War with Pakistan is the only solution
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Issue Net Edition | Date : 12 Dec , 2018

A few days ago, Cricketer Imran Khan asserted with all his religious belief and philosophy that “war is no solution over Kashmir.”  This writer wishes to claim to the contrary – that war is the only solution over Kashmir.

There are multiple reasons why Imran Khan would try to say what he did:

  • He knows Pakistan is weak, and so wishes to avert war.
  • He is weak, and therefore wants to buy time to strengthen his war machine after shielding his real intentions.
  • He feels confident, and wishes to simply bowl India clean or becaught by a misstep.
  • He is trying to push India off-guard.
  • He is bowling a bouncer to surely heckle India once again.

But, Imran’s philosophy is not the only one, and there are other perspectives that also want peace, albeit by a different path.

Note that India has cautiously been on its guard, knowing that Imran Khan is a puppet in the hands of the cunning military regime.  As such, India has refused to talk to Imran Khan, knowing fully well that talking has not yielded results these past 70 years.  India also knows full well the insincerity of the Pakistan junta – and that the junta will try to overcome India at every opportunity.  Their desire to defeat India is ingrained in the oath the officers take when commissioned: their enmity of India is inbuilt into their DNA.  No amount of wishful thinking on the part of India or South Block or India’s peace-loving people is going to change that[i].

Too Much Talking

Too many talks have gone on between India and Pakistan – and there is nothing left to talk about, anymore.  Pakistan has taken India for a ride time and time again.[ii]  Each time they talk, they agree to disagree.  And then they talk again somewhere else to agree to disagree.  And, this has gone on ad infinitum … with no tangible results.  Hence, it is a sign of madness to try the same thing over and over again that has not worked before.  Hence, talking is out – something else must substitute for it.  The only reasonable substitute is war.

In fact, Pakistan has talked and talked over the past 70 years – and each time has come back with a military adventure.  For four times, Pakistan has brought big military battles to India; and for countless times has tried to bleed India by thousands of cuts – an attack on Parliament, attack at railway stations, attack at police stations, attack at airport, and so on.  My only worry is that India is bleeding, though it may pretend to be fine.  Hence, it is time that India called a spade a spade and took Pakistan by the horns.  There must come a time when India must look after her own health.

No War has been Fought to Completion

Perhaps a sad story of the Indian sub-continent after partition has been that no war has been fought to completion, else the outcome may have been a perfect resolution.  The Kashmir war stalled because of British interference, and because the war was cut short by international threats, such that India decided for a cease-fire to allow a decision/resolution to be made by the UN.

The 1965 war was clearly stopped after both parties pleaded to Britain and USA to help stop the war.  That war was most certainly a draw, but had the war continued, some binding results would have shaped out.  For instance, India had captured the Haji Pir pass, and that put Azad Kashmir at risk.

The 1971 war on the Western front was clearly held back by pressure from Nixon and Kissinger – a team other than which has never been worse for India.  Nixon threatened to bring intervention to India’s doorstep and re-liberate Bangladesh if India would not return 93,000 prisoners and promise not to carry the war into West Pakistan.  So intense was the US pressure that even the Soviet Union balked, even though everyone knew that the USA was up to its eye-balls in Vietnam and could not afford another military adventure in India.  Everyone, except the ruling powers of India, who were much too beholden to the USSR.[iii]

The 1999 Kargil war never saw full completion because the USA (read Bill Clinton[iv])held back India’s hand to not cross the LOC, and bought Pakistan’s bluff of launching a nuclear war.  In fact, Clinton was scared of a nuclear war when no one in India was.

Thus, war has never been able to run its full course on the Indian sub-continent.  Next time, the stops must be pulled out.  But, it is already time, once again, to change the geopolitical boundaries in the world (i.e., in South Asia).  Tomorrow is as good a day as any other.

A Solution can be reached only by War

Talking will not change geopolitical boundaries; it will not bring about improved trade; it will not take away the distrust between the nations; it will not allow for free travel – and will not allow a solution to Kashmir to ever be advanced.[v]  Pakistan knows it is too weak to take over Kashmir – does not have the heart to lose it – or appear for its ego to not try to regain the full Kashmir – and so tries relentlessly to create all the havoc it can.  This is not to say that the record of Indian military and para-military in Kashmir has been puritan, but it is time to stop the bleeding.  The only way the bleeding can be stopped firmly is to take the battle deep into Pakistan and wrest Kashmir from Pakistan.

India has tried countless times to tackle terrorist activity in India that originates in Pakistan, but has failed to curb it.  The main trouble is that the terrorist holds the initiative, the element of surprise, can choose its target with advanced planning, and can plan an attack creatively and slyly.  That is why India has always been on the backfoot against these terror outfits.

All this stuff about arresting the big minds of terror activities, such as Hafiz Saeed, and trying to fight this case of violence in court – by talking — is simply the action of a weak Indian government who has the time to fight in courts, but does not have the courage to fight in battle.  This type of talking dissipates our energy in the worst way.   In contrast, winning a decisive war brings pride and confidence to the nation. 

Any Day is Good for War with Pakistan

Moreover, any day is good for a fight with Pakistan – winter or summer – yesterday, today, or tomorrow.  It doesn’t matter who the US President is, who the Chinese President is, and what the Russian President feels.  Or what John Bolton thinks about the nukes.  India is much too large for that, and can dismantle the Pakistani Navy in three days flat, for starters.  That’s something to aim for to put Pakistan in its place once again.  This is before the ultimate war that dismembers Pakistan into an independent Baluchistan; an independent Sindh with foreign affairs and defence under the control of India; a FATA and NWFP of Pathan regions returned to its rightful owners, Afghanistan; a Kashmir restored to its last princely rulers and reunited with India; and a West Punjab that serves as a dependent state of India with limited rights, but with freedoms for its citizens.[vi]


It is time for our Pakistani brethren to come home to India – to trash the concept of religious intolerance – to be reunited with India for a strong South Asia that can make the world tremble – and which can give that bloody nose to a Chinese communist party that knows nothing about religious values or the freedom of the soul.

The wars of the future – such as the liberation of Tibet and Sinkiang – start with the neutralization of Pakistan and the nullification of the terror groups operating from Pakistan.

There is no better time for India to sharpen its weapons than now.  A renewed thrust is the call of the hour in weapon modernization, integrated commands, quick response teams, quadrupling of the special forces command, communication system development, indigenous nuclear submarine production… and all other applications of technology to the modern battlefield.  India cannot afford to drag its tail behind competing countries.  But, someone in India needs to have the vision to lead like that.


[i] “War with Pakistan is Inevitable,” by Dr. Amarjit Singh, Indian Defence Review. Net edition, 26 Feb 2018.

[ii] Refer the bus ride to Lahore

[iii] “The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, and a Forgotten Genocide, By Gary J. Bass, Hurst Publishers, London, July 2014.

[iv]A deceitful person “who claimed he never inhaled … and never had sex with that woman”.

[v] Even today, all normal Indian visitors to Pakistan must report daily to a police station in Pakistan.

[vi] “Why the Existence of Pakistan is not in India’s Interest,” by Dr. Amarjit Singh, Indian Defence Review. Net edition, 19 June 2012.

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Dr Amarjit Singh

is an independent security analyst.

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47 thoughts on “War with Pakistan is the only solution

  1. IDR has been consistently lowering it’s standards, and i have kept away from it’s articles for a while. I revisited it today hoping to see it regaining it’s stride with thoughtful and logical analyses, instead i find this irresponsible and frankly idiotic article (“any day is good for war with Pakistan, anytime-summer,winter” etc.). Does the hyperbolic author have any understanding of the logistics of war, any understanding of geopolitics, any understanding of the costs, both economic and human, of a subcontinental nuclear war? Rather than removing such trash from it’s page, IDR seems to be harnessing the power of hindutva-fueled trolls to first diss opinions on it’s comments section, and then to finally write unresearched and thoughtless “articles”. Shame on you, and don’t expect anyone with an iota of sense to take IDR seriously again.

  2. No wonder why people make jokes about Sikhs….. probably it was 12:00 @noon when Mr. Singh wrote this article….. I cannot say to him to “grow-up” as he looks like a grown man… so advise for you… Dr. Singh…. write short stories for kids… that too after consulting some jotishi for the right “mahurat” …and definitely not at Noon…..

  3. So people like the author like to assert thing which clearly has no clue, further more unlike him Pakistan wants to progress and it is clear he is still living in the past but he need to understand that we are well capable of defending the country; if needed unlike them on one call Pakistani nation would put there lives at steak to protect what is ours. And Really you have to grow up and look at what will be at stake. And people like him who want to promote violence can’t themselves stand up properly. So a humble request to keep these sinisterical ideas to your self Sir. And believe me you are the least threat we have. ?

  4. In today’s world where we see people sleeping on roads , without food , farmers doing suicide , enemployment both in India and Pakistan..the leadership should think how to cope up with these basic issues..East India company has poisened our minds with the hatered .and divided us on the basis of religion,castes Nations , otherwise people living in both the countries are same our culture, tradition, language are same .. India and Pakistan leadership both should sit on table and talk ..bcx war is no solution , millions of people will die from both side ..@author India is bigger country than Pakistan in size and population..if war takes place India will face the more loss ..hameesha nuksaan bigger country ka hota hai ..bcx Pakistan has more nuclear weapons than India .. spread peace not war

  5. Writer need psychiatrist, the solution is toilet

    Solution is education.
    Solution is business so that Indian and pakistani both come out from poverty.
    Solution is jobs so Indian and pakistani don’t have to go abroad. Live alone away from their families.

    I wishes the writer get good psychiatrist so that he can understand the meaning of “solution”

    Imran khan is an honest man, he know the condition of people living below the line of poverty.

  6. Lol the writer completely forgot china and his interests in gwader.
    Seems like hes still living in 1947… aniways if suppose there is a war. Whole India and pak wud suffer but the thing is india is more then 1 billion
    Ppl and pak mere 20 crore.. who do u think suffer most

  7. The writer( Mr amarjit Singh) seems like a man who possesses narrow minded concepts. A war will never occur and can never occur. His level of determination expressed by his words suggest that he has only read history from the side of India but didn’t posses the ability and courage to see the course of history from Pakistans side and the feats of the the people of pakistan.Though India is nearly 3 times bigger than Pakistan, he has forgotten that if anything happens to the land of Pakistan, it’s children will not remain silent. His bold statement of flatening pakistan navy in just 3 days is based on worldly facts but he seems to have forgotten that in the past no such major feats were done by Indian navy but Pakistan navy has given Indian navy the run for their money. Though India my be big, their army may be bigger, so is their airforce and navy. But it’s a proven fact that we too posses a nuclear arsenal which is not something to laugh at. Venturing into Pakistan and making it a part of India is only a dream of his which will never become reality.
    I am a simple man. But not a patient of hatred and stupidity. I know the feats of both India and Pakistan in the past and of their ability to do the similar in the future. I know of the sacrifices from both sides. The starters of wars are men of the same nature as Mr Amarjit and the sufferers are simple poor people. Though if a war does start, please remember to bring along the doctors and your life insurances. Many will need it.

  8. Quite a nice joke and wishfull thinking.
    They brought in a sikh to write a piece like this to avert khalistan movement in which we have no interest.
    Enjoy the time you have indians.
    Whose stopping you now u.s.a. is ur best friend now so come on start it and no one will stop you this timez infact start with a nuclear bomb.
    We’re already dying in economic pressure so it would be benficial for us but

  9. use your brains which india is not thinking of, is that Imran Khan is a different leader with not associated with corrupt leaders before we had. surprised to see Indians not using their brain to approach a right person then make silly and brainless excuses. India has an agenda which they are hiding, not Pakistan.

  10. What an idiot!

    It’s ridiculous to even respond to his paranoid analysis. The writing should be condemned from both sides Pakistanis and Indians as we as neighbors and people can live in perfect harmony. Nuking evils like illiteracy, poverty, hunger, disease and our social values.

  11. This mad man want to destroy entire subcontinent just trying to portray himself as too brave to be scared of war, knowing well he does not have to fight for his country and face Pak forces. He may rest assure that his ugly and negative ideas has no space in modern world.

  12. This writer is Crazy lolx
    Ok Please have a column after war… because there wont be anyone left on both sides as both are nuclear power. I think this political tactics are no more again no more affective where world is progressing day by day people are moving on for their carers researches for better life around the world
    Such writers should stop licking politicians balls and get a practicle life

  13. Indian government or should i say bjp the head of terrorists they don’t know how to respect the other nations. They think we are being nice this is our weaknesses. They are living in lala land we are 6th largest equipped army and we have nukes .so if they talk like this thats mean they are full of shit nothing else.what pakistan did for sikh community they never can think in there dream to be like Pakistanis. This madness will kill so many lives .so many well educated people in india and whole nation being played in some goons hand.

  14. Amarjit Singh,
    Its good to write troubles that India has listed.
    Pls also answer what Kubhushan was doing in Balochstan?
    What is reason for deploying huge military and other forces in IOK?

    Why visitors from Pakistan are made to report to police everyday when visiting India?

    You seem to be a useless felow talking nonsense on a forum that could be used fot better purposes

  15. “It is time for our Pakistani brethren to come home to India” … Iss ki ma ki! Teray India ko hum sirf Adnan Sami jaisay gadhay hi detay hain. Aukaat mein reh. Barra bhai hai Pakistan tera bharway!

  16. Ok. You Nuke ISLAMABAD first if you can. Then we will Nuke Delhi. If you can attack with your battalion or tank with huge amount then we have small tactical nuclear weapons which can distroy a come batallion in a minutes. Your anti missile weapons can not do anything with our multiple war head system. If you hit in our public place our people will die in number of 3 digits?? If we attack your people will die in thousands because of mass population areas.
    Anything else sir??

  17. Yes, Pakistan is weak. We firstly want not to kill anyone and sort out tue matter with dialouge. We are raising kashmir issue since occupition of india. our stand is logical. let kashmiri decide if they want to go with india or pakistan or as independent country. their wish to be respected.

    but in case if india wish to war. who is stopping them ? but dont forget our nuclears are not for dewali or holi. muslim never scared of death. it is wish of every muslim to be die in battle field.

    come fight with him please

  18. Hahahahahaha here we go another saif ali Khan, going to rock Pakistan in the movie , honestly safest ji you made me Lough so much a country who can not tolerate bear a Pakistani peigon ? is writing all this , wel as you describe every time Pakistan gives you a little dose in return of you so called peace talks , I.e Bombay attack, parliament attack, Kashmir attack, this attack that attack ? ? please have some GAYRAT SHARAM or some guts and stood up and attack on Pakistan and take revenge of all these attacks. So stop dreaming and stop marking your public fool, world knows where you stand, let me be honest with you and tell you something, difrece between you and us is only, you sacred to die and scared to kill nation, and we love to kill and happy to die nation. This is your biggest fear read your whole column abs think about it ? modern defence science calls it 6th generation war strategy which is beyond 5th generation war games. So leave these things enjoy you “LASI ROTI VAHI BEEJI” do not put too much burden on lunatic minds.

    Feel sorry for you as nation. 🙁

  19. In Your Dreams Baby !
    You Should Know About 1960s to 1970s what Happen In this Time Of Period.
    If You Lost Your Mind then We Are Ready To Recreate History..
    Its Up To You When You Want to Start We Ready Untill Death.
    Keep Watching Dreams And When Wake up Then Reminds Us Again To Give You Good Meaning Of your Dreams..

  20. If you think Pakistan is week and Indian army can dismantle pakistan’s army in 3 days, the army which is at war from past 15 years then you should wake up and give it a try for real and trust me you would find yourself under the pile of ashes because saying or writing to go on war is very easy kido then actually fighting the war.

  21. India has always enjoyed the numerical advantage and will always do. But this advantage is not big enough to over run Pakistan. Indians like to brag about 1971 war but they always forget that they were fightng against a fighting force of merely 10k soldiers and a squarden of fighters but it took them almost 10 months for victory. India had numerical advantage of one to five in every way. Just look at general Manic Shaws interviews. We can hold our ground for few weeks but in long turn India will win. Luckily Indians have the means of war but they lack the balls to fight a war.

  22. War with Pakistan is not a solution in less than 30 seconds india will be over by Pakistani nuclear arsenal should there would be any war . If there will be a war then it will be official world war 3.

    Imran khan is not just a bowler he is a soilder too.

    This defence analyst is just trying to please his masters to win the next Indian election.

    I can say a lot but actions speaks it self should Pakistan wish to destroy India then it could have done ages ago.

  23. keep on dreaming Indian, this is not going to happened not today, neither tomorrow and nor in near future. Pakistan is a Nuclear Power, we are not like Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. So think 1000 times before doing such thing. India could not get 100% control of Kashmir in the last 70 years and thinks about war against Pakistan. Indian will be broken into pieces before even they think about doing this to Pakistan. Indian first go and look into your own backyard and do something for the separation movements i.e. Assam separatist movements, Naga nationalism, Khalistan movement etc. So it is my advice to you to stay away from Pakistan because after the war ends then there will be just a empty ground in place of India and every one just talk about a country named India in the history books.
    We got too many Nuclear Bombs which are not made to be used on your Diwali, they are used to destroy enemies like you.

  24. I’m from Europe, dealing professionally with geopolitics, South Asian geopolitics included. I’m a big admirer of Sanatana Dharma and its ancient Vedic civilization.

    I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Singh. India should have solved “Pakistan question” by military means long time ago, but unfortunately due to various reasons (cowardice of past Indian governments, naive beliefs in international law, pressure from foregin powers …) this hasn’t been accomplished. Now this Islamic-Jihadi cancer has grown so much that it threatens to devour again the whole subcontinent!

    One has to understand that Pakistan as a country has no sense and de facto no right to exist: this is just a nefarious outpost of panIslamic imperialism on the subcontinent, composed of descendants of ex-Hindus who converted to Islam (either by force or from opportunism).

    I sincerely hope that Indian leaders will soon take decisive actions against this mortal threat to India’s existence, security and well-being.

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