Is the Presence of ISIS in Afghanistan an Objective Fact or a Western Propaganda?
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 09 May , 2022

People’s Hatred of ISIS in Afghanistan

Today’s analysis, forecasts, and surveys in Afghanistan also confirm that the emergence of the phenomenon of ISIL in this country is a program of foreign and Western origin to compensate for the defeat of ISIL in impossible ways.Afghans believe that most of Afghanistan’s people do not react positively to Salafi terrorist, extremist, and takfirist groups. The most important reason for the possible presence of ISIS in Afghanistan’s future has foreign and Western reasons, and that is enough. Even some supporters of Salafist approaches in Afghanistan, despite their support for the Taliban, see no evidence of ISIL presence in the country. They believe that ISIL is fundamentally different from the Taliban. But now, ISIS can be seen in Afghanistan as propaganda.

Therefore, extremist circles may join terrorist groups, especially ISIS, in the future wars in Afghanistan, which in previous years were present on the battlefields of ISIS collaborators to kill people in Arab countries.To this day, the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan can be considered propaganda to create terror among people, not the real presence of ISIS in Afghanistan.

The Emergence and Defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria

However, in the first weeks of the arrival of the extremist and Salafist group ISIL in Iraq, due to the betrayals of some Iraqi political and military officials and the unpreparedness of the Iraqi government to confront, extensive progress was made for this terrorist group.With the passage of time and oppression and panic by the ISIL terrorist group on the people. Finally, the formation of the local Forces Front in Iraq, the scene of the conflict in this country, went to the detriment of ISIL. What is predicted today and yesterday about the situation of ISIL in Iraq is that this terrorist group, despite the financial and weapons support of some Western countries and the region, moved towards expulsion from Iraq and disappeared. Nevertheless, a realistic view of the future of ISIS, given that this group is, in fact, a figmant of imagination, using the tools of the media and Western support along with its defeats and casualties, it continued to attract lethal forces even from European countries.

The presence of ISIS in Afghanistan is False and a Propaganda Claim

It indicates that the defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria does not mean the complete elimination of this terrorist group; instead, the region’s countries must take serious measures for the geography of the future presence of this takfirist and terrorist group. And fight the phenomenon of the re-emergence of ISIS in the region and the Middle East.After the great defeat, part of the ISIS group has flocked to the Syrian borders again and changed its battlefield to Syria. There are traces of ISIS in some countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and even Europe, and there is no doubt about that.Only the presence of ISIL in Afghanistan requires more research than in other countries because the Taliban is sometimes considered by people and experts, and analysts equivalent to ISIL in Afghanistan.But a look at the composition and goals of Western ISIL supporters, who have provided a lot of financial, weapons, and human resources to continue their activities, shows that the geography mentioned alone can certainly not be desirable.

The Afghanistan Will Be a Possible Nest for ISIS

In the beginning, it said, in addition to contradictory news about the beginning of ISIL movements in Afghanistan and ISIL clashes with some other groups in the country. It shows that Afghanistan could be the next most important nest for ISIL terrorists to establish and operate for interested countries and the West.At present, the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan cannot be fully confirmed. Therefore, today, the situation in Afghanistan is so complex that domestic violence, targeted assassinations, and genocidal and mass killings are false pretexts for the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan.On the other hand, examining the reasons and strategies of Western ISIL supporters can also confirm that Afghanistan will be ISIL’s next option and nest for Western and regional actors.Overview of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, given the geographical and political situation of this country, its proximity to countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and the current condition of ISIL, the goals and reasons for the West for the establishment of ISIL in Afghanistan can be examined at a glance as following.

“The rise of ISIS as a justification for extending the US military and security presence in Afghanistan, targeting Iran and China through Afghanistan’s geography, maintaining US-led intimidation in Afghanistan, controlling Russia in Asia by establishing a new terrorist hub in Central Asia, and using drug trafficking tools in Afghanistan.”

They see the Taliban as an indigenous force in Afghanistan that does not have destructive internal aggression against other Islamic countries. But political and military experts in Afghanistan often equate the Taliban with ISIS.Influential sections of the Taliban also reject ISIL’s harsh takfirist approach than the other religions in Afghanistan. In addition, the currents are worried about sedition and corruption. If ISIS takes power, it will spread to Afghanistan like the Arab countries Iraq and Syria.Most experts in the Middle East and Afghanistan deny the physical presence of the ISIS terrorist group in Afghanistan.Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai recently said, “The ISIS terrorist group has no supporters in Afghanistan. If any person or group raises the flag of this terrorist group, it should be known that foreign hands are involved.”Referring to the formation of the al-Qaeda terrorist group by Chinese conspiracy, the West, and some governments in the region. Karzai said that thirty years ago, the intelligence agencies of some countries entered into a deal in which both they and we lost and should not do it again in Afghanistan by the name of Daesh.

Crime and Killing in the Name of ISIS in Afghanistan

Today, all the crimes committed against the Afghanistan people and the discriminated minority groups, especially the Hazaras of Afghanistan, these crimes and killings end in the name of ISIS.Nevertheless, the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan can be considered Western propaganda and not an objective fact. Western and regional supporters of ISIL are using media propaganda to propagate the Daesh group among the Afghanistan community and people and to sign all the crimes of other terrorist groups in Afghanistan in the name of ISIL. Why these killings and crimes against the people of Afghanistan, especially against ethnic and religious minorities called ISIS, end? This issue needs specialized research and investigation.But what the Taliban claim to have been successful in fighting ISIS in Afghanistan is also a false and unprofessional claim because ISIS has never had a real presence and has only had a propaganda presence. Yes, we should not forget that there is an ISIL mentality and thinking among some Afghan people, which may turn Afghanistan into an ISIL nest in the future.

Unfortunately, everything that has been done so far to kill and commit crimes against the Afghanistan people, especially ethnic and religious minorities, has been confirmed by both the previous Afghan government and the Taliban regime, known as the ISIS terrorist group.Although the Taliban have always denied the presence of ISIS in Afghanistan, then who is carrying out these brutal attacks on civilians? Who is the main culprit in these crimes against humanity in Afghanistan, the Taliban, or ISIS? So it is clear that there is no ISIS in Afghanistan. Therefore, the ISIL presence in Afghanistan is psychological, and ISIL-backed countries propagate media propaganda by ISIL-minded groups to expand the scope of ISIL presence in Afghanistan.


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