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DCNS delivers MU90 torpedo simulator to German Navy
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 13 Jul , 2011

DCNS has successfully delivered the SIMOPE (SIMulateur OPErationnel) MU90 torpedo simulator to the German Navy. SIMOPE is designed to prepare and simulate operational launch scenarios with the MU90 lightweight anti-submarine torpedo, in an extremely realistic configuration. The German defence procurement agency (BWB*) accepted SIMOPE into service without reserve. The delivery and acceptance process included training for German technical experts in how to use the new system.

The MU90 is the result of a partnership between the French and Italian governments and the respective industries of the two countries. Germany was the first export customer to adopt the MU90, followed by Denmark, Poland and Australia.

Mr Jan Peifer, Director of the German MU90 programme at the BWB, expressed his satisfaction with the acceptance process, and noted that close analysis of the MU90’s behaviour in a wide range of tactical scenarios will enhance the way operatives are prepared and trained, maximise the weapon’s effectiveness in actual combat as well as support the preparation and refinement of tactical guidelines for weapon deployment.

The SIMOPE tool is now in service with the French and German navies and will enable them to share knowledge and information about the MU90 in a more comprehensive and coherent manner. This simulator will also facilitate the work of navy personnel involved in workgroups set up by the various user nations to provide operational feedback and support.

This first SIMOPE export contract further consolidates DCNS’s role in the provision of anti-submarine warfare simulation solutions and associated expertise for navies around the world..

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