferocious and swift manner Pakistan’s collapse will be brought about in a weeks time and what is left of the Pakistani armed forces should be forced to surrender in front of the Minar-E-Pakistan in a railway carriage.

    The railway carriage in which the Pakistani army surrenders and the Zam-Zameh of Lahore should be hauled back and housed in a museum in New Delhi.

  5. It’s coming. It’s just matter of time. Why go head-on when you can tactically neutralize Pakistan’s nuclear assets? Once assets are neutralized Pakistan will surrender just like always. This is what will lead to the birth of Balochistan. and a complete Kashmir Maps.

  6. Endian low life rats always keep complaining but have no balls to enter inch into Pakistan . You low lifers dont have toilets to shit and you think of invading pakistan well when u r burn all ur wood by burning ur sinned pathetic rotten bodies then u can invade pakistan so pakistan will burn you all in a one booooooooom and will spit on ur ashes while peeing in whorish Ganga

  7. Vasoo Kamulkar, London

    I fully agree with Dr Amarjit Singh. Two-nation theory of Jinnah had breathed its last on the day, the wicked male nurse Clement Attlee had delivered Baby Pakistan on the 14th of August 1947. The gullible Gandhi-Nehru duo was coerced by the maternity home’s ward-boy Luis Mountbatten into hammering the first and the last nail on its coffin by retaining the Muslim population back in the first of the two nations-India.
    Maharashtra’s Yeshwantrao Chavan and Nehru’s other sycophants used to eulogise Nehru, as the “Bharat Bhaagya-widhaataa”, knowing full well that he was nothing short of a “Bharat Bhaagya-wighatak”- destroyer. He had always played for the self-glory. In 1948, Pakistan was the aggressor in Kashmir. Instead of kicking the invading army out of the Indian Territory, he had approached the UN Security Council for mediation. On top of it he had consented to the resolution passed by the UNCIP (United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan) for the so-called free and impartial plebiscite over the dispute. Regretfully, it had never occurred to the pragmatic Nehru to hold a plebiscite amongst the Hindus of the so-called first nation-India to decide if they wanted the population of the second nation-Pakistan to be retained in India after the Partition.
    Notwithstanding the reality that on all of the four major wars burdened over India, Pakistan had to hit the dust, their zeal for war-mongering hasn’t waned a bit. Shastrijee in 1065 and Indirajee in 1971 were forced to restrain themselves out of their concern for the opinion of the international community. Before the return of the 1, 00,000 of prisoners of war to Pakistan had missed the opportunity to play the epilogue of the Kashmir saga.
    The Indian Public has lost interest in the habitual violation of the LoC by Pakistan. As per the expression in Marathi, ‘Who mourns for the person, who dies every day?’ (Roj Mare Tyalaa Kon Rade?)
    Today, on the 27th of July 2015, Pakistan has done it again. Notwithstanding the regret expressed by Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan for this terrorist encounter, Indians are pretty sure about the perpetrators. This encounter had, for a change; some amusing moments when Rajnath Singh, the Minister for Home Affairs had swaggered that he would give a befitting reply to Pakistan. Whatever he meant thereby would soon be known.

  8. Dr Amarjit Singh Propaganda Master

    Why Every Anti-Pakistan Propaganda Analyst is always a Sikh. Because they are remarkable for Muslim genocide in 1947. Now how many you Sikh comprise India’s total population hardly 2% which is drastically decreasing. Muslims got Pakistan Hindus got Hindustan. What you got OPERATION BLUE STAR
    Keep Crying brainwashed by Hindu TV

  9. India is a peace loving country.India never wants war with any of its neighbor.But the repeated cease fire violation at LOC, Jammu & Kaskmir by pak army has tempered our patience and sustaining losses to army and civilian.

    in spite of our repeated dialouge with pak govt no development has been found.Pakistan is playing defense mechanism with india saying their Govt has no role on cross border terrorism and cease fire violation.

    It is clearly predicted that Pak can not fight front war with india therefore Pak army & ISI involved of continuing proxy war with India.

    Pak is insisting war with India and to use nuclear weapon if India overpowered to Pak on traditional war.This has clearly understood by India at Kargil conflict.

    Dear Pakistani army/ISI/pakistanis please be noted that your perception,aggression,war strategy will give you nothing except devastation and destruction. Your nation would be wiped out for ever.

    This is my small advice to all of you.

  10. india should finance groups in pakistan, just like they do in india..

    BUT our groups should stand for freedom and democracy for all..



    this evil ideology of the arabs must be stopped, and it will..

    1000 years enslavement of INDIA by MUSLIMS….. teh autrocities done.. is unthinkable..

    ARAB IMAM FORCE ….others to follow islam… and they go fuck women and rape small booyyys..

    Fuckig bullshit…..

  11. it make me laugh how indian buildind mind set of their nation through false assumptions indians get out of it Pakistan is an reality and its an atomic power with the missile technology which is far better then indian’ stop dreaming to invade pakistan although we’ve fought more then three War’s but we are in an cold state of War since 1947 only because of your sick mind set which isn’t accepting the reality of Pakistan….
    keep dreaming for (AKHAND bharat) good luck ….

    • india will never bleed to death…thats a MULLAH WET FANTASY

      just wait..

      were gonna send you your muhammaed and your arab masters to hell…

      and before that we will rape allah in his ass…and before that we will piss on MAKKAH..

      maderchaud paki….

      TERI MULK GI AISI GAND MARENGE::TERE ISLAM KI AISE GAND MAREENGE:.. ke .. billion years tak nam aur nishan nai milega…

  12. So, india is ready to go to “STONE AGE”. 32.67% population earn less than $1.25 daily and 68.72% earn less than $2

    daily. India is not only against Pakistan, he is against Islam and it means that it is against its 10.97% Muslim

    population. There are many separatist movements in india, like Assam, Bodoland, Dravida Nadu, Kashmir,

    Khalistan, Nagalim, Tripura and Dalitstan etc. moreover Pakistan has equal war technology and more nuclear weapons

    than india. China is like a sleeping LION, who’s might can crush india within days. Open your eyes, where are you,

    and where will be you? india is already in very bad condition and this condition is getting worse. Mr. Idiot, ignorant

    Amarjit (Extremist and Terrorist) will lead india to its ultimate destruction.
    Now remove my messege as soon as possible, YOU COWARDS.
    Amarjit, why you forget blood of your Sikh brothers? You idiot.

  13. Going by your logic, the biggest villain of Indian Subcontinent of all times is treated as a Hero in Pakistan. Jinnah divided India and Shaikh Mujib divided Pakistan. Mujib had reasons, Jinnah had jealousy. Despite partition India is a secular country. Muslim population has grown both in absolute number and percentage but non muslims are getting extinct in Pakistan forget about them having equal rights and not to mention about your draconian blasphemy laws.

    Pakistan hires and harbours terrorists and provide them with weapons and training. When confronted it goes into denial mode…. Osama is not in Pakistan, Dawood is not in Pakistan, Mulla Omar is not in Pakistan, kargil intruders were not pakistani armymen, mumbai attackers were not pakistanis, caught red handed but deny… how do you deal with such a nation?
    Pak + India = Peace but Pak x India = Pain….. how do you deal with pain??? take pain killers and ignore or avoid a nasoor by a surgery???

  14. Even if Pak uses nuclear weapons than also we must remember that we have ballistic missile shield and second strike capability.What this means is pak nuclear attack will fail miserably and then counter nuclear attack from India is going wipe it out.Even if paki attack is a success than also since we have a stronger economy ,larger population and second attack capability we will be able to launch a second strike,which will destroy pak.Also we along with Israel can attack paki nuclear sites,Israel is always against Islamic countries having nuclear weapons.

    • No one of the two countries will survive and both will become slaves of Western Imperialism. No grass, No birds, poisoned water, no Mandir, No Gurdwara, Almost No Population, WHAT ARE YOU UP TO SARDARJI?

      I feel strongly that the two countries India and Pakistan should resolve their issues peacefully. And India being a larger country, should start the 1st step. May be both India and Pakistan after resolving their issues become together so powerful that they can build a bridge against any aggressive foreign force.

    • Where are you living in this world, you said if Pakistan nuke India will india remain because its a big country, Nuclear war means remove from the face of the earth, and that means both India and Pakistan gone from this world forever, Nukes can destroy any country no matter how big that land is and also effect other countries which are along side.

  15. Dr. Amarjit one word for u, u pig face diaper head old man! Go eat ur holy cow dung! It will ATLEAST SAVE U AND UR PRETTY RAPIST COUNTRY INDIA TO THINK OF SOMEOTHER SHIT CUZ PAKISTAN IS WAAAAAAAY AHEAD OF UR LEAGUE! 😀

    • hey jehadi shut ur mouth or else i will send u where first terrorist MUHAMMAD( be my piss upon him ) was sent 1700 yrs ago TO DEAPTH OF HELL where he lived happly everafter marrying a 6 yr old pig

  16. The world knew that who won the kargil jung we lost in table but won in ground .about the militery of pakistan your chief of army staff claimed that pakistan is the best army of the world . In every war we won but loss by the usa because you afraid that in kargil and in 1965 pakistan will won the war . And about china .china is friend.of pakistan .

  17. Amarjit Ji, how daru you drank before writing this. Wake up and redo your research.
    Quit living in fools paradise.
    Things have changed around you.
    Please say some words of Indian (Hindus) agents killed in Swat and Balochistan and secretly given military awards in absentia by India

  18. Solution to the problem lies within more people to people contact, soft borders, trade and economic ties. All of these will came out once the Indian Subcontinent nation is well educated. One thing for Pakistan establishment to understand is that no one will come to solve their and mutual problems but themselves along with those from India. India should listen to voices like Jaswant Singh who say that India should come out of the four lines tensions for their survival and growth.
    If you think there is any other solution then….you are the genius US and EU want but we will remember you as a traitor no matter what history states in school books.

  19. India should invade pakistan. Yes, it is necessary. Pakistan should Nuke at least 500 indian cities, and India should nuke about 10 pakistan cities, as pakistan hardly has more than 10 cities. Both the filth will be wiped off and history should repeat itself. AFghanistan should invade both the criminals and establish law and order. Both Indians and Pakistans are garbage, Pakistanis are fake muslims, and indians are penis worshipers, and cow dung eaters. Both deserve to be wiped, to clean this world of the filth.

  20. It is time that India retaliates in form and fashion as Pakistan. It is easy for India to fight a uniformed enemy.It is difficult to fight terrorists who are not uniformed. India must retaliate full power, leaving no stone turned and re write history against the terrorists based in Pakistan and taunting the world & India. It is a matter of shame for Pakistan when their citizens are caught committing terrorist acts in India and then they deny that they are their own citizens.Shame ,shame ,shame on you guys.
    People in Pakistan must learn to remain contended with what ever Kashmir they have for the past 60 + years. Let the govts of Pakistan prove themselves worthy of getting Kashmir after demonstrating growth in POK that is endorsed by the world.

  21. despite tension Pakistan has released Indian prisoners,which shows we are mature,on other hand Indian media is showing plans of India conquering Pakistan.shame,I am from azad Kashmir I have daily seen Indian army firing at night on our side,we are not terrorists,all we need is freedom.there is one India,one Pakistan but three Kashmir,it hurts.

    • Well check out the history for yourself the Kashmir war was started by Pakistan. Because one and only one feeling was instilled in their minds that the areas which have Muslims in majority should be ceded to Pakistan. This attitude is totally meaningless and preposterous because Muslims are spread all over the world so r we expected to cede the whole world to Pakistan???
      Obviously straight-forward it’s seen that Pakistan wants land territory and not its people it was jealous at the time of accession of Kashmir in India. Well we Indians aren’t interested in retaliating with Pakistanis but then these people force us to do so.
      You know? that Pakistan violated the ceasefire for more than 130 times in just two years is that a sign of Peace keeping nation??? Definitely not I have been to Kashmir (Indian) and noticed that most of the times it’s Pakistani violation.
      Remember when Pakistan tormented and tortured Indian troops and beheaded them?
      There is much more to clarify about this……………But just remember one thing Pak is just keeping happy the people in Northern areas and Azad Kashmir because they are afraid of protests. If we Indians want we will captures our areas back within a week but we want you to live in peace. wherever you are.
      Do u have a single airport or other major facilities in Azad Kashimir? No if this would have been in India…. u would have had that. Moreover Indian Kashmir has 10 airports way more than that in Gilgit or POK.
      And ultimately if you are granted freedom…………Both Pakistan and China would set to capture Kashmir that I assure that Kashmir once known as heaven of the earth would turn into nuclear testing battlefield giving it that latter name ‘Hell of the Earth’.
      So now you know I know next time realize before you speak and don’t spread rumors or illicit thoughts about any country.

  22. If Pakistan this weak as you suggested, you should come and take over 🙂 We are waiting for your bravery. sending terroists with the help of NATO and Aghanistan to destroy us from inside is failing. fAKE Indian Parliment attack to fake mobai hotel attack is exposed India and its intentions of war with Pakistan. We (not only Pakistani Army, also civilians) are ready to fight you stupid Indians to last drop of our blood. We don’t need China’s help to kick you butts all the way back to Bangladeshi border. Your terrorist may Kill iinnocent muslims in mosques but you can’t break our sprits. You all gay Indians go to hell.

  23. 6 arihant subs = 6x20x8 MIRV warheads( INS Arihant comissioning within weeks ) + army & airforce nukes and ballistic missile defence. I wonder who fool says pak has more nukes than India 😀 India can certainly wipe out Pakistan off the face of earth.

  24. Sardar Jee has gone mad. Looks like the heat in Sardar Jee’s turban has made him irrational. You think Pakistan won’t send India to the stone age with its nukes, while India attempts to “finish off Pakistan” ?

    All 180 Million Pakistani Muslims will make Booti Kabab out of your 2 million or so Indian soldiers.

  25. Had the world operated by Singh’s rules it would have perished long ago. Pakistan has its own defense force capable of defending it and in case u have forgotten the very mobilization in Operation Parakaram costed India 1860 casualties. Do u really think that India can “conquer” Pakistan when it losses this many troops just during mobilization.
    To me this article is another case of a so called “independent security analyst”, writing an article after watching a Hollywood movie.
    It amazes me as to how a person with such naive views is having a doctorate.

  26. all out attack is a mix blessing, we may suffer, and we cannot at present afford to lose any economic momentom we had is the last decade

    just winning a war is nit omportant, we need to take care of our poor people, and improve their life

    a better way is give all out support to balouchis, give atatement that we morally support them as pakistn claim to support kashmir

    karachi its such a joy ther we can make use of it, a few startagic target killing is all it needs every few months to keep the problem alive

    we can help our shia btothers there, in helping bomb some sunni mosque, and meetings,

    keep sayiny everywher we go internationally that our pashtun btrother are more afghani then pakistni, and we have no issue if they wouldwantto join afghansitan

    water, keep fiddling with it everytime there is an attack in india by pakistni terrorist stop water for a couple of day, it would be great if its during sowing seasom, and if pakis attack the dams great we have a reason to sttack right back,

    dear amarjit saab we have many ways to teack pak a lesson without getting out hands dirty

    reagarding if pak attacks with nuke should we retaliate i dont know, bec it makes sense if they attack india with nukes say destroyed 10000 sq km of indian land eg some cities and indsustrial areas, we should not attack them with nuks but take over 10 times that area from them as compensation without their population in it, eg lahaore,multan,ect

    if they make a second strike then destroy them but always take land as compensation


  27. India should now be proactive in Military, Diplomacy,Intelligence & covert activities.Our Politicians, Bureaucrats & Think tanks need to form a national Security Doctrine along with Co-opting the armed forces in Security related matters.The Indian Army does have many martial races to improve its fighting capabilities & if given clear directives & good commanding officers,They can do wonders-Like the battle of Saragarhi..We also need to shed our Pacifist mindset with its constant double speak, Sermonizing & inherent contradictions.There is no reason to be shy of declaring that China is our enemy no 1 esp. in our military Academies & Staff colleges..Also, local commanders should be given some amount of Freedom to pursue their targets even if it involves crossing a few km.across the line of control.A new sort of a ” Forward Policy ” with respect to pakistan needs to be implemented with proper planning,Clear directives & lack of fear..Those who are not afraid of Dying ultimately win.

  28. Yes, India should invade Pakistan, Look at the map of Pakistan carefully,

    India does not have to invade whole of Pakistan,

    India just needs to focus on Punjab. Punjab is the heart of Pakistan.
    Invade Punjab with overwhelming force: Conventional, air and psy-ops.
    If they threaten us with Nukes,
    Threaten back with Nukes, Chemical and Biological warfare.

    Punjab is the heart of Pakistan,
    Tear the palpitating heart out of Pakistan, and Pakistan will collapse.
    Sindhis, Balochis and Pakhtuns will rejoice.
    Tell the Pakhtuns that they will join their brothers across in Afghanistan to create Pakhtunistan.

    When the Indian troops take back Lahore and Nankana Sahib becomes part of India again, then Indians can call themselves true warriors.

    The last time the Indian army tasted sweet victory was in 1971 when we invaded Bengali part of Pakistan
    We we need to taste victory for the second time, then the dagger of our armored formations need to thrust deeply into the Punjab and Azad Kashmir.

    • Let me put a similar scenario against India, just to show u that making up stories aint difficult at all.
      India draws most of its armed strength from Punjab so just like in case of Pakistan it too is India’s heart.
      1. Promote Freedom movements among Sikhs based on earlier Kalistan movement. It wont be very difficult.
      2. Supply arms to Sikhs through indirect means i.e smuggling.
      3. Promote their cause.
      4. Team up with China in instigating ethnic violence in Asaam region. It is after all Achilles heel of India with a a small corridor linking it to main land.
      5. Promoting Instigation in Kashmir with the help of Afghan Taliban (who would soon be in power in Afghanistan).
      6. Supplying limited aid to Tamils to carry out militant activities in India.
      7 Once uprisings mature strike just like India did in 1971. It would be a justified war with a lot of local support in North and Punjab sector.
      8 If China joins the offensive (which it will in order to regain disputed territory), Assam would be history for India.
      10 Good Bye to Akhund Bharat.
      My purpose of mentioning this is not that i believe that this will actually happen. I just want to show u how easy it is to make up stories and destroy ur opponent ‘in theory’ but trust me when it comes to showdown it is only then that we realize the complexities of life.
      Plz Grow Up.

      • You already tried all that and failed miserably.

        There will be no Punjab insurgency any more. Sikhs are totally integrated into India. Even our Prime Minster is a Sikh who has served two terms and is admired as an economic genius.

        We are growing in strength with every passing day and you country is splintering internally with every passing day.

        We are building up our military strength and missile forces to unprecedented levels. Our military strength will soon exceed 5 million active troops. We have filled Kashmir with close to a Million troops and still have 4 million to spare. Our air-force will soon have 1046 fighters and 850 bombers and transport aircraft. Our tank strength is getting close to 5000 tanks. We have 4 army groups primed for operation on the Western sector already.

        You really need to look at your country on the Map.. it is totally indefensible.

        Indian armored spearheads will slice through your country like a hot knife through butter. We can break the spine of our your puny country in a flash…. Severing Punjab from Sindh…

        Just remember how we overran your army in East Pakistan.
        It was all over in 18 days.

        We will not engage you in set piece battles. We will simply bypass resistance and encircle you. You cannot withdraw for more than 200 miles.

        There will be multiple pockets of surrendering Pakistani soldiers within weeks after we launch an all out invasion of your country from Gujarat to Kashmir. Punjab will be the SchwerPunkt of our attack.

        Our armoured formations have the best communications equipment and can turn on a dime in which ever direction and can co-ordinate their encirclement tactics very effectively.

        Also our airforce will dominate your skies within a few hours after launching an invasion.

        Our invasion of Pakistan will be followed by a “Drang Nach Westen”. A massive population influx of millions of Hindus, Sikhs and other peoples who will just come in, settle and outnumber you in your own land.

      • I respect ur opinion but there is a hell of difference between opinions and facts.
        Talking of Sikh problem. Even Pakistan once had a Bengali Prime Minister but it did not prevent them from separating in 1971. As for integration of Sikhs is concerned, it is only apparent integration. Pakistan is a little bit busy in Afghanistan and the tribal areas. Once coalition leaves Afghanistan and Afghan Taliban come to power in Afghanistan then the real show down will start. With greater resources in pocket and more equipment and wealth to spare the insurgency in Kashmir and Punjab will start again. It is then that so called integration of Sikhs shall be tested. Btw in case u dont know but most of Khalistan movement leaders still live in Pakistan and UK. The seeds are still safe and all that is needed is suitable weather to plant them. After all ethnic violence had always been an issue for India.
        Now coming over to the campaign against Pakistan that u simulated. Lets first recognize the fact that for China growth in Indian influence is a serious concern. Therefore it will do any thing and when i say anything i literally mean it to prevent Pakistan from being defeated completely. So even if India is successful in making minor gains in certain sectors it is unlikely that it shall be able to “defeat” Pakistan. So utter defeat is a mere myth and its better for u to not to waste ur precious brain cells on it.
        Coming over to the armor capabilities as u mentioned. Indeed India has numerical superiority over Pakistan when it comes to armor but if i recall it was ur ex army chief who after saying that India can defeat Pakistan and China in 24 hrs acknowledged the fact that Indian armor’s night time fighting capability is ONLY 20 PERCENT against China’s 100% and Pakistan’s 80%.
        Bitter reality is that in world of today there is no such thing as conquering anyone so its good that we stop dreaming.

        • You need to realize that China cannot really come to your defense effectively. What happened in 1971, China just sat still while our army overran East Bengal using Blitzkrieg tactics in 18 days.

          We are experts in Blitzkrieg and Punjabi and Sindh plains are ideal for our tanks to really mop up your combat formations.
          We will really enjoy invading Pakistan.

          It is going to be another:

          “Der krieg des achtzehn tag”

          War lasting for just 18 days

          China cannot do anything in terms of boots on the ground.
          Do you think chinese tanks will cross the Karakorams to come to your aid ?

          Ha Ha Ha.

          Think again. We will chose the December period to launch a surprise invasion when the Himalyan passes are all clogged due to snow and visibility on the ground is low.

          The first thing we will do is to block the Karakoram highway after intercepting it. You have the Himalayas between you and China and apart from a few token gestures, China can really do nothing.

          You folks are entirely at our mercy. And we really intend to set matters straight this time. All that is needed is another provocation like the Mumbai attacks or even less.

          We can blockade Karachi within eight hours and Karachi will be subjected to Land, Air and Sea invasion which will totally cut it off from the rest of the world. Woe will be the lot of the 20 million citizens of Karachi.,

          We have planned and practiced all scenarios over and over again.

          • Please go through your history text book before u reply. China did not intervene in 71 because of Russian factor. China was at odds with Russia and also not on good terms with US. It was thus not in a position to support Pakistan. Its concerns were real since Kennedy had previously in 1961 proposed to Khrushchev to conduct join surgical strike against Chinese nuclear sites. Thus i wont blame it for not coming to Pakistan’s aid in 71. Now cold war is over. Russia and China are pretty much on same page and all border disputes are resolved so this time it wont be as simple as u think. Coming to the crossing of armor across Himalayas. There is a road, a modern wonder known as Karakorum Highway which is now being expanded to a six liner with underground tunnels in landslide threatened areas. Once this is done it will remain open throughout the year and im sure tanks can cross Himalayas through it. Please note Chinese involvement does not mean that they would first come in Pakistan and fight shoulder to shoulder with our troops. They would most likely open a new front in Assam and Ladakh region (Talking of Ladakh i heard u guys are having difficulties dealing with Chinese there recently). Chinese will operate the same way they did in 1962.
            And now the Karachi Blockade. There is a reason as to why Gawadar has been handed over to China. No matter what China or our government is saying right now it is evident that it has been done to develop a Chinese fleet in Indian Ocean and to decrease the influence of Indian Navy. You should now it since your media was whining the day the deal was finalized.
            The good old and simple times of 1971 are now gone for Indian army. Situation is a lot different as of now.

  29. Dear Sir

    Kudos to you for pinning down this inspirational article which truly and realistically illustrates the ground position. I share your vision and hope that we take this opportunity as the fate has thrusts it on us , otherwise we will be destined as also ran.

    Roz Roz di chik chik toh to behtar hai ki ik hi bar mukao. aar- par is a must because Pakistan is chipping away like a sonar does to gold till the moment the jewellery takes the shape he want, hoping that this stroke will be the last before the gold takes shape.

    We must act and now.

  30. Best way to have a stable and prosperous South-Asia is to disintegrate it in the forms and shapes that existed pre-colonial era. It’s not a question of if this would happen, but when this will happen, especially the Mauryan empire will breakup and the whole region will begin to grow.

    • This statement is seditionary. Consequently, this statement is punishable under the Indian Sedition Act because it proposes the break-up of India. It is likely that only a Pakistani would openly make such a statement about India. A conquered Pakistan would obviously like to have India disintegrate, in self-vindication.
      But, most importantly, Mr. Kanaikaal Irumporai, this option is NOT on the cards, no one is talking about it, it is on no government’s agenda except China’s, the IFS is not pursuing it. Please stay within the main talking points.

  31. Regardless of history, there is now a nation filled with people who largely don’t want to be part of India and don’t share it’s opinions and values. Assuming India could take Pakistan quickly and without global interference, it would have a resentful mass of people, many of whom are fanatical or could be swayed to fanaticism. If Pakistanis can’t be convinced to join India willingly by much larger than a simple majority, any other path to unification would be a bloodbath lasting for generations and likely ending in failure.

      • Mr. Snake Baron: It should be understood that unarmed provinces of Pakistan are much better than an armed Pakistan. So, disarming Pakistan is the first step. If that first step is not taken, we can dream as much as we want to.

        Next, nations, like people, have choices: they can either stay and live with the disease they have, or get rid of the disease with treatment and live with a smaller one down the road or none at all. I don’t think people in India want to live with a disease like Pakistan.

        As a snake oil baron, you probably know how to control masses of people. It’s easy to understand that two conquered provinces of Pakistan, unarmed, with constrained travel to India, under Indian protection and para-military oversight, can only destroy their own infrastructure and facilities if they decide to become fanatical and resentful and rebel. That is no problem for India: they can destroy themselves on their own at their own volition, if they want, as much as they want. Conquered people can’t be expected to have too many choices. So, the bottom line is, once Pakistan is finished, India’s major problem is solved.

  32. India armed forces have hundreds of drones if not used against Pakistan what is the use if just lying in hangers.Americans have been using so why cant we Indians.The entire world & Pakistanis knows it has lost its battle against terrorism & its a defunct state which only preaches violence in the name of religion.india invading pakistan will be stegically good given its reach to central asia,but fightting radicals will be a huge task for the indian army.

  33. In my opinion the Pakistani problem has a lot more complex solution than just simply invading. Following are some points we need to keep in mind.
    1. We need define our national interests and policy properly. If we invade Pakistan then the goal can’t simply be nuking it or defeating it militarily. India will be able to defeat it in a war but the question is whats next? We wouldn’t want another afghanistan on our borders. We will have to prepare for an occupation of the country and ensure that a friendly government is established there.
    2. We need to strengthen our military. We might be strong enough for Pak but are we prepared for China-Pak combined? We should not depend on any foreign country like we did in 1962. Military should be strong enough to comprehensively defeat both China and Pakistan if required.
    3. International support – We will need support of major powers like US had during the Cuban Crisis. For this it is important that we have a strong economy to influence the world affairs like US does. We need to convince others and especially the US. We need to specially prepare for their nuclear weapons and getting US onboard would be helpful.
    4. We need to be astute in our diplomacy. Pakistan has hurt India enough and we need to be a lot more strict in our dealing with Pakistan than we are right now.
    I believe invading pakistan is in our interest but we need to ensure stability in the aftermath and for that we need to strengthen our military and economy.

  34. passionate Dr. Singh. BUt what Im wondering is what do you mean by ‘invading’ pakistan? do you mean dismantling it or bringing it in to the fold on ‘India’ forever. I would love it if you can clarify that for me.

    Jai hindh.

  35. We cannot take the risk of a nuclear war until our BMD shield is ready to protect our major cities.. the article seems to be written by a guy who isn’t in touch with reality. You want to risk the lives of millions of people just on the basis of an “if” condition? We can invade Pakistan, and we can also lose some of our cities in the process.. 1998 was the time when India should have taken some action. Now it’s too dangerous.

    • It is people like Siddhartha Reddy Thimmireddy who can be intimidated, coerced, enslaved, and manipulated by anyone with a weapon, even when he has the same weapon. It is people like Siddhartha Reddy who represent the negative end of Indian psychology, if he is truly an Indian and not a Pakistani, who also comment on this blog. The Pakistani will ALWAYS want India to be afraid of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons, hence permitting Pakistan to play unlimited mischief across a broad spectrum. There must come a time when fear must melt away. Obviously, Thimmireddy knows only fear and seeks to spread the vibes of fear — but our jawans and officers know better.

    • Thimmireddy, you are a preacher of cowardice.

      Let me tell you something about sardars. During mughal times, there were oppressed hindu peasants who took up arms against a powerful muslim army. People called them stupids. Yes, people were right. It takes stupidity for peasants to be brave. Even today and for ever, stupidity is the other side of bravery.

      India needs a lot of such stupids. And a lot lot lot less of wise guys like you.

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