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Damn it! it’s a War in Delhi
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 02 Mar , 2020

Officials of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) operate without uniform, weapons and in anonymity. So did Ankit Sharma. IB operatives have no enforcement role in law & order. They have no powers to arrest. They work within the confines of law to collect information and intelligence, based on which the governments act with the executive security machinery at its disposal.

Intelligence operatives are the eyes and ears of the State. Beyond the borders, they run the risk of losing life within the enemy country. Within India, if they get killed then they are victims of enemies or proxies within the country.

An IB operative cannot a symbol of provocation even during the most surcharged times because he is the part of the crowd. He has no enmity because he does not wield state power. The imperative of his work content is such that there is no scope of financial aggrandizement. Hence, who would kill an anonymous IB operative like Ankit Sharma? Who would murder an IB official engaged in the process of gathering intelligence? Certainly not a criminal because a criminal is only antagonistic and inimical to law and order enforcement apparatus. An IB Official can only be killed by the enemy within, controlled by the enemy beyond the borders.

The fact that Ankit Sharma was stabbed more than 400 times, indicates the jihadi mindset of the killer or the killers. It also suggests the involvement of Pakistan, going by the beastly proclivities of the military-intelligence establishment of Pakistan. Similar gruesome treatment was given to Capt Saurabh Kalia and Squadron Leader Ajay Ahuja during Kargil conflict in 1999. Jihadis revel while drawing blood and are known for overkills. This jihadi pattern has remained the same in last 1400 years.

Intelligence operatives are the eyes and ears of the State. Beyond the borders, they run the risk of losing life within the enemy country. Within India, if they get killed then they are victims of enemies or proxies within the country. Our Hon’ble NSA has operated with great distinction and reputation outside and within the country. His contribution in handling terrorism in Punjab and Pakistan is legendary. Such an Intelligence veteran would surely not have come across such brutality to an IB Official within the country and that to in the National Capital.

The gruesome killing of an IB Official reinforces the hardly unrevealed secret that the anti-CAA demonstrations are being orchestrated by Pakistan’s ISI. In Intelligence, revelation of source and exposure of operatives are cardinal sins. But somebody must have exposed Sharma’s IB affiliation and kept a track of his responsibilities and movements. Some organization or entity or country must have been grievously impacted by Sharma’s work. He must be lethal or a scourge for somebody or some entity, definitely not for the ‘peaceful protestors’. He may have been lethal for the ISI controlled anti-CAA network. The very fact that a politician has been caught red handed as part of the network, compounds the idea of involvement of a huge political class or even political parties.

What we have so far witnessed in Delhi is not merely law and order problem, but an internal war, because it is not restricted to killing of policemen. This a war of ‘Third Front’.

In various parts of India, including the National Capital, Jihadi-Maoist-Khalistani backed political terrorism is a reality and many politicians are ISI operatives.

Shaheen Bagh is teeming with ISI operatives. These operatives have flaunted their Pakistan links unabashedly. Reputedly, anti-India slogans have been raised in Shaheen Bagh… ‘Jinnah Wali Azadi’… ‘Bharat kki Barbadi’… ‘Chicken Neck ko halal’… ‘Pakistan se rishta – La Illah-e-Illalah’. These protestors need to be complimented for the bravado and honesty! Nevertheless, there are enemies within us, who heard these slogans but pretended of wearing ear-plugs. These protestors have never been apologetic about their anti-India identity, but within us there is an entire architecture of apologists, which is functional, and thriving. This architecture has been assiduously erected with the building blocks of judiciary, activists, politicians, media personnel, academicians and NGOs. This architecture is used to serve the Maoists, jihadis and Khalistanis. It has now been extended from individual politicians to political parties. This architecture served as a huge industry in pre-Article 370 J&K. Interlocutors were very much part of that industry. The entire industry in the present juncture has shifted to Shaheen Bagh. The nerve centre of this industry continues to be Pakistan High Commission. Pakistan has set up an operational headquarters manned by the PFI to calibrate the anti-India activities in the garb of anti-CAA protest.

If a politician is on a platform, which is being used for anti-India slogans, calling for destruction of India and catering to pro-Pak sentiments, it is very clear that he and his party are being substantially controlled by the military-intelligence establishment of Pakistan.

What we have so far witnessed in Delhi is not merely law and order problem, but an internal war, because it is not restricted to killing of policemen. This a war of ‘Third Front’. An unassuming, nondescript intelligence operative can be a hapless victim of a communal riot, but it is only in a ‘internal war’ situation that he is specifically targeted and stabbed more than 400 times. Only an enemy country can effect such killings by its proxies.

Ankit Sharma was stabbed more than 400 times in order to create terror amongst other ‘Intelligence Operatives’ deployed in the country.

Chanakya has mentioned four types of wars:- •  Purely by external enemy •  Purely by internal enemy •  By External enemy but aided by internal enemy  •  By Internal enemy aided by external enemy.

We are facing a war of fourth category. Ankit Sharma was stabbed more than 400 times in order to create terror amongst other ‘Intelligence Operatives’ deployed in the country. This is a war and in this type of war the state cannot make distinction between enemies and traitors.

The manner in which traitors operate has not changed since 1991 wherein the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus took place. In his book, ‘Kashmir: Its Aborigines and their Exodus’ Col Tej K Tikoo writes: “Pakistan, its accomplices in the Valley and the radical Islamic parties had correctly assessed the reaction of the Indian State, its administrative machinery, the civil society, political parties and the media… As far as the press was concerned, the Islamists were confident that their own well-crafted and finely orchestrated disinformation campaign, would neutralize any negative fallout in the media. Their disinformation campaign had succeeded in obfuscating the reality by projecting the orchestrated tradition of Kashmiri Muslim’s tolerance and faith in secularism. The civil society, dominated as it was by the left-liberal intellectuals, would not pose any serious challenge. In the opinion of the perpetrators of violence, the political parties in India, egged on by the media, were likely to get involved in the ‘communal’ / ‘secular’ debate; in the process masking the news about the violence…”

Col Tikoo has shown the mirror of very recent history to the decision makers in India. If we refuse to learn, we are condemned in this war on the ‘Third Front’.

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About the Author

RSN Singh

is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research and Analysis Wing, or R&AW and author of books Asian Strategic and Military Perspective and The Military Factor in Pakistan. His latest book is The Unmaking of Nepal.

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6 thoughts on “Damn it! it’s a War in Delhi

  1. Sir, Read and listen to the western media. Their narrative about what is going on in India is exactly the same as that of the Pakistan prime minister. Genocide, Nazis, Fascists, Hindus killing muslims etc. Read and listen to the western media. They use the same terminology you will find in Pakistan media. There is nothing by the Indian media or politicians to counter this narrative. Nothing at all even from the Govt.

    Indian analysts only talk to themselves as if nothing matters. I tell you the media war has been won by Pakistan.

  2. Excellent analysis of what has been going on behind the scene. It should be an eye-opener for all right-thinking citizens not to be gullible to the so-called “independent” media reporting and debates free for all to open their mouths in state security matters without having a clue on what is going on. Hopefully, the highest authority of the State will now wake up to take action on as has been precisely pointed out here “a politician has been caught red handed as part of the network”.

    • How many times , does our Eyes must be opened ?? Was the Partion Riots not enough that we, must we go through all the Grusome details again to understand the nature of War imposed upoun us.

  3. Indian army, paramilitary and police units were sitting idle over the last few months while Delhi was under siege from Muslim anarchists working with Pakistan. The same happened during the genocide and exodus of Hindus in Kashmir in 1990, Indian army sat idly while Hindu families were massacred, raped & ethnically cleansed by Muslims. No other armed force in the world ignores the massacre of it’s majority population like Indian armed forces have ignored since independence. Whether in Kashmir, Kerala, West Bengal, Gujarat, UP, North East & almost all other states. Pakistani army crushes Balochs, Pushtuns, Mohajirs, Sindhis & Shias in favour of it’s Punjabi population. Punjabi population is just 45% of Pakistani population, still, they are protected by Pakistani army. Chinese PLA protects Han Chinese against Uighur muslims, it imprisons hundreds of thousands of muslims to protect Han Chinese. US police forces protect US citizens from Black and Latino gangs whenever there are clashes or high levels of crime. Malaysia’s police forces support ethnic Malays (supported by Malay Bumiputra law) against Indian & Chinese domination. Many countries become army dictatorships (Like Burma/Myanmar) in order to protect ethnic majorities like Buddhists from violent Muslim minorities, like Rohingyas. Thai army protects Buddhist Thais against violent Islamic extremists. Christian Philippines armed forces fight muslim terrorists to protect Catholic Filipinos. India is the only modern state where it’s armed forces, paramilitary forces and police forces knowingly ignore the killings of Hindus by Muslims, Naxals, Maoists, Evangelists. In any other state, the armed forces would have taken over in the first instance of Hindus being killed and protected them. The hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian Hindus who have been killed by Muslims in riots, bombs, terrorist attacks since 1947 do not care if India has the second largest army in the world. Indian security forces are useless to them

    • Dear writer..
      I wish u would have done a little research about the Army’s role before foulmouthing Idian army so much.
      For your information, Army isnt responsible for the Inyernal Problems as its orimary task. Thats the task of police forces like BSF and CISF. Only when called by govt or civil admin, Army is supposed to take action.
      And mind you.. dare not understimate and foulmouth Indian Army on such an open forum without getting your facts right. Indian Army has handled every situation tasked onto it with elan… In india and abroad… U name a thing and the Indian Army has done more than expected be it the situation in kashmir, Floods in Kerala or UN peacekeeping missions…. So if u are an Indian be proud of it and if you aren’t an Indian then BEWARE of it…

      • Where does the Indian Army figure in this article? Saale baniya, kabhi fauj mein sepoy Aggarwal ya Subedar Aggarwal suna hai? Saale toom ASC mein aapna haath ki safai dikhate rahte ho. Ek Aggarwal, Awadhesh Prakash General bana aur desh bech diya. Ek writer hai Purshottam Aggarwal, woh bhi desh bech raha hai. Tum agar ASC wala fauji hai , aur teri beti ko Burhan Wani utha ke le jata phir pata chalta ki ki kiske hukum se army deploy hota hai. Tera baap i5 Corps Hq mein canteen chalata tha kya?

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