Why the existence of Pakistan is not in India’s interest
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 19 Jun , 2012

Pakistan has been a thorn in India’s left side for 65 years, and amazingly, India has tolerated its pain and irritation, against most odds of human nature.  After four wars and multiple proxy wars waged by Pakistan, it still doesn’t count as much for India – a big elephant that is difficult to move.  India’s Pakistan policy practices restraint and constraint against an enemy that hates it, that was born in conflict against India in brutal bloodshed, and even now hopes one day to overcome a weak India.

Pakistan still has the energy and gumption to promote proxy wars in India via Nepal, Bangladesh, and, of course, Kashmir.

Despite all the difficulties that Pakistan has faced and faces – internal political turmoil and terrorist threats, external issues in Afghanistan, an economy that is on the verge of collapse, and being condemned around the world for its export of terrorism – Pakistan still has the energy and gumption to promote proxy wars in India via Nepal, Bangladesh, and, of course, Kashmir.   Which concept of rationality in the modern world can accept Pakistan’s belligerent and incongruent worldview, at a time when the civilized world wishes peace and economic prosperity against a threatening climate, growing population, an oncoming oil crisis, and worldwide economic woes?

By all facts and accounts, Pakistan has been sapping India’s productive and psychic energy every day for 65 years.  It is somewhat true that Pakistan has been bleeding India by a thousand cuts.  Look at the billions of hours of productive time and newspaper print and headlines wasted on a Pakistan that is an affliction for India and perhaps the world.   None of the energy spent on Pakistan counts towards India’s GDP or improved industrial productivity, nor does it improve the economic position of India.  The industrial production of India, creativeness of its engineers and thinkers, and ability to gain a foothold in the world has been compromised because a Pakistan exists that threatens war on the subcontinent, distracts national pursuits for excellence, and thereby diminishes foreign investment and confidence in India.  For India to grow and have peace and confidence, it must get rid of the Pakistan that obstructs it in many ways, even standing against it in its quest for a rightful position on the permanent Security Council, and one that tried vehemently to oppose the Indo-US nuclear deal.

Pakistan is more dangerous as an independent state positioned to be taken over by terrorist elements supported by a manipulative ISI than under Indian control.  In fact, the USA must find merit in the argument that it can better contain the terrorists and Taliban with India controlling them than they themselves.   While the USA realizes that Pakistan is duplicitous with its terrorists, the USA is unable to see through the haze that can only be seen by those who have lived with Pakistan and in Pakistan’s neighborhood forever, such as India.  Neither does Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai trust Pakistan, nor do the Iranian Shia’s have much love for Pakistan’s Sunnis, even though the Iranians acquired nuclear technology from A Q Khan.  A Pakistan that doesn’t exist is safer for the world than a Pakistan that does.

 Pakistan is more dangerous as an independent state positioned to be taken over by terrorist elements supported by a manipulative ISI than under Indian control.

Once every few years, Pakistan feigns interest for diplomacy and negotiations (cricket diplomacy, bus diplomacy, this or that) and often brings up ethnic and language similarity with India to suit its temporary interests – only to back off at the last minute and plot new proxy wars or battles against India.  This is of no use to India; in fact, it is a hindrance in India’s quest to be a self-confident power in and of itself.   Pakistan presumably hates India and starts an anxiety disorder each time it realizes that Kashmir may slip from it is grip.  Now, in another deceptive move, Pakistan recommends that India withdraw from Siachen – a mistake India can ill afford to make after the mistakes of Haji Pir and the return of 93,000 POW’s.   Withdraw from Siachen for what?  Only for Pakistan and China to occupy it in a sudden move before the onset of a future China-Pakistan joint invasion of Ladakh?  None of the satellite monitoring or UN observation systems will be effective at that time, and China and Pakistan will be staring down at Leh and the valley of Ladakh in free sport.  The sooner that India can realize it cannot ever trust Pakistan on anything, the healthier it is for India.  In that vein, the dialogue and negotiation with Pakistan that is thrust on India by the USA, only helps to prolong the inevitable and the burning pain.  The only way to put Pakistan in its place is to possibly have no truck with it, perhaps even not trade with it.  One reason that India often enters into negotiations with Pakistan is because its diplomats need to generate work for themselves to justify their existence; also, the USA quite often exerts pressure on India in its usual patronizing attitude to negotiate with Pakistan.  This is not healthy.

Among the most feared aspects of a war with Pakistan is the nuclear element.  Now that India has allowed Pakistan to move ahead in this department in the 1970s and 1980s, and failed to implement Operation Brasstacks into a fully fledged invasion of Pakistan, India has to bite the bullet on this score.  Though Pakistan threatens India with nuclear retaliation in an all-out war, that too must not hold India back against trashing Pakistan.  Whatever others may believe, my opinion is simply that it is better for India to brave a costly nuclear attack by Pakistan, and get it over with even at the cost of tens of millions of deaths, than suffer ignominy and pain day in and day out through a thousand cuts and wasted energy in unrealized potential.  This is not to say that the objective can’t be achieved without a nuclear war.  In this respect, India’s no-first strike policy stands it in very good stead.  In fact the process objective must be to achieve the strategic objective through conventional war.  Without the elimination of Pakistan, India may never become a secure nation where the mind is held high without fear, and cannot ever hope to attract the type of foreign investment it needs for its economic growth.  In addition, the psychological boost that India will get by eliminating Pakistan is unequal in and of itself—one which can propel India into the status of a future, stable, democratic, competitive, responsible, and secular nation.

Neither does Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai trust Pakistan, nor do the Iranian Shia’s have much love for Pakistan’s Sunnis, even though the Iranians acquired nuclear technology from A Q Khan.  A Pakistan that doesn’t exist is safer for the world than a Pakistan that does.

Analysts tend to ask what will happen to a Pakistan if India defeats it in battle.  The answer is not complicated at all: Baluchistan will become independent, but under Indian security arrangements; Kashmir will revert to India; Sindh and West Punjab will be de-weaponized and become special states under Indian protection; and the entire NWFP handed over to the Pathans for a Pakhtoonistan that includes Southern Afghanistan and Kandahar.  This will have ramifications on Afghanistan, as well, which may then naturally divide into two for its own peace and stability; Afghanistan’s northern areas consisting of the Uzbeks, Tajiks, and Hazaras, need to form their own country because they have little in emotional and filial bond with the Pathans.  This whole reorganization will change the boundaries of the region, but one that has to be undertaken which will be a welcome change to the current bloodshed, turmoil, and export of terrorism.  Very often, major change is needed to change the status quo when minor changes don’t succeed.

Much of this is against formal Indian foreign and security policy.  The United Nations might also tend to balk at the destruction of a nation member, though it is likely that the West may not shed tears at this.  But, this article is not being written to agree with Indian policies, or to present a framework within those policies, or to appease those who worship the Indian mentality.  Quite to the contrary, a reformation in Indian policies is presented, and perhaps indicated, one that can give confidence and bring esteem to its people.  It is in this light that a new paradigm is advanced.  For instance, for long, the Indian policy has been to not engage in cross-border attacks, especially since Prime Minister Inder Gujral passed an ordinance to that effect in the late 1990s.  But, such instructions are counter-productive, and Pakistan has taken full advantage of that policy by increasing its own cross-border infiltration.  It is to be pointed out that Indian security policies are nothing to be proud of simply for the sake of pride in government.   Policies that trample on sustainable Indian pride must be dismantled.  The writer feels that the implementation of this new paradigm is ripe for action at this current time where Pakistan is reeling under internal imbalances.  If a boxer will not knock out his opponent when the opponent is dizzy and imbalanced, then other opportunities are only guesswork.

Eventually, for India to succeed, Pakistan must be out of the picture and cease to exist for peace on earth, and India must actively work towards that objective rather than waiting passively in spectator stands.

Subsequently, India must realize that it has deep religious and philosophical opposition in countries beyond Pakistan to the West.  Saudi Arabia finances and supports Pakistan in every way possible and depends on Pakistan for its nuclear shield; the Arab nations have deep links to Pakistan.  Discussion on what India needs to do in countries west of Pakistan is best left to another article.  However, it can be well understood that India needs to fully secure its western flank and neutralize all threats from the west in order to concentrate better on China and Tibet, and thus strengthen its hand on the eastern flank.  Thus, India needs to confront the uncertain future boldly, be a force in the region, spread the message of humanitarian rights and equal opportunity, project itself in the interests of peace and equanimity in the region, and avail of opportunities long before it is itself divided and dismembered.

Thus, the ideal planning option for India is to invest heavily on liberating Pakistan, invest massively in engineering enterprise and education that can advance indigenous armament production, and double or triple its ship building programs and shipyards in which it has exceptional expertise and capability; and it must plan this in ten years, for the plan to be effective to carry a punch.  These actions will ipso facto stimulate Indian industry, GDP growth, and bring employment and happiness to its people.  Very few educated people understand that money printed but used for stimulating indigenous manufacturing industries actually stimulates the economy, while inflation is checked by means such as control of interest rates and free trade with South East Asian nations.   For India to throw its money into foreign nations for expensive defense procurement does not sound like wisdom in action, though one cannot deny that importing defense equipment may be necessary on occasion.  India actually begs for enlightened leadership that has moral fiber and a spine to go with it.  It is time for the politicians to stop squabbling, for the generals to relearn service in the name of the nation rather than being involved in corruption scandals, and for the nation to get its priorities right and initiate industrial, agricultural, and trade reform.  Eventually, for India to succeed, Pakistan must be out of the picture and cease to exist for peace on earth, and India must actively work towards that objective rather than waiting passively in spectator stands.

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The views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions or policies of the Indian Defence Review.

About the Author

Dr Amarjit Singh

is an independent security analyst.

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72 thoughts on “Why the existence of Pakistan is not in India’s interest

  1. Yes,Pakistan is certainly a nuisance to india-Our biggest blunder was not aligning with USA & UK.-India would have benefitted enormously.Today,we are now belatedly turning to the USA & pakistan is now slipping away from USA…Ultimately,All indians have to recognise that China is a existential threat to india & Asia.

  2. Strangely, you see more pakis on indian sites. Being an Indian, i have never visited a pakistani site. forget leaving a comment there.. it seems pakistanis are more obsessed with india. they should rather think about betterment of their country. isn’t it??

    and even pakistanis scholars are worrieed that pak may disintegrate. so comment sensibly.. think about your problems first… and india is a big country.. don’t dream.. ok?

  3. Well Well Well, Dr. sing you are living in the paradise of Dumb Asses you forget what is going to happen with India in the coming years after the return of NATO and US forces from Afghanistan, It will be a time when Pakistan will resume the heavy retaliation in the Indian occupied Kashmir, New Kargils, screwing India from Bangladesh side, Nepali Borders and Ultimate hit through China, and most important vibrant weapon of Suicide bombings from Kashmiri Mujahidins, to break the Indian Into 9 big and Small states.

    Kashmir will be Included into Pakistan with the increase of Indian big Part till Agra and rest of India will be divided into the 9 Independent States, after the collapse of Mughal Empire Hindus and Sikhh Once again will be the Slaves of Muslims.

  4. the truth is, india cant do anything; one wrong move from them and we will send nuclear tipped Ghauris to delhi, mumbai and bangalore; that alone will be enough to destroy india and let her wither away in the dustbin of history. Pakistan is here to stay; india wont even be a 1 Nation by 2050. Assamese, Khalistani Sikh nationalists, bodos, tamils, dalits, and Muslims of hindustan will also demand seperaration. We will sit by and enjoy the show.

    • We got nukes too. And in submarines. For second-strike. Remember?? And India is not in any way going to get divided. It only gets strengthened everytime someone attacks. Remember the 1962 war by China?? India’s unit only gets strengthened with each war. And you don’t need to look into the condition of our state, we’ll manage our country. You only need to worry about the way yours is going.

  5. You can provoke all you can, you can only pin-prick
    When we attack, you loose half your body hahahs.
    1971 me kya hua ? Zara Socho. Sochte sochte dar jaoge.

    When we attack this time, it will be a fight to the finish.

    Never make a very patient man angry. Even the wise say

    Pakistan ko raakkh ka dera kar denge.

  6. vinush sharma ………what more provocation do you need…we killed 167 of your innocent people in mumbai…hafiz saeed roams free in lahore..and still you are silent..why??? not to mention we cut off the head of one of your bastards..we want war ..plz give it to us…

  7. then what are you waiting for??? DO IT!… all you indians can do is BARK…you barked in barked in 2001 and you barked in 2008…it takes guts to attack Pakistan ..we may have internal problems but killing you bastards is still a sport here in Pakistan…WE WIILL BAKE YOUR ONE BILLION POPULATION EVEN IF IT COSTS US OUR LIVES!!!

  8. Dr. Amarjit Singh .. a security analyst wow!!! keep the good work.. you and like-minded are real blessings in desguise and un-intentional friends which seriously downsize the diplomatic staff of the very “enemy” you hate, because you could be their unsung heroes, who think such a big fantacy with great abnormalities to their useless patriotism goes all the way to benifit them. thank you for being on their side and make them feel more secure and definite ##GOD BLESS & GOOD LUCK##

  9. Punjab and Sindh should not be Independent countries, but should be re-settled by Sikhs and Hindus who should be allowed back to live in their ancestral lands.

    Please think about it.

    Punjabis and Sindhis are Apne log.

    They need to get back what they lost in 1947.

    The River Indus must once again flow through a United India.

  10. Why are some Indians so fond of speaking in such laughable tone as if Inida really has the power Not to allow Pakistan to do something? Pakistan’s existence not in India’s interest? The Pakies surely think exactly the opposite about India. The U.S. fails to see through the haze? Give us a break! The US sees through it clearly and sees that it is in the U.S.A’s interest for Pakitan to be how it has been! Indians first should realize that India is a huge mess and sometimes you can even call it a huge shit hole! You should focus on fixing your own domestic problems, be it the babarian caste system, the high illiteracy, the open defecating, the raping, the rampant corruption, the wide-spread poverty, the weak industrial base, and above all, the habitual bragging and boasting, and analyzing to paralyzing… Then you will have some hope in becoming a respectable power.

    • Can you please explain how is “it in the U.S.A’s interest for Pakitan to be how it has been?”. I am an Indian residing in US and have studied their foreign and allied nations policies. There are several instances of US army (retd) personnel talking about double stds of Pak ISI and army so how exactly is the pakistani status quo beneficial to US? I agree that India can be called a shit hole and thats because the ruling class (politicians) is out of touch of reality of a poor and underdeveloped India where millions live in dire poverty and filth. If the US would have seen thru the haze that pakistan has created, it would have understood the inputs from MOSSAD before 9/11 (search its articles on wiki and reputed online US newspapers) and done something. Or, not allowed thousands of US marines get killed by rag tag militias in Afghanistan or avoided burning of US supply convoys in pak or caught OBL many many years ago. So, the US has been fooled by the war on terror by Gen musharraf who stole millions of $ and ran to the UK. Why do you think scotland yard is protecting him in UK and who is paying them to do so to a foreign national? So, US, with all its intelligence infra is unable to understand the history and traditions of butcher nations and religions like Islamic countries like pak, Afghanistan, saudi and Egypt. You and your likes should be ever ready to eat their words in the future man!

  11. Come on Sikhu, do you offer indian punjab (your khalsa) as a sacrifice to save the rest of hindu population? i know you will shake head in both ‘yes’ and ‘no’ directions at the same time … lol, yet another joke by a stupid sikh.

    as for the solution is concerned, it is really easy. the major issue is not pakistan but kashmir. solve kashmir’s issue according to the civilized world’s established norms if you indeed want to be a part of the civilized world and live in peace. let the people of kashmir decide what they want – india’s part, pakistan’s part or independence … whatever, accept it. if the decision speaks of “not with india”, then accept it as a faaaar more smaller and minor sacrifice than burning hundreds of millions of people with nuclear energy … and especially wiping out sikh civilization from the face of the earth forever … stupid.

    if you feel heart burn with what i said, you must know the problem is at your end, if not then it is a positive sign.

    and yea … don’t even think of breaking pakistan or for that matter afghanistan. don’t forget that while breaking a tiny microscopic atom can turn your country into nothing, what will happen if these two huge countries will break? earth is tiny, think universe.

    but after reading your article, i feel even more satisfied and content. we need a few more crazy people like you in india.

    • So you are a pakistani. Actually, you should be ashamed of writing such insulting words to and elderly person. It only shows what your mother and father (if you knew any) taught you. Now, coming to the point. If a nuclear war or splitting an atom as you call happens, pak will direct the nukes on Indias major cities and not on rural areas like Indian punjab. So, its not the writer but rather you who is the real stupid. I will add a$$hole also. Pak has about 80 nukes but no thermonuclear devices (H-bombs) so these nukes will be unable to destroy mega metros like Delhi or Mumbai but can wipe out Kolkata and Chennai. Flight time from pak NWFP mountains (where your MC Hamid Gul of ISI hid them) is about 24 minutes so after first impact in Indian cities, Indian nukes will also target the launch sites as the element of surprise is over. The Indian satellites will have tracked the launch source. Indian nukes will take out Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. WTF is left in pakistan then? Most Indian cities will still be intact and can form a functioning govt after the mourning is over. So, this proves you stupid a second time around. Lets give you an imaginary scenario, even if you launch all ur 80 nukes on India at once, 5 on Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata each, India is so large, it will still have major population centers in rural areas alive and well. For pakistan to evaporate, 10-20 should be sufficient. This hypothetical situation proves you to be the ultimate stupid SOB since you said “breaking a tiny microscopic atom can turn your country into nothing”. So, now jack off thinking about the pedophile SOB mass murderer, serial killer and rapist Pigambar Mohammed ok.

    • Arya putr!! For india to achieve unity and some guts, hijras like you must die. Useless dharti ka bhoj. You guys preach cowardice!! You guys dont carry a sickle, but you want others to fight and die for India and then you guys will handle the administration. You say “the partition must go.” what the f***!! Where will it go?? how will it go?? If it goes, what about the border?? open it all up and let the wolves into already truncated India??? So that they mix within us and attack from inside??!! Get this into your dreamy jelly soft brain — Partition was God’s plan to save India from total destruction. All the land, and sky belongs to God (remember Vamana avatara?) it will be given to the ones who will take a good care of it. The land that we have lost since 1400 years belongs to Indians as promised by God to Indians. We have to continue to mend our ways and get back to living according to the teachings he gave us and get rid of the hereditary caste system created by the brahmins and their evil minions. Once we sufficiently done that and have worked on plans to take back out lost homeland, God will open up opportunities for us to fight and win back.

      Meanwhile arya putra, go do what needs to be done to at least build a string civil justice system such as REAL police, real Courts, real lawyers and real judges.

      • very well said man! Chutiyas like him and thousands more in Congress are the reason India never captured pakistan even though defeated it in 4 wars (47 conflict, 65, 71 and kargil). Capture pakistan, dismantle all their training camps and armament factories and start settling Indians and destroying their mosques (terrorist training center) and building Hindu temples. If the UN shouts, put up a firm statement and dont give it back just like Israel does.

  12. Whether or not a tiny Pakistan is a threat and hinder to a more stable and prosperous Asia, it’s the Indian(modern Mauryan) abomination that enslaves and continuously oppresses far greater numbers of less fortunate Nations. By splitting this Grand monster, there will be a suitable system that better serves the needs of the people within. The need of the day is to unite and co-ordinate the forces that struggle inside this abomination to march forward to strangulate and at last end the life of the monster.

  13. While Mr. Amarjit Singh’s contentions are far fetched, it is important that India responds forcefully to Pakistan’s proxy wars unleashed on India during the last several decades. Appropriate response from India should include proxy wars on Pakistan. Specifically, providing material and moral support to independence movements in Sindh and Balochistan. Both provinces are fed up with the Punjabi military control of the nation and being at the short end of the stick as far economic development is concerned. Additionally, the political movements towards seccession in these areas are in the nascent stage similar to in East Pakistan before breakup. India’s help will be welcomed.

    • your very opinion that Amarjit Singh’s suggestion is ‘far fetched’, is a perfect example of Indian complacency. Indians usually believe that doing something big or great is too much or unrealistic and thats the fvcking reason our country is a failure when dealing with basterd nation like Pakistan.

  14. I think this fellow writes from his heart rather than examining and analyzing geopolitics and geostrategy. Any war or even war like situation with India will certainly unite the nation-state of present day Pakistan and the consequences of this will be more drastic for Indian commencing from central Asia to west Asia and from Southeast Asia to North Africa as Islamic political powers are on rise in said regions even the global powers are trying to get convergence with them to solve the issues and problems diplomatically.

    • Yes — we always knew that there was a war ongoing between Pakistan and India. The question is about who will win. Like I say, Pakistan can try. No one should make pretensions: India will prevail.

  15. Dear Amarjit, trends indicate that nation states are becoming more and more divided. India is ethnically and religion wise much more diverse and therefore the impact of the divisive forces is diluted. Pakistan on the other hand is a lot more homogenous, with a few opposing forces at odds with one another. The disintegration of Pakistan is a certain event, the timing of which may not be hard to predict just yet. Ofcourse, economy, financial hardship, unemployment well only hasten the process.

  16. Well in that case we need to find ways to disintegerate India. Keep in mind Pakistan will keep retaliating until India realizes that they should stick their noses in Pakistan’s business. If India decides to disintegrate Balochistan than Pakistan will retaliate by dividing 10 states from India. As if India is unaware there are 28 movements going on in their country. Poverty has risen above the sea level esp Mumbai. And I have to say India is such a stupid country that it does not know that Pakistan is the 7th largest nuclear country in the world. Pakistan makes its own weapons and even allows these dirty Guru Nanak f@#@#@rs into our country. If Pakistan wants it can just destroy their beloved temple where these turban terrorists worship that ugly man’s penis. Let’s not forget the 1984 genocide among Sikhs name one incident in Pakistan that was anti Sikh this is defo a Hindu brahmin f@#@#@r who wipes his or her ass using Ganesha’s trunk. I challenge India to even cross our border and see what happens. Here in Pakistan we don’t play these games where we type ALL that shit behind the computer. Over here violence is 24/7 wethear it’s drug dealing to kidnapping, from prostitution to rape, from money laundering to decapitation, and from extortion to drive-by-shootings, to slicing dicks. We Pakistanis are good fighters so plz if you folks dare try to trespass into our land and see what’s up. I think Pakistan needs to raise its terror a little more so it can keep intimidating India. More 11/26 on the rise pretty soon! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

  17. Quite stupid and day dreaming post which eventually dont abide by the the reality of current scenario…this article is just be called as wishes of extreamist hindu brahmans who still live in panaroia of Pakistan…Firstly amar jeet singh jee should open his eyes and came to know tht pakistan is existed from the last 6 decades and its powers are (militarily) are increased or even ISIS report say Multiplied (in nucleur case)…So india should hv to come to peace talks about Kashmir rather than talking stupid…These gaon sardars dont even know who’s behind the throwning of divali patazas..but ironicaly knows how to disintegrate pakistan…lol

  18. Good Analysis by the author. India needs to work secretly on this. First Balochistan should be the target. Get Pakistan army occupied in Balochistan and hit them in Kashmir and humiliate them. Then support Paktoons.

  19. My congratulations to Dr. Amarjeet Singh on this article. Very rarely does one see the bull being taken by the horns as it has been here. We allowed Pakistan to come into existence and have had no strategic vision or objective whatsoever in this respect ever since. Pakistan cannot be treated as just any other foreign country. Its territory comprises areas that have for millennia been a core part of Indian civilization; it is a nation which defines its very identity as the antithesis to India; its leadership is obsessed with the idea of doing India in; and its policies and capabilities are a direct and serious threat to India’s safety and well being. Pakistan will never realize its goals of wresting Kashmir and destabilizing India. But in its pursuit of these goals it has rendered itself ripe for break-up, a situation that has dangers for India. If we are not careful, the day when China takes over PoK and thereafter the rest of Pakistan are not far away. We need to take the initiative to instigate a break up of Pakistan through a covert intelligence campaign, accompanies by an overt declaration of our interest in the future of the regions that constitute Pakistan. A division of Pakistan along the lines Dr. Singh suggests, with the absorption of Punjab and Sind into the Indian Union over a period of time is the way to go.

  20. “Whatever others may believe, my opinion is simply that it is better for India to brave a costly nuclear attack by Pakistan, and get it over with even at the cost of tens of millions of deaths, than suffer ignominy and pain day in and day out through a thousand cuts and wasted energy in unrealized potential.”

    It is easier said than done. And especially easier for you to say, since you’re warming your ass sitting and sunbathing in the beaches of Hawaii. Crap article.

  21. Let us not do character assination of the writer, his views are his views..Extremist view..may be but then all the geopolitical ideas are like this to begin with..some points are correct where Pakistan basic fabric is anti india…even common masses never forget to quote india in somewhat spectical manner..Now my Pakistani friends will argue that your media too is like that..yes they are to some extent but there are many folks in india who are genetically inclined to pakistan but that is not the case across the border..reason Religion..for an indian ..he has lived all his life in multi religious surrounding, not in case of pakistan…so from being negative towards india is natural to the people in pakistan then say majority of the folks in india..this is a fact nothing to do with my being from indian origin…so there can never be natural alliance with pakistan..strategically india needs to be more creative and think out of box in defining its relation with pakistan considering 15 years to 50 years horizon…I have talked to some folks from Pakistan and the general thinking is Islam ruled for 800 years and we will rule again..Now it is other thing that Pakistani’s think they are the owner of islam and not the indian muslims (and for them Islam and Pakistan is same)…again based on my observation and interaction with the friends..i am not sure if writer’s extreme views are militarily feasible, if yes then it should be researched and discussed further..One hole i see is strengthening northern afghanistan tribes, they may potentially be bigger threat like talibans and hence creating another enemey to get rid of current one has to be strategically analysed before taking such projects. Humanity shoudl benefit in the end is my bottomline 🙂

  22. I would hate agree with Dr Amarjit Singh, but he does bring reality to the discussion on India-Pakistan relationship. Pakistan has proven itself to be untrustworthy and unfriendly to India and Western civilization for the most part. Pakistanis have justified their aggression for their existence. At times there are some level headed Pakistanis who want to face the reality and be friends with India, but extremists have taken over Pakistan. If they can’t work with their own Shias population and provinces, there is a little hope that they will work with others. They will continue to make trouble for as far as eye can see.

  23. SarDar Je !! Khair hoye towadi.

    Punjabi de ek misal aye

    Jado apnay ghar ag lagi hoye tay tojay de ghar nai wekhi da, warna oye agg lay doobde aye.

    I think the India terrorist nation must be more worried about Assam, Nagaland, Tamil’s, Khalistan etc etc than concerning Pakistan. Pakistan mean purity where India means only Hindu’s, India is for Hindu not for people like you Hindu will kill Sikh like you forget Golden temple incident ?

    & my dear Pa je, keep dreaming because no one is stopping you, but once america out from region, you will be back in your chadi, & my advise don’t follow Americans & illuminate agenda, and don’t dare come on Afghanistan, otherwise we Pashtoon won’t be leaving India until unless proper destruction, at least learn some lesson from America how many soldiers are dead count them, At least americans eat meal so they can fight but Hindu eat only vegitabales how can they fight ? Soon will break India in many piece that there will be many countries from India but there won’t be any India. My Dear Sikh je.

  24. Dear Dr Amarjit Singh ji, sat sri akaal. I have read your article “Why the existence of Pakistan is not in India’s interest” with great interest. What are you doing in the University of Hawaii
    Government of India needs intellectuals like you to form such brilliant anti Pakistan policies. Please come to India and start 10 years military plan.Russia, USA and the European countries would be very happy to arm India on very competitive rates. People like you are an asset for India.

    By the way, when is Khalistan becoming part of Pakistan?

    Muhammad Zaman

  25. Absolutely a correct solution. Enough of the nuclear blackmail. If they have nuclear bombs then they will hit India , War or no war. So why be afraid of nuclear hits. Just obliterate this terrorist nation from the face of earth, if it comes to that !

    Alternatively divide Pakistan and let all of them rot.

  26. Indian dream of eliminating Pakistan is quite old but will never be materialized as Pakistan is capable of defending its sovereignty against Indian aggression. Nations do pass through difficult times as Pakistan is doing now, but that does not mean the Hindu Bania should have delusions of disintegrating Pakistan. Pakistan by the grace of Allah is there for ever and will overcome its troubles in due course. On the contrary, Indians need to take stock of their own backyard where even currently more than 123 separation movements are in progress with similar causes which led to making of Pakistan in 1947. India should be branded a “Usurper State” for suppressing all its neighboring countries by using its dirty and subversive tricks. For now India may have been able to hide its real face from the world, but not for ever. Some day the people will know how Hindus are usurping the rights of minorities like Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and all others Non-Hindus. The despicable Hindu mindset of treating others as subhuman needs to be exposed so that the world community sees the real worth of “Shining”, (read Stinking) and “Incredible, (read “Discreditable”) India.”
    So…. keep eating your heart out Banias!

  27. This best solution for India. Now is the correct time ; weak & impoverished pakistan is India’s benefit. One more 1971 is required.
    They are acting defensive, but they are sheltring DAWOOD and Sayeed. This enough to suffice there to pacify people who are against this idea. As soon as they will start properly eating, they will again bounce back with Mumbai like attacks ( thru IM & Jaish /Or Lashkar ). India is resilent, but this the best time to give a final blow. Waise bhi qayamat ke din in saab ko intezaar toh karte hi hain. So as prophecy goes, they should be given as they wish. See how they are still in British era hangover of Divide and rule. All the comments given by rest of the people show there real & hidden intent. AMEEN.

  28. From his picture, Dr. Amarjit does not look insane but probably he penned this article at 12 noon, otherwise no sane person would advocate a nuclear war. Sitting in the US he very conveniently advocates sacrificing millions of people to achieve his sickening goal but he should not forget that if God-forbid Pakistan disintegrates, it will have a domino effect throughout India. Its the hatred of Pakistan which is keeping India together otherwise it will shatter into numerous states. Its an unnatural combination of various cultures, races and religions.

  29. Dr. I wonder what made you write so much after whats been happening with the Sikhs across india. The operation Blue Star and your temples rolled under tanks. What is it that made you forget all that? reconsider what you wrote, specially you cant just break away Pakistan as its not Nagaland, Mezoram, Orrisa, Assam or Nicobar Islands (you know why i mentioned some of your areas 😉 )

  30. Hey all those who are talking against Sardar Ji, should be ashamed of yourself. You must understand that he is a ……………….. SARDAAAAAAR of the highest order.

    Other Sardars who used to side with India have come to their senses and are talking of Khalistan openly. Even Pakistan-Khalistan friendship is being talked about. Sardar Ji, apaan Khalistan banayiye, iddi angraizi likhan di ki lodd sanoo……..Pakistan nu chhaddooo, Khalistan wastay kam kero, 1984 bhul gaye je??????

  31. dr amarjit i wonder how you could be naive enough to write all this, when, I gather u have an uncertain and nueter gender of being a sikh hardly owned and recognised lot in an indian context…. so u suggest the same fate for others what u suffer urself… Actually India needs everything and one thing that india has prospered with; is FOREIGN RULERS… i would recommend ur article for execution in reverse order.

    Your estimation fails to size up Pakistan its the inferno Indians and that too thinkers will never be able to guage and ur problems will be multiplied and strategy nullified when a fake call for JIHAD will turn the guns of 30million muslims in india towards delhi and u will have no dignity left even the SHAM SECULAR STATE will stand bare and shredlessly indignified pleading for existence… better will be the option to keep the wrong notions staked and rather submit to status quo… good luck…

    • You know for a country that is now demanding respect and treatment as the ‘next super power of the world’, such kind of nonsensical belligerency and irrational rhetoric posted by a guy that obviously has no knowledge on complex geopolitics apart from newspaper foraging on a website like IDR – assuming it has a high standing in Indian policy making and strategic circles – does not bode well for the editorial staff, unless they prefer tabloid style garbage in the name of “foreign relations” for cheap publicity.

  32. Sardar Ji – You are in the wrong field, instead of construction management you should have been in the demolition business! You write “Whatever others may believe, my opinion is simply that it is better for India to brave a costly nuclear attack by Pakistan, and get it over with even at the cost of tens of millions of deaths, than suffer ignominy and pain day in and day out…” REALLY. Is human life so cheap to you?

    Dr. Singh’s precious thoughts are not limited to Pakistan. Here is what he said while analyzing India vs. China in a lecture at The Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS) in 2009″…While analysing the above factors, Dr. Singh is of the view that China is a ‘technocracy’ and India is a bureaucracy. According to a 2005 UNDP report, 34.7 percent of the population in India earns less than a dollar a day whereas in China the figures stand at 16.6 percent. There are nearly 200 million people living in slums at present in India. By 2050, India and Africa will have the largest slum populations in the world.

    Perhaps his grand plan includes getting rid of India’s slum dwellers using Pakistani Nukes. India would be far better off focusing on the economic improvement of its multitudes than nuclear warfare with Pakistan.

    May I suggest Dr. Singh seek medical assistance. There are several good psychiatrists in Hawaii who would love to understand the inner workings of his mind.

  33. Pakistan has to correct its Governance if it wants to avoid the split. Otherwise the split is obvious. It cannot sustain with democratic mask. Pakistani establishments do not have control over Northern states, and in Baluchistan. When they are unable to govern properly the existing states, why they are obsessed of Kashmir ?. It is sure, they cannot keep Kashmiris comfortable with the current state of governance, economic conditions, and terrorism. But they dont want Kashmiris to be happy with India. Kashmiris are not fool to think of joining uncivilized and unstable terrorist state, leaving the vibrant and stable democracy. An independent Kashmir is more dangerous because extremists can occupy immediately and create a safe heaven for themselves.
    There is no doubt that Pakistan has terror-training camps, generates terrorists who kill people in other countries. But how long it can continue in this civilized world ?. It should think of the following;
    1. Is it worthy to spend huge money to maintain terrorist infrastructure and training, when the country is on economic crunch, and is depending on aids from others.
    2. Is it worth to divert its own citizens to become dreaded terrorists, who otherwise could have become good doctors / scientists etc. Is it not a Human right violation?.
    3. What they get from it ?. Any mischief they do, the state denies, why ?. Terrorism is a shameful act. The country has to save its face. Any small terrorist attacks on any country cannot alter the status of the victim country. But with any bigger terrorist attack (like 26/11 or 9/11), it cannot escape.

    The terrorists who are trained and sent into neighbouring countries, are meant only to die. If they are caught alive by the security establishments (like kasab), the Pak govt. disowns them (their own citizens). Then people should think twice before they involve in such henous activities.
    By correcting their attitudes – Pakistan still can make its existence better than its non-existence.

  34. Bravo! An article fit for any book on insanity. Fantastic ramblings of a perfectly imbalanced mind! The writer and all those that agree with him need to commit themselves to an insane asylum for the greater good of humanity. Always thought Fools Paradise was an allegory but it appears there really is one and some people really do live there. Bravo, again.

  35. Dr Amarjit Singh is India’s equivalent of our Riaz Malik. And he appears homesick. Why I feel that, he is trying to win brownie points from the government at home so that he lands a suitable job there. But with this Akali humourous stuff, he has lost his chances than gained anything.
    Dr Amarjit, would u like this showdown with Pakistan to happen before u arrive in India or after it. I recommend the latter because the architect of such a fine plan should b an eye witness to his plan being put in place.

  36. Dr. Amarjit Singh should stay in Construction Management. He recommends a nuclear war with Pakistan. It is said that Gen Curtis Lemay of the US Strategic Air Command also recommended the destruction of the USSR, while accepting the loss of major American cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and some others.
    India is welcome to try to disintegrate Pakistan, if it is willing to lose the northern part of India. Missile shields won’t help India. The travelling time is too short. And remember, Pakistan has over a 100 nuclear war heads. The missile shield won’t be able to stop all of them. Then there will be cruise missiles, submarine launched missiles, and air craft bombs too. And if everything else fails then there can be nuclear demolition munitions, which can be set off on the ground, and the wind will carry the radiation into enemy territory.
    And finally, it is the unending hatred that the Pakistani Muslim has for the Indians. This will never cease, no matter what happens. Just like in the former Yugoslavia. Hundreds of years of hate will not disappear.
    So relax Dr. Amarjit. Pakistan is here to stay. And you should thank Pakistan for saving India from the Taliban.

    • Thank you for this comment. India can always learn from its enemies, the Pakistanis. We discovered that Gen Curtis Lemay was kind of a hero in USA. He was the youngest four star air force general ever, at age 44, since Ulysses Grant, a former US President. He was also the longest serving 4-star general, serving 17 years in that rank. When he ran the Strategic Air Command, he was nominated for a five-rank position. He became the 5th US Chief of Staff of the Air Force. After retirement, he ran as George Wallace’s running mate in the 1968 Presidential Elections as a third party candidate, and attracted the largest ever percent vote of any third party candidate.

      Hw was honored with the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters, the Distinguished Flying Cross with two oak leaf clusters, the Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal with two oak leaf clusters, the French Legion of Honor, and the Silver Star.

  37. Pak has to split for its own sake. The current anarchy & mayhem can hardly be called a nation state. The cold irony might escape the average pakistani feeding on biased state media, with ‘Analysts’ proclaiming ‘Gazwa-e-hind’. But Pakistanis outside the country realise this increasingly. It is only those in echelons of power who have a vested interest in running the Pak circus as long as they can, who are deluded into thinking Pak’s imminent breakup can be delayed if not avoided.

    A false ideology, a flawed security state approach, a failed economy & a mercurial military have all ensured that Pak will implode into a lose string of despotic groups in the coming months, if not weeks. Instead of allowing this to happen & perpetuate the current existential crisis into future states, its only prudent that the aspirations of Balochis, Pakthoons, Sindhis are recognized and a peaceful break-up orchestrated.

    As the article rightly captures, all issues confronting Pak are self-inflicted with little to no strategy from the Mandarins in our foreign office. Our only strategy seems to be eternal paralysis. But even a broken clock can show the right time twice a day! Current situation of Pak’s imbroglio with US and our thaw with other neighbors including US, is one such moment. A rare opportunity that knocks our door. It is therefore imperative that we switch the gears to turn the heat on Pak’s internal contradictions instead of aspiring for an utopian era of peace with neighbor.

    India must come out of the mindset “we cannot choose our neighbors’. Infact we can!! We already have done that in Bangladesh. We should repeat that by creating more such friendly states out of Pak on our North-Western borders leading to energy security with the Iran gas pipeline project. If India slips back to its predictable inertia, India loses & Pakis will be consigned to a life similar to N.Korea.

    India definitely needs this. Ironically even Pakistanis stand to eventually benefit from this…!

  38. This is an excellent article by Dr Amarjit Singh. I agree with his analysis and views. he is spot on. India has never had the nerve to deal firmly with Pakistan for 65 years. The Indian leadership has a pathetically defensive mindset and no motivation to deal with Pakistan. Mr Singh’s analysis should be understood and followed by the Indian leadership in the interests of not just India but the entire civilised parts of the world.
    Aseem Tiwari

  39. This is simply one of the very best articles on the subject. One hopes that this paradigm shift in Indian attitudes towards the existence of Pakistan takes place sooner rather than later.

  40. It is easy for you to say all this because you are sitting thousand miles away from Sub-Continent. In case of a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan, you cannot imagine the devastation/consequences. Further, how can you say that India can survive a nuclear war with Pakistan and at what cost?

    • Chaudhary… a good missile defense shield is enough to save India from pakistan’s missiles. Their missiles are not invincible.. we have the capability to intercept missiles at outer atmosphere. our current missile defense shield can protect 2 Indian cities. we are currently working for so that the defense shield will cover entire India. Once we are done with that, the survivability our cities will increase dramatically. And in order to stop their nuclear retaliation, we need to act fast enough to capture the government and their nuclear command. this would mean air dropping our forces into their territory. and all our forces and intelligence agencies should work with great co-ordination. defeating a nuclear pakistan without putting our cities at risk is not an impossible task.. It is possible.. and when it comes down to a conventional war, pakistan is no match for India.

  41. hahahahah

    old joker still living in paradise

    cool combination of technical and scientific jokes

    you just dont have the courage to do even a single step, same were the thoughts

    your Bappu ji also who thought Pakistan is guest of few days

    we existed for 65 years and still it is on

    baba ji wait and see

  42. Mr.Singh please come out of lala land pakistan here to exist and why not india should be cease to exist cuz india is cause of alot of problems in sub continant. We pakistani will live on and there is old say every 100 year Dhali cease to exist and it will happen again we are watching. Mr.Singh I think it is 12.00 clock yet

  43. Sirji, excellent article.We can break-up Pakistan by using Electromagnetic pulse weapons.India should develop non-nuclear Electromagnetic pulse bomb.Then we need intelligence where their nukes and missiles are stored of kept.Then we need to train our Airforce for special surgical strikes.Airforce should go and drop Electromagnetic pulse bombs which will destroy all of the electronics of Pakistani nukes and missiles.Then we should launch a full scale invasion of Pakistan.Within a week Indian army will conquer Pakistan.Then Then and Then

  44. I personally feel that Pakistan should not disintegrate. We can’t afford another Bangladesh. But at the same time I feel Pakistan should be merged with INDIA!!!!

  45. Good article. Let’s do it and ruin india forever. Author is a brave guy and doesnot care about million of deaths resulting from a nuclear cause because he doesnot live in India 🙂

    World is changing. Indian films are shown in Pakistani cinemas and Pakistani artists perform in Bollywood that tells alot.

    With 33% of muslim population in India and Pakistan any such step with result in a bigger Pakistan and smaller India..Common sense guys..

  46. The author is correct that India will have to disintegrate Pakistan . However, India cannot afford a nuclear war with Pakistan . India will have to wage a proxy war to disintegrate Pakistan. Also, we need to take into account the fact that Muslims in India are becoming more & more vocal primarily because of the minority appeasement policies of various political parties. Therefore, Muslims will not allo the Govt.of the day to invade Pakistan.

  47. It is good to see articles like these and the best part of it is from an “Indian”. We need to be audacious and also cunning, so that our civilization is not annihilated. A Pakistan-free world is a world free of islamic terrorism. The sooner we realize this the late we are going to die as a civilization.

  48. This Author is completely out of his mind. It shows the quality of the journalism @ Indian Defence review. You can’t write an article so biased especially on the issue of national security. India faces bigger threat from China than Pakistan. I am an Indian but I am disgusted with the above article. Very disappointing

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