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India's new stealth frigate INS Teg
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 28 Apr , 2012

INS Teg, is a modern and contemporary Warship with advanced technologies incorporated in every facet of design to make her stable, stealthy, fast and formidable. A versatile and capable vessel, she is an icon of Indo-Russian Military co-operation and heralds a new dimension in this strategic partnership.

The Teg class of ships have been built to meet the specific Command and Control needs of the Indian Navy for co-ordinated Surface, Air and Underwater missions. An advanced version of the Talwar class guided missile frigates already in service with the Indian Navy, these ships have been fitted out with an upgraded multi-role combat suite to make them one of the most potent platforms of the Navy.

The weapons suite of the ship includes Surface-to-Air and Surface-to-Surface missile systems, 100 mm medium range gun, Close-in Weapon System, Torpedo tubes and Anti-Submarine rockets.

The ‘BrahMos’ Surface-to-Surface missile system, a joint venture between India and Russia, is capable of engaging targets at extended ranges at supersonic speeds and is perhaps the best missile in its class.

The ship also embarks and operates an anti-submarine or an airborne early warning helicopter– a dominant force multiplier.

With its advanced weapons suite and sensors fully integrated with its Combat Management System, the ship is equipped to augment the Indian Navy’s Net Centric capability, and is well suited to undertake a broad spectrum of maritime missions, from traditional military roles to those involving low intensity maritime operations and crisis management.

To meet the paramount need for stealth in the current combat environment, Teg incorporates innovative stealth technologies to reduce her radar cross section, infrared and magnetic signatures, as well as radiated underwater noise.

The ship is powered by an advanced gas turbine propulsion plant (COGAG – Combined Gas And Gas) with state of the art Controls, delivering 56,000 hp of power to attain speeds in excess of 30 knots. The unique design of the propulsion plant enables the warship to seamlessly change over propulsion modes in different operational regimes. The automated power generation and auxiliary machinery control systems installed on the ship further augment the fighting efficiency of the ship.

The ship has been equipped with complex automated systems for nuclear, biological and chemical defence, damage control and fire fighting that can be operated centrally from sheltered posts to minimize casualties and achieve rapid restoration of combat effectiveness.

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