Why the US-Mexican Wall is Important
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 13 Jan , 2019

India built walls along the Bangladesh and Pakistan borders, a project that is still ongoing.  The aims of these walls (or fences) are to deter terrorists, smugglers, human traffickers, and illegal immigrants.  India takes the border fence projects very seriously, including after the recent Uri attack.  Virtually every Indian supports the construction of these fences, and supports the reduction of all illegal activity across the borders.  And, India being a relatively weak country owing to its poverty and numerous factional politicians can ill afford to let foreigners enter its country through the back door to upstage the political forces, or consume public services meant for legal citizens paid by legal citizens and legal tax rupees.

Yet, in the United States, the public and many of its politicians would allow exactly that to happen by allowing illegal immigration across the Mexican-US border.  But, before President Obama passed an executive order (decree) to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens (nearly 11 to 16 million of them), Indian President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed granted amnesty to 30 million Bangladeshi immigrants to enter India in the aftermath of the Bangladesh war.  Ahmed was motivated to sanction the amnesty for three reasons:

  • As a gift to Bangladesh to ease the economic burden on that fledgling country
  • To help his fellow Muslim brethren
  • To increase the Congress party voter pool in India, because Muslims traditionally vote Congress
  • Change the demographics of a turbulent Northeast, already hit by separatist movements in Nagaland, Mizoram, Tripura, Meghalaya, and Assam, thereby hoping to dampen the effect of the separatist movements.

At that time, Indian security officers spoke out in volumes against that amnesty, warning of consequences in the fragile Northeast.  Those voluble voices continued into the 1980s when the actual upheaval caused by the Bangladeshi immigrants became visible.   Conscientious security officers, such as one I met many years later in 2009 whose report on the matter was submitted to the Indian President, were flabbergasted to see the havoc caused in increased militant activities, economic disruption, increased smuggling of everything from people to weapons, and a total change in the demographics of the Northeast regions that increased friction rather than dampen secessionist movements.  The voices of discontent and disbelief among security officers continue unabated to the present,[1] though an expanded and improved fence is helping mitigate the adverse pressures.

Discredit to India

However, a nation is doing a disservice to itself by giving a gift to another nation when that gift is a detriment to itself.  One can understand parochial reasons for assisting others, but when national interests are at stake, this gift comes back to hurt the gifter.  Too bad, there is no law to prevent Presidents from issuing such outlandish and disgraceful decrees.  Bullet 1, above, helped Bangladesh, no doubt, with the immigrants repatriating money to Bangladesh to assist in the economy of Bangladesh, reducing the burden of 30 million expatriates on the food, water, electricity, schooling, and health burden of Bangladesh.  But, bullets 3 and 4 were unsuccessful in the long run, since even an expanded voter base was unable to grant Congress substantial victories in the Northeast.  To the utter discredit of India, arms and ammunition came across the India-Bangladesh border for nefarious purposes[2].

The obvious question pops up, as to how can any self-respecting country allow such arms smuggling?  In India’s context, we can recall hundreds of fifth columnists, knowing how debased human behavior is – but in America’s context, given its economic richness and respect for law, it is more discomfiting if this happens there. 

Illegal Immigration is a Crime

Every nation has an inalienable right to construct walls and fences to protect its sovereignty, borders, and catch criminals.  Included among criminals in all countries of the world are illegal entrants.  In the USA, illegal immigration is a certified misdemeanor, which is classified as a crime.  If the immigrant returns illegally after being deported, it is classified as a felony, which is one step worse than a misdemeanor.[3]

Yet, it is astonishing that there are politicians in America who would make the illegal legal.  Indeed, by granting a sweeping amnesty to the 11 to 16 million illegal immigrants in USA, President Obama decriminalized them.  But, he went further: he ordered the Border Patrol Force to stand down and release all illegal immigrants, most of who have jumped the fence along the US-Mexican border[4].  This is even a step beyond Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, whose amnesty was after a moment of national victory.  By this step, Obama has signaled and allowed all foreign nationals to enter the country illegally, and claim immediate release.  This obviously sounds nothing less than turning the country over to ones enemies.  Would Indians tolerate Pakistanis coming into India unrestricted?  But now, any terrorist, any individual, or any criminal from any other country is granted free ride to enter the USA, even if caught doing so.

The more I read into this, the more shocking it becomes.  A President exists in a country who is willing to sacrifice his country and forego its moral interests.  This is not only selfish, it is treacherous, unpatriotic,[5] and doesn’t sound anything less than a fifth columnist.

The Real Threat to America

The fence is related to USA’s security like no other.  To wit, on 10/11/2001, exactly one month after jihadi airplanes plunged into the twin towers, it is reported that Mike Tenet, CIA Director, informed President George Bush that two suitcase nukes had been smuggled into USA.  This information had Bush going “through the roof,”[6] as any normal and rational President would.  The greater details of how Al-Qaeda paid hundreds of millions of dollars for these nukes from former stockpiles of unaccounted for Russian suitcase nukes is given in greater detail in other accounts.[7]

The fact of the revelationary investigation on this issue irrevocably shows that these nukes walked in across the porous US-Mexican border, which President Obama has made irrelevant to US security, when it is the most frightening aspect of anything that can happen to any country.  George Bush tried to secure the border, but the massive opposition he received to do so can be easily recalled.[8]It is nothing short of unbelievable how tremendous the pressure is on US Presidents to allow illegal immigrants into the country.  But, how do these nukes come in via that contentious border? An insight into the full trade may help all appreciate the problem better.

Afghani Hashish

The long walk of the nukes begins with Afghani hashish.  Sold and traded in the Pathani financial capital of Quetta, the hashish is transported to Karachi by local agents in Pakistan.  The Turkish Bubas, a large crime gang of Turkey, picks up the hashish from the ports of Karachi and brings them into the European part of Turkey across the Bosphorus.  From there, they sell the hashish to the Albanian Mafia who are the pre-eminent smugglers of hashish throughout Europe and Latin America. The Albanian Mafia is believed to be most ruthless in its operations, swiftly eliminating all opposition in the old-fashioned way.  Reportedly, they gained a firm foothold in Latin America by using guns and rifles given to them from the same stock of people who sent them the hashish in the first place, the Pathans, who manufacture small arms of multiple varieties, including AK-47s, in the copycat production facilities located in the teeming and bustling city of Peshawar[9].

By boldly making opposition vanish in Latin America, the Albanian Mafia secured the illegal drug business in the largest and most lucrative market in the world – the USA.  Because coming into the USA by themselves would be a substantive security risk for the Albanian Mafia, they wisely decided from a business perspective to palm off the trade to the Mara Salvatrucha, a vicious crime gang of Mexico that focuses on business in Central America and USA.  Besides, picking up a fight for pre-eminence with the Mara Salvatrucha would be equivalent to them of taking on an equal rival of equal power or greater.  Hence, the Albanian Mafia decided to join forces, instead, with Mara Salvatrucha.  Members of the heartless gang of Mara Salvatrucha are reputed to earn their stripes by proving they murdered someone – any one – for any reason or non-reason.

With this type of a power smuggling hashish across the US-Mexican border, it is easier to understand why the recent Mexican drug war was so bloody and lasted so long, though it is a long way from being finished[10].  With being able to smuggle drugs into USA in impunity, the Mara Salvatrucha is a force to contend with.

Nukes by the Same Route

The nukes entering the United States take the same route, as does hashish.  Once inside the USA, the nukes quickly disappear into sleeper cells.  Because the nukes belong to the Moslems who bought them from the Chechens, they nukes are transferred to sleeper mosques in USA[11].  This is why safeguarding the US-Mexican border is a matter of life and death for the United States.

But once, George Bush got wind of the possibility of nukes being in USA, he set various policies into motion, the most infamous being the Patriot Act that allowed spy agencies to listen in on any US resident and citizen.  Though US citizens felt outraged at the confiscation of their liberties, what would you have done if you had been US President, and had to decide for the security of your citizens?  Hard times entail hard choices, and securing the safety by the fastest and easiest route is the most preferred in hard times.

The entire issue of nukes crossing into USA across the US-Mexican border is not simply a matter of two nukes only.  Al-Qaeda operatives promised the “American Hiroshima” where at least 2 to 4 million Americans would be killed, 50% of who should be children. Not only that, they are reported to be planning a simultaneous explosion in major US cities – Boston, New York, Miami, Chicago, Washington, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.[12]

With such serious issues at stake, it is a no-brainer that the US-Mexican border should be sealed.

Why Obama Won’t Seal the Border

The reasons for why President Obama will not seal the border is likely similar to the reasoning adopted by Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed.   One, Obama is beholden to the Latinos, 75% of who voted for him in 2012, just as the vast majority of Muslims voted for Congress in the 1967 and 1971 general elections.  Just as Ahmed thought the Bangladeshi immigrants would vote for the Congress once they become Indian citizens, or once their children grow up or are born in India will vote for Congress, Obama likely thinks that the Hispanics he allows to enter USA from across the US-Mexican border will vote for his Democratic party.  In doing so, he is not making a unilateral decision, though, because it is more probable that the leaders of the Democratic Party have asked him to do so.  Hence, Hillary Clinton supports Obama’s amnesty law in order to get the Hispanic vote for her election, even though it should be remembered that Bill Clinton himself brought up the illegal immigrant issue during his own campaign of 1992, and later increased border patrolling to arrest illegal immigrants trying to cross over when he became President.

This is also contrary to the very fact that as recently as 2008, during her election campaign against Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton herself called for an end to the rampant border crossings from Mexico[13].  It is also known that Ronald Reagan granted amnesty to 3 million illegal immigrants[14],[15].  At that time, it didn’t sound so bad, because many thought it was an okay method to get cheap labor in USA. This just proves that politics is a matter of convenience and expediency, justifying the unjustifiable, and sacrificing policy positions and all semblance of sanity any time the politician does not find his/her bread buttered the right way.

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