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Pakistanis Must Be Sent To Pakistan Right Now
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Sanjeev Sirohi | Date:23 Oct , 2017 1 Comment

Why is our national media so conspicuously silent on it? Every Indian has a right to dissent and criticize the government of the day but this right does not extend to doing anti-national acts like burning of Indian flags, waving of Pakistani flags, chanting of pro-Pakistani and anti-India slogans etc! Pakistanis must be sent to Pakistan right now without delay. Why are they staying in India when they consider themselves Pakistan?

Coming straight to the core point, let me begin at the very beginning by pointing out most emphatically that India is for Indians and not for Pakistanis. Pakistanis have been given a separate country by partitioning India way back in 1947. But now there can be no more partitions in the name of Pakistan! Centre must enact a law and send Pakistanis to Pakistan. Those who shout “Pakistan Pakistan” must be sent to Pakistan right now. No more wastage of time!

It is so frustrating to see that it is increasingly becoming a growing trend to wave flags of Pakistan on Indian soil, burning of Indian flags, chanting of pro-Pakistani slogans and anti-India slogans. What is even more frustrating to see is that the Centre is not doing anything to check this divisive and most dangerous trend that started from Kashmir! A Maulvi Abbas whose full name I don’t remember rightly said in a newschannel that if this glorification of Pakistan is not checked in Kashmir soon it will spread to all parts of India! He also rightly demanded that such Pakistanis must be booked and punished most strictly so that no one else dare to do it again.

We all saw recently how Pakistani flags were waved when India lost to Pakistan in cricket and firecrackers bursted in joy! How can any self-respecting nation tolerate such anti-national activity quietly? No individual and even no law and even no Constitution can be above the unity and integrity of the nation as no one can be above the nation!

Why is our national media so conspicuously silent on it? Every Indian has a right to dissent and criticize the government of the day but this right does not extend to doing anti-national acts like burning of Indian flags, waving of Pakistani flags, chanting of pro-Pakistani and anti-India slogans etc! Pakistanis must be sent to Pakistan right now without delay. Why are they staying in India when they consider themselves Pakistan?

The present dispensation must immediately act and enact law by which Pakistanis are deported to Pakistan immediately. Why should Pakistanis be allowed to stay in India? Why should Pakistanis be allowed to avail all the benefits available to Indians when they don’t consider themselves as Indians?

I am not alone in feeling so very strongly. None other than National Commission for Minorities Chairman Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi has said that those who support Pakistan by celebrating their sporting achievements should cross the border and go to that country, “or better still, be deported there”. Rizvi made the comments while attending an iftar party in Meerut. He has valid reasons in saying so.

Rizvi said that, “I was asked about people, including those in Kashmir, who celebrated Pakistani win (in the Champions Trophy final). I said these are people whose mind and heart is actually in Pakistan, just their bodies are here, so they too should go there. Or better still, they should be deported across the border.” Rizvi’s comments were in response to reports of celebrations in Kashmir following Pakistan’s victory over India in the final. Separatist leaders Syed Ali Shah Geelani had congratulated Pakistan on the win, while Mirwaiz Umar Farooq had tweeted, “Fireworks all around, feels like an early Eid here. Better team took the day. Congratulations team# Pakistan.”

Rizvi rightly said that, “It is unfortunate that some people say things like Pakistani victory has brought ‘Eid before Eid’. It is sad that they live in India, in Hindustan and say ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. As a Hindustani, this pains me a lot. My statements in Meerut came from those sentiments.” All Indians must be very proud to have patriotic Indians like Ghayorul Hasan Rizvi for whom nation comes first and religion comes next. What Rizvi has said is absolutely right.

Centre must stop kowtowing in front of Pakistan and Pakistanis. Centre should not harass anyone based on his/her religion alone. But Centre should also simultaneously not spare anyone swearing loyalty to Pakistan. Pakistanis must be sent to Pakistan and Arnab Goswami who runs the Republic Channel TV news channel too feels the same way. He rightly said that Mirwaiz Umar Farooq instead of taking security from India and enjoying all facilities in India must go to Pakistan promptly as he considers himself Pakistani.

We all saw how the DSP who was incharge of security of Mirwaiz was brutally thrashed and beaten to death by supporters of Mirwaiz and nothing was done to save him. Why security for Hurriyat leaders like Mirwaiz who swear by Pakistan? Why is Centre still providing them security?

Why Centre gives Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan since 1996 even though they have not given us that status till now? Why are Indian soldiers daily being killed and beheaded and mutilated by proxy war sponsored by Pakistan and yet Centre does not revoke this MFN status even though senior leaders like Shashi Tharoor, Subramanium Swamy are demanding this regularly? Why Centre is so soft towards Pakistan and not learn anything from a small country like Kuwait who has ordered all Pakistanis to leave Kuwait as Pakistan is spreading terror everywhere  and has severed all relations with it? Why can’t India do the same inspite of losing more than one lakh soldiers in proxy war sponsored directly by Pakistan? Why senior leaders like Maulana Mehmood Madani demands that Pakistan should be declared “Aatankistan” and all relations with it should be nuked but Centre does not listen? Why Rajeev Chandrashekhar who is MP from Bangalore demands that Pakistan be declared a “terror state” and a “rogue state” but Centre is just not prepared for it? Why Centre too lashes out in UN against Pakistan and labels it as “Terroristan” but does nothing on ground to substantiate what they say?

Centre must amend citizenship laws and revoke the citizenship of all those who swear by Pakistan and say “Meri Jaan Pakistan Mera Kaleja Pakistan” etc. You cannot be Indian and Pakistani at the same time. Either become an Indian or become a Pakistani by migrating to Pakistan. Why Centre takes no step in this direction?

How stable Pakistan is we all know very well! How Shia Muslims are being killed by terrorists encouraged directly by Pakistani Army and ISI on a regular basis and their sacred shrines being blown off as also of Sufis we all know too well!  How Mohajjirs who migrated from India to Pakistan in 1947 are treated there is all too evident!

How Baluchis are killed, tortured and humiliated is all well known and merits no description. The same is true of PoK, Sindh, Pakhtoonistan and other places! They want to come to India as they consider it much better just like Adnan Sami who was a famous Pakistani singer but preferred to become Indian citizen. They must be all granted Indian citizenship as their heart and soul is in India.

Similarly all those Indians in Kashmir or Kerala or Delhi or UP or MP who love Pakistan and behave like Pakistanis must be immediately sent to Pakistan! They must not be tolerated in India because they don’t consider themselves as Indians and behave openly like Pakistanis and can betray our country whenever they want. Why should this be allowed at the first place? Before deporting Rohingyas first and foremost deport Pakistanis who inspite of claiming Indian citizenship do all anti-national acts and yet stay in India?

No one can be above the nation. Such Pakistanis who are a threat to our national security must be sent to Pakistan! On what basis are they staying in India if they consider themselves as Pakistan? Why is Centre maintaining a deafening silence on it and allowing this dangerous and derogatory trend to be emulated by all others all over the country? This is nothing but disloyalty and Centre too is guilty of encouraging it by doing nothing! How much more time does present dispensation want ? For more than 3 years the current government been in power! It must act now! My best friend Sageer Khan rightly said way back in 1993-94 that, “Muslims enjoy the maximum freedom in India which they cannot get anywhere else. See how Mohajjirs are treated as second graded citizens in Pakistan. Those Muslims who keep shouting slogans in favour of Pakistan never go to Pakistan themselves because they know that what they get in India they will not get anywhere else. In India Muslims can lay claim to Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi which have been sacred to Hindus for lakhs of years. If Hindus lay claim on Mecca and Medina will Muslims agree? Muslims won’t agree not just on Mecca or Medina but at any other place in Saudi Arabia! So all Muslims must appreciate the tolerance level of Hindus and emulate them and realize that Pakistan by fighting proxy war is destroying its ownself and not India. India is the best country for Muslims to stay in and Pakistan is the worst country. I have no doubt on this. This alone explains why those shouting Pakistan, Pakistan and waving Pakistani flags never migrate to Pakistan even though they try their level best to pretend that they are Pakistanis. Such Pakistanis must be thrown out of India but our politicians for reasons known best to them prefer to keep quiet. Why is Kashmir not being integrated fully with India? Why can’t Indians from other states settle there or buy property there or apply for any job there? Why separate flag and separate Constitution for them? Why are we playing in the hands of Pakistan?”

Courtesy: Uday India

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