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MoD will take five months for disbursement of dues notification...
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admin | Date:24 Nov , 2012 4 Comments
I refer to my earlier mail on the subject of Rank Pay (appended below).
As assured to all of you, today I visited office of PCDA(O), Pune at about 1100 hrs. On my request, Col Mukesh Anand also accompanied me.
The concerned officer at PCDA(O) clearly told us that it may take 4 to 5 months more for MOD (GOI) to issue notification / letter / order for the disbursement of  dues to all the concerned / affected officers. Till that date PCDA(O) is just helpless.
When I asked, “why MOD should take so much of time ?”, We were told that when Supreme court can take 15 to 20 yrs to give decision, why MOD ……………. !
The entire process broadly involves following actions :-
(a)    Data will be collected / collated for all the affected officers / NOKs right from 1986.
(b)    There will be calculations on individual basis. Details already submitted by officers to PCDA(O) / NOKs will be used  by PCDA(O) for this purpose. If more details are required, then some specific instructions will be issued through notice  / circular on PCDA(O) website.
(c)    The data will be given to EDP center to further processing
(d)    Dues will be calculated, validated and pre-audited .  
(e)    Intimation will be given to MOD for readiness for payment of dues.
 (f)     MOD will issue formal orders / notifications for making physical payments.
(g)    Instructions will be issued by PCDA(O), Pune  to all the PDA (principal disbursement authorities e.g  banks  to disburse the amounts.
(h)    All veterans will be intimated the details through the notices / circulars on PCDA(O) website.

So now I suggest all to relax. No wastage of time and efforts for funny / useless calculations or circulations of various tables and charts. NO DAY DREAMING OF HOW MUCH I WILL GET. I appreciate the anxiety of so many of you, but then, we have to agree that our country is ruled by powerful lobby of  “Babus”. Have confidence on the system followed  at PCDA(O) like we had throughout our service in Uniform. We never questioned their reliability and efficiency. If some one is still restless, he can do “something”  to make MOD to issue the notification ASAP.  We all will be grateful like we are for Maj Dhanpalan.

If some one still have any specific query, he could directly call up office of  PRO at PCDA(O) Pune or send it to me which I can clarify from PCDA(O), in person. I will find time to do the needful.

If some one desires to get more clarifications than I have explained above, they are free to do so.
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 11:05:48 +0800From: My visit to PCDA (O) Pune for inquiry on payment of dues related to Rank Pay


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4 thoughts on “MoD will take five months for disbursement of dues notification…

  1. If a copy of Income Tax Statement for A Y 1986 -87, which gives the total salary paid for the period 01 April 1985 to 31 March 1986, is sent to CDA (O), can it help in expediting the case?

  2. 25 FEB 2013

    IC 21175 5, COL ASHOK SODHI (RETD)


    Very kind of you for the info. I would like to add my story as follows.

    1. On 21 Feb 13, I have received Rs 1785.00 as Bulk Posting, presumably “Rank Pay Arrears”. There seems to be something wrong. I was expecting – a few lakh.

    2. Having sent the following :
    (a) PPOs Copy
    (b) Copy PAN Card
    (c) Cancelled Cheque
    (d) Undertaking

    3. Sent above along with the Format – Giving all the particulars / details required to
    :- (a) PCDA(O), Pune.
    (b) PCDA(P), Allahabad

    4. My CDA(O) A/C NO. VIII/071/117013 H.

    5. DATE of COMMISSION – 02 FEB 1964.

    6. DATE of RETIREMENT – 30 SEP 1993.

    7. DATES :
    (a) ACTING COLONEL – 07 AUG 1982.
    (b) ACTING COLONEL – 11 MAR 1986.

    8. Do enlighten me, in case I have gone wrong somehow ?!!

    Warm Regards,


    MOB – 93 128 38381

    ID – “”.

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