Why the US-Mexican Wall is Important
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 13 Jan , 2019

Brown-skin Votes

Brown-skinned people, such as the Hispanics are considered to traditionally vote for the Democratic Party because they liken the Republican Party to white-skinned racists who once kept black slaves, though it was really the Democrats prior to the abolishment of slavery who owned most slaves.

Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery in part because he was Republican and wanted to snip the powers and influence of the Democrats of the time.  Though, Lincoln is hailed as a hero, his motives were anything but.  Hence, the Hispanics associate themselves with modern-day Democrats who are liberal and tolerant of brown-skin.

It is for the same reason that Indian-Americans largely support Democrats, forgetting that as recently as 20 years ago, Bill Clinton, then the US Democratic President, referred to India as the “most unimportant place n the world,” while Al Gore referred to India as a “strategic competitor” when George Bush[16], was referring to India as a “natural partner” during the 2000 elections.

How the Americans Fool Themselves

Though the Hispanics may vote Democratic in the short run, what all Americans, including white Democrats forget is that their country is being taken over by Hispanics entering USA illegally.  It is one thing to have free trade, or have freedom of thought and speech, or have many other freedoms and liberties in the USA, but the line must be drawn when it comes to national integrity and sovereignty, because there is nothing more important to a nation than national security.

The US might rue the day it passed the amnesty decree that allowed illegal immigrants to stay in the USA indefinitely.  Not only does this legally passed Presidential decree fly in the face of the laws of the present time, but also it is definitely considered unpatriotic in many quarters for natural and logical reasons, let alone the philosophical reasons of the lack of loyalty to one’s country.   Who in India is really happy with the blanket, free ticket that Fakhruddin Ahmed gave to the illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants? What’s worse, the Congress Party whom he represented is virtually irrelevant as a potent election force, and so the raison d’être of Ahmed’s decision, exemplified by the four bullets at the beginning of this article, have been driven into the wind. Thus, the USA fools itself to think that all will be well if they allow so many illegals to enter and vote Democratic.

That Presidents end up doing like this is so much the worse for a country.  The consequences for the world and USA are tremendous.  And, it is as if all morality was abandoned and all ethical values discarded.


In conclusion, allowing illegal immigrants to enter a country – any country – is against the laws of every country in the world.  But, that such illegal entry is decriminalized by a Presidential decree, without passage of vote by Congress or Parliament, is an even greater travesty. It is as if the USA had a death wish, and was planning its own demise – digging its own grave.  At this rate, why does America need foreign enemies to defeat them, because America stands to defeat and efface itself by such decisions?

India has not bounced completely out of the bad decision taken by President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed in regard to illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, and has, instead, found itself at the butt end of a terrible terror and secessionist movement in its Northeast.  Correspondingly, it is only a matter of time before states in the USA that develop majorities of the present-day minorities – read Hispanics – will start constitutionally declaring themselves as independent countries, leading to the break-up of the United States as we know it.  That will be a sad day for USA, but probably a happy day for all of America’s enemies and those who hate it.


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  1. Sir,
    You missed out Angela Merkel’s decision to invite refugees. You watch what happens to Europe.
    Invitation to labour is Avery good thing all around provided it is done at a sustainable rate.

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