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Treachery and Valour
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Lt Gen Mukesh Sabharwal | Date:22 Jun , 2020 2 Comments
Lt Gen Mukesh Sabharwal
Former Adjutant General, Indian Army.

Barren, cold desert
High, rocky mountains
Icy freezing winds
Desolate, uneasy loneliness

Unexpected, barbaric treachery
brutal, tragic consequences
Loss of life and limb
                yes, most certainly
                but more significantly
Loss of trust and faith
                in humanity
                in the given word
Loss of total respect
                for international convention
                for law and treaty
A rejection of
                the universally established
                warrior code

But for the so-called
Realist, pragmatist and
clever by half
All is fair in “………”
Criticism and condemnation
keeps flowing
thick and fast
From the nay-sayers, doubters
and holy experts
The Why(s)? the Really?
and the How could you(s)?

Scant respect and sensitivity
for those who have fallen
Laid down their lives unflinchingly
without a second thought
                for home and hearth
                for promises unkept
                for open waiting arms

Let us be kind
let us be generous
                trust their actions
                honour their valour
                appreciate their resolve
                salute their sacrifice
Brave they are, one and all
Will never let the Tricolour fall

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2 thoughts on “Treachery and Valour

  1. The poem is the symbol of valour and patriotism of the soldiers in the front whose travails have been described, nourished by them for the sake of the country. Colonels are also benevolent executives.

  2. Its true that this brave twenty or the entire Indian Armed Forces will never fail,
    And allow the Tricolor to be disrespected or put to Shame.

    They are forged into a Steely frame and their Honour, Courage, Fidelity and and Loyalty to the Tricolor, will never wane.

    Twenty died, many more will happily with smile on the face , no enemy can but be scared of such a race.

    But as the aftermath of the episode unfolds, the Nation in its mourning , cry ,
    As to why and why were they left to go unarmed, when Chinese had broken all promises of protocol and honour amongst friends for over a month ?

    And since early May , resorted to skullduggery all along the LAC we claimed.
    Many got injured but the Indian soldier didn’t budge , steadfast against all

    And it was just the Indian media which stirred the pot, each incident added more juice to their vile broth.

    The people got restive and raised questions,
    And got branded “anti national”,
    As if in a Democracy “ Death of Soldiers” cannot be questioned.

    Clarifications came but only to muddle it all ,
    And till date the Nation wants to know,

    Of what happened on the icy slopes and that do we have all that is,

    Our own?

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