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Network Centricity comes to fore in Exercise Sudarshan Shakti
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 25 Nov , 2011

Exercise Sudarshan Shakti, a joint exercise of Southern Army and South Western Air Command has entered its crucial phase.  The training was progressively structured to build on from the smallest unit upwards and today it is the entire Southern Army, which is being put through its paces in a simulated battlefield environment. In this overall effort, Network Centric Warfare (NCW) is one of the crucial aspects being validated.

The endeavour has been to validate and integrate the use of all available assets, including Satellites, UAVs and HUMINT to assist commanders in taking dynamic and proactive operational action in a fluid battlefield. Another important facet being validated is the real-time sensor-to-shooter loop, which enables commanders to take instant decisions even as information is shared among platforms and personnel to order the weapons to be deployed. Network Centric Warfare provides shared information of the battle space among armed forces and is an integral part of the ongoing transformational studies.

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